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News and Developer Talk / Re: Rebellion Pre-order Information
« on: November 19, 2016, 07:58:24 AM »
1. Remove sticky from this thread
2. Lock the thread - Pre-Order is closed!

General Game Discussion / Re: IW Relaunch
« on: November 19, 2016, 07:49:55 AM »
So at 13.12. IW is losing its "beta" title once again?
And why do i miss such informations in this forum or the game?

Im very surprised about this thread.

When i take a look at the DLC, i see a expensive one. Its the 4k LP bundle + a 5 USD Alt Art on top. I would totaly ignore the Legs and Epics in that bundle, cause it doesnt make any difference to my collection. I dont need the 10th Immovable, 15th Primal, 40th Calamity or 50th Dark Wish!

For new players or people with half baked collections its a good boost. And tbh, thats exactly what money should give you in a F2P game! On the long run, the boost is just temporarly, cause with DLCs like that, you are pretty fast in the same spot as me. Tons of cards, no use for them!

When Teremus told us the concept of Foundation Set, Phasing Out older Blocks, Legacy Cards etc... it sounded like a cool and needed idea. With such DLCs just increasing the amount of those "old" cards, it sounds like the only strategy to move this game forward.

Acquire with 3x Purity and deck minimum size to 50 or 60! :P

General Game Discussion / Re: So we can't stack lives???
« on: November 16, 2016, 12:26:52 PM »
No, it's not intended, i'm gonna contact the team and fix it, thanks for letting us know.

Is that contrary to Brings Life by Passing - cause those ressources have never stack as well :P
Unless Yodomare fixed that and i have missed such announcement.

Trading Post / Auction untill 27.11.
« on: November 16, 2016, 09:06:16 AM »

News and Developer Talk / Re: Rebellion Launch - Known Issues
« on: November 12, 2016, 11:57:57 AM »
Is Stand Alone Client getting no updates anymore?
Having "Your Version is out of date. Please run the launcher to update"...

Well, the launcher always starts at the beginning, but is not refreshing?!

I have bought 15 single preorder boosters with ip and a 10 bundle pack with lp who do i contact to merge them for the 25 preorder bonus ?

News and Developer Talk / Re: Game Discussion - Is Rita Toxic?
« on: November 10, 2016, 12:43:20 PM »
Pardon me for asking what may seem like a potentially stupid question... but is it really THAT essential that token creatures go to the graveyard like real cards rather than simply being removed from the game when they die...?

That's actually a very interesting question, personally I wouldn't mind if tokens were just removed from the game once they are killed.

Depends on the definition of tokens :P

Wouldnt mind as well, if Aleta Traveler Cards are not considered as tokens. Or the Endless Hordes from the Cyber Infested Dragon, for example.

For Wall of Dead synergy, it might be interesting as well, if Necropolis/Reincarnation Engine tokens do vanish or not.

I think its easier, just to make a rule especially for Rita tokens, instead of all tokens.

Just a short question, to the "lore" aspect.

What do you guys exactly mean with more lore?

Usually i would expect from a game, to tell me the lore during the campaign, and with each new content/update there is a new chapter for storrytelling added. What i learn from campaign, should be extended by some informations on different cards. I dont learn in campaign, that there was a Calamity. So i dont see the point of having "lore" informations on the card itself.

I dont understand "more" lore, cause for me... there is 0 official lore right now. There is the FD guys going on a rampage, they see some rift and have no clue what it is, then some beasts appear and so on. You all know the campaign.

I think you all have to be more precise, if that what the game calls "lore" right now is what you need to expand, or if you rly want some high quality storytelling picking you up from the "creation of the multiverse" untill the here and now and filling all gaps between IW2013-Oppression release.

General Game Discussion / Re: Why Drew is a failure
« on: November 05, 2016, 07:36:36 AM »
and I have every right to post my disagreements in this thread since op is expressing his opinion and I'm expressing mine, similarly I'm not making posts to persuade people that I'm replying, but rather it's for people who are viewing this thread.

Yeah, you are right!

If people are reading the OP, they dont get much evidence or facts. You need to be active in the forum for a very long time (and it appears on discord as well), to get the whole picture. Just this thread alone doesnt tell the story, and its not usefull to convince anyone. Its just another brick in the wall, but not the wall itself.

And yeah, such threads need to convince someone. Maybe not the community itself, cause they can decide on their own, who is right or if they want to care. But if such stuff is forwarded to the CEO/Dev/HR department, they are not convinced as well.

Good point, so im tempted to agree with you. Various threads like that, dont reflect the real problem, its just showing that a witch hunt is going on.

So breaking all down, there are 3 (well, basically 4 but i ignore 1) larger topics the community mentioned all over the time:

1. Weekly Posts are not weekly! Even with promisses like "hold me to that time frame", they did not came in time. No excuses where made, DrewUniverse took the blame and apolgized.

Opinion: Maybe he apologized 1 time too often. If things are frequently not done in time, and the apology after that just feels like routine and not coming straight from the heart.

2. Tournaments got canceled without any information. People where waiting ingame, and there was zero informations, just afterwards some cryptic post with some "high emergency trouble" in real life. Prize distribution out of tournaments where missing, postponed and not very organized.

Opinion: People stated, that beeing a payed CM is his real life and everyone would understand a real life urgency, if there is any short notice and not letting players wait ingame for a tournament. Cause players sacrifice their "real life" activities as well, just for waiting for nothing. With a compensation for those, who waited for nothing everything would have feel more professional.

3. Hosting the forum is not a regular thing. You can see it in the current "Rebellion Pre-Order" thread, which might be the most important right now for IW and the community. Since 01.11. there is no answer on the question of when the ETA of the deck effect preview is. He hosted the thread on "Recent status: 84% toward Tier 5. Time: November 4th @ 7pm IWT"... its not like the thread is flooded with questions or posts).

Opinion: People do feel ignored and left outside alone. Even if there is mentioned in the initial post "100-pack: Above bonuses, plus Unique Deck Effect. (A preview will be shown as soon as it is available)" it just would be professional to answer each question the best way he can. Beeing there, answering question and beeing a helpful hand is the minimum most people would expect from a CM.

Personally, im ignoring the insults on purpose. There are always two sides, and its not up to me to judge the situation. But in any case, usually you should be able to keep a cool mind and just say nothing before insulting someone - a CM should have this skill even more than mere players. Not beeing able to do so is just part of our human nature - we are no machines.

General Game Discussion / Re: How to Save IW (The oversimplified version)
« on: November 05, 2016, 06:43:33 AM »
So basically nuke everything.

Or cheat IW to the top ;)

Trading Post / Re: LF Rebellion Genesis platfoils (WIP)
« on: November 04, 2016, 11:02:32 AM »
Please, help this guy!

Was always friendly and is offering good deals :)

General Game Discussion / Re: Why Drew is a failure
« on: November 04, 2016, 07:55:11 AM »
Drew does neither, really? any evidence to back that up? as far as I can tell the weekly posts are still being posted, so he must be doing something, and that proves the above statement false.

Are you a troll? Or are you unaware of the length of a week?

so you admit that Drew at least does something? because in your original statement you said that Drew does neither, and I take it as you mean that Drew does nothing at all, to avoid misunderstanding in the future it might be a good idea to elaborate your statements.

depending on your definition of trolling, I might be a troll I guess.

Weekly Posts are only a thing, cause IW commited themselve to bring up Weekly Posts. I dont think there was a weekly demand of such posts from the community, as long as there is some transparent insight of what is happening. And if there is a post like: "We are working the next month on the Rebellion-Release, dont expect other activities during that time" a large portion of the "vocal" players would be glad.

It just turns out, that Weekly Posts have become a burden for IW and for the community as well. The community is holding IW/DrewUniverse to that timeframe, cause such promisses do come with reliability and credibility. Putting up to date informations in a post is of course some kind of work and can be very time consuming! But if a company fails already on such low promisses, what can you expect even more? In what higher achievements can you believe, if there is not enough inside/outside communication about the last week? Right now, these posts dont succeed in their goal, to give the community a good feeling and dont transport the message: We are on something, what will blow your mind sooner or later!

And thats maybe the most needed skill of a CM. Not beeing some kind of secratary, just listing up some facts and putting them together for a report. Its more about turning anything minor into something usefull/mindblowing and positiv. Just by using words! Sure, still with the perspective that there will be an update/patch/new content/whatever in the near or distant future, which fits to the well sounding words the CM used.

And if there is realy nothing you can turn into something, well... just beeing around and showing the community or each single player, that he matters and there is someone who "would" care about him no matter what. Well, that gives each single player who is taking note of the activity level of a CM that his presence has value and there is only one precious ressource to the company and CM: the community!

To transport that feeling there is no 24/7 CM needed. Even a monday-friday 9-5 job is more than enough... its just hosting 10-30 players and satisfying them. But sure, you need to analyze the lowest common denominator to get a understanding what kind of actions might have the greatest impact of the whole group. And how are analyzes are done? With communication - i do think, the most part of the forum users do drop the ball frequently enough... but communication only works, if the other side picks the ball up and is starting a dialogue.

Sometimes its hard to get a clear picuture, of what is needed. In this case, in many posts it always sounds like a superman creature is needed, or someone like Teremus who is sacrificing his whole life/health just for trying to be such superhero CM. Teremus did a lot of things wrong as well, he tryed it even too much to turn nothing into something meaningful, ending up with tons of wall of textes, but the simplified version was always close to nothing. "I" dont need a lil Teremus again, but i dont need a CEOs secretary as well, just reporting for the sake of reporting.

A human beeing, who gives the impression that he understands the needs of the vocal playes, and is acting accordingly to it, would be more than enough. Doesnt sound that challenging i think... does it?

On the other side, i agree with some players as well... a lot of posts and how damage is already done, the community failed to treat DrewUniverse as a human beeing. Putting more and more pressure on him, wont do any good.

If DrewUniverse needs an easy exit out of the whole drama, maybe we should lead him to a door. The door could be, dropping the "Weekly posts" and comitting himself to new standarts, he rly wants to do and how he wants to succeed in his job.

If that could be a thing, maybe DrewUniverse should start such a poll and asking for some desires people have towards him.

General Game Discussion / Re: How to Save IW (The oversimplified version)
« on: November 03, 2016, 05:47:04 PM »
I dont think, that there is a need to save IW.

1. When i log in, there are always some guys writing in the global/trading chat
2. When i click on "next draft match", i get pretty fast an opponent most of the time
3. A new set is coming
4. there where tons of Alt-Arts for money only on sale
5. there are tons of DLCs available on steam
6. there was a new marketing video "reborn" and even some natural beauty was reviewing the game
7. IW has an extraordinary human ressource department, they even get some people out of the community to work for free. Very good indicator of a healthy company and a good product!
8. Some months a investor even joined the game after he checked the product/financial figures - im pretty sure he did a qualified investigation of the current state of the game to justify his investment
9. 12 Devs are working regulary on the game, 1 CM, 2 junior CM volunteers

So juding from all that acitivities, i dont understand why to save IW? Maybe i even missed a point or two, but for me, everything looks fine. There is no reason to save a game, which is actually doing fine with such remarkable results.

Hell... if there would be a reason to save the game, i would think - that the 12 Devs, 1 CM and 2 junior volunteer CMs would take part at such a discussion, just to turn the tides.

You nearly had me - but i do see the manipulation in the headline and its totaly missleading!

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