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Trading Post / Re: Selling Gold Alt Arts
« on: January 31, 2017, 10:16:04 AM »
Best offer for all is 100 USD right now - not that tempted by that, but still the best one!
So if you want to increase, just post or pm me :)


Let me bring up an expample, what im thinking about...

LargeNuggets is searching for Gold Alt Art Deaths Rays currently. There are nearly no available, and those are easy available are costing money - cause im selling them.

And now, seeing that the market is short on these cards, miraculously the new ranked rewards are containing Premium Alt Arts.

Coincidence? Did the "real" IW Devs thought, its now time to kick even more incetives into the ranked ladder?

Or is the new reward simply on the list, cause the CMs have more power right now?

Just want to respond to this real quick, I definitely can see how this may sound like a conflict of interest, but I can promise you that I had no influence on the ranked rewards being changed. In fact, I wasn't even aware of the changes until I saw this post. I don't really have a good way to prove this, besides the fact that even if I did want to change the rewards like that you can see by the leaderboards that I haven't been very active in ranked for a little while so I wouldn't even be able to collect on these rewards even if I had been a major influence. Any and all changes I make for this game I do for the good of all players in mind, not just for my own interest. People are definitely allowed to have their own opinions but I know that is the truth :) Cheers!

It was just an example to underline my previous statement. I have to admit, that it wasnt very smart to put any name into it!

I apologize for putting your name in the context of possible corruption or having a personal agenda! That was not my intention and MerliniX clearified it very good - thanks for jumping in.

Suggestions / Re: New possibilities for faction combinations
« on: January 29, 2017, 03:07:20 PM »
That idea is very interesting and in terms of creating your own decks it can increase the fun very well.

But when i look at Xi Ascended, i already see a problematic card in 1 purity OoS or DoD. On the long run, balancing those cards out and allowing some sort of creativity but narrowing the space for toxic playstyles/decks is a hard task.

Sometimes less is more - currently the game would maybe be way more balanced with less dominant options provided by 1 purity cards and more dedication to 3x purity decks!

For now, thats one of the things i like in Gwent right now the most. Full dedication to a commander and a faction, but still some different archtypes of playstyles and deckpossibility left. Sure, hard to compare each games with eachother... but just wanted to add that :P

Let me bring up an expample, what im thinking about...

LargeNuggets is searching for Gold Alt Art Deaths Rays currently. There are nearly no available, and those are easy available are costing money - cause im selling them.

And now, seeing that the market is short on these cards, miraculously the new ranked rewards are containing Premium Alt Arts.

Coincidence? Did the "real" IW Devs thought, its now time to kick even more incetives into the ranked ladder?

Or is the new reward simply on the list, cause the CMs have more power right now?

I dont know the truth, but even those small things are a potential risk and exactly what never should happen in any game.

Consulting top players on their thoughts of cards, balance, etc is no problem at all. Let them run their own environment, and copy/paste buffs/nerfs as the CMs brought up - is a complete different thing!

As i said, i dont want to excuse anyone for anything! Im just talking about potential risk and how i consider the "join the team" trend as an awful idea. Sure, can work on the long run but world poverty wouldnt be an issue in the ideal world as well :P

2. If you want to help, there are other ways
Right now your post is not helping anyone. If you really wanted to change something you might want to look at people like infinity_disciple, who agree that the game is flawed but try to change that.

I think that trend shows the missmanagement of IW the most!

I dont want to accuse the current CMs for anything, but i see a huge potential risk that this game is now dominated by personal agendas instead of a neutral Dev team.

I never liked the idea, that players are more involved in a Dev process beside giving opinions. The professional Devs can decide, if they consider the opinions and use them in their process or not. No power at all!

If this gets a community project, soon people with a currupted mind will jump on board and trying to use their power to their advantage.

There are some examples from the past, where council members/cms exposed their status to their advantage, while selling/collecting/trading cards or banning/kicking players. If thats what to be considered as joining the team for good, i can only laugh!

Again, im not saying that something like that is happening right now - but if i would run a game which should be taken serious by any kind of new player, i wouldnt allow that Devs/CMs participate in any competitive format or collecting premium cards.

Trading Post / Selling Gold Alt Arts
« on: January 26, 2017, 08:40:56 PM »
Here we go,

last remaining cards worthing to sell. Id like to sell them in a bundle - but feel free to offer for whatever you like.

You offer - if i dont see a reasonable USD or EUR offer in my postbox, i wont answer :)

3x Pala (Gold Alt Art)
3x Aerial Commando (Gold Alt Art)
2x Death Ray (Gold Alt Art)
1x Bromich (Gold Alt Art)
3x Wealthy Noble (Gold Alt Art)
1x Demon of Fear (Gold Alt Art)
2x Fight! (Gold Alt Art)

Have fun - cheers!

How are the odds, that these decks are illegal in the near future?

We all know, that this was the biggest issue with weekly decks. In nearly no time there were so many changes, that the whole list was illegal. Some cause of purity changes, some cause of "temporarly banned" buggy cards etc...

That is an issue where u can realy proof, that things do change!

with the help of our great moderators Together with our great moderators

So there are 2 GREAT teams of moderators helping each other? :P



General Game Discussion / Re: It's still up and running?
« on: January 20, 2017, 09:41:07 AM »
State of the game is unknown, some people insist that they are working behind closed curtains on amazing stuff like NPE and more great things to follow. Some others say, its Doomsday 2.0 after Beta 2.0 and Reborn 2.0.

Lightmare and IW pretty much fell apart back then, and got safed by Yodo1.

After quite a rollercoster ride with some highlights, some unforgettable memes and a huge monetization (aka players suck out) of the game we are now in a unknown position. Its not that bad, but personally i decided to watch the rollercoster ride as a spectator and prevent the disgusting throw up effect!

There are some known highlights planned for the future, but most of the stuff is already on the table for about 2-3 years. So how to say it best... game is still a raw diamond, can still make fun but dont have high hopes that one day it will be the game you would like to see!

News and Developer Talk / Re: The lights are on but is anyone home?
« on: January 18, 2017, 07:28:05 AM »
Bad hiring decisions do happen all the time in each company. What looks fantastic and too good to be true on the 1st glance, might not look so very well after a while. DrewUniverse was a promising package, but well... turned out to be a value trap and did more harm than good at the end.

Everything else was Lightmare at its best - ignoring the community, ignoring tons of facts and sticking to their plan. I dont care much if he got fired or got out of the way on his own will, either way it was too late and damaged the whole Reborn experience.

News and Developer Talk / Re: The lights are on but is anyone home?
« on: January 10, 2017, 07:20:43 PM »
What we're doing right now is making the NPE perfect and fixing bugs first and foremost, I am making sure that  what we've done lately is something we are all satisfied with before moving onto new things like the CPE and new Systems/Features; rather than leaving things half done and moving onto the next carrot all the time.

We don't always get it right the first time, and we have to be self-aware that we need to spend the time fixing it after it's released.
~Ian, around 03.07.2015 or earlier

Must be an amazing NPE - Daikatana had 3 years delay for huge failure, do you want to beat that?!

Trading Post / Re: Golden Foil Common
« on: December 19, 2016, 12:35:21 PM »
Mid-Epic and higher - everything below that is already meaingless in both, the quantity existing on the server and the quantity in the collections of those, who are interested in Double Premium Cards.

Make the best out of it - or simply keep it and wait for good offers.

Suggestions / Re: Suggestion to keep new players from leaving.
« on: December 17, 2016, 11:11:19 AM »
I can list up tons of ideas, how to improve the campaign, how to improve the PvE content and how to attract players right from the start and even get them hooked quite more intense than its happening now. At the end, you might even have more spending customers!

But the key question is, how does a well presented PvE content improves the key part of the game: PvP?

Sure, a rulebook is needed. No doubt, and thats what the majority of the players is saying since im playing this game. Which is more than 2 years now! During that time, sooooo many good ideas came up in this forum, and noone of the guys in charge cared about that. Im even going that far, that someone who takes a deeper look in this froum and have quite a good understanding of running a game company, is faimiliar with creating and coding card games, can find everything needed for free. But thats not what im aiming for...

So yeah, new players need to understand pretty fast 2 things: game mechanics and game rules! That must be part of the campaign, no matter what.

Everything else what drives the game to success, is part of the PvP content. You need a working and enjoyable PvP content, before you start to building up anything else. Players are leaving, cause they dont like the PvP content of IW! If you are able to keep the players ingame, cause the PvP content is so amazing, you can start to split the community in some more detailed parts: Casual Mode for Casual Players (meta dominant cards banned), Tournament Practicing Mode (tournament rules), Build Up Hyper Mode (premade build up strategies with the goal of knocking down 1000 fortress health), Ranked Training Mode (ranked rules) etc...

If you succeeded in that, i would start with creating amazing PvE content. Why? Cause it leads to the best approach of the game, gives you both lore and insight of the game and helps you finding your path untill max level. Max level should be most relevant in this game, not for playing ranked - thats bullpuffy - for unlocking certain factions or purity combinations. If you unlock anything, there is no reason not to provide temporarly available cards which vanish after 14 days and giving you a kickstart in increasing the knowlodge of powerful mechanics which are now available. There is tons of stuff i can imagine of, but thats just the sideshow of the game.

And honestly, i quitted that game cause it failed in providing frequently meaningful content, banning regulary cards from ranked/draft that a complete new meta can be developed and not just adding new cards to existing decks. I quitted cause of a missing forging tool and giving tons of cards in my collection any meaning. I quitted, cause i felt silly that i have spended thousands of USD on this game while i already knew nothing will be ever close to that what i hope it will be. But i have not quitted, cause of the campaign - maybe i have quitted cause they focused on the campaign too much, and not staisfying any of my demand!

General Game Discussion / Re: IW Advent Calender with Gifts
« on: December 10, 2016, 11:07:19 AM »
I played some games promoting events around these holidays:

1. Adent Calender
2. Christmas
3. New Year
4. Chinese New Year / Seollal
5. Spring Break
6. Eastern
7. St. Patricks Day
8. Chinese Mao Tsedong Week
9. Summer Holidays
10. Halloween / All Saints Day
11. and some other minor stuff as well like sports events (World Championship, Olympics etc...)

From what i have seen, non of these events lead to a lower server population. Usually it increases the server population, and it gives both (players/devs) the chance to discover the game from a other perspective out of the usual grind.

Sure, you can celebrate an Advent Calender with sales promotions as well. Open all 24 doors and you get a 40% discount on the next LP purchase. You can mix everything with making money and entertaining players at the same time.

Stuff IW knows very little about. The whole year without an ingame event is a complete missed opportunity... sure, looking at christmas in a vacuum is no missed opportunity, but giving the players no reason to log in when they are tired of the usual grind, is a 365 day missed opportunity. Doesnt matter how you name the event, not celebrating anything with the players together is a big mistake from my perspective.

IW competes with every other game out there, not only the card games. And if i have to choose between a game where something special is ingame, and a game where i dont miss anything if i dont log in, well... i dont think you need to be a genius to understand, where i will log in ;)

But well, just wrote these few words cause i cant even believe that there are people on earth not enjoying ingame events, and more than that, not even seeing the demand of somthing like that.

Please, get at least 3 things done at the end of the beta:

- Ingame Rulebook
- Ingame Prize Table for Ranked/Draft
- Campaign for ALL factions

Its hard to consider the game as a complete product, when you are toying that much with the title, obviously not knowing its meaning.

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