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Suggestions / Re: Insectoid (Swarmer) Location
« on: June 02, 2014, 05:56:28 AM »
Swarmer-Land could give you survival swarmers every turn like Pyr or Undisturbed Necropolis, perhaps. Or let you tutor swarmers in some way. Maybe turn into an Aleta, Immortal Traveller except letting you pay to get a certain swarmer once a turn (have it cost say 2 more than original cost).
Location, 5, Factionless (or maybe, to truly mess with people, have it be a hybrid of multiple factions)
Exhaust: Create an Insectoid character of your choice. Pay the resource cost of the chosen character, plus 2.

I chose 5 because it fills out the Swarmer curve (survival at 2, consuming at 3, brutal at 4, infectious at 6) and matches Aleta. I chose cost plus 2 to offset the fact that it's not just unlimited characters that you're making, whereas Aleta only does unlimited characters. And the name is just for laughs.


Awesome facial hair going around.
I certainly love these videos in spite of their length and look forward to them. And to more featured matches, because that's something I would like to watch.
Speaking of, is the Ascension featured match up to watch yet or is it still being worked on? And where could I find that?


You guys do a great job with these videos.

Suggestions / Re: Conceding game penalty
« on: June 02, 2014, 03:15:08 AM »
Typically, if I concede the game's already past the 5 minute mark. I think it's actually a pretty sportsmanlike and gentlemanly thing to do, really.
"Here, you're obviously going to win this so I'm just going to save you the trouble. Well done chap. Take a win."
(Insta-concedes do bother me though. You have no idea how the other person built their deck unless you've played against them multiple times in a row. at least play out a few turns)
And I respect the sense of completion as your final turn resolves and your armies crush your opponent. I really do. That's part of why I love that the game is set up as simultaneous turns and you get to see how all of your machinations play out during the resolution phase.

Suggestions / Re: Convert cards into cardback
« on: June 02, 2014, 03:06:14 AM »
I like the idea of overlaying cardbacks. Right now, I feel like I'll never need a new cardback because the Klingon one is just so cool, but I could see overlaying it with a different one (although I would want to have access to both un-combined as well)

Deck Building / Re: Swarmer Deck
« on: June 02, 2014, 03:03:56 AM »
In one of Novablue's old Infinity Casts, Coyle said that there were more Swarmers coming. I immediately envisioned an Enyah Swarmer deck. Now just to see what's gonna head this way.
(although, as a point of order, Coyle wasn't speaking in an official capacity during that interview. he made a point of changing his shirt at the beginning of the video to prove that)

Suggestions / Re: Let's band together to raid Veroria
« on: June 02, 2014, 02:56:52 AM »
I was trying to explain how I felt the flavor worked, that's all, due to some contention over my earlier comment about
I don't feel that the suggestion of 1 hit on fortress per turn in lieu of 1 attack per turn is a great one or even particularly flavorful for it's Lone Keep status.
This change would just make the battles be outside the boundaries of the fortress as opposed to inside the walls.  It doesn't make quite as much sense, but it still works IMO.
I wasn't so much commenting on gameplay. Although maybe I was. I dunno, I've slept since then.
And yeah, it's frustrating. I get that. But I think that Veroria will prolly be less impactful in the future meta, which I suspect will have lots and lots of flying. Because Angels.
Although I'd be perfectly fine with upping Veroria's rarity from uncommon. That just seems insane.

Suggestions / Re: Let's band together to raid Veroria
« on: June 01, 2014, 04:41:37 AM »
I don't feel that the suggestion of 1 hit on fortress per turn in lieu of 1 attack per turn is a great one or even particularly flavorful for it's Lone Keep status.
This change would just make the battles be outside the boundaries of the fortress as opposed to inside the walls.  It doesn't make quite as much sense, but it still works IMO.
Let me explain: people pick narrow areas to reduce the numbers disadvantage by reducing the number of people who can come at them at a time. Marathon, Thermopylae, and countless other battles exemplify this. For a fictional example, in Martin the Warrior when they're getting chased up the mountainside Martin's goal is the cave where he can hold them off because they'll have to come at them one at a time.
So the Lone Keep, in all of its foreboding loneliness (I imagine it located in the middle of nowhere surrounded by all sorts of treacherous countryside harboring the most unimaginable horrors--which, given it's Reisch, isn't too unbelievable this side of the Wall), is cut off from everywhere and is only accessible by a small, treacherous path. Or by air, because, you know, Give Him a Jetpack.

If the Sleepers are contained after Ascension, I could see some interdimensional Rift-Pirates sailing through everywhere--it'd be another good source for Hybrid cards. And yeah, Pirates.

This system reminds me of that of DuelingNetwork, a Yu-gi-oh site that's F2P in your browser and lets you use any number of any card.
Of course, it's Yu-gi-oh, so that's a strike against it.
I stopped playing with that because 1) I only played against my brother and matchmaking sucked 2) the UI used to be pretty bad (but it got better) 3) Konami lost all concept of balance 4) I stopped playing Yu-gi-oh altogether.
Ripping on other TCG's aside, this is a bad idea simply because it kills competition and leads to grinding not IP, which can be used to get new cards, but card stats, which can be used to curbstomp. It kills skill and is a practically insurmountable barrier to entry for new players.
Personally, I'm VERY interested in the proposed Forge system, with all of its mysterious Forge-y-ness. Unless it's all just lies to keep us pacified, in which case the Forge is a forgery. But Lightmare wouldn't do that to us.
In short, I'm against your system for much the same reason as everybody else: leveled cards win games. Rare cards help win games or are win-more. Not as egregious.

Should we send clips from both sides of the game or just the one side? Because aside from match invites, I'm not sure how I can be certain my opponent is recording their game, and I imagine that one-sided commentating would be... well... one-sided.

General Game Discussion / Re: Master/Apprentice removal
« on: May 31, 2014, 01:35:26 PM »
Right now I think the only way to do so is to email support

Suggestions / Re: Let's band together to raid Veroria
« on: May 31, 2014, 01:32:04 PM »
I'm just surprised that Veroria's an uncommon. I got it from a Master/Apprentice blister the other day!
Personally, I'm fine with the current state of the Keep. It's powerful, and there's nothing to refute that. But it's not the end of the world (that was the Calamity, after all). And while I would be fine with an increase in morale per turn to say, 6, I don't feel that the suggestion of 1 hit on fortress per turn in lieu of 1 attack per turn is a great one or even particularly flavorful for it's Lone Keep status.
Sure, the Lone Keep would be fine with or even deserving of a nerf. (although I'd also point out that decks relying on the Lone Keep are in for a hard time if they don't draw it or if it gets destroyed). The Keep is one of a few locations that make me run some form of land d in pretty much all my decks (not that it's particularly efficient unless you're Genesis).

Also, cue the "VERORE OP!" rants.

Deck Building / Re: Richie Rich Deck
« on: May 27, 2014, 05:11:15 PM »
Yeah, Enyah's prolly a bad idea unless you are cobbling together ALL of the single purity rares--and even then a lot of those are locations. And if you are running Enyah, you can't forget Varyus, Master of Choice
The real question is which faction you want to have 2 purity of if you're going with Enyah--which, all things considered, may end up being a good idea as you're just trying to shove as many valuable cards as possible into a deck.

General Game Discussion / Re: Ascension Preorder Date and Roadmap!
« on: May 27, 2014, 07:05:00 AM »
Now I'm going to be farming like crazy for the next few weeks... But it will be worth it because
(and I have way too much fun with that scrolling text stuff)

Actually the deck that I have right now works pretty well as a casual deck...I STILL typically kill more using Scouting Mission and Lucca though. :)

*Waves hands mysteriously* Misdirection...

At least that proves that he's not the all-eggs-one-basket deck that you thought he was.

Personally, I think it's very non-flame-dawn-y to draw out defenders--usually you see Stumble effects so the attackers can go through.
And if you're gonna splash WP, might as well run an Aleta as a commander to buff up his Health until you play him. GI is prolly better at this point, though. We'll just have to wait and see how it pans out when Ascension comes out.

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