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General Game Discussion / Re: Card Interactions.
« on: March 21, 2014, 07:18:34 AM »
If you report the bug to Lightmare after having tested it out in normal games or against the AI its only helpfull for Lightmare. Im not using it on the ranked ladder, and while it may be a bug, to play 10 games or so with it to roflstomp your oppenent and you know he's on the other side of screen going WHAT?!! Is a funny feeling. For now I'm laying it aside waiting on a response from lightmare.

I also by playtesting found out that the combo is killed off by casting heat wave. And thats pretty impossible if you read the text. It says, at the start of the turn sacrifice a character. But instead on his initiative turn he casts heat wave and its not premtive btw, and he kills ghost knight. Start of the turn is start of the turn. That is before everything else in my book. So there's another thing thats broken about the card and combo

General Game Discussion / Re: Card Interactions.
« on: March 20, 2014, 07:45:21 PM »
Ive made a deck doing the same with the exiles guy who needs to sacrifice someone at the start of the turn. Very very very powerfull rush with flamedawn. But I also think its a bug. I allready reported it. And only play it once in a while to break up my ranked kanari runs when I get fatigued playing it iver and over. Its fun to play, but it feels really unfair. So I dont play it in Ranked, just normal. Get alot of reactions because its just unstoppable for some decks.

Topic can be closed, i got 2 at the end of day. Also it bevame clear that a gold foil summoning stone is not as much value as a agent coyle primal :)

General Game Discussion / Re: How do you stop a rush?
« on: March 18, 2014, 04:11:10 PM »
It all comes down to this... A good deck is versatile. A good deck can stop a rush while still having a win condition on the field or in your hand. Gimmicky decks who are one trick ponys will not get you among the top players.

Offcours there are some matchups your one trick pony deck is good against but afainst expierenced players you will fail because they known turn by turn what you are going to do.

When your deck can handle a rush, it doesnt matter if your health drops tot 10 points. As long as by that time you got your strategy up and you're sipping away his health turn by turn, and he has to go on the defence or play high resource cards to stop you so he is limited on his side.

I cannot give you advice on how to build your deck because i dont know which cards you have. But if you like verore for example but have the cards to build a stronger genesis deck then go with genesis and get some more IP to buy packs.

Have fun!

As the topic says... Also a question if that is a good value trade? Got some pretty solid decks going and am in top 100 right now. But still fairly new player.

General Game Discussion / Re: Weekend Quest
« on: March 18, 2014, 02:28:56 PM »
Took alof of effort with my Redariah / Verore deck, but i completed it on Saturday after playing a whole lot of hours. Didnt want to do it with a rush deck or scrum tactics. All the while climbing in the top 100 atm :). I also think it was a fair quest which the more hardcore players liked. I certainly did, had a lot of fun battling others. With my main deck that is. If i would have made a FD rush and played it for hours and hours just to complete the quest i would probably lost all fatigue to play also.

Any news on the raffle yet?

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