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Suggestions / Re: Player Experience Improvement
« on: June 20, 2014, 03:47:58 PM »
An interesting concept, but I think that these probably aren't the right rewards to consider. Getting commons and uncommons is a big part of the reward behind getting players to play Master/Apprentice games and build a little community (by... you know... making them interact with each other :P). There's also not a very clear way to resolve this if your opponent's deck or your deck doesn't include commons and/or uncommons. Not to mention this would flood and kill the market for commons and uncommons.

I could imagine instead gaining some kind of tokens/tickets that could be collected up for some trivial vanity prizes of some sort. But that's basically what IP does already. TCGs aren't really the sort for random loot drops. Not to mention, a system like this could encourage players to spam losses since you have basically the same chance of getting a card whether you win or lose and there's nothing here that relates to how long the game actually lasts.

I think what might encourage players more would be better rewards for the faction quests. The old system actually gave you cards on almost all the levels and that'd be something nice for players to work toward.

Deck Building / Re: Beginner looking for help with his Verore deck
« on: June 20, 2014, 03:26:25 PM »
Try aiming for something a little more like this:

Use the Demon of Gluttony to sacrifice the Subjugated Dragon in command before turn 5. Then on turn 5, use Dark Wish to revive it for an early game flying powerhouse. Turn 6 use Apparition to copy it. The ensuing hordes of demons that result when they die will make Master of Demons a beast.

Use Summoning Stone frequently to generate a lot of small demons. These can up the count for when you play Master of Demons, or be easy sacrificing targets for Demon of Gluttony. This is a better option than Rita, Shadow Priestess since artifacts are harder to kill, they aren't unique, and Verore should always be playing at least one spell every turn so you'll get at least the same tokens you would out of Rita except they'll also be flying and demons which are vastly more useful.

The spell heavy nature of this deck will make both Summoning Stone and Aether Acolyte very powerful. They'll be easy to power up without thinking about it and both are low cost with no activation resource costs so just set it and forget it. It'll be there when you need it.

Obviously this deck would require a LOT of rare+ cards. It's not something I expect you to be able to build at this stage of the game. But take a look at the cards and try to see how it goes together and hopefully that will help you get some ideas for your own deck.

As far as Vasir, The Chained Prince goes, he's generally pretty easy to deal with. For the 5 resource cost I could pay to keep him chained, I could instead play a Called Shot since I know exactly what zone he's going to be in. Then it's up to his owner to draw him again and pay the 7 resource for him again before I have to think about him. He's also a 18/18 flyer which (although scary), isn't the most terrifying thing to have played against you for 7 resource.

Deck Building / Re: New Player Looking for Faction Combination Ideas
« on: June 20, 2014, 07:13:27 AM »
In general, unlimited characters are just a starting place. Most decks you'll see don't use the unlimited characters for their factions except Warpath which uses theirs (One of Many) due to its solid stats.

If you're looking for a control style deck, look into creating a 2 purity CoV / 1 purity DoD deck. Most likely focusing on a morale victory using Lingbao's Will, an arsenal of kill spells, and possible Yuanshi's Wrath for board wipe, will help you keep your opponent down while you draw him out to his death. Good card to try to get your hands on are Demoralize, Veroria, The Lone Keep, Verorian Hydra, and Death Ray, all of which are uncommon. More competitive upgrades would include things like Yuanshi, Sage of Ferocity and Mass Death, but those are rares and thus harder to get ahold of. Glorious Warrior will also be very important too. Also note that milling people out is possible in this game, although there aren't cards designed to do it. Every time you attempt to draw and fail, you will take 10 morale "damage", so that will work with a morale based win condition against your opponent if the game goes long enough.


Now includes Ascension and Star Trek cards!

Before people ask there's still no news on when I'll be able get it automatically syncing. Lightmare still does not allow 3rd party access to their servers, but I feel your pain.

Full details on Infinity Wars Card Tracker and this update can be found on its website:

General Discussion / Re: Card Flavor Text List
« on: June 15, 2014, 08:13:55 PM »
For Ascension flavor text, please view:

In general there is very little flavor text on Ascension cards due to the fact that a lot of them need the space for the card's ability description. Particularly the interesting cards.

General Discussion / Card Flavor Text List (Ascension)
« on: June 15, 2014, 08:10:43 PM »
Parent post:


Acolyte of the Altar: Without sacrifice, there is no progress.
Agent Coyle, Hellbringer: Once brought over to the Sleepers, AlphaOne did what any self respecting evil hero would do, add a demon into the mix.
Agent Coyle, Soulseller: Desperate to regain the power to redeem his now infected past self, this Agent infiltrated the verore and made a deal with Rita.
Banish: You have been deemed... Unworthy.
Best Fiends: Best friends in life, Best fiends in death.
Champion of Ruin: You can not spell "ruin" without I.
Corrupted Forest:
Aleta could not believe the destruction wrought by the virus upon the very land itself.
However the destruction of their forest had driven the creatures into even greater rampage
Aleta believed the land would never recover from this horror
But while walking through one of the decayed landscapes she gasped
There hidden beneath the black roots and the dead leaves was but a single tree sprouting anew
Drag Down: Get on my level bro.
Intimidating Monk: Underneath the calm demeanor stirs a fearless warrior.
Lilarish: My brothers and sisters, come fly with me!
'Reaching *Bzzzt* maximum... power... meltdown imminent..'
'It's gonna blow!'

General Game Discussion / Re: Infinite Network, a community resource
« on: June 15, 2014, 07:21:58 PM »
To report any feedback on the site, visit our official sub-forum:

General Game Discussion / Re: Tournament Consideration
« on: June 15, 2014, 04:54:53 PM »
+1 Would participate

General Game Discussion / Infinite Network, a community resource
« on: June 14, 2014, 08:20:46 AM »

Go to to check it out yourself!

General Game Discussion / Re: Cthulhu Girl Needs Your Help!
« on: June 14, 2014, 07:44:51 AM »
97 packs:

101 rares
17 epics (1 foil)
2 legendarys

Uncommons? I unfortunately need complete data in order to report accurate numbers so nothing gets skewed and misleading :(

General Game Discussion / Re: Showcase Match: WWKnight vs CthulhuGirl
« on: June 14, 2014, 04:09:07 AM »
Just wanted to add a little post here that I made my own version of game 1 from my point of view with personal commentary :) Enjoy!

General Game Discussion / Re: Cthulhu Girl Needs Your Help!
« on: June 14, 2014, 03:04:25 AM »
This thread will do fine for the information dump, I assume.


Would you like the total numbers or a break down based on the pre-order pack we purchased? Like for instance I have 2 X50, 1 X25 and 2X10.  Would you like 1X50 Results, then the 2nd 50 pack results, and so and so forth. Either way is fine with me i am interested in these findings also. Wish you could run the numbers vs total per-orders packs to see how big your sample size is and come up with a margin for error.

No, all together is fine :)

General Game Discussion / Re: Cthulhu Girl Needs Your Help!
« on: June 13, 2014, 10:53:18 AM »
I have confirmed that this is not against any rules. But you can bet your puffy the final post will be slathered in disclaimers :P I don't intend to cause havoc, just build some hype for Ascension and provide some relative information for people looking to give IP values to their draft decks and those wanting to trade between tiers. I fully intend to provide all confidence level and margin of error data as appropriate. And of course, the proper explanation for their meaning.

General Game Discussion / Re: Cthulhu Girl Needs Your Help!
« on: June 13, 2014, 07:26:35 AM »
Each individual pack or just the totals? Specific number of an individual card for each rarity or just total packs and total of each rarity plus any premiums noted?

Just the totals will be fine :) And just the numbers of cards in each category, not the exactly cards themselves. I'm trying to make this as easy as possible. But if you want to talk about all the awesome cards you get, be my guest :P

General Game Discussion / Re: Cthulhu Girl Needs Your Help!
« on: June 13, 2014, 06:49:36 AM »
do you want us to record a video of the pack opening or do you just want the data?
Just the data is all :) But if you want to send me a video of you opening the packs instead of counting it yourself I'll make popcorn and get a notepad XD

I will list the lot. How do multi packs work though?
I have 34 packs, but one is a 25 pack, the other a 5.

Do they just give a butt load of boosters to open, or what?
Multi packs give you a bunch of boosters to open individually. I can't imagine that trying to load 375 cards at once would be good for IW, your computer, or your ability to click through them all x.x

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