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Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Age of Commanders
« on: April 11, 2017, 06:52:34 AM »
The Primal Frenzy Inducer
6 cost
6 morale
Unique Character - Demon Beast

Pay X+1, Exhaust (X min 1): Target deployed non-artificial character gets +3X/+X until the end of the turn, after the combat step it gets -0/-X and enters combat with a random character in the same zone.

"Twisting the body and mind to expose a beings hidden, vicious, primal tendencies can have an extraordinary affect on their capacity for combat...  and a detrimental affect on their self control."

Basically you can give a decent boost to your own units for a turn and if they're 'alone' (or you get them killed that turn) you can avoid the additional combat, or you can target characters in your opponents support (or defense) zone to cause health loss and infighting, although your opponent might move the targeted card to the battlefield.

The more resources you put into it the bigger the boost, but also the bigger the fall in health afterwards, and the more likely you are to kill something else you control, the more you spend on an enemy the more dangerous the risk if they decide to move it to assault.

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Expensive And Worth It
« on: March 26, 2017, 04:48:39 AM »
The Spirit Channeller
Unique Character - Beast
6 cost
9 morale

While Spirit Channeller is deployed, it gains an extra life whenever another character you control dies to a non-combat effect your opponent controls.
Spirit Channeller has +2/+1 for each extra life it has.
If Spirit Channeller would be removed from the game it instead loses 1 life.

"Those who were taken by unnatural means are given a second chance, and they give me strength and protection in return."

Basically not only does it resist removal but it's power is directly relative to how much removal your opponent uses, especially powerful with stuff like mass death, that said it's only 1 character so the opponent may still be better off killing off your other units and of course they do still have ways of dealing with it using things like red tape, humble, hubris or zuza.

Suggestions / Idea for next promotional set
« on: March 23, 2017, 11:16:41 AM »
Over time the fans of this game have hosted quite a large number of card design contests (see Hall of Fame) and we've accumulated a decent number of fan-made cards that many would argue could (or should) exist in the game, without being too out of place.

Imagine if the game devs and/or card designers picked out one or two dozen of their favorite cards and actually put them into the game (with new art and maybe some small tweaks) as a non-ranked non-riftrun promotional set, like the omni and star trek cards.

It'd be really interesting to play with a set of fan-made cards, and not just for the people that designed the cards, everyone would be able to not just see, but interact with, a part of what the fan community has created and from inside the game itself no less.

Not expecting anything, just putting it out there. ;)

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Minorities
« on: March 15, 2017, 09:23:05 AM »








Prince of Lies





Well those are the entries and winners are:




Congratulations to the winners!
Hope you get good cards from the prizes!

If you don't want to host the next contest just send a pm to the next runner up and ask if they would be willing to do it instead.

Bug Reporting / Re: Forum Load time issues
« on: March 13, 2017, 12:16:16 AM »
I noticed that the site spends a bunch of the loading time 'Waiting for" or "Connecting to"

Seemed weird since that site hasn't been used in ages, but then I remembered the 'Card' function which still exists in the forums post editor.

I looked in the source code and found one reference to the old aletas archive site
<script src=""></script>
trying to open the site or the file itself directly either times out or gives a 404 error.

Since this javascript link is in the sites 'header' and doesn't load asynchronously the rest of the site has to wait for it.

Basically whoever has control over the forum templates should check the custom head tags and remove that link and then look into removing the 'Card' option from the post editor.

The other alternative is to use an updated version of the file which instead of reading from aletas archive reads from the IW wiki or infinite network (, this would be the ideal option as we would regain the ability to embed card previews into our posts.

I did manage to find a cached version of the script and I've modified it to read from the infinite network site, I've done some testing with it and so far it seems to work fine (even added additional functionality ;)), let me know if you guys want to use it.

Suggestions / Re: Future card ideas
« on: March 05, 2017, 11:30:13 AM »
From platform_disciple's Flame Dawn card design challenge

Burning Berserker

7 cost
8 morale
Character - Human

Charge, Flame Strike 4, Multi Strike 2
While in the Assault zone Burning Berserker takes half combat damage (rounded up) and Characters it attacks are moved back to the Support zone.
When you deploy Burning Berserker you may Immolate it for 4 damage at the end of each turn, if you do you are refunded 3 resources.

These unparalleled warriors douse themselves in flames in a glorious and frightening display, though sometimes they forgo the flame retardant.

Basically the idea is these guys sacrifice raw power for fire damage and intimidation.
They're good for interrupting the opponents defensive line and giving your units access to the fortress and/or avoiding certain defending units, especially if you play multiples or use swift strikes.

Community Events & Contests / [CDC] Minorities [CLOSED]
« on: March 05, 2017, 09:55:38 AM »
Card Design Challenge – Minorities

Design a card which makes use of one of these subtypes:

The card can be one of the subtypes and/or interact with one of the subtypes.
(though you should avoid making a card that's just "all subtype characters have +x/+y" like pack leader)

Aside from that I'm not looking for anything particularly specific so take whatever direction you like.

Deadline is the 15th of March at 8am IWT

--- Card Design Challenge Rules ---
1) The Judge appoints a challenge, it can be anything, making new card, redesigning an old one or whatever you wish.
2) All that wish to participate submit their card design. Each participant may only submit one entry per challenge, you may however edit your post as many times as you wish till the deadline.
3) After an announced deadline the Judge decides a winner. The winner then becomes the Judge for the next round, if the winner does not wish to host the next round a runner-up may do so instead.
4) All entries submitted before the deadline are guaranteed feedback, either in this thread or in another detailed feedback thread.

1st place: 3 alt art packs and 3 collection penta packs
2nd place: 2 alt art packs and 2 collection penta packs
3rd place: 1 alt art pack and 1 collection penta pack
All participants who submit an entry will receive a collection penta pack

Rules Text:
Flavor Text:

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] The Alliance of Man
« on: February 20, 2017, 12:20:21 AM »
Superior Tactician
Cost 4
Morale 8
Unique Character - Human

If Superior Tactician is in the assault zone your first attacker targets the defender with the lowest power, if it is in the defense zone your defender with the highest health blocks the first enemy attacker.

Exhaust, Pay X: Move X characters you control on the battlefield between the assault and defense zones, give them +1/+0 and swap their power and health.

"A squadron lead by this tactician is capable of adapting quickly to the battlefield, defenders can become vicious raiders and attackers stalwart guardians."

By using troop deployment and a bit of DOD magic this guy allows you to use defensive characters offensively and vice versa, deploying a charge/vigilance character and paying 1 extra resource effectively swaps the keyword.

When on the battlefield themselves they can observe things more closely and offer more specialized control, but due to the conditions using the swap ability cancels the passive, you'll need to plan accordingly since you can't use both at the same time.

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Forgotten Powers [Closed!]
« on: February 18, 2017, 05:57:01 AM »
"It combos well with a multitude of cards without being overpowered"

Um, correct me if I'm wrong but, demon of greed(set X to 20) + infiltrate + called shot(or other kill/deal 6+ damage ability) = 1 turn insta-win. (unless they have Solace Gate)

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Forgotten Powers
« on: February 05, 2017, 03:31:11 AM »
Diseased Parasite
2 SA
Undead Character
Cost: 4
Morale: 5
Stats: 0/4

Bloodthirst 6
When Diseased Parasite deals damage to a Character, that character becomes Poisoned, taking 2 damage at the end of each turn.

Basic idea is it feeds off its victims similar to consume, except instead of killing the enemy and eating them it infects the enemy and gradually drains their vitality.
By using a high bloodthirst level but low max health it's quite resilient to combat but also quite weak to other sources of damage.
Since bloodthirst doesn't lower current health when it reverts it's possible for the card to be fully healed simply by fighting characters with less than 6 attack.
It's used well in defense, as that way you can poison a decent number of units, ideally their whole assault zone.
Bonus points for using multiple keywords? ;)

Community Events & Contests / Re: Card Creation Contest!
« on: February 03, 2017, 06:01:35 AM »
Just curious, would a card still count if it has some sort of optional cost reduction or resource refunding mechanic? since then it would effectively cost less than 7 even though its cost would still technically be 7+.

Suggestions / New possibilities for faction combinations
« on: January 29, 2017, 02:08:07 PM »
Basically the idea is we can do more with the 'OR' type cards than just single purity.

The number in the middle signifies how many commanders the deck must have that belong to either of the factions shown.

A '1' card is the same as the current 'OR', only requiring 1 commander of either faction.

A '2' card requires 2 commanders of either purity.
(eg 'OS 2 FD' can be used in OS/OS/ANY, FD/OS/ANY, and FD/FD/ANY decks)

A '3' card requires 3 commanders of either purity.
(eg 'OS 3 FD' can be used in OS/OS/OS, OS/OS/FD, FD/FD/OS and FD/FD/FD decks)

Needless to say this would open up more possibilities for card faction groupings, allowing cards to be used in multiple factions without sacrificing the balancing quality of double/triple purity requirements.

Suggestions / Re: Future card ideas
« on: January 26, 2017, 12:27:15 AM »
Personnel Catapult
Cost - 3
Purity - 
Pay 1, Exhaust: Choose a deployed Character you control, that Character gains Flying and moves to the Assault zone.
At the end of the turn the Character loses Flying and takes 6 damage.

"Are you sure about this? Doesn't seem SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..."

General Game Discussion / Re: Secret code? YodoXIlluminati Confimed?
« on: January 25, 2017, 03:09:11 PM »
Oh that's just the numbers overlay for the wealthy nobles animation, back when I was originally looking at the files I was surprised the numbers weren't just a part of the animation itself.
You'll notice the lack of moving numbers on the actual card, and the 'wealthy noble head' sized gap between the two sets of appearing numbers.

Not sure why it would be appearing all the way over there, though the only other time (afaik) a card has used a transparent overlay on top of the actual animation were the swarmers. (before that functionality was removed of course)
Since no other card uses them (again, afaik) personally I would just edit and re-apply the nobles animation so it doesn't need an overlay, rather than trying to analyze the code and figure out why it's appearing that way.

Suggestions / Re: Future card ideas
« on: January 21, 2017, 03:17:24 PM »
Siege Tower
Cost - 2
Purity -  OR
If a non-flying character you control would attack an opponents fortress and their Support zone is not empty, Siege Tower is Exhausted and the character enters combat with the left-most character in the opponents Support Zone instead.

(basically get over the wall and kill some people, having 1 out lets 1 character attack the support zone per turn, having 3 out lets 3 characters hit support)

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