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Suggestions / Slow keyword idea
« on: February 29, 2016, 03:48:08 AM »
I know there used to be a Slow keyword that made the character Exhaust every other turn, but this is a little different.

Slow - This card exhausts for one more turn than usual.
(originally was double but then thought of cards like daode and hermit)

Could be a useful effect for future cards.

Basically if a card were to have Slow by default it would be exhausted for 2 turns after being deployed and then would be fine, until it uses a 'Pay X, Exhaust' ability or is targeted by an ability which exhausts other cards, which would make it exhausted for 2 turns.

Could be very useful with abilities that give Slow to a targeted card, as you can quite literally 'slow down' an opponent who is repeatedly using an exhausting ability.

Just an idea.

General Game Discussion / Sick of Faction advertisers?
« on: February 24, 2016, 01:11:22 AM »
Are you fed up with Faction advertisers knocking on your door and fighting for your allegiance?
Tired of all the people fighting over which faction is 'the best'?

Then join the Factionless!

We aren't elitist or exclusive like the other factions, and we don't enforce any ridiculous requirements on our members, in fact we don't enforce any requirements at all!*
There are no fees, no initiations, no processes and no rules!*

We don't discriminate against anyone, for any reason, it doesn't matter what you are, human, demon, beast, angel, zomborg, moose, we don't care! Anyone can join!  Even Yobo!**
Not a single member is expected to turn up to gatherings or interact with other members, ever, not even our leaders!

We don't expect you to take part in these petty 'gang wars' that the other factions are constantly involved in, thoughtlessly attacking people simply because of the colour they wear and needlessly risking countless lives, you're an intelligent individual and can pick your own battles as you please, allying yourself with whichever side you think is right, or avoiding the battle entirely.

When you're with the Factionless you can do whatever you want!*

Don't let others tell you what to do!   Join the Factionless NOW!

  Boyo - Factionless PR Manager

: Disclaimer :

Suggestions / IW bug ticket emails should include the "Summary"
« on: February 16, 2016, 07:50:27 AM »
When you get email responses to bug reports it just has a ticket number, if you've made multiple reports then (without a public database of bugs listed by ticket number) you don't really have a way of knowing which bug the email is talking about.

Basically it would be helpful if the content or subject of the email would have the summary from the report you submitted, or the bug name from the bug tracking system.

Suggestions / more game homepage tabs
« on: February 14, 2016, 09:44:33 AM »
Currently the game has 3 tabs at the bottom of the main menu page of the game, a lot more helpful info could be provided to players if the tabs cycled along with the backgrounds.
9 tabs > 3 tabs. ;)

Suggestions / Card Collection Databse
« on: February 10, 2016, 09:52:31 AM »
It would be really great if the game had a way of seeing which cards you don't have yet/seeing the ability text of cards you don't have/seeing all the cards you do have displayed in a binder-like fashion/seeing all your pretty premiums that you've been collecting displayed in a binder-like fashion/etc.

*photoshop skills aren't amazing but you get the idea, the cards are not in any particular order and are not related to my personal collection in any way :P*

Basically it would list ALL the cards in the game and would be accessible from the CARDS tab, which instead of going straight to the deckbuilder could use a couple big buttons, like the Normal/Ranked buttons in Constructed, one for DeckBuilder and one for Collection.

Unlike the collection bar in the deckbuilder it would only have to load about 15-40 cards at a time (depending on what kind of arrangement would be used, my example uses 4x8), since it uses 'pages' rather than free scrolling, so hopefully shouldn't be hard on smaller computers.

The cards would be listed in order of Card Number (rather than alphabetical like the deckbuilder) and grouped by Set (rather than faction and card type like the deckbuilder), with cards you do not have yet greyed out/transparent but still visible/recognizable, and can still be clicked to bring up a full view of the card for more info.
(like the black bind witch in the example)

You could use filters just like the Deck-Builder, to show only cards of a specific Faction, or a specific Set, or just Legendaries, or just Characters/Abilities, etc, which would 'remove' invalid cards from the list and reset the display.

If you pick one of the premium options, rather than removing invalid cards from the display list it will apply the premium effect to the thumbnails of the cards that match and will keep but grey out the cards that do not match the premium setting as long as they are still 'valid' with all the other filter settings.
(in my example I set the filters to 'Verore Characters', and then to 'Gold Verore Characters')

Suggestions / Couple small updates to card filter (deckbuilder/collection)
« on: February 06, 2016, 02:18:50 AM »
It would be great if we could search for cards with particular keywords (like unstoppable, infect, consume, etc) this could be done with a text entry field or a drop down list, at the moment we can only search for cards that have the keyword in their name or ability text, since both the simple and advanced search functions do not look at keywords.

Also it would be nice if we could tell it to show ALL of our premium cards.  ;)

Suggestions / Make error message popup text selectable/copyable
« on: February 03, 2016, 06:55:57 AM »
I think it would make error reporting much easier, as people don't have to make a screenshot or go looking for an output log file and whoever is checking the log file doesn't have to scan through it all looking for what the player was talking about.

You could just copy the text that popped up and paste it in the bug reporter, quick, easy, gives the team the specific error exactly as it appeared in-game.

Been testing these out a bunch when I noticed that an opponent wasn't losing morale after I killed their avatar card that I had previously a used sinister corruption on.

Basically if you apply some effects to a card that specifies it goes to the support zone instead of being killed and then 'kill' it, some of the effects get wiped while others stick around.

Not really sure what's intended and what isn't.
Personally I think since the cards are never actually being killed or removed from the game that all the 'lasting effects' should just keep happening.

Have submitted these with the bug reporter, but it'd be great to have some people test out some more of these kinds of interactions, basically (as far as I know atm) these things happen:

  • If you use Sinister Corruption on an 'Immortal' card the morale loss stops applying after the card is 'killed'.
  • If you use Demonic Corruption on an 'Immortal' card the effect doesn't stop applying after the card is 'killed'.
    (so one corruption stops but the other continues?)
  • If you Poison an 'Immortal' card the effect stops applying after the card is 'killed'.
  • If you Immolate an 'Immortal' card the effect doesn't stop applying after the card is 'killed'.
    (so they somehow lost the poison but are still on fire?)
  • Extended Operation continues to effect an 'Immortal' card if you 'kill' it without it leaving the support zone.
  • Ju-Lin is apparently completely immune to continuing effects after 'death', unlike the other 'Immortal' cards.
  • If an 'Immortal' card that specifies it returns to it's original stats on 'death' has its stats swapped by shifting stone and dies in the same turn it'll go to support zone, have its stats reset, then at the end of the turn its stats will get swapped again by shifting stone and it'll have its stats the wrong way around until it's 'killed' again.

Deck Building / Deal INFINITE damage to Puffy (theoretically)
« on: April 13, 2015, 11:54:04 AM »
It's just a stupid deck I came up with this afternoon while messing around with puffy, but I thought I'd share it anyway.

The SCREW WITH PUFFY (or crash trying) deck is as follows, you will notice some differences between the list and the pictures, but it's only different by a couple cards.

Genesis Spy
Intimidating Monk
Bromich, Field Commander

3 x Wealthy Noble
1 x Aleta, Immortal Traveler
3 x Kinetically Overloaded Drone
3 x Unstable Bomb Bot
1 x Lucca, Combat Mechanic
3 x Mechanics Overseer
1 x Lucca, Ascended
1 x Aleta, Immortal Tinkerer
1 x Intimidating Monk
3 x Meditating Monk
3 x Disciple of Mian Monastery
3 x Undisturbed Monk

3 x Recycle
3 x Gather Thoughts
1 x Infiltration
3 x Controlled Temporal Anomaly
1 x Give Him a Jetpack!
3 x Extended Operation
3 x Strength in Numbers
3 x Swift Strike
3 x Warcry

1 x War Machine
1 x Bromich's Banner

(While you could always add more Genesis Spies and Intimidating Monks to the deck, there's really no need to)

I only have 1 Undisturbed Monk and I don't have Bromich, so for my FD commander I just picked randomly out of 1 purity FD characters with more than 10 Attack and ended up with Kali.

The only reason I added Cheryl is because the deck ended up at 49 cards and I wanted it to be an even 50. XD


TLDR version:
Take away the Spy's Attack, give it Flying, get all the characters out of your deck, infiltrate the Spy, keep spawning and buffing units for as long as you like without worrying about the morale loss from running out of cards in the deck.

Detailed version:
You don't have to keep the Genesis Spy in the Assault zone, I just prefer to do it because it has the side effect of giving puffy a crap-load of cards. X3
(funny how puffy actually draws cards from the deck)

First thing to do is use Intimidating Monk on Genesis Spy. (unless you have a wealthy noble of course, just use the monk next turn)

Use Give Him a Jetpack! on Genesis Spy.

Try to pay 9 to increase max resources as much as you can, at least until your max resources are a really high number.

Try to keep everything in the Defense zone except for cards that exhaust themselves on use, cards that need to be in the Support zone to buff and cards with flying.
(just to make using card abilities easy when you end up with lots of units)

Use Extended Operation and Strength in Numbers to buff units.

Once you've got a Lucca on the field use Controlled Temporal Anomaly on her to buff your artificial units.
(may want to save it for later so it'll have a greater effect)

Try to use your Recycles/Gather Thoughts on Strength in Numbers or Controlled Temporal Anomaly (or Recycles if you're using a Gather Thoughts)
Don't use them on Extended Operation as there's a thing (bug?) with it where if you recycle it and use it again the card you used it on the first time stops getting its effect.

Either keep Swift Strikes and Warcry cards in your hand, or shuffle them away for other cards if your hand is getting full.

Use War Machine to spawn Artificial units and Aleta Traveler to spawn Conscripted Militia, use Aleta Tinkerer to buff the artificial units.

Once you get your second Intimidating Monk use it on Genesis Spy.

(damn steam message :o)

Eventually you should have totally emptied your deck (hopefully without discarding anything useful due to hand size) and should have these cards as your hand.

Now you can use Infiltrate on the Genesis Spy, from now on your deck will be gradually replenished, preventing you from taking morale loss and allowing you to spawn and buff units indefinitely.

(Don't worry about getting to the hand limit, you can just discard the Misinformations)

Now that you have 0 attackers you can play Bromich's Banner.

Once you've had enough of spawning and buffing units and want to attack, find out which of your units has the greatest attack and use ALL of your Swift Strikes on it.
(or just use them on one of your strongest units if you don't want to search)

Move all your characters to the Assault zone and use ALL of your Warcry cards.

Careful though, too many characters for your computer to handle and the game will crash.  :'(

Enjoy! ;D

General Game Discussion / Using 'beneficial' cards to puffy your opponent
« on: November 08, 2014, 06:13:13 AM »
Recently had a game where I got matched against someone with a hermit/caretaker deck and I had a mechanize and firebolt in my starting hand, which gave me an idea, so on turn one I mechanized their hermit, then turn 2 used firebolt to negate the +4 health.

After that I've been thinking about other 'beneficial' cards that would typically be used on your own cards being useful when used on the opponents cards instead, by 'beneficial' I mean that the card by itself, aka without taking combos into account, is entirely positive.

So I'm not talking about:
cards that are neutral and typically are just as useful being used on opponents as being used on yourself, if not more, like word of command.
cards that have alternate positive/negative conditions like mark of the demon.
cards that have a positive effect along with a negative drawback like demonic corruption or infectious transfusion.
or cards that have a positive effect on some cards but a negative effect on others like demonize or balance.

One other example I can think of off the top of my head would be something that happened to me last week, where the opponent had a strong card I really needed to kill, I'd used up almost all of my kill cards and I had a give him a jetpack and an anti air missile in my hand.

So what are other examples of this that you guys have used or thought of?

: Examples :

Deck Building / 333 decks
« on: July 31, 2014, 03:40:57 AM »
Been playing around with building decks with different restrictions and I've been having some fun with my most recent one.

A 333 deck follows 3 rules:
deck must have 3 different factions
no card can cost more than 3
no cards ability can cost more than 3

I have a couple of 333 decks that I'm using fairly effectively in pvp atm, though I'm still making adjustments to them now and then.
I'm interested to see what kind of 333 decks you guys can come up with.

Suggestions / Double Deck Testing Option
« on: July 10, 2014, 02:56:50 AM »
Basically the idea is that in the training section there would be a gamemode where you would pick 2 decks (or the same one twice), it would run the planning phase of one side until end turn is clicked, then it would run the planning phase of the other side, once end turn is clicked it runs the resolution phase of both sides.
Or it could run the planning phase of both sides at the same time by allowing you to see the 'opponents' hand, play and move their cards and use their characters abilities.
(It'd be pretty cool if the 'opponent' used your avatar but was called "Apparition" ;))

People could use this to compare different decks and safely play-test/bug-test mechanics that can be difficult to set up with the AIs, it could also be used for 'hot seat' multiplayer (assuming it alternates between planning phases) if you had a friend over and wanted to play against them, or you could use it to show them what the game is like in a controlled environment.

General Game Discussion / Animated Forum Avatars
« on: July 08, 2014, 08:09:21 AM »
Want an animated forum avatar? Well you're in the right place! ;D

You can look through the lists below to find the card you want, if it isn't there, just request it!
I'll add it to the list and also PM you with the finished avatar.
(To get an image just right click on it, save it to your computer, then in profile options upload the image, don't use URL, connections can be lost, servers can go down, services can change, use upload just to be safe)



You can get a square or tall border of the following types around the avatar.
(If you want a tall one you gotta specify, otherwise I'm gonna assume square)

Genesis Industries
Cult of Verore
Descendants of Dragons
Flame Dawn
Sleepers of Avarrach
Custom (Colour)
Custom (Image)

For Custom Borders just tell me what colour you want or provide (a link to) an image in a PM.

Border Combinations

Faction borders and Custom borders can be mixed with either a gradual fade or clear segments, like the borders of Dual and Hybrid Faction cards.

Card Transitions

You can have an avatar that cycles through multiple cards, whether it's a card transforming, a combo you like, or just a couple of your favourite cards, you can have an avatar with 2-5 cards, fading between them in a loop, obviously these can also have a border applied to them.

Simply request a card and border combo, I'll make it for you and PM it to you when it's done, also it doesn't have to be a card, you can send me a custom image via PM and I'll add a border to it.

While I do have plenty of foil cards I won't be trying to upload foil versions of all the cards, if you have a foil card and want an avatar of it PM me to schedule a time for me to check out the card.

Card List



Suggestions / Steam Cards
« on: June 26, 2014, 06:04:37 AM »
As you guys should already know plenty of steam games have trading cards that are given to you randomly over time as you play, wouldn't it make sense for a trading card game to get in on this trading card system? ;D
(and no this totally wasn't brought on by the steam summer sale :P)

Even though I don't think this is ever gonna happen, I think it would be a really awesome thing to set up, especially if it was done for the full release of the game.

Having cards to trade with others in order to get cool little prizes could encourage people who play the game to connect on steam, as well as providing lightmare with a bit more money if people sell/buy the cards instead of trading them.
(valve gets a small percentage of the cards and prizes sold and the game developers also get an adjustable percentage)

It could have collectable cards of the main unlimited characters of each faction (eg 9 cards per badge, with a possible 5 dropped from playing) and badges of each factions symbol, starting with factionless as the basic level 1 badge.

For prizes there's steam profile backgrounds and chat emoticons, for steam profile backgrounds the backgrounds that already exist in the game when viewing the different tabs could be used.
(for a rare one that high quality angel of virtue alt art could be used  8))

For chat emoticons it could small pictures of the faces of notable characters, like wealthy noble, hinekri, kali, airborne scientist or yobo, it could use some artifacts, like aberion's banner or low orbit ion cannon, could also use some of the card backs.
(obviously there'd have to be one of the default card back, regardless of what the other emoticons are)

What do you guys think?

One of my flatmates is subscribed to game informer, randomly read one of the magazines today (dunno how old it was) and saw that they had a whole section on digital card games, Infinity Wars was included.

Just thought I'd put it up here since I hadn't seen anything about it on the forums.

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