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Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Epic Balance
« on: January 23, 2018, 09:08:23 PM »
Name: Dragon of Summer Flame
Faction/Purity: 2FD
Type: Character - Dragon
Rarity: EPIC
Cost: 7
Morale: 12
Attack/Health: 15/15
Rules Text: Flying, Unstoppable
Flavor Text: If Dragon of Summer Flame is blocked, add an Aberion poster to Mew28's bedroom.

General Game Discussion / Re: Infinity Wars Avatar Contest - Results
« on: March 28, 2017, 08:24:19 PM »
These 2 were very good. Congrats to both of you!

Trading Post / Re: Updated Official Trading Tier List
« on: March 20, 2017, 03:33:15 PM »
Is firestarter really still that bad? I feel he's at least more useful than Liand, he can clear a bunch of defenders. 7 damage a turn isnt something many things can survive for long.

It's not so much that he's bad (because he's really not), but more so the fact that so many copies exist out there and most people don't really need to trade for him.

News and Developer Talk / Re: Legend Balance Changes
« on: March 14, 2017, 08:04:46 PM »
Agent Coyle Ascended seems to have gotten the short end of the stick. Imho, if you look it from lore perspective, Overseers control great power. If AC is already powerful, Ascending should give him an ever bigger boost. This doesn't reflect neither in his stats nor in having a really powerful ability- it looks nice but with such low stats, he can't put up much of a fight- he needs stat boosting by other effects or abilities.

AC Ascended is definitely one of the better legendaries to come from this patch. He's very playable now, as his ability can deal with so many threats.

News and Developer Talk / Re: Legend Balance Changes
« on: February 27, 2017, 01:45:09 AM »
I really like most of the changes here. I am concerned about Marina though. She seems pretty problematic in her current state. Untouchable + revive is a very, very powerful effect for 2 cost.

It might be time to take a break from draft and make some new decks now!

The Exiles / Re: Grimmish, ways to play
« on: February 27, 2017, 01:35:36 AM »
Here is a Grimmish deck I sometimes play:

Marina currently doesn't work with him, but will be vital once she gives untouchable. I've lost 1 match with this deck, so as long as you are sensible with your dodges it's at least fun to play in normals.

Suggestions / Re: New Avatars suggestions
« on: February 14, 2017, 06:18:54 PM »
I can imagine this will be difficult to narrow down all the suggestions.

With that being said, I'll put my vote in for Call the Warpath,Flame Dawn Fanatic, Tibat, Zombie Abomination, Lingbao's Will, Demon of Dark Bargain, and Tempus.

Good luck.

General Game Discussion / Re: 50 Rift Runs
« on: February 06, 2017, 02:17:34 PM »
Well my 50 runs are finally up. I did a little better than I initially expected and will probably continue to keep track from here on out. I'm still waiting on a few rewards to come in, but here are at least some of the stats I was able to keep track of:

I didn't expect FD to be the strongest faction for me, nor did I think exiles would be that bad. 50 more runs ought to help reinforce the somewhat small sample size.

Trustworthy seller with great prices! Recommended.

Congrats, ES! Excited to see what other changes you can bring to the table now as CM. IW certainly needed a spark. Happy to hear about the others being added to the team as well.

Ironically, moving the tourney to Saturday counts me out--I should be out of town that day. If my plans change, I'll definitely be participating.

General Discussion / Re: Rebellion Legendaries : Rate Them
« on: January 07, 2017, 07:30:25 PM »
Here's how I'd rate them currently:

Life = 3
Death = 2.5
Marina = 2.5
Peace = 1
Chaos = 1

Just make sure you apply a bonus before you claim rewards. The boost isn't applied during the matches, but afterwards once you've finished.

General Game Discussion / Re: I'm a new player and this is why I'm leaving.
« on: December 28, 2016, 11:30:19 PM »
I didn't read it all, but you are 100% correct. Unfortunately, these changes will not ever see the light of day, as the devs continue putting their effort into another 2 unnecessary and overly confusing campaign missions and some new mellow yellow clicky buttons. Half of this could and has been made available by the community, but the devs dropped the ball on supporting it and 2-3 years later there's just no incentive anymore to keep these guides up to date.

Hey! Don't you besmirch my yellow buttons! I, for one, am glad the devs finally listened to the demands of the player base and implemented this. We have been asking for yellow buttons for years. Thank god they finally dropped pointless endeavors like reworking the UI or making a rulebook to get the yellow buttons in the game.

Now that they are finally here I look forward to the much anticipated explosion in player growth and retention I was promised.

Ohw woops.. seems like I'm a bit misinformed here

Maybe I should take some courses in game development myself to change my rather narrow view. Any recommendations??

I would recommend taking Sarcasm in Forums 301. Really helped me with this game.

General Game Discussion / Re:
« on: December 19, 2016, 11:12:12 PM »
The new site looks nice and clean! Happy to see that you decided to resurrect it!

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