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Im in the game now i have no fuking clue what happen or what i did to solve the problem but i can play again n.n. Should i leave the post if someone have the same issue?

When i open the updater for this new update it just keeps updating the same thing says: "Downloading game client" and is 103.83 MB. when the download ends it start downloading again like nothing happen i wait 3 updates then i reset my laptop and again i open the updater and keep doing the same thing then i uninstall the game and install it all over but nothing change it keeps updating. I just gave up the update and closed the updater i open the updater again and now gives me the option to play the game i click on play then the resolution window pops up and i click on play! the window for the game comes up and now says "Infinity Wars stop working" i reinstall the game 3 times now is almost 2:30 hours trying and nothing change. Is not because of the firewall or the anti-virus cuz i disable both. T-T i was gonna get my first super booster and now i cant even play Please Help!

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