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News and Developer Talk / Balance Changes and Development Criticisms
« on: March 08, 2017, 08:27:28 AM »
After having played with and against the recent re-balanced cards I’d like to voice my concerns as an IW player.

All but one of the balance changes I saw as good improvements. And while it didn’t make every buffed card playable it at least showed an understanding of where certain cards went wrong.

That being said the Marina buff and the subsequent bug are very troubling. Marina was borderline playable before her change so I was surprised to see her get a buff. I felt Marina would be a card that may shine with new sets and a slowed down meta, but I guess that wasn’t the plan for her.

The issue I have is that in her previous design she was a value card for control decks, with her new design she’s a value card for aggro decks. And with the bug it’s super-value. Just my opinion, but aggro gets way too much love as it is, so it really bothers me that another strong tool has been added for that strategy. She currently acts as a un-interactible counterspell for removal which is devastating given how IW’s mechanics work. With the bug the Untouchable stays so it can permanently counterspell all single target removal.

If we assume spot removal is a comeback tool vs aggressive commanders then Marina completely shatters this dynamic. The tempo loss, card disadvantage, and lack of board presence as she negates removal is huge. And of all this for 2 resources (reduced from 3 btw).

Added to this was the acknowledgment that she is bugged and not working as intended with the new design. A hot-fix was apparently released to address the problem but had no effect. It’s been about a week since then and nothing more has been done. It’s even somewhat unfair to evaluate the card if this is not it’s true power level, but we’ll never know that until the bug is fixed.

Marina hasn’t taken over the meta and I’m not saying she will but it shows me that the balance team and the devs dropped the ball on this one. Whether its a lack of seeing potential card interactions, knowing the meta, lack of playtesting or just not paying attention to detail I’m not sure. Mistakes and oversights happen but the mark of being a great game is not making the obvious ones.

Not fixing the bug shouldn’t be forgotten in all this. If IW is to be taken seriously as a competitive game then bugs like this, especially on competitive cards, need to be fixed as soon as possible. The competitive spirit and integrity of the game is heavily compromised as long as these bugs persist.

I hope this reaches the eyes and ears of the right people. I still have faith that things will get figured out. Just please keep in mind design issues like Marina before rolling out the next set of balance updates.

Would love to hear what the balance team (who is on the balance team btw?), the devs and other players think about the Marina and the balance changes now that we’ve gotten to play with them.

General Game Discussion / Rift Run Card Pool
« on: January 03, 2017, 04:09:19 AM »
Is there anywhere I can find the current list of cards offered in rift run?  I understand it's curated.  Is there any discussion on rift run balance or meta going on?  Why some cards are offered and some aren't?

Also, is there any information on offering rates, percents chances, rarity, etc.  I'm really curious about changes in offering rates between single vs. double purity.

Any help/advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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