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Aleta, Immortal Caretaker 1x
Aleta,Immortal Survivor 1x
Granthar, The Elder Ape 1x
Subudes The Meek 1x
Aleta, Immortal Searcher 1x
Aleta, Immortal Tinkerer 1x
Taiga, Combat Reconstructor 2x
Lanstead 1x
Disruption Sphere 1x 10
Junkyard 1x
Aleta, Immortal Sorceress 1x
Demon Of Dark Bargain 2x
Demon Of Fear 2x
Grotesque Brute 1x
Rita, Mistress Of Shadow(PLAT FOIL) 2x
Rita, Shadow Priestess 2x 11
Annihilate 4x
Dark Vision 1x
Death Blast 2x
Mass Death 5x 13
Sinister Corruption 2x
Summoning Stone 2x
Ritual Of Summoning 2x
Struggle For Power 2x
Bromich,Field Commander 1x
Kali, The Purifier 2x 11
Tallio, The Duelist 1x
Daode Sage Of Strenght 2x
Eagle-Eye 1x
Lingbao, Sage Of Discipline 1x
The Impervious 4x
Humble 1x  10
Hehkeem, The Corrupted 2x
Recurring Nightmare 1x
Super Infectious Zombie 1x
Undisturbed Necropolis 1x
Decrepit Crystal 1x
Cresill The Mad 1x
Ixxi, The Annoying 1x
Descension 1x
Cassial, The Selfless 1x 10
Lilaria, Champion Of Grace 5x
Precautionary Measures 1x
Aleta, Immortal Traveler 1x
Dugg 6x   13
Navi 8x
Raa 8x  16
Radariah, The Untouchable 1x
Shirazius The Cruel 1x 2

Subjugated Dragon 3x
Vasir, The Chained Prince 2x
Voracius Goliath 1x
Shrine To The Heavens 1x
Hungry Abomination 1x
The Calamity 1x   9

Agent Coyle, Firestarter 1x

+ 735 commons 286 uncommons.
Feel free to add me ingame if you want to take a look at my commons and uncommons : FGNightmareMoon

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