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Hey Infinity Warriors!

A few weeks ago we began the "Create a Challenge Mission!" contest where players could submit their ideas to replace the old Academy missions with new community-created Challenge missions. If you haven't checked it out or submitted your ideas yet, head on over to the original thread to find the contest guidelines and the submission form - it's easy to send us your idea and you could have your mission featured in the game!

Original Thread

Challenge Submission Form

The deadline is May 21, which means there is only about 1 WEEK LEFT for you to submit your ideas before we end the contest, so give us your best shots. Remember, there is no limit to how many Challenge missions you can submit, so feel free to go crazy!

All winners will receive the following PRIZES if we select your Challenge mission to include into the game:
  • Credit on the mission itself - Your username will be proudly displayed as the creator for all to admire!
  • 5 Penta Packs - Who doesn't like more cards?!
  • An Exclusive Title - Gain the title of "Puzzle Master" and flaunt off your creativity!

Again, here are some guidelines to keep in mind while creating your Challenge mission:
  • Challenge missions are going to be the puzzles of Infinity Wars. Specific outside-the-box thinking to get around a tricky situation is encouraged, but a challenge where you fight a fair game of Infinity Wars against an AI will probably be pretty trivial.
  • You can make a mission where the player can bring in their own deck, but if you do, realize that your challenge is going to be more about owning the right cards and their deck-building problem solving, rather than their in-game problem solving.
  • The best designed challenges have all the information laid out in front of the player without hidden information on turn 1.
Keep these guidelines in mind and provide as much information as you can about your brilliant puzzle! Don’t be afraid of coming up with a real mindbender. :)

So what are you waiting for?! Share your idea with us and it could be featured in the game. Who knows, it could be the one to stump everyone!

News and Developer Talk / [Weekly Post #12] Contribute to the Wiki!
« on: May 06, 2016, 04:26:28 AM »
Hey Infinity Warriors!

Do you like contests? How about ones with prizes? Want to help contribute to the community in an easy but meaningful way? Thanks to the wonderful Cleanse, now you can!

Cleanse is the current admin of the community-driven Infinity Wars Wiki and he needs YOUR help! With the arrival of the big relaunch approaching, we want to take a moment to do some "Spring Cleaning" for the Wiki before we introduce a whole wave of new content and features to the game. As such, we'll be running a contest to tidy up the Wiki by updating any out-dated content or providing any new original content.

Take a look at the guidelines below and come help us out!

How to Enter
Judging Winners
  • Winners will be judged by Cleanse (Wiki admin) and RikkiTikki.
  • The overall criteria will be based on how your edits as a whole have improved the Wiki. See below for some areas identified as needing some attention. However, these are just suggestions!
  • 10 Collection Penta-Packs + Faction Penta-Packs + In-Game Title “The Archivist”
  • 10 Collection Penta-Packs
  • 5 Collection Penta-Packs
What Should I Work On? How Can I Help?!

The following areas have been noted as needing particular attention:
  • Strategy & Trading Guides – Got some killer tips for other players on how to play or trade? Create a page, then link to it on However, if you’re adding tips about a single card, it should go on that card’s page under a “Strategy” header.
  • Lore – both the main article ( and pages for the important individual characters, places etc. in Infinity Wars.
In addition, the following are always important:
  • Ensuring existing pages (such as card pages) are up to date.
  • Contributing useful information to existing pages.
  • Fixing spelling, typos and grammatical errors on existing pages.
  • Uploading and adding relevant images to existing pages. Please check if the image is already on the wiki before you upload. It is almost always better to replace an existing image if you’re simply updating it (e.g. a card image).
How to Wiki?

Depending on the outcome and participation of the contest, Cleanse is also looking to recruit some additional admins and contributors to help out with the Wiki. If this interests you, this contest is a great opportunity to try it out!

As a final note, we'll be running another Wiki contest shortly after the relaunch to give you wonderful folks another opportunity to win some goodies by helping us ensure that the Wiki is fully updated with all the new relaunch content for the wave of new players that will arriving.

Good Luck!
RikkiTikki and Cleanse

News and Developer Talk / [Weekly Post #11] Update on Desyncs
« on: May 02, 2016, 05:32:32 PM »
Hey Infinity Warriors!
You might have noticed that we’ve been somewhat hush-hush for the past few weeks. Other than the small, frequent hotfix patches, we haven’t revealed any major changes/plans. Rest assured, there is plenty going on behind the scenes that we believe will be beneficial to the game’s health and the player community. While this may seem like a slow process, we realize that great things don’t happen overnight. At the same time, we’ve been monitoring players’ feedback on everything from the new player experience to ranked incentives. While we can’t yet share any specific details on how we plan to tackle these matters, we realize the importance of player feedback/suggestions and the integral role they play. With that said, we foresee the next few weeks to be bit quiet as we continue making many quality-of-life improvements, so we want to take a quick moment to give everyone an update on the state of desyncs in Infinity Wars.
The team has had their hands full for the past couple of months working on an assortment of new features/improvements we plan to show off in the near future. With the new Desync Trap, we’ve ramped up our efforts to bring the game to a healthy and stable state in time for the relaunch. In fact, we have eliminated the vast majority of previously existing desync bugs within the last 3 weeks, signifying that the Desync Trap is functioning properly and is catching all desync errors before they progress to a point that causes an endless turn. While we would love to call this the actual end of endless turns (knock on wood!), we will continue to remain vigilant. Fortunately, the data collected so far seem to indicate that players are no longer getting endless turns, apart from those resulting from a couple of extremely rare card interactions or network connectivity errors, which we will continue to investigate.
To give everyone a glimpse of our current status and progress, we have seen a substantial decrease in the number of desync events occurring over the past few weeks as we continue to catch, log, and resolve them as they come in. When 1.5.0 first went live with the desync trap, approximately 3-5% of games played were desyncing as the trap began to flush out a load of bugs that were previously causing endless turns. As many of you have noticed from our recent series of hotfix patches (, we've now fixed a large handful of seriously annoying bugs since the initial 1.5.0 launch, which has resulted in a steady decrease of desync errors to a rate of roughly 1 in 100 games. While this is definitely a good sign for us, we will continue to closely monitor the rate of desync errors per games played with the goal of getting it as close to zero as possible over the coming weeks.

While we have plenty of new in-game features that we’re excited to show everyone, we will continue to devote a large portion of our efforts towards eliminating bugs and optimizing game operations. Although these new features and improvements are already in the works and will continue to be developed internally, our current top priority is to create a stable and bug-free environment, which we believe will make the biggest positive impact leading up to the relaunch. Once the game has reached stable state, our focus will gradually shift towards further improving existing systems and adding new and exciting features.
Thanks for your continued support and we hope to get everyone’s feedback on some upcoming new features very soon! Stay tuned!



Hey Infinity Warriors!

Got a knack for creating fun and devious puzzles? Tired of the old Academy missions? Think you can do better? Well, here’s your chance!

As we continue revamping the new player experience behind the scenes, we noticed that the Academy was somewhat out of place: on the one hand, the word “academy” implies that the missions are primarily instructive and newbie-friendly. On the other hand, many of the missions are actually quite difficult and don’t necessarily teach players how to fully utilize basic strategies and mechanics in an intuitive way. As a result, we’re making some changes to it!

The Academy will be renamed as “Challenges”, an area that will provide players the chance to tackle some unique and interesting missions built by the community. Since the Challenges section will cater to more experienced players, almost all features related to the new player experience will be present in the new campaign.

So, say you have the perfect challenge in mind - fantastic! All you need to do now is fill out this form and tell us about it:

Here are a few helpful tips when pitching your Challenge:
  • Challenge missions are going to be the puzzles of Infinity Wars. Specific outside-the-box thinking to get around a tricky situation is encouraged, but a challenge where you fight a fair game of Infinity Wars against an AI will probably be pretty trivial.
  • You can make a mission where the player can bring in their own deck, but if you do, realize that your challenge is going to be more about owning the right cards and their deck-building problem solving, rather than their in-game problem solving.
  • The best designed challenges have all the information laid out in front of the player without hidden information on turn 1.

Keep these guidelines in mind and provide as much information as you can about your brilliant puzzle! Remember, the goal of a Challenge is to, well, challenge the players! Don’t be afraid to make the most dastardly puzzles you can think of.

We’ll be accepting submissions until 1 month from now. Also, there are no limits to how many Challenge missions you can submit, feel free to go crazy! Once the deadline has passed, the team will look through all of the submissions and pick the best ones to put into Infinity Wars.

So get those creative juices flowing and show us what you got!

Cheers, RikkiTikki

News and Developer Talk / [Weekly Post #9] Store UI Sneak Peek
« on: April 07, 2016, 04:05:32 PM »
Hey Infinity Warriors!

I hope everyone is enjoying the new patch! We've been catching a ton of desync bugs over the past few days so our time has been mostly occupied with addressing them. Although we won't be sharing anything big for this week's post, we have another sneak peek that we think everyone will enjoy! As mentioned before, one of the many things we plan to redesign for the relaunch is the store UI/UX. We've already started making a few changes to it by replacing the old booster packs with Penta-Packs. However, we still have much more in STORE for everyone. ::)

The team is currently working on redesigning various elements, such as how items are displayed, how contents can be previewed before purchase, and how to make the overall experience more appealing and intuitive. Although this is currently an ongoing effort, we'd like to to get some feedback from the community on what we've been working on so far. Please keep in mind that this current mockup is a work in progress. We are still making many adjustments and have yet to implement some ideas that we have.

(You might also notice that the old booster packs are being used in this store - this is simply because the team has been working with the old assets since it's easier. Once we've finalized the redesigned framework and are ready to move it to the live client, we'll migrate the new items over.)

What do you like? What do you not like? What do you think should be added or taken out? Please share any suggestions and/or feedback here in this thread!



General Game Discussion / [Patch Notes] Version 1.5.0
« on: April 04, 2016, 05:50:03 AM »
Hey Infinity Warriors!

Version 1.5.0 is now LIVE! Thanks to everyone who jumped on the PBE and helped us test out the new desync trap, experiment with the cultivated draft changes, and provide us with feedback and discussion. We're very excited to take version 1.5.0 to the live servers for everyone to check out!

In addition to the changes outlined in the patch notes, we've also started our first Penta-Pack promotion! In the store you'll find a collector's edition of the standard Collection Pack, which has a high chance of dropping a new alternate art version of Wealthy Noble! We've also swapped out the Oppression Penta-Pack for the Ascension Penta-Pack - we'll be rotating in and out the different expansion sets on a semi-regular basis, so look forward to them! Lastly, Star Trek is back, BUT only for a very limited time! The Star Trek Pack, which contains 1 copy of every card in the Star Trek set, will be available on the store until April 9th 12 AM (GMT), after which they will NEVER be sold again, so get 'em before they're gone!

Again, thank you to everyone who helped us out! We're very excited to see this version go live and hear what everyone thinks of the new changes. As always, please share your feedback and suggestions with us after giving everything a try for yourself - we'd love to hear your thoughts! :)

See you all on the battlefield!


Hey Infinity Warriors!

The team has finally finished putting together an initial list of changes we plan to make to the "Cultivated Draft" card pool. After much deliberation, we think we've come up with a list of changes that we believe will create a much better Rift Run experience for drafters. If there are cards that do turn out to be an issue in draft, we can easily just take it out of the pool, and rebalance draft as needed. We encourage everyone to grab some friends and try out the new draft changes (as well as test out the new Desync Trap and earn some FREE LP! :D). Additionally, we plan to make some minor adjustments to the rarity of certain cards to complement the changes to the Rift Run draft pool. Another update - based on the community feedback we've been receiving, we will be swapping out the Plaguebearer Alt-Art Penta Pack with another Alt-Art card that has not been released before.

As always, we want to hear feedback from everyone (especially those Rift Run aficionados) on these proposed changes - these changes are now active on the PBE for everyone to check out. The PBE will remain open for a few weeks in order to give everyone the opportunity to interact with the Desync Trap, test out the new draft changes, and provide feedback/suggestions.



Cultivated Draft Changes

Cards NOT available as commanders:
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Demon Hunter
  • Spec Op
  • Defense Golem
  • Field Engineer
  • Martyr Golem
  • Mortar Cannon
  • Shikana, Who Demands Tribute
  • Jubalia, the Messenger
  • Tech Knight
  • Rita, Mistress of Shadow
  • Daode, Sage of Strength
  • Yaunshi, Sage of Ferocity
  • Emberstarter
  • Aleta, Immortal Tinkerer
  • Unstable Bomb Bot
  • Logarithmatron
  • Overcharged Bot
  • Hungry Abomination
  • Aleta, Immortal Caretaker
  • Hunted Dragon
  • Sydern
  • Flame Dawn Fanatic
  • Agent Coyle, Alpha One
  • Cartographer
  • Zuza, Angelic Siren
  • Aleta, Immortal Sufferer
Cards NOT available in deck, but available as commanders:
  • Aleta, the Traveller
  • Gao Han, the Stalwart
  • Radariah, the Untouchable
Cards NOT available in draft at all:
  • All swarmer cards
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Demon Hunter
  • Spec Op
  • Azael
  • Best Fiends
  • Gather Thoughts
  • Solace's Gate
  • Honor Hill
  • Immolation Drone
  • Orion, Master Engineer
  • Shirazius the Cruel
  • Ultra Unit
  • Unified Protector
  • Waste Chucker
  • Brimstone
  • Decrepit Crystal
  • Defender of the Realm
  • Enyah of the Endless Possibilities
  • Tithe Collector
  • Purify
  • Scramble
  • Temporary Mass Reality Shift
  • Uncontrolled Rift
  • Wheezer, Demon of Smog
  • Bad Bot
  • Conscripted Militia
  • Explore
  • Grave Rob
  • Soldier of Fortune
  • Mega Unit 01
  • Reflective Shield
  • Rita's Thrall
  • Shrine to the Heavens
  • Varyus, Master of Choice
  • Equilibrium
  • Denial of Advancement
  • Agent Coyle, Assimilator
  • Redirect
  • Honorable Farewell
  • Intimidating Rally
  • Cowmmando
  • Shattered Veil
  • Die Another Day
  • Ablaze
  • Boyo, Who Everybody Likes
  • Candit's Thrall
  • Etheral Fusion
  • Emp Grenade
  • Single Combat
  • Filing Cabinet
  • Genesis Researcher
  • Power of the Underdog
  • Ruins of Veroria
  • Silfurstar
  • Deflect
  • Jailan, Guardian of Life
  • Misery Stone
  • Recycle
  • Shield Generator
  • Unfazed
  • Yobo, Who Nobody Likes

Rarity Changes

As part of our effort to cultivate draft into a better experience, we’ve been looking at certain cards and how often they appear in draft. As a result, some cards have adjusted rarity so they appear in draft at a more desirable rate.

Factionless cards tend to show up very often due to how the behind-the-scenes algorithms of choosing cards work. As a result, some situational factionless Common cards showed up far too often and have been moved up to Uncommon.
  • Contained Parallel Rift (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Vandalize (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Field Engineer (Common -> Uncommon)
Verore had several niche cards that, while we are happy to have in draft, we don’t want being offered over and over when a lot of decks don’t want them. Because so many cards were moved up to Uncommon, some cards were moved down to Common to compensate, otherwise we found the Common picks to be too repetitive.
  • Void Split: (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Demoralize (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Devil’s Bargain (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Rubble Golem (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Verore Brute (Uncommon -> Common)
  • Anger of Veroria (Uncommon -> Common)
Flame Dawn
Not a whole lot of changes here, but rather a single impactful one. Flame Dawn Commando is a super strong pick, and pretty much an auto-pick each time it comes up, especially when compared against other Commons. It’s been moved up to Uncommon so that nearly every Flame Dawn deck isn’t automatically running three, and so that players occasionally have the hard choice between it and another strong pick.
  • Flame Dawn Commando (Common -> Uncommon)
Genesis Industries
Much like Verore, Genesis had some niche picks that we’ve moved up to Uncommon. Additionally, Give Him a Jetpack! and Laser Cannon were coming up a little too often for such powerful cards (in draft, at least), and were also moved to Uncommon. Also like Verore, some cards were moved down to Common to compensate. The outlier here is Mechanism, which was previously a Rare and has been demoted all the way down to Common. This was done to give Genesis a low-cost, Common Artifact card they could reliably get and build around which was previously not really an option in draft, but is now a viable strategy with Weaponize also at Common.
  • Construct (Uncommon -> Common)
  • Weaponize (Uncommon -> Common)
  • Give Him a Jetpack! (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Laser Cannon (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Zom-B-Gone 4000 (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Overload (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Mechanism (Rare -> Common)
Once again, situational cards moved to Uncommon, while some Characters that can form the basis of a solid deck moved to Common. One card to note that has been left alone is Fight! which is being left at Common, which we decided we like at Common because it gives Warpath some form of removal… but we have our eye on it.
  • Unstoppable (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Taunt (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Guard (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Track (Common -> Uncommon)
  • They Who Rampage (Uncommon -> Common)
Descendants of the Dragon
Not many rarity changes for this faction. The only odd card to see at Common was Resolve of the Dragon, which is a fairly high cost, situational card and really belongs at Uncommon.
  • Resolve of the Dragon (Common -> Uncommon)
Sleepers of Avarrach
Feast on the Dead and Drag Down are pretty niche cards, and were cluttering up the Common picks (which should form the solid foundation of a deck), so both have been moved to Uncommon. The Common picks for Sleepers also needed a bit more variety, so Plaguebearer has been moved down to Common to promote Zombie tribal decks.
  • Feast on the Dead (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Drag Down (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Plaguebearer (Uncommon -> Common)
The Exiles
For Exiles, two of their best removal cards were sitting at Common. Removal in general is being moved to Uncommon across the board (with the exception of Verore, who gets some limited removal at Common). To compensate, Alpha Demon has been moved to Common, which helps promote Demon tribal decks.
  • Wholesale Slaughter (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Spontaneous Combustion (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Alpha Demon (Uncommon -> Common)
Overseers of Solace
Again, some cards which don’t belong are taken out of Common.
  • Serennia, Champion of Life (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Consecration (Common -> Uncommon)
  • Intervention (Common -> Uncommon)

Hey Infinity Warriors,

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been about a week since the previous PBE session ended - the team has been busily making progress on a number of exciting features that we'd like to introduce prior to the game's relaunch. We’d like to again thank the volunteers who helped us address a handful of bug issues that were lurking around the PBE. As promised, these brave bounty hunters have now been handsomely rewarded for any bug reports that were eligible. We ended up giving away a total of 5000 LP away to players throughout the end of the bounty hunt event - a great turnout! On that note, a big congrats to Symphony for being the top bounty hunter who reported 10 successful bug reports - he will be the lucky recipient of the title ”Bounty Hunter” to show off to everyone. It was a very close contest as we had two runner-ups who were tied at 9 reports. Honorable mentions to ToxicShadow and Hunters12 for the great participation; there’s always next time!

As many of you know, we plan to revamp many aspects of Infinity Wars’ user interface. For the past several weeks,we’ve been brainstorming and designing a ton of new visual assets and features that we think would make the game’s relaunch truly special. Although we are far from being finished, we’d like to share a few mockups we’ve created to give you folks a little sneak peek. Below are three different styles of a new, animated login screen. Make sure to let us know which one is your favorite:

Login Preview A

Login Preview B

Login Preview C

The idea is to randomly generate the featured card so you’ll welcomed with a different card every time you login. We will also be able to use the space to feature cards from new sets when the time comes. So, what does everyone think? Tell us which ones you like, which ones you don’t like, whether you like any of them at all, or if you have any suggestions you’d like us to consider!

Finally, we have one more goodie to share with everyone: playing cards! You’ve seen them at parties, game nights, etc. and you most likely have a deck laying around your house, but you probably don’t own a deck of Infinity Wars themed playing cards! As we prepare ourselves for the upcoming relaunch, our marketing team is putting together a ton of neat things to go along with the big event. Plus, who doesn’t like cool merchandise? Before we start production, we’d like to show off the initial designs for the playing cards. The deck will feature 4 factions in place of the normal 4 suits (SoA, GI, CoV, WP). We’ve also included a few themes such as having the "Queens" be Aletas and the "Aces" be Alpha Coyles. Let us know what you think or what characters you'd like to see included.

That's all for now! We hope you enjoyed this sneak peek. :)

News and Developer Talk / [Public Beta Environment] Version 1.5.0
« on: March 23, 2016, 10:51:00 AM »
Hey Infinity Warriors!

Welcome to yet another PBE session - the newest patch is now ACTIVE on our test servers for everyone to check out! This time we’ll be giving you a sneak peek of Version 1.5.0, which is packed with some highly anticipated features, most notably the new Desync Trap and Cultivated Draft! As usual, we ask players to hop on the PBE to help us test out any changes and validate bug fixes; however, this PBE session will be a bit different with the introduction of the Desync Trap.

Below are the instructions for accessing the Public Beta Environment:
  • Install the game on Steam if you haven’t already done so
  • Go to your Library and right click Infinity Wars
  • Choose Properties
  • Go to the last tab in the popup window named “Betas”
  • Choose “external_test - Public Test Environment” from the drop down list
    • Note: All new test accounts will automatically start out at level 20 with 5 of every card and 500,000 LP & IP. If you have not made an account on the PBE before, you'll have to make a new account and use that one any time you want access. Just skip the tutorial (or play through it again) and re-login.
  • Once the game updates itself, you should be able to access the public test servers. To point your client back to the live servers, choose “NONE - Opt out of all beta programs” in that same drop down list.
  • Please remember that you won't be able to match up with anyone on the live client, so it might be a good idea to get together with some other players and set a time to go on the PBE together.
For this PBE session, we’d like the community to pay special attention towards the Desync Trap by revisiting your cards/combos/decks and playing around with them in order to expose and resolve any sources of desyncs. If you do encounter a desync, an error message will pop up, the match will end, and neither players will be penalized. Afterwards, the trap will then log the desync onto our servers so that we can investigate what caused it, replicate it, then fix the underlying issue.

For more information on the Desync Trap, please take a look at Crestmoor’s detailed article in last week’s post:

Since the Desync Trap will be the main focus of this PBE session, we are going to keep the test servers open for a couple of weeks in order to give both the players and the IW team sufficient amount of time to catch and resolve a large majority of desync issues before taking version 1.5.0 to the live servers. In order to incentivize players and better equip the team with enough tools to effectively resolve the trapped desync issues, we will be placing a 100 LP bounty on any reports containing step-by-step details on what actions led to a desync error. The rules will be very similar to the previous PBE bounty hunt event. If you’re interested, please following these guidelines:

Remember, we must be able to recreate the desync event ourselves before you can receive a bounty reward. As such, please include the following when submitting a desync report:
  • Name/Summary - Please include “[DESYNC PBE]” at the start
  • Description - What actions led to the desync?
  • Repro Steps - What actions/steps led to the desync error?
Submit the above info using our bug submission page (!/support/bug-report) and let us know what desync events you’ve encountered by posting in this thread.

Additionally, feel free to check out the other changes on the PBE and let us know what you think! Please remember, everything on the PBE is subject to change - the PBE patch notes contains the current proposals for version 1.5.0 and does not reflect the final set of patch notes that will be taken live. We take your suggestions/feedback seriously, so please tell share your thoughts on what you like/dislike and what we can do to improve this patch before we take it live!

See you on the PBE battlefield!

Hey Infinity Warriors!

I hope everyone's been enjoying version 1.4.12 so far! We implemented a hotfix patch yesterday to address some of the more urgent issues that arose - we would really appreciate it if players could validate that they have indeed been fixed. We will continue to keep a close eye on everything, so please don't hesitate to let us know if you encounter any bugs/issues either by submitting a bug report or letting me/Crestmoor know. Thanks! :)

We've got a double feature lined up for this week's post - two articles (one by Crestmoor, the other by Ian) detailing two ongoing projects that we're excitedly working on! Crestmoor's article will be covering the team's latest breakthrough on understanding, identifying, and preventing endless turns. Meanwhile, Ian's article will dive into a new concept we're planning, called "Cultivated Draft".

As always, we'd love to hear what everyone's thoughts/opinions are for these two projects, so don't hesitate to let us know. Enjoy! :)



Putting an End to Endless Turns

Endless turns have been an issue that has plagued Infinity Wars for some time now…  it’s not something that happens frequently, but most players that have encountered an endless turn at some point will find it to be a frustrating experience, especially when it occurs during a critical ranked match or Rift Run.  As part of our efforts to take Infinity War to the next level, we have been dedicating a lot of time, effort and resources into root issues causing the endless turn bugs. Over the past 1-2 months, we have been tracking, analyzing and dissecting reports of endless turn occurrences in order to find some answers: What causes endless turns? How can we detect and reproduce them? How do we prevent them from happening in the future?

The good news is that this exercise has led to a significant break-through in our understanding of endless turns which we hope will lead to a dramatic reduction in the number of endless turn bugs in the game. More importantly, Ian and I have been working on a new method to trap and prevent endless turns before they occur in the game, which will allow us to identify, reproduce, and fix bugs in the game before they manifest into the endless turn situation.
What causes “Endless Turns”?

In order to shed more light on what we’ve designed, it’s first important to understand what causes endless turns and why they’ve been so hard to replicate in the past.  The “Endless Turns” situation that can occur in game is in itself not a single bug.  Rather, it is a symptom of other bugs that can cause two players within the same match to become “desync’ed”, meaning that one player may be experiencing a different game state than the other player on a turn by turn basis.  There are various reasons that can cause desync to occur but the most prevalent cause of desyncs (and also hardest to detect) is a bugged card interaction or combo being played by one or both of the players.

To better explain this, let’s use a hypothetical example where the card “Word of Command” is bugged.  Player A plays Word of Command to move one of Player B’s “Wealthy Nobles” from their support zone to their defense zone where there are 3 other 4/4 tokens in play.   Let’s just imagine that this hypothetical bug with Word of Command instead resulted in Player A’s game client moving the Wealthy Noble to the front of Player B’s defense zone, while on Player B’s game client, it actually moved the Wealthy Noble to the “end” of Player B’s defense zone.  Once the turn resolved, the two players would see different states on their respective game clients and at this point, the game has become “Desynced”.  Depending on what other cards are in play, this can also cause the two players to view each other’s Health, Morale and order of cards in each zone to be different.  If the difference is subtle, both players may actually keep playing the game and not realize that the game was already in a state of desync.

In the above scenario, the two players will continue playing out the game, but due to the desync state of the game, Player A’s game client may end up thinking that he’s won the game by reducing Player B’s health to zero, while Player B’s game client might still be showing his health being in a positive range.  When this happens, Player A happily logs a win, moving on to another match while Player B’s game client gets stuck, unable to resolve the turn and thus exhibits the behavior that we call the “Endless Turn” bug.
Why were endless turn bugs so difficult to fix in the past?

In most software development environments, 90% of the effort involved in fixing a bug is actually spent trying to identify, and then replicate it.  Endless turn bugs have been elusive because they have been previously hard to identify and reproduce.  This is because the actual “bug” can occur early in a match, but the endless turn symptom would not manifest itself until sometime much later in a match.  This made it difficult for players to accurately describe what happened to cause the endless turn and made it almost impossible for developers to replicate the same behavior to recreate the endless turn scenario.
What’s changed now to make us think that we can defeat endless turns?

Really, it was a fundamental change in the way we looked at tackling the problem.  Once we understood that endless turns were the eventual result of a desync that happens earlier in the game, we realized that the trick was not to “trap and prevent” an endless turn, but rather we had to trap the precursor event that causes the endless turn, namely the desync event that happens way before an endless turn can manifest.  This lead to us designing a piece of code that we call the “Desync Trap”.

The Desync Trap is a simple device that triggers at the end of each turn of a game after all card interactions have been resolved and confirms that both players in a match are in a consistent state and in-sync at EVERY TURN.  It works by taking all the relevant information about the status of a match at a point in time including the values of each players health, morale, turn #, cards in each players command, support, defense and attack zones as well as their order, and generates a checksum using a hash algorithm.  The two players game clients will then exchange and compare these checksums with one another each and every turn.  If every is working as normal, the checksums will always be the same.  If for whatever reason a bugged card interaction or network error occurs, the checksums exchanged will be different, at which point we can stop the match cleanly, rather than letting the match continue until it deteriorates into an endless turn.
So why are some players still getting endless turns?

Well, the desync trap code hasn’t made it onto the live servers yet so that’s one reason.  We’ve already got it working inside of our internal development code branches and it has helped us to flush out quite a number of desync causing card bugs that we previously did not know about and we’ve been able to fix many of these bugs as part of the 1.4.12 patch that recently went live.

We are currently continuing to enhance the desync trap to not only detect desync events and stop a desynced match, but also to then upload the turn by turn interactions of both players of the match leading up to the actual desync event and notify us that a desync has occurred.  This will provide us with the ability to log, track and analyze every desync event that happens in game so we can more easily replicate and fix desync causing card interactions as and when they occur.

Over time, as more more desync events get logged and steps for reproducing these desync events are automatically logged on our server, we will be able to dramatically reduce (or eliminate) desync causing card bugs currently in the game as well as quickly catch potential new desync bugs from creeping into new updates.

So what does this mean for players?

So all of the above technical jargon aside, the desync trap will have a different impact to players over the short, medium and long term.

Immediately, we have been able to flush out a number of previously unknown card bugs that were causing desyncs, some of these have already been fixed in update version 1.4.12.

In the short term future (hopefully next patch), the first iteration of the desync trap code will be implemented to the live servers.  This will have the effect of stopping a game when a desync is detected so that the game should never deteriorate into an endless turn bug.  It will also log the desync on our servers so that we can investigate what caused it and hopefully replicate, then fix the problem.  However, it will also make desync bugs more visible initially as it flushes out more desyncs that cause a game to terminate rather than becoming an endless turn.

In the medium term as we trap more bugged interactions and fix them, both desyncs and endless turns will likely reduce dramatically in frequency, providing a much better gaming experience for all players.

In the longer term, we will also continue to enhance the functionality of the desync trap code, adding additional logging and analytics logic that will also allow us to detect patterns of desyncs from specific players or times.  This will also help us to detect game anomalies caused by potential hacking/exploits so that we can more quickly react to these to preserve the game experience.

Cultivating Draft

For the next patch, we'll be taking another look at which cards are being offered in draft, so that we can create a better Rift Run experience. We'll be calling this concept "Cultivated Draft". Previously, the drafting experience was pretty straightforward: every card currently in the game could appear in draft, as long as it would make for a legal deck. For the most part, this has worked fine.

However, over time it has become apparent that there are certain problems with draft as a result of using the entire card pool of Infinity Wars. Some cards are just not ever going to be compelling choices in draft, and basically become a non-choice in draft. When a pick contains too many of these cards, there's no real choice, you just pick the only good card. When all 4 picks are on this level, it becomes a negative experience no matter what you pick, and a lot of draft comes down to simply "choosing the least bad card". Some cards on the other hand (particularly in the command slot) are just far too good in draft, and if you get one of these you can just ride that ticket to victory (we're looking at you, Aleta).

In the new draft pool, we'll be building the pool from the ground up, actually taking the time to think about each card and whether it should show up in draft, and at which slots (command or deck). With this change in focus for draft, we can craft a much better experience for drafters. Additionally, if a card does turn out to be an issue in draft, we can easily just take it out of the pool, and rebalance draft as needed.

So what kind of changes can you expect in draft? While not a comprehensive list, here's a sample:

A sample of some of the cards you won't be seeing offered as commanders:
  • Aleta, Immortal Tinkerer and Aleta, Immortal Caretaker. These are both cards that have proven to be very strong in draft, allowing for powerful turn 1 plays consistently every game. Tinkerer has especially been a problem card for a while, and the community has been quite vocal in its strength in draft. Some other notable cards that won't be showing up as commanders are the Sage cycle (Daode, Yaunshi, Lingbao), Inter-dimensional Phase Bot, and Hunted Dragon.
  • "Uninteresting" factionless cards, such as Bounty Hunter, Field Engineer, and Tech Knight. While factionless cards can be an interesting choice for a commander when it offers something interesting from the Command Zone, simple staple factionless cards just add up to make more non-choices.
  • Overly niche cards designed for constructed, such as Enyah. Cards like this simply can't be used properly in a draft deck, and will always instead be a dead card in draft, so they won't be included.
  • Previously banned cards, such as Logrithmatron. Some cards have proven themselves to be so extraordinarily strong in draft that they were previously banned despite the behind-the-scenes hackery needed to do so. These cards will continue to be banned, of course.
A sample of some of the cards you won't be seeing offered for the deck:
  • The swarmer cards won't be showing up as choices. The swarmers are designed to require a great deal of other swarmers in the deck in order to work, and while the occasional player would successfully make a swarmer deck, it wasn't worth cluttering up everybody's picks with swarmers when they won't be interesting choices the majority of the time.
  • Overly niche cards designed for constructed, such as Genetic Splicing. Some cards are created to enable players to try to make them work by building decks around them. Unfortunately, those cards are pretty much useless in draft, where you can't make a deck around them. Therefore, they've been removed from the pool so they stop cluttering up picks.
  • Just truly awful cards like Soldier of Fortune. Nobody picks a card like Soldier of Fortune unless all the other picks are also just as awful. Instead, we want to remove picks like that from even happening in the first place.

News and Developer Talk / [Hotfix] Version 1.4.12
« on: March 15, 2016, 06:51:45 AM »
Hey everyone,

We've implemented a hotfix patch that addresses several of the most pressing issues that arose with the arrival of 1.4.12 on the live servers. We will continue to implement bug fixes and keep a close eye on everything, so please let us know if you've encountered an issue that still needs to be addressed.

Thanks to the volunteers who have been helping us pinpoint the recent bugs - you're all awesome! :)

Version 1.4.12 Hotfix Notes
  • Fixed a bug with Overcharged Storm that was causing desyncs.
  • Fixed a bug where Undisturbed Necropolis was creating tokens even when not in play.
  • Fixed a bug where Lanstead was copying health without considering damage.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could claim a win after a bug had closed a match.
  • Infested Scavenger and Decrepit Crystal now properly now properly trigger on cards raised from the opponent’s graveyard.
  • Omnitron now once again creates the tokens before buffing them, as per its old functionality before the end-of-turn changes unintentionally weakened the card.
  • Agent Cheryl, Last to Leave will no longer incorrectly trigger when herself and multiple other characters enter play simultaneously, such as from Jinhai Dojo.

News and Developer Talk / [Patch Notes] Version 1.4.12
« on: March 14, 2016, 04:25:32 AM »
Hey Rift Runners!

Welcome to the patch where we continue to strive for more cohesive rules that don’t contradict each other! Version 1.4.12 is now LIVE! A big thank you to everyone who helped us hunt down bugs on the PBE, opened tons of Penta Packs and provided their feedback, and contributed to the great discussion on the new Rift Run Rewards changes. We've made a lot of tweaks here and there in response to community feedback and we think we've come to a point where we're satisfied enough to take it live. HOWEVER, there's no time for a small break here as we continue to make improvements/fixes to the game at full speed - we've still got a lot of work to do prior to the relaunch! :) So, without further ado, here are the patch notes:

Version 1.4.12 Update Notes

General Changes
  • Players will now get up to 1,000 XP for a win in PvP, up from 600 XP. This was done for two reasons. Firstly, we were receiving a lot of feedback from new players that the time taken to reach max level and get into Ranked Play was too long, so we’re adjusting the values so it’s a faster journey. Secondly, with the size of booster packs being reduced in this patch, the rate at which new players get cards would be much slower if left unadjusted, so we’ve increased the rate at which they get levels.
  • Introducing, Penta Packs! Each Penta Pack will consist of 5 cards, 1 of which is a guaranteed Rare+ card (the other 4 cards can also drop Rare+ but are not guaranteed).
    • The chances for getting an epic, legendary, or premium card in a Penta Pack has been significantly increased compared to those of the old booster packs.
    • There will be a minimum of 10 different kinds of Penta Packs available in the store at all times: the Collection Penta Pack, the Expansion Penta Pack, and 8 different Faction Penta Packs.
    • We may also introduce or rotate promotional Penta Packs that may, for example, have a better chance of dropping premiums, alt art, etc. These kinds of promotion packs will never be permanent and will change on a regular basis.
    • The price for the Collection Penta Pack and Expansion Penta Pack will be set at 150 LP or 3000 IP per pack. The price for each Faction Penta Pack will be set at a higher price of 300 LP and will not be available via IP purchase. Faction Penta Packs cost more because they allow players to draw from a much smaller pool of faction-targeted cards, allowing players to more easily acquire cards to complete a specific deck/combo.
  • The Daily Reward system has been readjusted to the following:
    • Day 1: 3 Random Commons or Greater
    • Day 2: 2 Random Uncommons or Greater
    • Day 3: 1 Random Rare or Greater
    • Day 4: IP/XP Boost (72 hours)
    • Day 5: 1 Collection Penta Pack & 1 Random Rare or Greater
  • The Rift Run Win rewards and Rift Run Leaderboard rewards have both been significantly improved to make Rift Running more attractive for players of all skill levels. Here is a sneak peek of the new leaderboard rewards (Note: all cards, except for Infinity Cards, will be tradable):
Position     Rewards
1     3 Infinity Border cards & 3 Gold Rare or Greater cards & 5 Penta Packs
2-5     2 Gold Rare or Greater card & 5 Penta Packs
6-25     1 Gold Rare or Greater card & 5 Penta Packs
26-50     1 Gold Rare or Greater card & 3 Penta Packs
  • The Rift Run entry cost has been adjusted to 2000 IP or 75 LP to compensate for the revamping of the Rift Run rewards.
  • The reward table for leveling up has been changed to take into consideration the adjustments we’ve made to the other reward systems and the introduction of Penta Packs.
Card Changes
  • Ability cards now require that they be in your hand when they resolve. If the card is not still in your hand when it’s the card’s time to resolve, it will not resolve. This is actually a reversal of a stance we took earlier (in 1.3.12) and we apologize, but we have discovered that not having this rule in place causes exploitable loopholes in the game. This rule change has several important gameplay ramifications that players should be aware of:
    • Random discard effects just got weaker. Previously, you could use a random discard effect, then play an ability card. The random discard could choose the ability card you played, discard it, and then your ability would still go off. Additionally, it would be considered discarded for effects like Exile. This exploit is the main reason for the rule change.
    • Some cards, such as Demonic Presence, would be extremely strong with this rule change. As a result, Demonic Presence’s effect has been changed so that it doesn’t happen until the end of the turn.
    • With this change, the “Denial” cycle (Denial of Magic, Denial of Flight etc) would function very differently. Since we like where these cards are, in order to keep the gameplay of these cards relatively the same all these cards now read that they will cause the discard to happen at the end of the turn.
  • Engine of Reincarnation has been reworked. The previous wording of not creating the tokens until a turn later was a result of old token creation technology, which has improved greatly since then. The updated code is much cleaner and not prone to some of the strange bugs the card previously had. The card now reads “Pay 4: Exhaust: Until the end of the turn, if a Character you control dies, that Character is raised from the graveyard and transformed into a 4/4 Zombie.”
  • The order of simultaneous effects for Start of Turn and End of Turn is no longer arbitrary. At very high levels of play, the order that card’s effects go off can be very important, but previously players had to way to know or control this order. Now cards follow a specific order. For instance, when all End of Turn effects went off, previously the order was completely arbitrary. Now the order is this, in player initiative order: Defense Zone, Assault Zone, Command Zone, Support Zone, Deck, Graveyard, Hand, Removed From Game. Within a zone the order is left to right.
  • Effects that force you to choose cards to discard (Mindbender, Chalice of Madness, Mind Splinter) now cause those cards to become greyed out in your hand and aren’t discarded until the resolution phase, preventing several desync bugs and allowing clean undoing.
  • Chalice of Madness’s effect (and several similar effects, such as Mindbender and Mind Splinter) has been reworked so as to avoid bugs (particularly with Exile). They now read “At the start of each turn, that player must discard a card from their hand. Cards drawn during the turn are not eligible to be discarded.” Previously, this card attempted to have a “start of turn” effect before other “start of turn” effects, causing various bugs.
General Bugs
  • Deck legality now properly checks against card limits by name at all times, rather than just when adding a card to your deck. Previously, some decks made in older deckbuilders with illegal amounts of cards were passing legality checks if they had multiple cards with the same name, but different keys (ie 3 normal Death Rays and 3 Gold Death Rays).
  • The deckbuilder now states which card you have too many off if this is the case.
  • Turn resolution should now happen more smooth, with less pauses after a card resolution.
  • In the Buffs and Debuffs Academy mission, the initiative should be consistent and not display one player when it’s actually another.
  • The AI will now properly discard cards when forced to, rather than just ignoring the effects like dirty cheaters.
  • Drafting will no longer incorrectly give picks based on your last draft run if you rapidly abandon a run and start a new one.
  • After purchasing an item in the store, the items in the store will no longer display “Loading Image”.
  • Implemented new behind the scenes features to alleviate desync issues when one player temporarily disconnects when clicking End Planning.
  • The chat bar should once again be on the match result screen, so you don’t need to frantically type “GG” before the end-game explosion finishes.
  • If a player loads into the game with no cards for any reason (usually because there was a network issue during the loading screen) then the game will now end for both players with no loss.
Card Bugs
  • Fixed a bug with Rescue Angel where its ability was triggered at 25 life or less, rather than 15.
  • Transformation effects will no longer cause the resulting card to “double up” on some effects they have, such as a card transforming into Pack Leader giving all Beasts +6/+6 rather than +3/+3.
  • Buffs that don’t make sense to stack, such as Flying, will no longer do so. Previously the card would display Flying twice. If a new unstackable buff is given to a character that already has that buff, it’ll only apply if the new buff would last longer than the old one.
  • The game will now properly check for state based effects between End of Turn resolutions, which it did not previously, causing some odd interactions. (For instance, Shirazious the Cruel dealing enough damage to a Verorian Hydra to kill it, but because state based effects were not checked between end of turn triggers, the Hydra’s own trigger would keep it alive.)
  • Removed some code that specifically hacked the interaction between Shirazious the Cruel and Verorian Hydra so that it would work consistently. This code could potentially cause problems and has been removed. With the ability to control the order of execution, if you want this combo to work now you’ll simply need to ensure that Shirazious is on the left.
  • The following cards will now properly create tokens with the premium type of the original card:
    • Jinhai Ambush
    • Thunder Apprentice
    • Heaven’s Assistance
    • Scouting Mission
    • Uncontrolled Rift
    • Cyber Infested Dragon
    • Tribble (From the Star Trek set)
    • Raa (From the Omni set)
  • Raa’s tokens now use demon art, rather than undead art. (Raa is from the Omni set)
  • Word of Command now properly moves the card to the front of the zone, as the text states. Additionally, the card will now work to move the target to the front of the zone if the targeted card is already in the specified zone.
  • Playing Primal Rage on a card that’s protected from Death innately (such as Paladin of the Flame Dawn) will no longer remove their innate protection if Primal Rage triggers multiple times.
  • The Overcharge part of ability cards resolution will no longer trigger effects such as Aether Acolyte, causing it to trigger twice from one ability card.
  • Fixed a bug where Evellee, Mage Guild Recruiter was recruiting for the sacrificed character’s cost, rather than its cost + 1.
  • Updated Luftkrieg XI’s text to clarify it deals damage after the attack, rather than before.
  • When using Overcharge abilities, using a mixture of cards from your opponent’s deck and your own deck will no longer cause an error.
  • Updated Reckless Zealot’s text to clarify that the ability triggers whenever it enters the deployed area, not just when you’ve deployed that card.
  • Dugg’s health uncapping ability now properly only works while in play. (Dugg is from the Omni set)
  • Fixed one of Undeath Wish’s options in-game so it properly says that it targets deployed characters.
  • Humble now clarifies that it also removes damage, which was already the case.
    Eagle Eye now properly has the subtype of Human.
  • All “Brutes” (Adaptive Brute, Grotesque Brute, Brute Spawn, Verore Brute) now have the subtype Human Demon. (Previously they were varied between Human, Demon or simply nothing).
  • Agent Cheryl, Last to Leave now properly only considers characters, and will no longer fail to Ascend if you control Mission or Artifact cards.
  • Guard now properly states in its text that the effect only lasts until the end of the turn.
  • Mysterious Box of Wonder now properly states in its text that it only can target deployed characters.
  • Ancient Aether will now properly trigger before an ability card resolves, rather than after. Thus, ability cards that destroy Ancient Aether will properly still trigger its effect.
  • Chain Lightning will now no longer deal damage to other cards with the same name as the original target if the ability fizzles due to the original targeting no longer being legal on resolution.

Hey Rift Runners!

A big shoutout to all of the brave volunteers who have been exploring the PBE in an effort to hunt down and capture any nefarious Uncontrolled Rift Bugs crawling around. We’ve received a lot of reports over the past week; the team has been busy looking through and addressing all of them. Almost all of the reports that we received contained enough information for us to track down and kill the bugs that were brought to our attention - it made the job much easier and we really appreciate it! As I’ve mentioned before, we will be rewarding the bounty rewards to players at the end of the PBE session. While many of the reports pointed out legitimate bugs and will receive their reward, there were a few that were not eligible either because the reported interaction/feature was working was intended, another player had already reported the same issue beforehand, there was not enough information provided, or the bug was not replicable.

As we near the end of this PBE session, we’d like to call on any more volunteers to help us validate the following additional bug fixes that are now active on the PBE:

Note: Any reported PBE bugs that were directly caused by the new patch itself (and later fixed) won't be included in the patch notes.

  • Humble now clarifies that it also removes damage, which was already the case.
  • Eagle Eye now properly has the subtype of Human.
  • All “Brutes” (Adaptive Brute, Grotesque Brute, Brute Spawn, Verore Brute) now have the subtype Human Demon. (Previously they were varied between Human, Demon or simply nothing).
  • Agent Cheryl, Last to Leave now properly only considers characters, and will no longer fail to Ascend if you control Mission or Artifact cards.
  • Guard now properly states in its text that the effect only lasts until the end of the turn.
  • Mysterious Box of Wonder now properly states in its text that it only can target deployed characters.
  • Ancient Aether will now properly trigger before an ability card resolves, rather than after. Thus, ability cards that destroy Ancient Aether will properly still trigger its effect.
  • Chain Lightning will now no longer deal damage to other cards with the same name as the original target if the ability fizzles due to the original targeting no longer being legal on resolution.

Validation of each of these bug fixes via the bug report system will also be eligible for the 100 LP bounty. Again, you must have “[PBE 1.4.12]” in the title and include enough information for us to determine whether the bug fixes are working or not (via output log, game log, screenshot, etc.). This is a great last opportunity to get some easy LP before the PBE session closes! Additionally, any other legitimate reports of PBE bugs are still up for compensation until the PBE officially closes, so head on over if you haven’t had the chance yet! We will likely be closing the PBE in a few days.

We also want to thank everyone who took a swing at opening tons and tons of Penta Packs on the PBE and shared their experience/feedback with us - we’ve taken them into serious consideration and we believe we’ve now come to an iteration that we are satisfied with, at least for now ;).

Let us know if there’s anything else that you would like to bring up before we close the PBE and take version 1.4.12 to the live servers!

See you all on the battlefield!


Greetings Prospective Bounty Hunters!

As we open up the PBE again, we invite all players to once more venture into uncharted territories to hunt down any nefarious bugs crawling around. However, we realize that hunting down bugs isn’t exactly the easiest or most enjoyable thing to do for most players. So this time, we’ve place a bounty on their heads!

These Uncontrolled Rift Bugs love creating chaos on the battlefield, and we need YOUR help to capture them. We don’t know where they’re hiding exactly, but we have a hunch that they’re lurking around in the nooks and crannies of the test servers, waiting to catch a ride on the new patch update that will take them straight to the live servers for them to wreak havoc.

To any and all brave explorers, despite what faction you may pledge your allegiance to, we are ready to reward 100 Lightmare Points for EACH bug you capture. If you fancy this proposition and are ready to become a bounty hunter, here are some guidelines to follow:

In order to collect the 100 LP bounty for a bug, we must be able to reproduce the bug ourselves. As such, please include the following when submitting a bug:
  • Name/Summary - Please include “[PBE 1.4.12]” at the start
  • Description - What is not working as intended?
  • Repro Steps - What steps led to the bug encounter?
  • Output log and/or Game log

Submit the above information using our bug report page (!/support/bug-report) and let us know that you’ve captured a bug by posting in this thread - this will make it much easier for us to track the number of bug reports we receive from each player and what bugs have already been hunted down.

Since you will only receive your bounty after we've reproduced the bug, it would be in everyone's best interest if you included as much information as needed to help us pinpoint the cause of the bug by including any necessary attachments. Additionally, you must be the FIRST to successfully report a specific bug in order to collect the bounty for it (i.e. if a player reports a bug that is not reproducible, another player can claim the bounty for the same bug if they provide the necessary info for us to reproduce it).

Disclaimer: Currently, the bounty reward will only apply to gameplay bugs, such as card interactions, card effects, desyncs, crashes, etc. We will very likely loosen the bounty restrictions later on, but for now we’d like to start with a narrow definition and see how things pan out.

As another little incentive to kindle the flames of friendly competition, we’ll be keeping track of how many bugs each player successfully reports to us throughout the PBE session. At the end, we’ll reward the top reporter with the title “Bounty Hunter” to show off to everyone! This event will remain open until we are ready to shut down the PBE and take the patch to the live server, so I encourage everyone to take advantage of this limited-time opportunity to earn some extra LP for free!

Good luck everyone! ;D

News and Developer Talk / [Public Beta Environment] Version 1.4.12
« on: March 01, 2016, 03:42:50 PM »
Greetings Rift Runners!

Welcome to another PBE session! Patch 1.4.12 is now active on our test servers and we're once again asking for volunteers to help us validate bug fixes, test out balance changes, and open a few (or a lot! :D) of the new Penta Packs. Below are the instructions for accessing the Public Beta Environment:
  • Install the game on Steam if you haven’t already done so
  • Go to your Library and right click Infinity Wars
  • Choose Properties
  • Go to the last tab in the popup window named “Betas”
  • Choose “external_test - Public Test Environment” from the drop down list
    • Note: All new test accounts will automatically be at level 20 with 1 of every card and 500,000 LP & IP. If you have not made an account on the PBE before, you'll have to make a new account and use that one any time you want access. Just skip the tutorial (or play through it again) and re-login.
  • Once the game updates itself, you should be able to access the public test servers. To point your client back to the live servers, choose “NONE - Opt out of all beta programs” in that same drop down list.
Please remember that you won't be able to match up with anyone on the live client, so it might be a good idea to get together with some other players and set a time to go on the PBE together.

I’d also like to point out the limited-time bounty hunt event that will be taking place within the PBE, which you can read all about it in the latest weekly post:

Of course, if you aren’t in the mood to hunt down bugs for Lightmare Points, feel free to check out the PBE and let us know what your thoughts are on the new patch! We closely monitor this thread, so any and all feedback is appreciated! Once we're ready to take version 1.4.12 to the live servers (in about a week), the PBE will be closed and the live client will be taken down for a few hours. Again, thank you to everyone who’s volunteered - we hope you’ll continue to support us!

As a final note, check out Crestmoor's post in the [Weekly Post #3] thread if you haven't done so already, as he addresses a list of questions/concerns that were brought up with regards to the revamp of Rift Run rewards:

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