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Trading Post / Selling Collection --> LF Dota 2 items
« on: January 25, 2017, 06:26:10 PM »
Hey all. Over the past year i've been inactive except for the occasional run with my favorite deck, GI/Sleepers and sometimes DoD/CoV. Now with the change to Fear I'm not going to bother with it anymore.

I'm looking for a couple dota 2 items
  • Any Arcana
  • Any immortal ti5 and earlier
  • Anything else

As for my collection:
  • 3 Alternate Art Mass Death
  • 3 Foil Alternate Art Bromich
  • 1 Plat Alt Art EX
  • 1 Platinum Martyr Golem
  • 1 Platinum Coyle Firestarter
  • 1 Platinum Coyle Mechborn
  • 2 Coyle Primal Hunter
  • 2 Coyle Mechborn
  • 1x Each: Immoveable, Alpha One, Evellee, Gao Han
Epic (excuse my poor formatting)
  • 7x: Bloodbath
  • 5x: Subjugated Dragon
  • 4x: Shrine to the Heavens
  • 3x: Hidden By Clouds, Hunted Dragon, Stampede(plat),Mecha Dragon(plat), Omnitron, Dark Wish, Nix(plat), Surprise Defense, Avarrach Has Risen, Tygrugh, Celestial Dragon(plat)
  • 2x: Calamity, Equilibrium(plat), Azael(plat), Nysrugh, Undeath Wish, Ireul, Hilderic, Aberion, Flux Capacitor, Karani, Titan of the New World(plat), Vasir
  • Single: Karckk(plat), MU03, MU02, Demon of Gluttony, Voracious Goliath(plat), Oblivion, Dragon of Summer Flame, Each DoD Avatar, Coyle Symbiote
Rares: Pretty much everything (pre-rebellion)

Got 3x of most of the important cards; Untapped Wilderness, Bomb Bot, Omnimind(plat), Disruption Sphere(plat), Apparition, Mass Death, Summoning Stone, Cavalry Paladin(plat), Emberstarter, Tactical Retreat(plat), Humble, Raise Dead, Tome of the Dead, Cresill, Descension, Cassial, Heavenly Wish(plat), Shikana, Fiery Wish(plat), Aunissial(plat), Subdues the Weak(plat)

And 4x of some more good ones: Skraar, Hehkeem Corrupted, Dojo(plat), Paladin of the Flame Dawn, Annihilate, Demon of Dark Bargain(plat)

Edit Jan 29: Most cards added, formatting to come soon

Deck Building / How would you fill out this deck? 2GI&SoA
« on: September 14, 2016, 02:24:09 PM »
Commanders? Bloodthirsty Dead, ,

3 Tome of the Dead
3 Fear
3 Controlled Temporal Anomaly
3 Lucca
3 Temporary Mass Reality Shift
3 Phase Bot
2 Awaken
2 Calamity

= 22 cards.

So main idea is to play like a typical GI deck for the first few turns, and then transition into the midgame with tome of the dead. Since your opponent will be reluctant to play anything while tome is up you can play lots of cards and then keep them alive with fear+mass reality shift, or get a phase bot out.

Later into the game you can get two luccas at once with awaken so I'd like to have access to some cheap robots.

Guides / A Concise Guide to the DeckBuilder
« on: January 21, 2016, 05:13:38 AM »
Hello. I am Wham. Today i'll be teaching you how to win games.
: If you remember me
: If you don't remember me

To win games you will need two things: skill, and a good deck. Since skill probably would need a few 10 minute long videos to teach, I will be going the easy way and teaching you about building decks.

Part One: What are the rules for building decks?
  • A deck is made of 3 Commanders and 40-100 Cards.
    • A commander is a character card whose abilities can be used without having to deploy it. When you do deploy it it can be put in any zone. Good commanders include Bromich, Aleta, Immortal Tinkerer, and Gao Han.
  • You can only have 3 of any 1 non-commander card in your deck unless it is an unlimited card like Flame Dawn Aspirant
  • The cards you can put in your deck are determined by you commanders. This idea is called Purity. For example: a card with two Warpath purity requires two of your commanders to be Warpath characters.
    • Most cards are single purity characters, however 2 or 3 commanders from a single faction can give you interesting, powerful cards like Flame Dawn Fanatic.
    • Sometimes it can be worth it to run three commanders from one faction even when you have no 3 purity cards in your deck. This can be when your commanders have strong synergy, or are very strong cards like Splitter.
    • Some cards can represent multiple factions, like Infested Knight.

Part Two: What's your advice for deckbuilding, Wham-Sempai?

  • Use only 40 card decks. let me repeat that:
    USE ONLY 40 CARD DECKSIf I catch you with 45, 60 or god forbid 100 cards, I will call you out on it for being a bonehead because you know goddamn well any reasonable game is ending by turn 15
    If you can't cut a deck down from 42-43 cards down to 40 then play a few games until you can determine which card in your deck gives the least value.
  • Run 3 Copies of cards, rather than two or one, unless it's a card that's very strong but not essential to your strategy like Martyr Golem
  • Avoid using specific control cards like location removal cards. Many locations and artifacts can be played around without using up part of your deck.
    • These three things make it so you can have greater control over what cards you're going to draw, and increase the chance you draw the cards that are essential to your strategy.
  • Try to form a strategy by either:
    • Building around a card ie: omnitron
    • Building around a specific idea ie: play lots of control cards until your opponent concedes
Wham, what are some good cards or strategies for beginners to build around?
The highest skill-cap card that a new player can have is Secluded Constructor. She's incredibly rewarding but it will probably be difficult to use her full potential if you're just starting out.
The first and best strategy to build around, however, is: Play many creatures, hit your opponents fortress, and then use targeted removal to make sure your opponent can't defend well. You should also make use of cards like Lucca and Sacullas since you'll be playing many character cards.
Wham, those first strategies you gave me are garbage, how do I make something from just starter decks?
Wham, what's the best way to learn a strategy?
The absolute best way is to get crushed multiple times by somebody who knows what they're doing until you know their deck inside and out.

Updated 1/21: Edits to part 2, faction specific advice coming soon.

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