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I have a routine to check IW forum almost (but really almost, like 99% of time) every day, and just today I notice a Locked Thread about the HUGE Patch 1.4.11.

Why that? because Locked Threads for long time showed only things older than fire and at the age of polished stone and unlocked threads changes almost every day with new coments or posts, and even Locked Trades used to stay a few days at the unlocked selection. To make this new (and important) Patch 1.4.11 even more dificult to notice few days ago there was another Locked Thread named Patch 1.4.1.

I mean come on! You guys have the work to make a huge patch with a puffyload of new and exciting stuff but make two threads  completely differents but with almost identical title. That showed me the forum layout is bad to keep important things in fisrt plan giving them the attention it deserves.

The solution would be really simple: when a thread is locked make a little "NEW" write on black and yellow appears on it for some time BE YOUR LOGGED OR NOT. Right now it only occurs if you are logged, if you just check the forums without be logged the "NEW" doesnt appears. And I doenst know about you guys, but in  my forum account when I am looged EVERY thread, locked or not, appears with a new, regardless how many time it has, since that I havent clicked on it before. Dont know you, but if I didnt check a thread 6 months ago, I problably wont check it now, so why there should be a "NEW" on it? Come on I just clicked on page 120 and every thread is with a new just because I didnt clicked on it while I was logged, PAGE 120.

Another solution make the entire title of the recently locked thread green for one or two weeks instead of the old, discret and boring white letter on blue background. I mean the standard blue/white makes sense on regular threads to avoid visual polution, but when a thread is suffciently important to be locked, its also suffciently important to be written in a different and brightfull color for one or two weeks to people actually see it.

General Game Discussion / Show soulbound cards in Trade Interface
« on: February 08, 2016, 01:27:34 AM »
It always annoys me the fact that you cant see how many soulbound cards you have in the trade interface. I.E. you have a unsoulbound card, but you only want to trade it if you have a soulbound version of it in your collection, but right now to check it you have to cancel the trade, open your collection check it and send another invite to the person you want to trade to finally make the deal. Its too much work, would be much better if the trade interface show how many soulbound and unsoulbound cards you have.

General Game Discussion / Xi Who Honors the Dead Bug
« on: January 19, 2016, 11:22:39 PM »
So, since Mysterious Publisher Team started to find and correct lots of bugs, I thought they can correct this annoying bug too.
Few months ago Lightmare changed the way you select cards in your graveward to activate effects (i.e. Xi Who Honors the Dead effect), before that you could select lots of cards and after that confirm the action to activate the effect. Now you have to select just one card, confirm the action, select another card, confirm the action...
This would be fine if there isnt a bug that after the first activation Xi Who Honnors the Dead becoomes unselectable, you cant click on Xi to use her ability, you have to click in your hand to correct the bug and after that click on Xi to use her effect, and you have to do that EVERYTIME you want to select a graveward card to use her effect.
This bug doenst make the game unplayable, since you can just click on your hand to correct it, but its really annoying. Chappie and RickieTickie, if you guys take a look on that I would be thankfull.

Hi guys, I play start playing IW in 2014, I had just stopped to play Duel Of Champions, it was a great game, but at the time it was pretty obvious that in matter of time the game will end (my prediction was right, the server is in a official no updates status, and at any moment the servers can be shutdown).

But why I am talking about DOC in a IW forum? Because in 2013 DOC was the most played Digital TCG, the game had constantly updates, great fanbase and even a presencial Wolrd Tournament with big prizes money. DOC was the LOL of Digital TCGs. So what made a top game became a sink ship game in just a year? 2 things.

Thing one- A new DTCG was created, with tons and tons of marketing and money to adds, this TCG grabed lots of the DTCG market, but this is totally out of the hands of DOC team, this was not their fault, but the thing number 2 was.

THING TWO- All the things I wrote above is just a introduction to this, this is the most important point of my post. IN 2014 DOC team decided to make two big changes in the game, a new Base Set and Cards rotation (DOC version of Infinity Wars Foundation Set) and simultaneally a new and big reform in the game economics aiming to make more cash from their big player base. They made it so wrong that it was the first nail of the game coffin, nothing so bad about the new Base Set, but the economic reform was so exagerated that kick off the typical F2P player and give the game a P2W face.

I am not saying IW has to continue with the actual economic, if the game continues with this exagerated F2P model the game will give no cash and the server will shutdown. But be extra cautious on how to make more money, if you be seducted to a exagerated P2W model the player base will be reduced and the game economic will be serious damaged on the long time.
I have few ideias about some things you guys coukd do to find the right point between F2P and P2W:

1- Doesnt try to unite the LP and IP, this will make gain the new coin too hard to F2P players or to make to easier that the typical Casher Player wont spent any money.

2- Pre-Orders will only give 100% plat cards to LP Booster, IP booster gives a chance to get some plat cards (like the chance of a booster give a Golden or Foil Card, but this chance will be doubled during the pre-order).

3-Pre-Order gift and bônus for buyng multiple packs (the prizes you get now for buying 5, 25 or 50 pre-order packs) will only count if bought using LP. But the general gift and bonus (the prizes every player who bought even 1 pack will receive) will be earned to every player that bought at least one pack, doesnt matter if with IP or LP.

4- LP Pre-Order packs will be avaiable to be opened in a determined date, at this date no more packs of the new set can be bought, doesnt matter if with LP or IP. 2 or 3 weeks later Pre-Order packs bought with IP will be avaiable to be oppened. And 2 or 3 weeks after the opening of IP Pre-Oder Packs the new set pack will be avaiable in the store like any other pack (no more plat cards).

5- SALES, SALES AND MORE SALES. SUMMER SALES, WINTER SALES, HALLOWEEN SALES, CHISTMAS SALES, BULLpuffy DAY SALES. Why I, a player/costumer would be seducted to buy 50 packs out of Pre-Order season if I know that I have no benefit for it, it makes more sense start saving for the next pre-order (the problem is that create new sets demands much time and money, money Lightmare doesnt have because no one buys LPs out of Pre-order Season.). BUT WAIT A MINUTE, that 50 Collection Packs is with 25% of discount in Chistmas/New Year? GOODBYE MONEY IN MY WALLET, HELLO NEW CARDS WOW, I CANT BELIVE, Verore and Sleepers Packs are with 50% of discount in Halloween Week? I NEED IT.

6- New Reward Sistem, the new reward system is generous, too generous, stupidly generous. You are not a charity company, the game needs to be a money factory, not a smurf account factory. A simply measure would be remove the LP rewards from new players account (300 LP in a Week is too much, hell even 50 LP to veterans is a little to much, Cash Money should only be avaiable with cash).

7- Auction House (or at least make IP and Packs be tradable) and Forge (I have thousanst of soulbound cards, but only a few have any trade value, Why the hell I will want 250 Invencible Defender? Forge is a much better solution than un-soulbound cards.

8- Sell Golden/Foil-Tickets for LP, and tax trades involving premium cards with a LP fee (This will help the Collector Player to get that premium cards and the LP fee will make the excess of Premiums stay away from the Trade Market, or at least be a new fount of money to Lightmare).

9- Update the Free to Play Weekly decks (We are in Oppresion, the Free Weeks are in Ascencion, this is just lame). You are a newbie who just finished the download and started to play 20 minutes ago, how the hell you will make a solid deck? How the hell you will know wich cards are good or wich combos are powerfull? Weekly decks give you that knowledge and give you time to slowly get a nice colection before created a constructed deck with your own cards. I have no way to express how this is important, when I abandoned DOC I go to Steam and downloaded every F2P Card Gmae that I found I started to try them, and imediatly quit 3 or 4 of them befeore find IW, what makes me still at the game? The Free Weeks Decks.

10- Little price reduction on boosters, 5250IP to 5000IP, you have no ideia how annoying is you have to acumullate "broken numbers" to buy packs. If I want 5 packs, I want to calculate and spent 25000 IP and not 26250 IP.

11- Discount for buying in quantity, every 5 boosters you bought at once give you 5% of IP/LP discount until a max of 25%. (this may or may not accumulate with Sales and Pre-Order Seasons, your call Lightmare).

12- Increase Legendary Drop rate. You have 100% of chance to get a Rare, 33% to get a Epic but just 5% to get a Legendary? Increase the rate to at least 10% to make trades between Epics and Legendaries more viable. Get by trade a Legendary or especially a Top Tier Legendary right now requires absurdly amounts of value, because there is no other thing that matches legendaires in value.

13. Tavern Mode, some crazy mode with specific rules or restrictions that change every week and are avaible just for 1 or 2 days at week. EX: Only Triple Purity, Only Rainbow Decks (3 different Factions). Only Verore. Only Lose if both HP and Moral are 0. Every Turn lose 5 moral and HP.

14. More chances to get Epics and Leg (they are almost 0 right now) on initial Draft Decks. And increase the cost to buy draft decks if there are any Epic or rares on with. Draft Deck only with rares 35000 IP. With Epic 40000ÍP. With Legendary 50000IP. Every victory reduces the prices by 1000 IP.

15. Forbiden third partners sellers. They simply broke the economy and steal profit from Lightmare.

16. Faction boosters for the SAME PRICE than other booster and avaiable for both LP and IP

17. Determined cards for sale at the Store but only for LP and trade those cards require a fee in LP (like 10% or 20% of the original value of the cards).

This is just my opnion, maybe I am saying a lot of bullpuffy, I know tou guys of the new company and the old Lightmare felllows will sit down and decide the things the best way possible, I am hoping the best for the  future of the game. but I had to made this post because I was REALLY SAD When DOC died and the wrong choices DOC Team made were made in a similar moment that Lightmare/New Publisher team are right now, so I would be abd if I sit down and doesnt say a word.

I Wish a Welcome a harm Welcome to the New Publisher Team and a Long (and proffitable XD ) Life to our loved IW.

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