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Yo IW people!

Well, as we see at the pool I made some days ago, the majority of people (ok, the few people...) around here believe the game is not only going to die, but it is already dead!

So, at least... let's have some fun!

So, this is my "Not so Serious Weekly Post #-1"! haha

============= // =============

Part 1 - Interview with Devs!!!

Hum... Well... as ALL 'September Tournaments'....

I am sorry to say that... this interview was.....

"Cancelled due to lack of participants"

============= // =============

Part 2 - A Talk with the Moderators and the Community Managers

: Hi! Today I am going to talk with those who control the forum in the name of Yodomare! I am glad that there some cool guys around here to give us a hope that everything will be ok from now on!!!

So, let's star..... WHAT?!?

@Yodomare played

Klassick: Hum... Ok, I got it. Yodomare removed everyone they controlled from the game and the forum... Ok, at least, as the card and the last Community Manager we had said... it is ONLY...


But... what's happened?? OH, MY GOOD LORD! NOOOOO!!!


============= // =============

Part 3 - Those who Predicted the Future!


People, believe you guys or not, we have (well, had...) guys on this forum with the precognition ability!!!

Let´s see:

(obs¹.:you can see the original post here:;quote=166644;topic=66620.0

obs².: If u don't wanna to read all the text, go for the big letters)

I've had this on my mind for quite a long time and the constant incomprehensible incompetence shown by our current CM only confirms it more and more for me:

Yodo1 bought the game with the Intention of making it great and increasing playerbase. This was an easy observation based on their highly active responses and close contact to the community. Let's not joke. They did pump out a patch every week or atleast informed us very well of upcoming stuff. Hotfixes also were done almost immediately as far as I remember. So all in all, they actually made the impression of trying hard.

So what happened? My Interpretation is that they thought the playerbase didn't grow fast/large enough. There wasn't enough income to cover all the development, server & other costs. So they had to cut short on some stuff and generally felt like it wasn't worth investing all the workload into the game anymore, which is why everything slowed down. Meanwhile I've seen games like "Rodeo Run" getting released and having much more marketing than this game. Since Crestmoor is the CEO, who is actively developing this game aswell, I believe the team isn't big enough to say "yeah, well they have an entire different Department for mobile games". They never tried TCGs before, so they must've taken their resources from somewhere (mobile app developers). Most of those mobile app developers are probably back at it on mobile app development, leaving IW with a lot less resources than what they initially fired into it. Why RikkiTikki left could have multiple reasons: costed too much, didn't like their business plan or actually wanted to take a UI course (like announced).

DrewUniverse who had been one of the most respected and dedicated players at that time (with all his tournament planning) and even having some people mention him as deserved Player of the year 2016. It almost seemed like Yodo1/LM thought "Okay, we need a CM that represents a possitive Aura to the community. So we will make one of the most respected players a CM to possitively disguise the future of IW for a Little longer".

Now. Was it a coincidence that shortly after Drew's arrival we have found These Ultra-Valuable and discounted DLCs? I'll let you in on the math again that Ori and I have estimated: Martyr Golem DLC had a value of approx. $140. The sale had it at $30 (26€). This is an UNREALISTIC high value. Especially for a card game. Calamity pack was similar in that manner.

So I ask again. Was the super-valuable DLC release a coincidence? I don't believe that anymore. Let's see the Symptoms of the game at the time of the DLC release:
* Lack of communication
* Lack of marketing
* Lack of Patches
* Lack of consistency

Yet they decided to make a super good promotional DLC release? If any other game does this, they do it with the intention to either get out as much money as possible or to increase the playerbase. If they go with the latter strategy, then they are willing to also dedicate themselves to development. There has not been much more development after the DLCs. This was shortly after the game has relaunched by the way. Why was there no marketing for the DLCs? Marketing costs money, expectations for new players joining were low, thus not worth invested. So existing players were lured into awesome deals.

[...] but that still leaves one question open:

What is the actual Business plan?

Crestmoor used to post a lot on the Forums in the beginning. Often even engaged new discussions. Now I never really see him reply anymore and there are no other from the Team responding (Chappie for example, even if it was only copy pasta). Instead we now have a Balance/Mod Team that acts this way. Free non-paid volunteer employees basically. Why? Easy, they don't cost money and again are supposed to carry the casket of game for a bit longer (cause ya know, it's kinda dead, but not really yet), probably til the Rebellion Release.

Q: Why the Rebellion release?
A: Isn't it obvious? After the DLC Releases, this is like the next and probably last big money bag they can expect from IW. So they will try to milk the dead cow for as long as possible with as little money investment as possible.

In German we have a term for that: Minimalprinzip. Achieving a certain goal with the least amount of resources available.

The real question is: Why would they release a new card set when the game is in dire need of many other more vital functionalities? Such as a proper trading system or a rehauled ranked system. The answer is simple. Only a new card set will get them some extra cash.

Conclusion/tldr: Yodo1 partnered with high expactations of income, but those expectations weren't met. They cut resources and decreased costs to as little as possible, whilst trying to keep a face (by hiring respected players as cm/volunteers). They release occassional awesome deals (the DLCs) and a new card set to get the last bit of money out of the dead cow instead of fixing the game (which gets them no money).

AND.... WOW!

Pelagoth! He's a guy with real ESP powers, don't you think?

Hope someone came here and prove him wrong... but, maybe, it is a mere fantasy of mine...

And wait, there is more!

Qfasa, NTL, TheRealTuna... and many others!!! This place is full of people with ESP powers!!!!!

Oh, Lord, why I did not listen to them!!!  :'(

That´s it for today folks!

P.S. Please, don't let IW die....

Hi folks,

Ok, I did not find any game I liked so much as this one.

But, I do know that the game is at a "temporary state" of... abandonment, I guess.

It is not time for you guys from YodoMare starting at least to do something for the game?

The last patch was a disaster, it bringed back several bugs from the past and 'ressurected' cards effects I would not like to see anymore, including Martyr of Life, Red Tape and Acquire 'old effects'.

So, what I can expect from the game? How much more "temporary" this "state" will be?

And let my campaign against Acquire begin!!!

This card is toxic. Simply as that.

A deck with a basic mill strategy and with recycle, gather, Adaptive Ritualist, etc. + Acquire is cancer.

One of the things I saw around here, and it was a good option to think about too: remove acquire from the game after using it.

More than that, I reunite here some of the comments about Acquire that may be useful, taken from the topic "What cards do you guys want changed from Rebellion?"

Please, think about it!

My idea is that for cards which draw from the opponent's deck, such as Acquire and Dragon of Autumn Wind, they should reveal the cards drawn as a slight nerf. At least the opponent can take this information into account when deciding what to do.


IMO Acquire seems to be quite an unbalanced card at the moment. If you compared it with other main card draw mechanics, it's significantly cheaper and also mills your opponent's deck.

Acquire - cost 4, draw 3 cards from opponent's deck
Trading Post - cost 5, draw 1 card
Candit - cost 4, draw 2 cards (and get a deployed character)
Explore - cost 4, draw 2 cards (if you control a Location)
Aleta, Immortal Searcher - cost 5 (deploy) + 3 to draw 1 card

+1 for CommunistMountain's suggestion of revealing cards drawn by the opponent.

I guess the original reason why Acquire is cheaper than drawing 3 cards from your own deck would cost (which in my opinion should cost 5) is because your opponent's cards may be completely useless. However, since you can also mill, and deny the opponents from potentially drawing the necessary cards, it should also cost 5, on top of my earlier suggestion to reveal cards drawn from opponent's deck.


Definitely acquire. It just does way too much for too little cost. Its like a grave rob that also lets you draw three and a nerfed purify all in one. Even if all it did was remove the top 5 cards from the game I'd be a bit meh about the balance of it.

Yes, I feel that Acquire does too much for too little cost. It seems almost every deck that includes a CoV commander runs it now, because it's only 1 purity CoV.

Fair point about the possibility of drawing useless cards - though actually I feel that the chance that all three cards drawn from the opponent's deck are useless is quite small. IMO there's a huge difference between drawing cards from the opponent's deck and merely copying them without the mill effect. 3x Acquire is effectively a 9-card mill, which can hurt most if not all decks.


Acquire - Like everyone said already, 3 cards + mill for 4 are way too good. Should move up in purity and cost or the effect should be less significant.


Acquire should definitely be changed, I'm not sure exactly how but in its current state it's too effective (mills the opponent deck and it's a very cheap 'draw 3 cards' effect for just paying 4 resources).

I agree, Acquire have to be change to copy or something. It is annoying when you play for exapmle control, combo deck and you have to consider if you can still play by your strategy becasue there can lack the most important cards in your deck

General Game Discussion / Intended or not? Or must I say, right or wrong?
« on: February 02, 2017, 05:28:33 AM »
Hello there!

Hey, I was testing Grimmish, and tried the following thing:

He was at the battlefield, with two lives, because of Second Wind.

He received a Death Ray and, the game was over.

Ok, he lost one life, so he "died"... Maybe it is correct the game to end because of it.

But, tbh, I don't know if it is right or wrong.

What you guys think? Bug or not?

Lore / Some of the Lore info we got by Rebellion
« on: January 12, 2017, 06:05:05 AM »
I will just start it... let's see:

- The factions seens to be united against Sol's actions;

- There is a civil war going on at the Overseers (lead by Lilariah);

- Rita killed Candit and is for sure leading the Cult;

- The Flame Dawn has a possible new leader rising, Syn, that have different methods than Aberion, his brother.

- Lucca, in an act of defiance, is one of the leaders of the rebellion now;

- Looks like now Aberion have ascended on his own, without the Overseers help...

- Xi sacrificed herself.... for some reason... a new prophet Karani?

what else?

General Game Discussion / New DLC on Steam
« on: July 19, 2016, 02:52:56 PM »
Now we have the Designer Deck Bundle 1 at the Steam Store:

"DLC Contents Include:

- 4,375 LP
- 1 DLC Exclusive Alt Art (Guns of Goliath)
- 6 Competitive Decks, Totaling 258 Cards (card contents in screenshots above)"

Guess the "stars" of those decks are the alt art Guns of Goliath, 3 Mass Deaths, 3 Skraars, 5 Angelifies, 1 Gao Han.

Other usefull cards (and with good trade value):

- 2 Ritas;
- 5 Verore Kidnapper;
- a Total of 8 (!) Splitter Robots;
- a Total of 6 CTA
- a total of 6 Scouting Missions
- 2 Unstable Bomb-bot;
- 3 Lingbao's Will
- 3 Yuanshi's Wrath

Amoung others...

Looks like a good deal for those who want to expand their collections.

But, I will wait for Pelagoth to made a video review here! haha  ;D


Yodomare, it will be a good idea to show the alt-art Guns of Goliath animation at the DLC images  :P

General Game Discussion / Alt-Arts Discussion
« on: May 03, 2016, 06:27:51 PM »
Well, I did stop for a while and started to think...

Those, are the alt-arts already realesed atm:

- Wealthy Noble
- Aerial Commando
- Demon of Fear


Now, here is a list of the other arlt-arts we might see around soon (correct me if I am wrong, please):


- Armored Landcrawler (common) - maybe 2 versions
- One of Many (common)
- Pack Leader (uncommon)
- Fight! (common)


- Bad Bot (uncommon)
- Genesis Construct (common)
- Kinetically Overloaded Drone (common)
- Drone (common)


- Beast of Burden (common)
- Death Ray (uncommon)
- Hellmouth (rare)
- Lightning Blast (common)
- Mass Death (rare)
- Verore Brute (common)
- Verore Death Worshipper (common)


- Inspiring Soldier (common)
- Paladin of the Flame Dawn (rare)
- Vanguard Knight (common)
- Flame Dawn Footman (common) (?)


- Champion Herald (uncommon)
- Guns of Goliath (common)
- Zealous Protector (common)


- Hungry Abomination (epic)


- Inspiring Soldier (common)
- Glorius Warrior (uncommon)


- Firebolt (common)
- Cannonfire (common) - maybe 2 versions
- Assassinate (uncommon)
- Conscripted Militia (common)
- Defense Golem (common)

This list, is based at the list we have at the topic Animated Forum Avatars (

So, as it was already discussed here and, taking in consideration this list, at the pace the alt-arts are being sold, for a lot of players in here, it will be really hard to keep on buying them.

More than that, if this strategy of selling keep going like this, some players will start to simply ignore some alt-arts (the ugly ones?) because those cards are not going to be very "valuable" in the future.

So, I did not get why the IW Team is selling these cards at this pace and, I believe that doing it that way, in the long run, will be no good for anybody.

After all, there is a chance we can see those cards in the future being sold again... so, why buy now?

That makes me afraid, because idk what value those cards are going to have and, if it is a good or a bad thing investing real money in them now.

What you guys think? Am I missing something here?

General Game Discussion / New Alt-art
« on: April 19, 2016, 12:12:32 AM »
Seems that we have new "strategies" with the penta packs. The alt-art now is the aerial commando and the penta pack collection is IW 2013.

The curious thing is that they say now you have "a chance" and not "a high chance" of getting the alt-art.


General Game Discussion / So, should I buy Star Trek Packs?
« on: April 04, 2016, 12:39:13 PM »
Hi folks!

So, I never got any of the Star Trek Packs, since a join the game.

Now, it is the last chance to do it... But, does it worth the investment? I never see the decks containing the Star Trek cards as fun or something like it... But I never played them... So, I am asking for you guys, who already tried and played lots of games with Star Trek:

What you guys think? Have those decks only for fun worth it?

General Game Discussion / Game crashing doubt
« on: February 25, 2016, 02:17:20 PM »
I saw someone around here saying it some time ago and I'm noticing this is happening a lot after the last patch:

I use steam (and, ok, my pc is not a last generation one, but I play games other than IW with no problems) and the game is crashing a lot because of memory these days.

Before the last patch, I was able to play several games before it starts to happen but now, if I am playing ranked, for example, a long best of 3 is already able to crash the game for me.

And it is not funny at all to see a match were everything is going ok lost because of it.

Am I the only one suffering from this?

General Game Discussion / New Player Experience Problems and Suggestions
« on: January 12, 2016, 03:16:23 AM »
Hello folks!

Well, running more tests... today I find out something different.

Before talk about the new player experience inside the game, I guess we have some problems to fix even before the game starts.

What I did was to send an invite from my main account to an e-mail I created to host a new account.

The e-mail got to there saying that Klassick sended an invite, ok.

But there the problem starts...

(PROBLEM 1) When I clicked at the link "Click here and enter the following code to accept the invitation." the generated link redirected me to the!/account/create?code=9AEUUD

And, all the web browsers I tried (chrome, IE, Edge and Firefox) told me this link had "privacy errors" and, all of them advised me to not proceed, saying things like invasors would try to steal info, etc. etc. (NET::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID)

Well, no good! This must be corrected FAST!  :o

Even worse, the link says the same thing.

But, this is not only that...

(Problem 2) At Internet Explorer, when I try to roll the screen down to press "ok" after enter my infos and the captcha code, I can't simply do it using the mouse (only the keyboard do it).

I had problems too trying to create the new account at firefox too.

(just to mention, I tried to do the same thing from 2 differents computers, and the same thing happened).

So, my advice here is to make this process of creating a new account at your website more "clean" and, of course, with less problems.

I will proceed at this thread talking about other impressions about what would be the impressions of the player who join the game for the first time but, I guess this 2 kind of problems I mentioned here are more "urgent" to be solved.

See ya folks!

Infinite Network / A New Hope?
« on: January 07, 2016, 02:55:46 PM »

I am voting for the infinite-network to get back ^^

Hello folks!

As we have a lot going on right now, I decided to open a space where we can, in a concise way, give suggestions that we judge to be "easy fixes", "updates" and "ideas" that can be quickly added to the game.

Let me explain better:

I am thinking in this thread as a place where we can bring to the Infinity Wars Staff simple things to be "done" or "fixed", or, saying in other words, suggestions that we (as players) consider to be of easy implementation at the game.

Of course, most of us are not designers or "IT" people and, we could make some mistakes here judging something is easy to do when it isn't, but, let's give our best shots here!  :D

To start with, I will give some suggestions (and I hope they serve too as examples):

edited! (YES! ;D):
  • (fix - update) When you log in at the game, the first screen you see (I don't know how it is called in english, I guess it is Start Screen) is always outdated. It is time to make there a place where we can see some really fresh news and where we can find useful info about the game.

  • (fix) After talking with some players, I notice some of them were not receiving the rewards when the people they invited at the game (using the invitation code) reached level 5. So, I created 5 different accounts using the invitation code of my main account and reached level 5 in all of them. And, going back to my main account, there was really any prize there. So, I think it should be fixed or better explained (as I might be losing something here). I sended a bug report about it with more infos, too. (by the way, gimme my rewards  >:()!!!

  • (fix) You guys should really think about using a more effective invitation system by the way, cause the one that is in use right now will only end up with LM invites/messages emails going directly to spam. I can talk more about in private, cause if I say here what I noticed it might cause some problems but, I guess you guys got it!  ::)

  • (idea) "Titles" in use: The titles given to the players at the game should be revised. Very few of them are really "cool". By the way, the new titles given by the new levelling system are terrible. Talking about them, masculine and feminine titles would be a good option. For example, a male player would not use the "Sorceress" title.

  • (idea) "Titles" and its meaning: Titles should mean something, players should think like "I achieve that!". For example, the title "Master" is given in a terrible way... "The Academic" means nothing... so, the suggestion is to give the titles more meaning.

  • (idea) Choosing the "Titles", New "Titles" and Composed (prefix and/or suffix) "Titles": First, we could do a kind of a brainstorm and after an election/pool to choose what titles should stay at the game and gather suggestions for new ones. One suggestion I can give right away is to create new titles based in the number of games with every faction, cause when you got to 500 games you earn basically nothing. My idea is to give a title for those who reach 500 games, like: "Klassick, who walked the Warpath" / "Klassick, forged in fire" / "Klassick, who dances with dragons", etc. etc. Finally, I suggest for we to have composed (prefix and/or suffix) titles, like "Hunter Klassick, who nobody likes".

I have more suggestions but time is short today.

Ok, people around here, bring in your suggestions for easy fixes and simple ideas/updates that can be quickly added to the game!

See ya!

Suggestions / Suggestion to the players!
« on: January 05, 2016, 06:00:29 PM »
Hello folks!

I am suggesting the players around here to take a look at the latest pages from the thread Card Design Challenge: the forum game - (, that is being organized/hosted at this time by Wayfinder1026!

As you guys can see, CannonFodder will offer for the winner(s) of this Challenge some Booster Packs as prizes!!!

[...] I'm looking for a card that is every faction. Therefore a card that can only be played with Enyah in the command zone. That is the only covenant... Sound like fun? Design away :D

I'll pick a winner in 1-2 weeks (depending on how people respond).

Well if you are happy to organise this Wayfinder, I am happy to throw you a few booster packs for your prize.  Would 5 Collection Boosters make it interesting?? I can get them credited directly to the player you choose.

Come on guys, let's face the challange!  ;D

P.S. More infos at the topic!

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