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Trading Post / Updated Official Trading Tier List
« on: March 20, 2017, 02:21:53 PM »
Hey everyone!

I have created a new and updated official trading tier list, updated from the original post found here. Just a quick disclaimer, this list is mainly based on my vast experience as a trader as well as the input and validation of several other big name players. This list, along with any trading guide in an open market economy like IW, should be taken with a grain of salt. Players, particularly those new to the game, should use this list as a way to verify card values and avoid getting scammed but in the end all that matters is that both parties are happy with a trade. A special thank you to NTL, Dogeee, ES, Newport5000, and Drewmb10 for their feedback and help with verifying this list.


Special Case
Martyr Golem *****

Martyr Golem is of especially high value because he is a factionless legendary that is used in multiples in many different decks.

Top Tier:
Agent Coyle, Immovable    *****
Agent Coyle, Primal Hunter *****
Marina The Selfless *****  (Recently changed, could go down to mid tier)
Klore, the Rapier Centurion ****
Sol, Angel of Vengeance   ***
Martyr of Life ***
The Defiant Hermit ***
Agent Coyle, Soulseller **

Middle Tier:
Yagron *****
Agent Coyle, Mechborn *****
Agent Coyle, Ascended ****
Agent Coyle, Zomborg ***
Agent Coyle, Divinedemonic ***
Agent Coyle, Alpha One ***
Die Another Day **
Evellee, Mage Guild Recruiter **
Xi, Martyr of Peace **
Martyr of Death *
Gao Han, Champion of Warding *
Vasir, The Demon Prince    *

Low Tier:
Aberion, Champion of Force *****
Agent Coyle, Hellbringer *****
Liand, The Fearless ****
Martyr of Chaos ***
Tygris, the Architect ***
Princess Hinekri ***
Agent Coyle, Firestarter *

Top Tier:
The Calamity *****
The Last Sleeper ****
Dragon of Autumn Wind ****
Malignant ***
Dark Wish ***
Undeath Wish ***
Oblivion **
Omnitron **
Daclerius, The Law **
Avatar of Lingbao *
Nix, the Justiciar of Dawn *

Middle Tier:
Syn, The Hope of Dawn ****
Prophet Karani ****
Hungry Abomination ****
Agent Coyle, Superior Symbiote ***
Tygrugh, the Insane ***
Mega Unit 02 ***
Enyah, of the Endless Possibilities ***
Hidden by Clouds ***
Azael (Currently Purchasable Deck) ***
Avatar of Daode ***
Avatar of Yuanshi ***
Stampede ***
No More Heroes **
Flux Capacitor **
Titan of the New World **
Zombie Abomination **
Karckk **
Regicide **
Call the Warpath **
The Humans are Dead **
Equilibrium *
Surprise Defense *
Hunted Dragon *
Agent Coyle, Assimilator *
Voracious Goliath *
Corrupted Celestial Dragon *

Low Tier:
Subjugated Dragon ****
Peaceful Garden ***
Grimmish, The Persuader ***
Celestial Dragon ***
Shrine to the Heavens **
The Strength of Unity **
Demon of Gluttony **
Patient Zero **
Mega Unit 01 **
Vasir, Chained Prince **
Hilderic, the Fist of Dawn **
Ju-Lin, Who Rewrites History **
Mega Unit 03 **
Ao Shun, Dragon of Wisdom **
Avarrach has Risen **
Nysrugh, the Hungry *
Dragon of Summer Flame *
Ultra-Unit *
The Dragon Project *
Aberion, the Hammer of Dawn *
Bloodbath *
Ireul, Vanguard of Ruin (Previously Purchasable Deck) *
The Virus of Avarrach *
Vis, the Furious *
Nysrugh, the Insatiable *
Ruins of Veroria *
Silfurstar, the Fallen Crusader *
Mecha Dragon *

Special Cases
Paladin of the Flame Dawn *****
Tome of the Dead ****
Mass Death ****
Annihilate ***
Descension ***
Heavenly Wish ***
Humble ***

The above rares are all especially valuable and are a level above top tier. What separates these from regular rares is how essential they are to their purities. If you have the purities to run the above cards you will almost always want 3 copies in your deck. Because they are such essential staples, they trade for much more than other rares. It's not uncommon to trade 2 regular rares for one of the above cards. As an additional note, stockpiling these cards is a fantastic way to grow your collection. Personally I have about 10-20 of each of the above cards, and still continue to trade for more whenever I can.

Top Tier:
Summoning Stone ****
Hehkeem, the Corrupted ****
Taiga, Combat Reconstructor ****
Skraar (Previously Purchasable Deck) ***
Rita, Mistress of Shadow ***
Unstable Bomb-Bot ***
Lucca, Rebellion Leader ***
Omnimind ***
Demon of Dark Bargain **
Aleta, Immortal Sufferer **
Cassial, the Selfless **
Death Blast **
The Impervious **
Ixxi, The Annoying *
Logrithmatron *
Emberstarter *
Calvary Paladin *
Yuanshi, Sage of Ferocity *

Middle Tier:
Lilariah ***
Gao Han, the Stalwart ***
Counting The Days ***
Disruption Sphere ***
Tyra, the Burden of War ***
Aunissial ***
Angelify ***
Cresill, the Mad ***
Lingbao, Sage of Discipline ***
Lanstead **
Dehumanize **
Granthar, the Elder Ape **
Alearem, The Fate Twister **
Matriarch **
Mechanism **
Apparition **
Kali, the Flaming Blade **
Kali, the Purifier **
Nature’s Wish **
Jinhai Dojo **
Melosia, Champion of Dispair **
Bromich, Field Commander **
Eagle-Eye **
Dark Vision **
Tulio, The Duelyst *
Bromich's Banner *
Struggle for Power *
Kali, Ascended *
Devil of Despair *
Deflect *
Protector of the Dawn *
Inter-Dimensional Phase Bot *
Lilariah, The Rebel *
Ritual of Summoning *
Zuza, Angelic Siren *
Proctul, the Sniper *
Tactical Retreat *
Orion's Grave *
Heaven's Bell *

Low tier:
Great Wall Of Jinhai ****
Terror Moose ***
Jialan, Guardian of Life ***
Recurring Nightmare ***
Decrepit Crystal ***
Kyrallic, Origin of the Virus ***
Untapped Wilderness ***
Sinister Corruption ***
Shifting Stone ***
Aleta, Immortal Sorceress **
Jubalia, the Valiant **
Subdues the Meek **
Shield Generator **
Aleta, The Immortal Traveler **
Decimator **
Fiery Wish **
Cottontail VX 1600 **
Ex, the Oppressor **
Ancient Aether **
Cyber Infested Dragon **
Pyr, Fortress of the Flame Dawn **
Phalanx Commander **
Super Infectious Zombie **
Aleta, Immortal Searcher *
Aleta, Immortal Survivor *
Demon of Fear *
Varyus, Master of Choice *
Aberion's Banner *
Precautionary Measures *
Shockwave Giant *
Misery Stone *
Gabrielle, The Torch in The Dark *
Swarmer Broodlord *
Daode, Sage of Strength *
Aleta, Immortal Tinkerer *
Aleta, Immortal Caretaker *
Timestopper *
Dragon Collar *
Quest for Balance *
Purge the Unworthy *
The Great Fortress of Xia Han *
Volitile Genome *
Xac *
Caretaker of the Swarm *
Force Against the Law *
Spawn, Fierce Companion *
Ancient Egg *
Brimstone *
Chalice Of Madness *
Cheryl, The Forward Scout *
Crystal of Madness *
Engine Of Reincarnation *
Grotesque Brute *
Irial *
Jubalia, the Messenger *
Junkyard *
Mark I Brimstone Battle Tank *
Never Forget the Fallen *
Orion, Master Architect *
Orion, Master Engineer *
Pras, The Traitor of Dawn *
Radariah, The Untouchable *
Raise Dead *
Rampant Virus *
Rita, Shadow Priestess *
Shikana, Who Demands Tribute *
Shirazius The Cruel *
Sydern *
The Demon Wastes *
The Hellmouth *
Undisturbed Necropolis *

Uncommons worth noticing
These are almost as asked for as some rares, sometimes more than low tier rares. They are also especially valuable as golds.

Spirit of the Ancient Guardians
Xi, Ascended
Yuanshi's Wrath
Tibat, The Mad Monk
Controlled Temporal Anomaly
Scouting Mission
Splitter Robot
Eucalyptus Tree
Helix Worm
Intimidating Rally
Sacullas, the Final Hammer
Guns of Goliath
Higher Calling
Lucca, Ascended
Mysterious Box of Wonder
Blood Arrow
Chain Lightning
Overcharged Storm
Evolving Parasite
Infested Abomination
Infected Devil
Uncontrolled Rift

Common(s) worth noticing

Survival Swarmer

Change Log:
4/7/17 - Added a note to marina because she was recently changed, Martyr of Death moved down to mid * from mid **.

General Game Discussion / DoD and Sleeper Campaign Feedback
« on: December 13, 2016, 06:56:37 PM »
Hello Everyone,

Please use this thread to provide the team with any feedback, suggestion, or issues you have pertaining to the new campaigns for the Descendants of the Dragons and the Sleepers of Avarrach. I will be forwarding this thread along to the dev team and have them take a look at it whenever there is a major issue/suggestion that is brought up. Please keep your feedback as constructive as possible to avoid drowning out good ideas with salt.

News and Developer Talk / 12/13 Server Downtime
« on: December 12, 2016, 07:44:42 AM »
Hey everyone!

The servers will be down Tomorrow, December 13th starting at about 10:00pm EST (3:00am IWT) on the 12th. This downtime is expected to last approximately 8 hours, and with it will bring a few new changes to the game. The two most noteworthy of these being an optional new skin for the user interface and brand new campaigns for both The Sleepers of Avarrach and The Descendants of the Dragon. There will also be a fix implemented for the bug where characters with multiple lives were getting one too many lives.

Additionally, all of the DLCs will also be going on sale with this update for 2 weeks at 40% off! This includes both the designer deck bundles and the Martyr/Calamity/Wealthy Noble DLCs. Another thing happening in the near future, albeit not with this update, is the introduction of a holiday themed alt art card! This years  alt art features a very merry Taiga decorating a Christmas tree. There will be more previews and news on how to attain this in the near future.

Stay tuned for more updates, and we apologize for any inconvenience!

Special Events & Tournaments / Largenuggets Tournament Hosting Update
« on: October 13, 2016, 01:06:21 AM »
Hey guys!

I have some sorta unfortunate news for you all, but first I want to apologize for the past couple of weeks worth of tournaments. A couple weeks ago there was a miscommunication between me and Drew resulting in a tournament being run late and haphazardly, and last week I completely dropped the ball on getting an announcement for the Sunday tournament up because I was so busy with school and work all week. Fortunately, Drew did get an event up and running last Sunday so that's good at least. On top of all of that, the fan on my computer is broken so my laptop overheats incredibly fast, preventing me from playing more than one or two games of infinity wars before it triggers a thermal shutdown (which is why I haven't been online much in the past week or so).

I really enjoy hosting and casting these tournaments, but unfortunately the past couple of weeks have been way too busy and stressful for me to do them consistently every week on top of everything else I have going on.  I will still be hosting tournaments as I can and lending a hand to Drew, but I won't be able to consistently run the weekly league events like I wanted to originally. Drew will continue running weekly tournaments including the league events that I was mainly taking care of, so stay tuned for more updates from him soon!

Hey Guys!

I'm very excited to announce the top 16 players who will qualify for the monthly finals tournament this Sunday, September 25th! These players all did a fantastic job competing at one or more of the weekly exhibition matches on each Sunday of this month, and all certainly earned their spots on this list. If you did not have the chance to compete in any of the qualifiers this month but are itching for a chance to compete then you have nothing to worry about! This month was the first of many awesome league tourneys to come. We will continue hosting 3 exhibition matches every Sunday which have great prizes on their own, and offer you the chance to qualify for the monthly final on the last Sunday of the month. The prizes for this tournament are a lot more evenly spread out than the exhibitions, which is something we are still experimenting with. This is to reward all these players for doing so well in the previous tournaments, while still providing a hefty LP and IB prize to the top finishers. This tournament will be a closed-invite tourney, so all the players on this list will get an invite sent out to them in game with instructions on how to join.

If you want to find out more information about how the qualification process works our Community Manager DrewUniverse wrote up a very in depth and detailed explanation here:

For up to date tourney information with links to the sign-up pages go here: (I would recommend bookmarking the second link if you want to stay up to date on our weekly tournies.)

Without further adieu, here are the prizes and the list of invited players!

Qualifying Players


1st:  LP x 25,000...with Infinity-border Legendary x1, Epic x2, Rare x3, Uncommon x4, Common x5
2nd: LP x 10,000...with Infinity-border Epic x1, Rare x2, Uncommon x3, Common x4
3rd: LP x 5,000.....with Infinity-border Rare x2, Uncommon x3, Common x4
4th: LP x 2,000.....with Infinity-border Uncommon x3, Common x4
5/6: LP x 1,500.....with Infinity-border Uncommon x2, Common x3
7/8: LP x 1,000.....with Infinity-border Common x3

News and Developer Talk / Oppression Ranked Ladder Standings
« on: September 09, 2016, 03:29:22 AM »
Congratulations to the top 100 finishers in the past ranked season! Every one of these players worked extremely hard to climb the ladder and become the best of the best, and it's certainly no small achievement. To everyone who didn't make it onto the top 100 list this time, the next season is already underway so hop into ranked and get ready to grind your way to the top! Without further adieu here is the full top 100 ranked ladder:

1 Adorabear 2803
2 Pixels 2732
3 Niadra 2556
4 namefraud 2455
5 ES 2437
6 Myrtus 2274
7 nothingtolose7 2265
8 ESofDawn 2225
9 Interesting_Socks 2189
10 Paragon 2123
11 Jherek 2121
12 twhitten021 2103
13 crayfish 2093
14 toon310 2084
15 Ben4d90 2082
16 zeff360 2067
17 accessdeny 2059
18 RV279 2050
19 Rawonall 2049
20 Sogeking 2040
21 largenuggets 2020
22 Elvenblood 2018
23 Graffix 2015
24 Dogeee 2012
25 dassemultor 2006
26 FuryWar 1985
27 amorgianos 1982
28 Chalkbot 1978
29 LUCCA 1975
30 Valet228 1974
31 LastVoice 1971
32 PeliKan 1971
33 Thornhale 1958
34 Yxunomei77 1937
35 imm 1931
36 MarxLance 1928
37 Num3n 1922
38 heartthew 1913
39 falcon13 1898
40 Shizznitskii 1894
41 vengefulmierothi 1888
42 mathiasfillit 1882
43 Mario-Girotti 1877
44 InvertedEye 1877
45 Sauce 1872
46 FF13Fanatic 1861
47 ilykebutteredtoast 1858
48 Dibe 1849
49 Zvezda 1847
50 Heyheuhei 1845
51 GenMole 1830
52 P4lm3 1830
53 Hob 1822
54 Xyco 1822
55 Creature314 1821
56 varakt 1809
57 Quangtit01 1805
58 chriloko 1803
59 javierucho 1801
60 Hiding 1796
61 warnfried 1795
62 gagaking 1792
63 Pupils 1792
64 platform_disciple 1787
65 Daeron12345 1779
66 KingLogar 1776
67 Talrik 1774
68 BestSakuyaNA 1772
69 MerliniX 1771
70 lamba15 1763
71 wsl 1762
72 BeardBeard 1762
73 Wulfgar700 1761
74 OddfellowSteampunk 1757
75 Fragyn 1753
76 Nyaako 1749
77 suli 1746
78 Stef13 1746
79 masc 1739
80 Nehkrimah 1735
81 Eratio 1732
82 HisShadow 1732
83 kitsunexans 1719
84 -memories- 1718
85 Ztrini 1716
86 Citridon 1714
87 Strife919 1713
88 mew28 1710
89 AcidAbuser 1705
90 amun-ra 1705
91 burgh11 1705
92 dm_god 1705
93 Frost_Maggot 1705
94 Grom777 1705
95 GVOK 1705
96 H0llly 1705
97 Hacker 1705
98 HawaiianD 1705
99 Heavyyield 1705
100 Held 1705

Special Events & Tournaments / Sunday Official Competitive League
« on: September 08, 2016, 12:19:20 AM »
Hey Guys!

I've got another announcement about the Sunday swiss tourneys that I've been putting on with the help of DrewUniverse. After a lot of discussion and details being ironed out we are prepared to begin the official league system that I've wanted to implement for a little while now! This league will feature 3 competitive swiss exhibition tournies every Sunday with very lucrative rewards all ramping up to a final invite-only elimination tournament on the last Sunday of the month for the top 16 competitors. This upcoming swiss tournament will count as the second exhibition for this month (the last one counts as part of this month) and the final invitational will be held on Sunday, September 25th. This final elimination will have some pretty awesome prizes, so stay tuned for more details in the next weekly post! The prizes will be the same as they have been in the previous Sunday exhibitions but everything is subject to change.

Signup Link:

Special Events & Tournaments / Sunday 9/4 Competitive Swiss Tournament
« on: September 02, 2016, 11:05:23 PM »
Hey guys!

I've got some good news and some bad news for you today. The good news is that there will be a tournament this Sunday exactly like the one last week with the same prizes and format and everything like that! The bad news is that I really, really wanted to get a trial of the competitive league format I've been working on up and running this week but unfortunately that's not gonna happen quite yet. There are still details to get ironed out about that and prizes to finalize and considering ranked is resetting on Monday ( there was just too much going on this past week to get all that figured out by this weekend. So instead of all that I'm just gonna be hosting another "trial run" of one of the exhibition series for that league format I'm gonna be putting out soon. It will feature the exact same prizes as last week and happen at 6pm IWT (2pm IWT) this Sunday. I apologize again for the short notice here, if I had it my way there would have been a post up by this Tuesday but unfortunately everything wasn't worked out by then. I still hope we get lots of participants and I know it will be tons of fun! All the streamer and door prizes will also be the same as well just so people are aware.

Rewards List

Placement Rewards:
1st Place: 20 Penta Packs + 3 Random Gold Rare Plus + 1 IB Epic + 1 IB Rare + 1 IB Uncommon + 1 IB Common
2nd Place: 10 Penta Packs + 2 Random Gold Rare Plus + 1 IB Rare + 1 IB Uncommon + 1 IB Common
3rd Place: 5 Penta Packs + 1 Random Gold Rare Plus + 1 IB Uncommon  + 1 IB Common

Streamer Rewards:
A Fight! Alt Art Penta Pack + 1 Random Gold Rare
A Fight! Alt Art Penta Pack + 1 Normal Rare of Choice

Door Prizes:
1 Collection Penta Pack + 1 Rift Token

Signup Link:

Because of some issues with trying to figure out exactly how my tourneys will work considering there are some issues with the prizing and other things I'm trying to work out with drew at the moment the weekly tourney I had planned for this Sunday will unfortunately be temporarily postponed until further notice :/ I might be able to get it up and running by then or hold it next Wednesday evening instead, but I wanted to put and update out there so you guys know the situation and don't think I'm just bailing on it for no reason.

Sorry for the disappointment!

News and Developer Talk / 8/31 Server Issues
« on: August 31, 2016, 04:17:16 AM »
There is a bunch of weird stuff going on with the servers right now so if you got kicked from the game and are having trouble connecting it's not just you. The team is looking into it now and either me or drew will keep you updated on the status as the issue is resolved :)

Thanks for your patience!

I just wanted to make a thread for people to post any suggestions they may have for the tournament this Sunday. We had an amazing 24 participants and 9 streamers and it was a huge success in my opinion!

I wanna give out a huge congratulations to InvertedEye, Bitterfrost, and Tenaccarli who were our top place finishers in that order! InvertedEye had a  fantastic performance in the games we had the pleasure of watching, and ran Valuebots (2gi/1oos) for most of the tourney and Virus (2soa/1cov) for the last round. We had the unique pleasure of watching many of Bitterfrosts matches which was a really awesome opportunity especially as he continued to defeat 3/4 of his opponents with his Tinkercide deck (2CoV/1GI), only losing to Invertedeye himself. Tenaccarli also did extremely well, although we didn't get the chance to watch too many of their matches. The ones we did see had him running a 2COV 1FD deathblast aggro deck however which was very impressive. A huge round of applause to these players and everyone else who participated for doing such an awesome job!

That was my first time running a tournament so please let me know what you liked or didn't like as well as what you would like to see added in the future :D Also there will be another tourney this upcoming sunday and I would like to have it be the first installment of the actual Infinity Wars Competitive League series of tournaments. I will be making a challonge page for it tomorrow after work and putting up a post with details about it either tomorrow or the next day.

Thanks and I'm looking forward to hearing all your thoughts!

EDIT: I am aware not everyone has received their prizes yet, and drew should be getting those out to you guys tonight :)

Special Events & Tournaments / IW Competitive Series [NEW PRIZES!]
« on: August 25, 2016, 03:28:06 AM »
Hey there everyone!

It's your friendly neighborhood nugget here to tell you about some awesome stuff I've been working on with DrewUniverse over the past couple days. As some of you may already know, one of the main things I wanted to do as a community moderator was host/stream tournaments. Well I'm here to present the Infinity Wars Competitive Series (name subject to change)! This monthly league of tournaments will feature 4 competitive swiss tournaments all leading up to one final tournament between the best of the best with a huge grand prize at the end of it all. The first round of this will be a trial run and not actually included in a monthly season, but it still includes some seriously awesome prizes so get hyped! Keep in mind that all the prizes and format are subject to change as necessary.

The Prizes

I personally believe in a very top heavy approach when it comes to prizes, and think they should really drive people to try their hardest to place as highly as possible in tournaments. Everyone has the potential to be the best, and if the prizes are good enough then everyone will put in their best effort to get there. Because of this, I pushed for some extremely rewarding prizes beyond just the untradeable Infinity Bordered cards which are basically just trophies.

The biggest change to the reward pool, besides just a general scale up of prize values, is the addition of random gold rare+ cards to the prize list. These cards will be awarded to the top 3 finishers (3 golds for first, 2 for second, and 1 for third).

Another big change for the prizes is the ability to now earn an Infinity Border epic for first place! Before now the only way to get an Infinity Bordered epic+ cards was through the random rare+ IB card token awarded to first place draft winners. Even then the chances of getting an epic or legend was pretty slim let alone getting one you plan on using (RIP Hacker and his back to back IB Nixes 2 weeks in a row). With this new rewards model we have basically just pumped all the IB reward tiers up a level for every finishing place and combined the choice for common and uncommon IB cards. Commons and uncommons are just too similar to each other right now, and it simply didn't feel like a significant enough difference between second and third place before in terms of IB rewards.

The new Infinity Bordered card distribution will be as follows:
1st Place: Epic + Rare + Uncommon + Common
2nd Place: Rare + Uncommon + Common
3rd Place: Uncommon + Common

Finally the last standard prize items we have are simply standard collection penta packs. These will be awarded as follows: 20 for first place, 10 for second place, and 5 for third place. Not much more to go into there unless you guys have questions.

To summarize the rewards all together they are:
1st Place: 20 Penta Packs + 3 Random Gold Rare Plus + 1 IB Epic + 1 IB Rare + 1 IB Uncommon + 1 IB Common
2nd Place: 10 Penta Packs + 2 Random Gold Rare Plus + 1 IB Rare + 1 IB Uncommon + 1 IB Common
3rd Place: 5 Penta Packs + 1 Random Gold Rare Plus + 1 IB Uncommon  + 1 IB Common
Updated 8/27

Streaming and Door Prizes

One of my biggest goals when thinking about hosting tournaments was trying to get as many people to stream their games as possible, mostly so I would have interesting content to cast when hosting. I figured the best way to do this would be to give awesome rewards! Because of this, anyone who streams their matches for the entirety of the tournament (excluding unplanned disconnects) or uploads them to youtube will be awarded their choice between the following two reward packages:

A Fight! Alt Art Penta Pack + 1 Random Gold Rare
A Fight! Alt Art Penta Pack + 1 Normal Rare of Choice

The second option is something I thought we should put in there because I do know of some players who (for whatever reason) simply don't care about a special border around their cards. Particularly for a reward such as this which is theoretically available to any player who enters I thought it would be important to appeal to both the seasoned collector and the new player who needs that one last high tier rare to finish out his deck. The Fight! Alt Art Penta Pack is being offered as an additional reward because who doesn't want a chance at that sweet looking art? All you need to do is stream your matches or upload them to youtube!

There are a lot of ways you can stream your matches, but the two most popular options I've heard of are through and the Steam Broadcast option. Twitch is what I use personally and offers tons of customization options so you can personalize your stream to exactly what you need it to do. I use the program OBS to stream which is free to use and hasn't given me too much trouble so far once i figured out the nuances of it. I've included a link to a guide on how to start streaming with OBS here: If you have any questions at all about how to start streaming or need help setting up OBS feel free to message me in game or on the forums and I can see what I can do :)

Ok the last thing about prizes is the door prizes we are offering. I originally planned on making them a little smaller than Drew's tournies, but the ones I picked actually turned out to be a bit higher and they got approved so we are sticking with it haha. Basically for everyone who finished the entire tournament you will receive 1 free collection pack and 1 free rift token. So even if you have a really bad off day and completely bomb out 0-4 you will still get a few cards an a free rift run so you won't feel like your time was wasted. This is of course on top of any other rewards you may earn including a top placement reward and streaming rewards.

The League

We are still figuring out the details of how exactly the league will work, and the tournament we are holding this sunday will be a trial run of one of the qualifying matches just to see how it goes. If everything goes according to plan we should be able to start up with a regular season type league with regular weekly tournaments by the start of september (the next sunday) and will make more announcements along with that. Overall just stay tuned for more details next week! Ok that just about wraps this up, if you have any questions or suggestions please comment before or shoot me a message in game (ign largenuggets).

NOTE: Rebellion Wave 1 cards are LEGAL but Wave 2 cards are not for this tournament. This will change later and wave 2 cards will become legal soon, most likely when they become ranked legal.

Signup Link:

Edit 8/27: Updated the prizes based on feedback. Collection packs per reward tier doubled, gold cards rewarded for first place reduced be 1, and common IB cards added to 1st through 3rd on top of previous rewards.

News and Developer Talk / Long Queue Times and Invites Not Working
« on: August 22, 2016, 10:04:05 PM »
Players have been reporting extremely long queue times today as well as invites not working. I've informed the dev team on the issue and will keep you guys updated.

Hey guys!

So in honor of Infinity Wars Reborn I've decided to do a 24 hour stream on the following Saturday (June 18th) to celebrate! I wish I could do it on the day of the relaunch, but I work 5 days a week so that just won't be possible :/ I will still be streaming the day of the relaunch hopefully, just not for as long. Anyways, in honor of the relaunch I will be giving away new and exciting prizes every hour!!! Including three alt art paladins of the flame dawn, one every 8 hours of the stream. I will probably start pretty early Saturday morning and then go all the way until the same time on Sunday. As it stands all the prizes will probably be raffles, but I'm trying to think of some other cool events and stuff too! Besides the alt art paladins I will also be giving away the following cards from my own collection and generous donations:

  • Agent Coyle, Mechborn
  • The Defiant Hermit
  • Research (Platfoil)
  • Splitter Bot (Foil)
  • Yagron
  • The Calamity
  • Evellee, Mage Guild Recruiter
  • Tome of the Dead (Gold)
  • Hunted Dragon
  • Karckk
  • Prophet Karani
  • Avatar of Yuanshi
  • Call the Warpath
  • Nysrugh, The Insatiable (x2)
  • Voracious Goliath (x2)
  • Avatar of Daode
  • Hermit
  • Yagron
  • Zomborg
  • Zomborg (Foil)
  • Call the Warpath (Gold) (x2)
  • Our Great Leader Aberion
  • Eagle Eye (Gold)
  • Jialan, Guardian of Life (Gold)
  • Kyrallic, Origin of the Virus (Gold)
  • Ex, The Oppressor (Gold)
  • Heavenly Wish (Gold)
  • Proctul the Sniper (Gold)
  • Terror Moose (Gold)
  • Humble (Plat) (x2)
  • Emberstarter (Plat)
  • Vis, The Furious
  • Hungry Abomination
  • Prophet Karani
  • Silfurstar
  • Vasir, Unchained
  • Aunissial (Foil)
  • Azael
  • Voracious Goliath
  • Ju Lin, Who Rewrites History
  • Avarrach Has Risen
My Collection:
  • Agent Coyle, Immovable
  • The Calamity
  • Demon of Fear (Gold)
  • Paladin of the Flame Dawn (Alt Art) (x3)
  • More to be announced!

All the above cards were generously donated so they are guaranteed to be raffled off. On top of that there will be many more prizes ranging from top tier rares to top tier legends that I will be giving away from my own collection! I've never done a 24 hour stream before, but I think this will be a ton of fun and I'm really looking forwards to doing it and hope you guys will come by for as long as you can :D

Thanks a lot and I'm looking forwards to seeing lots of people at my stream :D
Stream Link:

General Game Discussion / Meta Decks Explained #1 - Tinkercide
« on: April 29, 2016, 06:25:46 AM »
Hey guys!

So I am wicked bored and it's late, so I decided to start a series of forum posts to help out newer players get adjusted to the meta and understand what decks are being used at the highest levels of play and why. Infinity wars is a game with a very complex and deep meta game, but because of it's low population and lack of any real competitive scene it can be very difficult for newer players to get adjusted to it and understand why things are good. Top players tend to just figure things out among themselves without really bothering to post decks online very often or explain why things are so good. This series of posts will basically focus on explaining what decks are good, why they are good, and what they are good against.

Ok, so before I get into the actual meat of this post I want to make a quick disclaimer saying that everything here is my opinion, and my lists are my own and may not be the absolute best way you can possibly build a given deck. That being said, I have played all the decks I will talk about extensively so I do understand what these decks are all about. Now without further adieu I present the first deck I will be reviewing, Tinkercide!

General Overview
Tinkercide is a midrange/control combo deck focused mainly on using aether acolytes combined with low cost spells such as tinker, lightning blast, and recycle to keep your opponent down while buffing up your own creatures and swinging for good damage at all stages of the game. It's an extremely versatile list capable of being strong and pumping out damage at literally every stage in the game. I decided to start with tinkercide because it is a fairly popular deck, it's versatile and fun to play, and it's relatively cheap to make compared to other decks because you don't need and expensive legendaries. Let's start out by showing some of the staples and combos for any tinkercide deck and explaining why they are so important.

Core Combo/Namesake

This is the combo the deck is named after, and it's not difficult to see why. Having two aether acolytes out at a time means that tinker will give a total of +3/+3 to your minions without losing a card, which is extremely good. It's basically like having tinkerer but you can play multiple in a turn, can overcharge it to overcharged storm late game, and it scales in value as you play more than one acolyte. The one downside to this card and the deck as a whole is that it can be very dependent on your opening hand. Not having tinker in your hand means those aether acolytes are gonna stay at pretty low stats for a lot longer than you want, and you are gonna miss out on a lot of that early game pressure tinkercide is so good at.

Siphoner/Demon of Dark Bargain/Word of Command

This is generally what you will be using to close out most of your games. Playing Demon of Dark Bargain on your priority and then using siphoner + mass death + word of command + other junk on their priority is an absolutely devastating combo and one of the reasons this deck is so good. Dark bargain also just has solid stats and you can play him with 10 mana and cast calamity the next turn without taking the turn to pump resources. Some decks rely more heavily on this combo than others, and I personally have it more as a side thing by running 2 demons and 2 siphoners, leaving more room for removal and not worrying about having 2 basically dead siphoners in my hand because I can't seem to draw a word of command or dark bargain. It is definitely not out of the question to run 3 siphoners however, and you could even possibly run 3 dark bargains if you are so brave lol.

Summoning Stone

This card is very powerful in tinkercide because you are obviously going to be playing a lot of spells throughout the course of the game. I personally run 2 of them in my deck because drawing 2-3 early in the game with no spells is generally a really bad thing, but 3 wouldn't be horrible. This card also has very good synergy with calamity and allows you to recover very quickly after either you or your opponent casts it. When I first started playing the deck I made the mistake of pumping out way too many tokens at once, but I've found this generally isn't the best approach. I try to save my summoning stone until it is at about 10/12 charges before activating it depending on what I'm playing against so I have get the most out of my trades. If you do need to activate it every turn to chump block, however, do note you cannot activate it at the start of your turn if it has 0 charges even if you are going to play abilities that turn anyways. because of this make sure to play at least one spell after activation if you plan on using it again on the next turn.

Other Staples
Some other core cards to the deck that are pretty straightforward but worth listing anyways include:
Mass Death
Gather Thoughts
Support Drone
Chain Lightning
Overcharged Storm
Calamity (not essential, just good to have)
Lightning Blast
Verore Kidnapper

These cards all add different tools to your deck and are pretty self explanatory so I feel like I don't need to go too far into them, but if you have any questions about why I am including them feel free to ask. Martyr Golems are also a possibility, but I personally don't run them because my list has so few creatures. Well that pretty much wraps up my summary of Tinkercide and the first of my posts explaining meta decks. I'm gonna just finish up by sharing my personal decklist that I run so you have something to tinker around with (no pun intended :P), and I look forward to hearing what you guys think of it! The next deck I will go over will probably be either Feartrops, Virus, or Sleeper Dojo, but we'll see! :)

My Decklist (There are 2 summoning stones below that didn't fit in the screenshot)
*Edit: Updated the decklist based on come feedback, didn't realize I had completely forgotten CTA >_<

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