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General Game Discussion / IW Flyer
« on: April 30, 2016, 09:26:25 AM »
Hey there guys!

One of the topics on my current workshop this week was about creating flyers.

For testing purposes, i made one about Infinity Wars.
I thought i could share it also with you guys here:

PS:We've won at least one new player through this.  :P

Hey there!

It's been 7 business days since i send out a bug report about this and still got no response.
I'm unable to remove a couple of guys from my friendlist.
Also i got just the first reward for the friends i've invited for reaching Level 5.
But i'm sure that all five of them are Level 5 or above.

I've attached a output log and a screenshot to my report, including my IGN (Which is the same as here on the Forums) and my email adress.

Is it possible to fix that anytime soon?

General Game Discussion / Catching up new players at Gamescom 2015
« on: July 04, 2015, 05:18:39 PM »
Hello my friends!
Don't know if you guys are aware of it, but the world largest gaming event, the Gamescom,
will open their doors from 6th to 9th August in Cologne, Germany.

My Tickets arrived just a few hours ago.

So my point about this is, why are you guys at Lightmare Studios not making some fancy Promo Codes for this event, which i could share there with some Core-Gamers?

I think this could be the best opportunity to catch up some new players.

I would even change my Cosplay from Psycho Mantis to some Agent Coyle Outfit for this. ;D

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