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Let me pop a purely hypothetical question to you guys, those who still pop on occasionally to see if there's anything worth hoping for. If you're interested, DM me.

TL/DR: If we work together, we could own and run IW. Total Costs for first month are roughly $200k. With a steep drop to about $10k /month afterwards. World's first community owned game. Are you in?

The digital card game market generates roughly $400 mil dollars in revenue yearly. Currently games like Hearthstone and Elder Scrolls Legends are the ones taking the biggest bites out of this hunk of dough. And if you've played Hearthstone or Legends after playing Infinity Wars, then you know they're crap. no offense. But when you're itching for a card game to play that has strategy and significant choices with minimal RNG then Infinity Wars is it.

Anyway I'll cut the fluff and get to it.

First and foremost we need to hammer down how to monetize the game:

Auction House. It's hard to monetize a trading card game specifically because obviously the cards can be traded. Without taking away the trading concept I believe the best way to garnish funds necessary to sustain the business will be to first limit the number of times a card can be traded. Another game did this (mabinogi duel) which I found was a great concept. Instead of having "soulbound" cards, all cards can be traded up to a maximum number of times. This will encourage people to either sell or trade their cards.


ALSO the company would sell cosmetics for players as a given.

How to grow the community:

I don't think there's any possible way to grow the player base without a complete server wipe. Of course there are many people who have invested heavily into the game and they deserve some compensation for their collections. with that in mind a server wipe is a must.

Advertising is a must. I think an animated video of the card characters being alive would be great to encourage people to try the game. similar to what hearthstone does in their advertisements.

Plans for the future:

Rotating game modes. Such as 3v1 and all for 1 up to 4 players.

additional factions. Obviously more cards as well. Likely eliminate star trek cards IF it's a continuous licensing payment agreement based on sales.

To preserve the economy of the cards there should be a limited pool per each card like in real life card games. there's not a limitless supply of particular cards. so managing that is also important to prevent an overabundance of specific card types.

Creating leagues with cash prizes down the road similar to what counter strike, league of legends and hearthstone have all done. I think it would also be important to continue the card design challenge as a monthly competition where the grand prize is implementing the card designed into the game. therefore at minimum at least 12 cards per year is added to the game.

Initial Investment:

Those who invest financially or with their time/skills should be the first to receive from any profits generated by the game. Until they're paid back in full.

I spoke with Elphie to find out how much they'd sell the company outright for. I assume the total initial investment to buy out the game would be roughly $50 - $100k AUD (I assume)

1-2 Programmers with 0-1 year/exp - $60k USD
1-2 Game Artists 0-1 yr/exp - $40k
1 Animator - $50k
APP Development - $75-$100k
Animation Commercial Cost - $50k
Miscellaneous costs - $50k

Total costs for Year 1: $450k
Minimum Costs for first month: ~ $200k Including cost to acquire game AND animated commercial costs.

doesn't hurt to ask/try.

Non-IW Discussion / League
« on: June 20, 2017, 11:55:46 PM »
add me on league of legends... I miss everyone. "Lv99 Red Chocobo"

« on: March 26, 2016, 11:08:22 PM »
Hey guys! :) how is everyone doing?

I need your help!!! I have just received an acceptance letter for Ringling College of Art and Design! Yay me! However... It requires I reserve my dorm and place in class for $500 dollars by May 1st.

Unfortunately, they won't let me pay using financial aid, or scholarships. So I have to pay this money out of pocket. I is poor. I even qualified for an application fee waiver so I have no way to come up with this in the short amount of time they've given me!

... I love my cards. I play with them, look at the art, and day dream about life with my waifus. But, I have to sell some cards to at least put a dent in this bill so PLEASE CONTACT ME if you're looking for cards, decks, coaching, or a damn good time  ::) (you know what I mean baby)

I'm selling through paypal I would like to use the family option as every little bit counts and they'll charge me otherwise. As soon as I receive payment, I will trade with you da card~

Non premium cards will sell for much cheaper than the premium counterpart. Message me in game or post on here or PM me if there's a card you're interested in. So if you're looking for non premium cards let me know. Selling everything I can sell at least until I reach my goal. All prices in U.S. dollars.

Some cards I have up for grabs include but are not limited to:

(Starting at 5 dollars higher tier is up to 10. Plat. Klore is being sold for $15.)

1 Hinekri
1 A.C. Hellbringer
1 A.C. Soulseller
1 A.C. Immovable
2 Martyr Golem
2 Evellee, Mage Guild Recruiter
1 Tygris (though I hate to give this one up)
1 Plat. Klore
1 Sol
& More!

(Starting at 3 dollars higher tier up to 5. Prems are extra.)

5 Calamity 3 Calamity
1 F. Krackk
1 Enyah
1 Plat. A.C. Assimilator
1 Corrupted Celestial Dragon
& More!

(Starting at 1.50 higher tiers up to 3 dollars. Prems are extra.)

1 G. Sinister Corruption
1 F. Aleta Tinkerer
3 Annihilate
7 Mass Death 4 Mass Death
1 F. Summoning Stone
1 G. Bromich
1 G. Kryallic
1 Kryallic
1 Aleta Sufferer
3 Tomb of Dead 2 Tomb of Dead
3 Logarithmatron
& More!

Common/Uncommon Prems:
(Starting at 1.50 more premium or demand cards up to 3)

1 G. Infested Hulker
1 G. Denial of Magic
1 G.F. Shrapnel Launcher
2 G. Support Drone
2 G. Hydra
1 G. Darkblast
1 G.F. Darkblast
3 G. Lightning Blast
1 F. Word of Command
2 F. Torch Bearer
1 G. Call the Crusade
3 Plat. Call the Crusade
1 F. Glorious Warrior
2 F. Zombie Scavenger
1 G.F. Demonic Disciple
1 Plat. F. Adaptive Ritualist
1 F. Recycle
& More!

Community Content / Archived Interviews
« on: March 17, 2016, 04:19:44 PM »
An Archiving of the Interviews conducted in the Infinity Wars Gazette.

Non-IW Discussion / LOGADD!!!
« on: March 15, 2016, 03:17:05 AM »
Logadd I be in search of thee! Please answer your PM. :D <3

General Game Discussion / RESIST THE EMPIRE? JOIN FD? HAH!!!
« on: February 23, 2016, 12:22:48 AM »
Fools trying to recruit? Fools wanting to live in peace? Hah! The madness of war is what the Exiles thrive on! We feast on your dead and your living! We consume you flesh and bone!

Yes, invite us into your armies, invite us into your homes. But with a simple word, a single day in our land, will drive you all insane, and transform your bodies into that of a DEMON!! Muahahahaha!

Stand against us and we will devour you, Stand with us and you'll get the same. We call war against you Flame Dawn! We hear mighty Aberion has what it takes to resist us on the battlefield. Well let us see, shall we? We follow Cresill! Into whatever wastes he brings us, Why? because we're sure to have fun, and leave with a smile when we are through.  8)

Dragons! The corruption has already begun in you! Your monks have been enlightened, and were driven mad by what they discovered. We cannot join you. It is you whom shall join us! For does the leaf say to the tree, come, let us plan ourselves here? No! The tree commands the leaf and now Cresill commands you!

Sorry, This looked like fun and I wanted to join in with an army that always finds a way through the madness~ c:

Suggestions / The Infinity Wars Store
« on: February 16, 2016, 07:58:35 PM »
What I want to buy in Infinity Wars vs. Stuff I don't care about. If you want to get money from me, Then please implement at least one of these suggestions otherwise it's unlikely I'll spend real money on the game anytime soon. My funds are limited, so the prices I offer will reflect that. This is what it's worth to me, and the price might be too low or too high. I invite others to make their suggestions as well.


My interest in them is low. What I'd buy are limited edition battlefields that are strange and unspecific to a faction.
  • Why? Because my choice in faction will change over time and I don't want to proclaim loyalty to a specific faction, but if the battlefield is interesting enough I'd want it.
  • Depending on rarity, and effects of the battlefield I'd pay 10 - 15 dollars U.S.
  • Alternative ways of making them available, include making it to a certain level in ranked. (This is a bit skewed since I personally think ranked should have different levels the way that League of Legends does in their ranked system there is Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc. and you receive rewards based on the level you were able to get to)

Alt. Art Cards

Anyone who's read the forums knows I want alt. art cards that are available for purchase, particularly sexy and/or whimsical. But to go into more detail, My interest in this is High. What I'd buy are specific cards especially those that I use the most often, but will buy cards I don't use often if the art is enough to my liking. I WILL NOT buy cards with real money that I don't know for sure what I'm getting. If that happens, I will buy from someone else who has the card and is offering the card at a reasonable price. (the reason most people don't use lp to buy packs is because they don't know what they're getting for sure so it's hard to justify paying for someone that could be filled with worthless junk)
  • Why? Because I like being able to personalize my deck for me and showing off my personality to my opponents. If certain packs have certain themes associated with their alt. art, then I think that's the best route to go. For Ex. Pool Party Pack (for my wonderful swim suit aleta) all cards can have something to do with a pool party.
  • Depending on rarity and availability I'd pay 1-5 dollars U.S. per card. So a max of 6-36 dollars for a set of a single card.

Physical Cards

Is it practical? No. Do I want it? Yes. Like Ian Posted in the Weekly Post #2, there Is a disadvantage to having a digital trading card game. I think selling Physical Copies of a card is cool Even if we can't play for real, I want it. My interest in this is medium. I would do it if I have some extra cast after I get my Alt. Art ect. It may be better as a reward for winning a tournament or something. Can you imagine a gold border shiny physical Infinity Wars Card? All kinds of win.
  • Why? Just the cool factor. No other reason because it's not very practical. I would feel better about winning it though, than I would buying it.
  • I would probably pay 5 - 8 dollars U.S. Per Card for this.

Animated Avatar (like the ones the great potato makes)

My Interest in this is Medium. I would Like to have one for the battle loading screen, and I would expect it to continue to play even during the game. I'd want it as a novelty and would buy it with left over LP When I purchase something with an uneven amount of LP and have a little left over.
  • Why? Because It would be cool and an easy way to get rid of extra LP that's not enough to get anything else.
  • The amount I'd be willing to pay is anywhere from .50 - 3 dollars U.S. Each. A 3 dollar version would have to be damn amazing though for me to go for it.

Art Gallery/Art Book

My interest in this is low. What would interest me is physical copies but would find digital galleries interesting as well. But, I think unlocking different art by playing the game would be better than buying them unless it's a physical copy.
  • Why? I would like to see different characters in different states, and see full body shots of characters as well that we don't have now. Some of the art in the game is really amazing.
  • Depending on content and rarity, I'd be willing to pay 20 - 30 dollars for a physical copy.
  • As a sign in reward, unlocking different art in a gallery would be an interesting route to take. It would encourage me to sign in and play, and it wouldn't be very helpful to someone who's uses bots.

Other Physical Merchandise

Highly interested in some, not so much in other options. Some ideas include POSTERS, or CLOTHING, or KEYCHAINS, etc. Having a separate store that sells physical merchandise is a good way to promote the game. The game will feed the store, and the store will feed the game.
  • Why I'd be interested? I would love to have a poster or a cutout of some kind in my room. I'm just a nerdy fan doing my best to integrate the physical world with the digital.
  • For a Poster, I'd be willing to pay 10 - 20 dollars U.S. for a poster.

What about you other players? What would you be willing to buy that you can't now? Please include things that won't make the game a Pay 2 Win game, as if this game ever becomes close to something like that, I will not play it or support it. Few games have managed to keep their games fun and interactive and profitable, without making it pay to win. But some have, so we KNOW it's possible... Examples: League of Legends, Smite, Runescape, World of Tanks (but never played this one).

Suggestions / There Should be a Tribunal System in Infinity Wars
« on: February 11, 2016, 07:16:57 PM »
A Tribunal System is a system that will allow players to judge other players on good or bad conduct and behavior.

If you're a fan of League of Legends like me, then you know you can give another player you play with good feedback either on them being helpful, or useful etc, but also if they've displayed poor sportsmanship.

While the community here is definitely one of the best I've ever experienced in all the muliplayer games i've played, I think if players have the power to say "GJ" to another player the way you can in LoL it will keep the community great. :) There are lots of ways to recognize good players, this can be a way to recognize good attitude in the community.

I think this is also a way to squash down some bots. (where if in a game you notice the other player isn't making any moves then you know they're a bot and you can give them poor feedback)

Community Content / THE INFINITY WARS GAZETTE!!!
« on: February 08, 2016, 03:37:29 PM »

Hey guys, Wayfinder here.
I'm reaching out to our new Devs to find out a little more about them personally as well as
Infinity Wars-ively. What makes them tick? What keeps them awake at night?
What are they playing when they aren't on INFINITY WARS?

But I decided, why stop there? Lets find out more about the creators and some of our top players too! So I'll be reaching out to the dev's and creators Ian and Elphie, plus anyone
who's occupied the top 5 of the leaderboards to find out more about them to add
excitement to the lives of us "little" people.  8)

!! NOTE: Please don't respond with questions on the forum post. I want to add any questions you might have to the interview set of questions. On that note(hehe it's punny), if you have questions you want to ask please PM ME ON THE FORUMS so that I can ask them during the interview!  ;D

I'll let you know who I'll be interviewing next, and you'll have a few days at a minimum to PM ME ON THE FORUMS some questions you'll want asked. Not all will be asked mind you and the devs particularly may not be able to talk much about the future. But dammit we'll ask anyway!!

Update: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
An ancient video I found on YouTube that appears to be an interview about the creation of Infinity Wars: :3 neat!

Special Events & Tournaments / Tournament 1-16-2016
« on: January 17, 2016, 12:04:57 AM »

I will be keeping you guys up to date on the Winners of each round of the Swiss Trial #2 Tournament here in case you can't watch the streams! However if you can go support your favorite player and watch their stream on Twitch!

Some of the known streamers (will be updated as I receive more links):


Please stick with us as it should be a fun ride! :D

Special Events & Tournaments / Tournament 1-13-2016
« on: January 14, 2016, 02:15:03 AM »
The tournament has Officially started folks! Gl HF!

Message me on here if you like or have questions. If after the 30 minutes your match is not yet complete, whoever is winning healthwise can be declared the winner, otherwise it will be a tie.

I will update each round on here, so anyone curious can check and see how it's all going! Be sure to watch streams if you like and root for your favorite players!

I think Electro13 is also streaming but I don't have his link...

Tourney link:

Deck Building / An Ultra Basic Guide For Building A Deck
« on: January 06, 2016, 04:47:36 PM »
I'm not sure if a guide like this has been made, but if so, it may be buried under some other helpful guides. So I'll Just add to the pile for any new players looking for some help. I thought about maybe making a Youtube video to help someone who would rather watch and listen, but I'm such a fuddyduddy I don't get this "internet" thing... So anyone that does want to make an easy to understand basic guide for general deck building, give me the link, and I'll add it to this guide! :)

Okay, First!

A FACTION dictates what kind of cards you can include in your deck. The more commanders with the same faction, the better or more rare cards from that faction you can include in your deck. Very simple.
Now, you don't need to choose a faction right away, it's best to skip it so you can look at your collection in full before deciding on what factions you want.

Okay, Second!

A DECK consists of a minimum of 40 cards. For a deck to be more predictable in your card draws, it's best to keep the deck at 40 cards. However, if you're a new player, this will be impossible. So try instead to go for 50-55 cards if possible. But as you play and test out your deck, you'll find what cards are definitely needed, situational, or cards you find you regret keeping in the deck, every time you draw them. Eventually, you'll be able to deflate your deck down ever closer to 40.  If you just can't get it below 80 here's something to keep in mind... Whenever I build a deck, I decide what I want it to do. Will it decrease moral? Or Decrease HP? What cards are better to do what I'm wanting my deck to do? In what ways does this particular card help? In what ways does it hurt? Answer those questions, if you can't, then get rid of the card. You can always change your deck back if you feel it was more helpful than you thought.

Okay, Third!

The elusive SIDEBAR is on the right hand side of the screen, directly under the deck stats. See it?  You can have I think, 11-12 cards in your Sidebar. As a new player you don't really need to use the sidebar. It's only useful if you're playing a best of 3 game, that is to say, ranked. In a ranked game, after a match, you go to your sidebar screen which allows you to switch out your cards before playing the match again. The cards to include in your side bar are the situational cards that you got rid of in the second place. Cards that destroy land cards, artifacts, and graveyard removal should be included in your sidebar if you don't have any in your deck.

Okay, Fourth!

General Info~

When you start out, it's better to use 2-3 purities-that is, factions ;) so you can familiarize yourself with the factions and make it easy on yourself to build a deck.

Some factions are easier to use than others. Based on my own experience and preference, I suggest sticking with Verore (purple), Flame Dawn (red), Sleepers (brown), and Genisis Industries (blue), first as their strategies are pretty straightforward and easy to understand.

IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO USE THE RAREST CARDS TO WIN!!!! I cannot stress this enough. For the most part, high rarity cards are cards that are more strategic to use... not stronger. So it's okay to use low rarity cards. Embrace them. <3

Try your own things and have fun! There's nothing better, to me, than building a deck and testing it out. Remember that if your deck loses the first time out, it's okay, to test it you should play maybe 3 games before deciding what you should take out and keep.

That's about it~ Easy Peasy right?! :D Have fun and look for me on the battlefield!

Non-IW Discussion / ANIME DISCUSSION!!
« on: December 31, 2015, 07:33:17 AM »
What are some animes you're looking forward to in the coming year, and what are some you're missing already? I for one am looking forward to:

The return of Shokugeki no Souma,
One Punch Man,
Tokyo Ghoul,
Rokka no Yuusha (though have not heard anything about this one)
and many others! :D

I'm sad to see One Punch man ending so soon, and other promising animes such as Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry. What are your favorite animes that are ending or have ended? And what are you looking forward to? :)

Non-IW Discussion / Merry Christmas Everyone!
« on: December 25, 2015, 01:11:22 AM »
it's a little late to say it but merry christmas infinity wars homies! :D

Suggestions / Infinity Wars Now and Forever!
« on: November 03, 2015, 04:31:32 PM »
Hello Infinity Wars Community. I've been gone from the game a while, not because I stopped enjoying the game, but rather my laptop died on me. I'm fortunate enough now to where I am able to borrow a laptop to play. After roughly 6 months or so, I'm finally back and what do I find?


A post about how the game is dying and ways to help bring it back to life. How sad it is to see this. There are two games I play, League of Legends, and Infinity Wars. There is little I can do to help build this community back to prosperity if ever there was such a thing. I'm not a professional and I don't own equity in anything, but I am a consumer, and I do feel that my opinion or Ideas on the matter at hand is worth a listen. I feel that any other opinions from other concerned players is also welcome and of worth. All this said, I want to list some Easy and Quick and Cheap ways to bring some life back into this game that I love.

First off, I realize this is not a million dollar company yet, but I feel that it has all the potential to be Bigger than even Magic the Gathering. Bottom line is, the problems Infinity Wars is facing, is NOT the game itself. The concept differentiates itself enough to stand above many other card games that are right now rather successful and making a profit.

So if we accept that the problem is not with the game then we have to look at execution, development, community, and marketing. So addressing these problems, there is no neutral, if something is good, it's good, if something is not good, then it is bad.

Lets start with perhaps the most effective issue...Marketing...
There is none. For a game that has been out for 3 years to have no presence whatsoever is not good. Easy ways to overcome this issue and increase player base instantly is:

Follow-up Youtube Videos...
     Simply updating your youtube videos would increase your presence in the digital world and it would help players current and new feel that the developers care and are still paying attention to the game in some way.
Youtube and Phone App Ads...
     Youtube ads are relatively cheaper than most other options and it reaches the most people. Youtube ads are a cost, and with a company of this size it will likely be significant, but later I will address the problem with the revenue stream and hopefully there is a way that we can change this.
App Development...
     This is another cost solution. But there are other card game applications for phones that are doing well. Even better than Infinity Wars, the reason, I believe, is only because Infinity Wars isn't an app. If ever there was a game that was meant for micro transactions, a trading card game is it! I know this one well because when my computer was dead, I was on the hunt, for a game similar to this one on my phone. I know it's a big initial expense and working for nothing is no fun, but the payoff to it, compared to the risk it brings, is worth it, and again, this would solve many problems instantly.

Next up is the problems with Execution.... Execution in this sense is how you're addressing the potential of the game, and how you're attempting to make the game profitable... Frankly this should be a gold mine, much more so than online poker anyway. The problem is the execution of trying to make money. These of course, are only suggestions, and I don't know if they would completely work but I'm sure they could be made to work better than what you have now. And might I add, making money, is extremely important at this stage, because if after 3 years your business isn't making money, it's just a hobby not a business...

Lightmare Points...
     Lightmare points are stupid. There I said it. Everyone is thinking it, but now I finally said it. This is not a tower defense game, or a real time strategy waiting game, this is a trading card game. As such there is no point in having a different in game currency. Treat the digital cards like they're real cards instead of like they're pretend. How do we go about getting revenue then? you might be asking, well I'm glad you asked, the answer is
    Call this something other than donations otherwise it will sound like begging and that's not the best thing even if it is needed. Instead, what I'm saying is I have 5 dollars, I want to support you the developers, I have the option to buy LP, but I'm not going to do it. As a consumer, that's a stupid buy when I could buy what I want from someone else, or save infinity points for the random cards. And while I want to support you the developers, I'm broke, and am not going to spend my last 5 bucks on something where I don't know what I'm getting. Instead think back to when you were crowd funding and looking for a way to get this dream off the ground. Say for 5 dollars, you get 2 packs (which is what you offer now) and an Infinity Wars Poster Mailed to you Free! well, if even all i had was 5 dollars (which i do) I would spend it on this. Because Hell yeah! You might say but the poster is another cost, and you're right, but, if the poster and the 2 packs cost 3 dollars, you're still making 2 dollars, where you would have made nothing from me. Use real world merchandise to encourage these things otherwise, making money from a card game will be difficult if not impossible to do.
    Now I hate ads as much as anybody, but right now I think you need it. Not just any add because many of them have viruses attached to them and people would avoid playing if you added those kinds of ads, but if after every other game, a short video would pop up showing me why I just need to go out and see the new Peanuts movie came up, I wouldn't hate you. And it's only 15 seconds at this point, if I have to spend 15 seconds of my day to keep you guys going and developing and loving this game as much as me, then so be it. for now.
Sale Cards...
     Here is something to give you instant profit, make cards with alternative art. Simple, Easy, and 100% margins. Use real money for these ones, no need to sugar coat it with "Lightmare Points." Sell alternative art for your cards. Much the same way League of Legends sells skins for game characters, it's the same thing. I would add I have spent probably 200 dollars on League of Legends and I would do the same for Infinity Wars if my Aleta, Immortal Tinkerer was in a sexy--- errr I mean, "Tasteful," bunny suit. or If she was an out of date 1980's robot chick from outer space. This, I definitely believe, would be where you make the bulk of your money. If you decide to implement this.

Next we have Development... I can't help, but point out, rather frustratedly I might add, that the issues driving away new players, is NOT the level cap. In fact the high level cap and promise of new and amazing emblems is what drove me to keep going. Not showing other players how hard I worked to get the Emblems I earned however, pisses me off to say the least. It's like a slap in the face. And while spending time and money on making new cards is important, I think rejuvenating the game takes precedence. In this case I think more time and engery should be put into making:

     You guys seem to be losing interesting, why? because you're not making money. That's understandable of course. So why are you focusing more on minor issues rather than on profit?
Game Modes...
     If I can play a game of magic with 3 of my friends, or IW with only 1, I'll probably play Magic. Why is this point important? If can't play with all the friends I make on this game, Or with the friends I invite, why would I keep inviting people or making friends? It may not seem as important of an issue, but I really believe more variety is crucial to building the community.
     I'm not going to spend a lot of time here since everyone knows about the bugs. What worries me more is that the same bugs from 6 months ago are still present even now. That said, as long as the game is still playable, then I think most people will stick with the game, as long as there's a promise to fix the issues that are present.
Enthusiasm for the Game...
     I realize it's probably really difficult to maintain your enthusiasm for the game given where it stands today. And you're probably saying that some of the ideas this guy has are credible, but there's no way to address them because we're stretched out thin enough as it is.. Well, if you have no enthusiasm it might be better to sell to someone that is. But I hope that's not what you would do, instead, find some recently graduated college kids, or some individuals with experience in whatever you're needing, and offering them equity in the business in exchange for their help. I don't think more hands on deck would be a bad thing and this is a way to do it. Also you could offer art contests or movie contests to where the winner will have their work used in the development of the game. Pretty simple over all and it would really help with the work load. Asking for a little help from the community is not a bad thing when the alternative is losing everything.

Anyway, these are my thoughts and opinions on the matter. I love this game, that's why I took the time to write all of this. If I didn't care I'd just go back to League of Legends or play hearthstone or some other God awful card game. But I'm not, I want to stick with this game because it's the best card game I've ever played. Better than pokemon, magic the gathering, and hearthstone. There is Real potential here Lightmare, please fight for it! I love this game.
Opposing opinions? Thoughts? Comments? Feedback? Please express them. My hope, since I can do nothing more than type this, is that in some way this will help keep this game around for 100 years more. Thanks for reading.

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