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Flame Dawn / Ferocity wording
« on: February 08, 2015, 11:33:32 PM »
The wording of Ferocity says that the target character "attacks this turn", rather than simply moving into the assault zone.
Does this mean it can get around the "cannot attack" imposed by Veroria, the Lone Keep, or somehow magically make Gao Han attack from the defense zone? Does it prevent Fleeting Footman from running away at the first sign of trouble?

(I know the answer is probably "no", but if this was a paper card game rather than a programmed one, I'm sure there'd be arguments over this.)

Lore / Completely legit Chinese name readings (DoD)
« on: January 17, 2015, 09:39:58 AM »
Being a Chinese-speaker, I find it pretty amusing sometimes to take names or phrases for which only the pinyin is provided and try to guess what the corresponding characters could be.
It works sometimes.

Anyway, since there's an entire faction where all the named characters (apart from Tibat, although he could be named in a dialect I'm unfamiliar with? Oh, and Kung Ji, who is probably from Hong Kong or something. Also, he's Confucius. 100% truth.) have convenient pinyin names, I thought I'd try this on them.

Without further ado:

First impression - 金海, "golden sea"
Alternatively - 仅害, "only harm" (New headcanon: DoD is actually the most evil faction. I mean, even Verore cares more about the monkey than they do. Even the zombies care more about the monkey.)

Xia Han:
First impression - 夏汉, "summer manly-man" - OK, not really. What I had in mind was that it's a place for the Han people (the majority ethnicity in China), named after the family of Xia (since that's a fairly common surname). Its full name could easily be 夏汉大城, literally "Big Castle of the Han People of the Xia Family", or something.
Alternatively - 瞎喊, "blindly yelling"

Mian (Monastery):
First impression - 面, "noodles" or "face" (they're the same character in Simplified Chinese)
Alternative - 勉, something along the lines of "to endeavour"
...One of these might make a bit more sense than the others.

First impression - 道德, meaning something like civilisedness or "model citizen"-ship
Alternatively - 倒的, "that which is upside-down" o_o

First impression - 原始, meaning how something was originally or at the beginning
Alternatively - 怨事, "that thing I'm still holding a grudge about" (suits him)

First impression - 陵宝, a pretty plausible name that translates to something like "treasure of the hill"
Alternatively - 零包, "zero bags"

First impression - Is that a pun? (It's literally pronounced the same way as "she", so... "She who honours the dead"?)
Second impression, because the first one doesn't count - 溪, a stream (no, not that kind, the kind with actual water)
Alternatively - 洗, "to wash"

First impression - 居林, "to live in the woods" (this suits him pretty well)
Alternatively - 巨鳞, "gigantic scale" (that's the fish kind of scale - or the dragon kind, I guess)

First impression - 尊神, "respectable/respectful of god/will/spirit"
Alternatively - 樽身, "bottle-body" o_o

Gao Han:
First impression - 高汉, "tall manly-man"
...That suits him too well for any alternatives to exist.

First impression - 佳兰, "good-quality orchid" (I can see actual Chinese ladies being named that)
Alternatively - 价滥, "excessive price"

...And last but not least, everyone's favourite(?) dragon!

Ao Shun:
First impression - Is that in pinyin or not? ("shun" is pretty rarely encountered in pinyin; I see it more often in Cantonese transliterations)
Alternatively - 奥顺, "super deep and wise smoothness" (OK, there are several ways to translate this, but they only seem to get messier)

That should be just about all of them. Did I miss any?

(Oh, and Kung Ji doesn't actually have to be from Hong Kong. The pronunciation of Cantonese is pretty much like ancient Chinese, so he's probably just secretly centuries old. Same with Ao Shun, but less secretly.)

Edited to add locations, Gao Han, and Jialan.

Fan-Art & Fan-Fiction / Qipao Hinekri
« on: January 09, 2015, 12:22:30 PM »
I noticed that in spite of all the Hinekri-worship going on here, there hasn't been any fanart of her, so I made something.

One day, her disciples brought her a a collection of items that seemed to be from the walled city - a strange dress, a golden hoop, and a bell. Adorning herself with them, she gazed curiously into the most intact mirror in the abandoned house she resided in.
"Beautiful," a disciple said.
She giggled, twirling. Her tail whipped around, piercing the mirror and shattering it with the tinkle of a bell.

...Well, something like that. DoD seems to be based on China in some era before the invention of the qipao, so I suppose the Princess is at the cutting edge of fashion.

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