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Trading Post / WTS Collection
« on: January 08, 2015, 11:34:45 PM »
Willing to sell this collection of epics and rares also includes 270 common/uncommon pm me in game if interested

IGN Kingbdf1337

Special Events & Tournaments / Tournament League Suggestion
« on: December 26, 2014, 05:32:46 PM »
hey guys i have an idea for a tournament league tell me what u think

Entry 5$ per competitor (price of entry goes toward packs for the tournament prize)

32 players per tournament will do as many tournaments as i can a week once i figure out how long the 5 round tournament will take all rounds in the tournament will happen same day

Will be 5 round swiss tournaments each win gets you 1 League point each loss gets you 0.5 league points

9th-12th 1 pack of choice
5th-8th 3 packs of choice
3rd and 4th 6 packs of choice
2nd 12 packs of choice
1st 24 packs of choice

Also based on place in the tournament you will get a multiplier on your league points you earned in the tournament
17th-32nd x1
9th-16th x1.5
5th-8th x2
3rd-4th x3
2nd x4
1st x5

Each league will run 3 months Seasonally Winter Spring Summer Fall
at the end of each season the top 16 members in the league (the 16 members with most league points) will participate in a 16 man single elimination tournament the winner recieving a high value plat foil or gold foil card and IP bonuses for the other members based on place TBA

Also each member at the end of each season who participated will recieve 100 IP per 1 League point they earned that season.

Need to check some things make sure this is all possible will post here with future announcements let me know what u guys think or any additions or suggestions

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