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What's up all,

I'm finally making this post to formally put my entire collection for sale

If you've seen my collection before, you already know there is way too much to list. Below I'll list just a few sample pieces from the collection so you have an idea of what kind of stuff is in there:

1x Plat-Foil Agent Coyle, Immovable (1 of a kind)
2x Gold-Foil Alt Art Mass Death (5 in existence)
1x Plat-Foil Klore
1x Plat-Foil Evellee
1x Plat-Foil Agent Coyle, Soulseller
1x Plat-Foil Sol
1x Plat-Foil Vasir Demon Prince
1x Plat-Foil Die another Day
1x Plat-Foil Yagron
1x Plat-Foil Liand
5x Gold-Foil Agent Coyle, Mechborn
1x Gold-Foil Defiant Hermit
1x Gold-Foil Agent Coyle, Primal Hunter
1x Gold-Foil Hinekri
1x Gold-Foil Agent Coyle, Zomborg
1x Gold-Foil Tygris
1x Gold-Foil Agent Coyle, Soulseller
1x Gold-Foil Gaohan Champ

This is strictly off the top of my head at work, and is just a small introduction into what's in the collection. Keep in mind everything that I just listed are ALL double premium legendaries. What I described doesn't include other double premium legends I'm forgetting about atm and doesn't even begin to touch on epics, rares, or comms/uncomms.

My original position has changed, and I am going to periodically lower the bulk price for my entire collection until it sells. I am starting it at $3,000 for now. While this is my desired price, I am open to offers as well to see what I can get right now. Transactions will be completed via paypal.

EDIT 4/25/2017: Make an offer and we'll talk

If you want to buy specific pieces, shoot me a PM with what you're looking for and what your offer is. I would much rather sell everything as a whole set, so if you are looking for singles it will likely be more individually expensive than if you are trying to buy everything in a bulk deal.

Shoot me a PM via forum if you're interested, will not be logged into the game.

See yall!

Trading Post / Selling Cards -- Premiums of all kinds + Norms
« on: March 28, 2016, 04:26:10 AM »
Hello all,

So this game is horrible and I am selling my stuff as a result.

Not selling every piece but most of it is available.

Hard to find double prems are not going to be cheap.

PM me with any specific card requests / set up a time to meet me in game.


Suggestions / Proper Incentives Plan
« on: March 14, 2016, 03:28:15 PM »
So there is currently a lot of talk regarding how poorly infinity borders serve to incentivize competitive players, how daily rewards are underwhelming, and the issue is being raised as to what the best way to keep players around is.

While I will not make it a major point to provide any actual reward suggestions (the new team seems extremely good at crunching data and creating sensible plans from there), here are some structures I think should definitely be implemented / modified.

1) A daily / monthly reward structure.

Right now, we have rewards for 5 straight days. And when we get to the 6th day, the loop starts over from reward #1. This is not exciting or interesting.

I propose a 30-day reward scheme. And, if you miss a day, you don't start back at the beginning, but just start off from the last time you logged in / the last reward you got. The catch is, if you don't log in for all 30 days, you won't get the big prize at the end. And yes, for this to be worthwhile, the prize at the end needs to be something good, something that players will make sure to log in for 30 days in a row for...whether that's a premium booster pack that is otherwise unobtainable (if your goal is to level out the premium market), or an otherwise unobtainable IP boost for duration of time, or whatever.

Why is this important? The reality is a 5 day structure is too narrow and too short to provide any excitement regarding rewards, because 5 days is just not a lot of time. Obviously, it doesn't make sense to give major rewards every 5 days. But major rewards are what will incentivize people, not frequent mini rewards.

There would also, of course, be benchmarks. So 7 days you'd get something cool, 14 days you'd get something better, 21 days you'd get something better yet, and at the end of the month you'd get the grand prize. Again, not suggesting any things in particular, but you get the idea.

2) Rewards for first win of the day / first 3 wins of the day / first 5 wins of the day

Taken right out of League of Legends. When I played, I would make sure to log in and play until I got at least 1 win so I wouldn't squander my "win of the day" bonus.

A weekly or monthly or whatever reward structure would be good for getting players into the game, but what keeps them logged in? Why not log in to collect on the log-in reward, and then log-out to spend your time doing something else?

First wins of the day rewards are what keep people actually playing the game, even for just a short period of time. This makes more dedicated players -- players who are really trying to play frequently and improve their game -- have a more healthy player pool to get matched with, and would improve queue times overall.

Because this would be a daily reward people could collect on, prizes should be appealing but not overwhelming. This makes it a perfect complement to a monthly log-in reward system.

It can be as easy as first 5 wins = double IP on those wins. It could be as complex as First win = 1.5x IP, First 3 wins = 2x IP, 5th win = free collection blisters. Or whatever! As long as it exists, and the rewards are actually decent.

3) Tradeable tournament rewards

While I personally don't have any major issues with the infinity border idea, I also have to confess that it doesn't particularly make me want to play any more than when it didn't exist, and so it seems to have fallen short as an incentive (I haven't played in a tournament for a long time).

Fixing this problem is simple. Add some tradeable reward to the infinity bordered cards so that the card is just a pleasant add on. People would definitely LIKE to have the card, but they wouldn't play in a tournament and grind out a 1st place standing JUST for the card.

1st place gets 25 boosters + 2 IB cards of choice, 2nd place gets 15 boosters and 1 IB card of choice, 3rd place gets 10 boosters. Again, rewards not necessarily based on data, but I leave that to LM and Yodo.

I know that giving away boosters seems like you're giving away too much potential money. But realistically, a lot of top players aren't going to be buying boosters anyway. They have everything they need. Only a few are collectors who might splurge on boosters now and then. Giving boosters to these people would not really affect cash flow in any way, but would a) grant them some excitement in their victory as opening packs is ALWAYS going to be a thrill b) potentially create more premiums in the market, which seems to have been a designated goal for the future of the game and c) actually give these people a reason to play. If the reward was 25/15/10 boosters packs, I would sign up for sure, because there are a lot of potential in those boosters, and I know I am capable of placing within that range. Currently, however, tournaments are more of a pain for me than desirable, as rewards are lackluster and budgeting time in my day for them is just annoying.

4) Default reward for playing in the tournament.

Tournaments should be a big deal. Rethorian / Drew / whoever else shouldn't have to actively contact people and recruit people for their tournaments. They should have so many people waiting to play that they can't accommodate them all.

There are a few reasons why this is not the case. Two that I want to hone in on:

- Rewards are bad
- Players know they can't, with their current skills, place high enough for prizes

Now, I already addressed the issue with high placement rewards. But the reality is that, necessarily, only 3 people will reap the benefit of those top placement rewards. Everyone else gets jack.

Rethorian did it right when he made sure that ANYONE who entered the tournament won SOMETHING. It doesn't have to be much -- even just 1 booster would be encouraging.

There should also be random raffles for prizes during these tournaments, where anyone is eligible as long as they stayed for the whole time and played through all their matches. This should be a solid prize, as it makes players -- not just top players -- excited about playing till the end. 10 boosters (relative to what the sample reward structure was) does not seem terrible, and promotes a lot more excitement about just playing without having to place high for the chance at rewards.

5) Amateur Brackets / Elimination Bracket

To further encourage lower-level players to play in tournaments, people who get eliminated should be seeded into their own bracket and allowed the chance to duke it out for similar rewards. Instead of the proposed/sample 25/15/10 structure for 1st/2nd/3rd place respectively, maybe something like 8/6/4, or whatever. Not only would this serve to encourage new players to join tournaments, but they can feel as though they have a chance to actually win something, even if it is not the top spot. Because let's be honest, if you match adorabear with xxyungmoneyxx, adorabear is going to win at a percentage approaching 100. My main man yungmoney doesn't really have any reason to play in the first place, because he knows he's going to lose. An amateur bracket would give him another chance to actually have the feeling of winning, against players who are more likely closer to his skill level.

The only downside of this is that tournaments would take longer to finish. But it is also true that not everyone would have to stay during the amateur bracket...only people actually in the bracket would have to stay and duke it out, while everyone else could go on about their business.

There is plenty more that can be done, but I feel that if these structures are implemented and actually embedded with sensible rewards, player retention and overall enthusiasm would see a lot of improvement.

I would say this is, after fixing endless turns and making the game work flawlessly from a functional perspective, among the most important issues to address.

There is a bug that makes units randomly move from assault to defense and vice versa. I also remember seeing someone try to deploy fortress golem from command and overcharge it only to have it bounce back into command.

This is extremely game breaking. Please look into it / make it a priority to fix it.

Crafting in Infinity Wars is something that players have been asking for for a long time. It is something that, if done properly, has a huge amount of potential to satisfy players and reboot the economy by attributing value to unusable cards.

With that said, here is my proposition:

The Infinity Altar

Example Layout:

(Sorry for weird layout, scroll to the side on the bottom of the page to see the whole thing)


Sacrifice 5 cards of the same rarity to acquire 1 random card of the next rarity up.

Number of cards required to be sacrificed varies depending on card rarity.


- Sacrifice 5 rares to the altar to obtain 1 random epic

- Sacrifice 5 epics to the altar to obtain 1 random legendary

Commons -> Uncommons and Uncommons -> Rares should also be implemented but I'm not sure what the ratio on these should be. 5 Uncommons for 1 Rare would make it way too easy to obtain rares.

- Could also be used for gold cards and foil cards, but highly recommended to start with just normal cards first and see how it works



What will this accomplish?

This system is fundamentally a card sink that will restabilize the economy by redistributing value from legendaries to rares and epics and will ultimately move the game's economy to as close to equilibrium as it can be. This will also make players happy overall.

Right now, there is a huge overabundance of rares and epics and good legendaries are extremely scarce. This results in an imbalanced economy where rares are worth near nothing and sought after legendaries are worth a ton.

By enabling players to turn their rares into epics and epics into legendaries, players actually have a use for their garbage cards. This gives value to these cards, which makes them more desirable. Sinking rares into epics and legendaries also reduces the overall number of rares and epics in players' collections, which makes them less common, which incentivizes people to trade for them.

Additionally, as garbage cards retain value, sought after legs lose value because they will be more common, which is desirable. Players have said for a long time that they feel like strong legendaries are too difficult to find and make it extremely difficult for players who don't have them to play against players who do. By making these legendaries more common, players can more readily enjoy using the cards, which is good.

Ultimately, garbage cards rise in value, legendaries decrease in value, and everyone has less cards in their collections, which means every card opened out of a pack, no matter if it is an unusable rare or a top tier epic, will have some degree of value. With this system, no matter what a player pulls from a pack, he will at least gain some value, and can use it to trade for what he is actually looking for.

Let me know what you think. There are a few kinks that would need to be worked out, but the concept itself I think is extremely valuable.

Deck Building / Angelic Veroria -- 2p CoV / 1p OoS
« on: January 16, 2016, 05:23:48 AM »
Hello all,

I am working on a new, extraordinarily interactive deck revolving around Veroria and Direct Damage. Nothing new, but the extra OoS purity brings a few interesting things to the table.

I am posting this not as a finalized list, but as an idea to be tested and optimized. LMK what you think!

Deck List:

2p CoV / 1p OoS


Striker of Solace
Thunder Apprentice
Thunder Apprentice

Main Deck:

3x Wealthy Noble
3x Adaptive Brute
3x Candit
1x Tyra

3x Gather Thoughts
1x Recycle
2x Calamity
3x Siphon Structure
3x Anger of Veroria
3x Dark Blast
2x Overcharged Storm
3x Mass Death
2x Angelic Veil
2x Solace's Peace

3x Lone Keep

3x Mysterious Box of Wonder

Unique Combos:

Candit + Box = Constant stream of cards. Turn 4 candit + sac box = 4 cards on that 1 turn.

Veil + Lone Keep + Anger of Veroria = Veil prevents Lone Keep + Anger of Veroria from doing self damage.

Solace's Peace + Lone Keep + Anger of Veroria = Always keep health high.

Solace's Peace + Candit + Box = Always have cards in hand.

Tyra + Solace's Peace/Overcharged Storm = Instantly reduce hand size to 0 if you are missing the few damage to win.

Concerns / Where I want to Improve:

1) Command looks really weird honestly. I am going for early pressure to allow deck to ease into mid game without having to deal as much with aggro. I feel like there is something better, maybe rubble golem, but not sure. I like the double apprentices since they are always prioritized by enemy nukes etc.

GL testing, LMK what you think!

Trading Post / TheRealTuna's LF List
« on: January 05, 2016, 01:06:39 PM »
Hi all,

Looking for the following cards. Have an enormous amount of stuff available for trade, I'm sure we can work something out if you have something from my list.

Most Important:

Gold-Foil Paladin of the Flame Dawn x1

Gold-Foil Aleta, Immortal Caretaker x 1

Any Gold-Foil or Plat-Foil Legendary

Gold-Foil Sacullas x2

Other Stuff:

Foil Calamity x 1 (can trade you a gold one if you want an easy 1:1, otherwise we can decide something else)

Gold / Gold-Foil Undeath Wish x 1

Gold-Foil / Plat-Foil Inevitable Dead x 2

Gold-Foil / Plat-Foil Chef x 2

Will keep adding as I remember stuff. PM me via forum or in game if you have something from here (forum might be better as I can't always be logged in). IGN: TheRealTuna


Hi folks,

I have been getting questions from newer players with regard to drafting successful decks.

While I definitely don't consider myself to be the best drafter, I have enjoyed pretty solid results by sticking to certain fundamentals, and almost always at least break even with the decks I draft. I have also been towards / at the top of the weekly draft boards pretty much every week for the last month or however long, so I do have some idea of what I'm talkin' bout!

I am sure that other people will have other drafting strategies or different perspectives regarding certain cards. This is not a be-all-end-all post; this is just what I've experienced in my time drafting and over all thousands of hours of game time logged on steam.

I won't include Epics or Legs in any of these lists, as they are extremely uncommon during rift runs.

Also, I'm sure there are some things I'll miss, so feel free to comment / PM with that stuff.

What's Generally Good in Draft?

Consistent Flow of Creatures, Efficient Creatures, and Removal/Control. You should only ever pick something other than these if you have no other choice, or see something that particularly compliments a strategy you're trying to build.

Command Strategy + Ideal Commanders

The commanders you select for draft determine the rest of your deck's desired resource curve.

For example, if you have 4 and 5 cost commanders, you're going to want to heavily saturate your deck with lower cost cards to make sure you have plays to make earlier. If you have low cost commanders, you can more heavily saturate your deck with higher cost cards to ensure proper scaling into mid-game.

You should always try to get solid, low resource commanders, because that will solidify plays on your earlier turns and allow you to saturate your deck more heavily with stronger, high cost cards to ensure your transition into mid game

Something like Genesis Researcher, which is low cost but with horrendous stats, would not apply here. The card should be low cost but have decent stats or effects.

If you aren't given an option to choose an efficient low cost, and have to pick between a crappy low cost and a solid high cost, go for the high cost, and accommodate your heavy command zone with low cost picks throughout the draft.

Ideal Commanders

- Aleta, Immortal Caretaker
- Rita, Mistress of Shadow
- Aleta, Immortal Sufferer
- Aleta, Immortal Tinkerer

(Aleta OP)


Examples of Solid Commanders that are More Common

- Diseased Zombie
- Torchbearer
- Neophyte Summoner
- Support Drone


Strong Individual Cards by Faction

These are cards that I will nearly always pick if available, regardless of the rest of my deck and purity combinations. If there are two or more of these cards within one pick, I pick the one I think best compliments what is already in my deck, or what I am hoping for from my following picks.


- Flame Dawn Commando
- Sacullas, the Final Hammer
- Intimidating Rally
- Harbinger of Light
- Pyr, Fortress of the Flame Dawn

Cult of Verore

- Verore Kidnapper
- Rubble Golem
- Lightning Blast
- Word of Command
- Death Ray
- Overcharged Storm
- Chain Lightning
- Mass Death
- The Hellmouth

Descendants of the Dragon

- Glorious Warrior
- Infected Monk
- Zunshen, the Resolute General
- Xi, Who Honors the Dead
- Xi, Ascended
- Chef
- Monk of the Second Moon
- Balance
- Yuanshi's Wrath
- Daode's Protection
- Humble


- Hulking Sniper
- Hehkeem
- Rakarl
- Dropbear
- Skraar
- Pack Leader
- Granthar, Elder Ape
- Subdues the Meek
- Aunissial
- Fight!
- Denial of Magic
- Primal Rage
- Eucalyptus Tree
- Hunted Down

Genesis Industries

- Support Drone
- Splitter Bot
- Upgrade
- Scouting Mission
- Controlled Temporal Anomaly

Sleepers of Avarrach

- Evolving Parasite
- Hekheem, the Corrupted
- Inevitable Dead
- Overwhelming Dead
- Raise Dead


- Adaptive Ritualist
- Infected Devil
- Splat
- Chaos in the Ranks
- Demonize
- Descent into Madness
- Descension
- Kidnapped by Demons

Overseers of Solace

- Harbinger of Law
- Cassial, the Selfless
- Banish
- Guns of Goliath
- Heaven's Assistance
- Higher Calling
- Mysterious Box of Wonders


- Shikana, who Demands Tribute
- Zuza, Angelic Siren
- Winds of War
- Gather Thoughts (more of a good filler than an ideal pick)

Cool list! But what about all the other cards in the game that I encounter!?

There are many cards I have not listed here that are still very usable in rift, such as Hubris of the Strong, Call the Crusade, Zombie Scavenger, and many, many more.

It is extremely important to maintain a focused metacognitive state while you draft. You need to actively ask yourself which card is most efficient for your current faction combo, which card is most efficient on its own, etc.

Be able to identify efficient and non-efficient cards is a function of experience.

An experienced player will never, ever picked Genesis Researcher in draft. Why? It has a horrendous effect and has piss-poor stats. This card should literally never be picked.

By the same token, an experienced player will recognized that, even though Glorious Warrior is just a common, it has a hugely impactful effect and has extremely good stats for its cost, and will almost always pick it if it comes up.

I will try to compile a full list of cards at a later date though to provide a more accurate picture of what cards should be considered for a pick and what cards should just never be picked.

Drafting for Combos

More often than not, drafting is more about picking individually efficient cards than trying to fish for strong combos.

That doesn't mean, however, that you can't have combos in your draft deck.

I have found that the most reliable combos and decks derive naturally from strong card picks.

Let's look at one of my favorite combos, for example: Jetpack + Anti Air missile.

As you sift through your draft picks, you shouldn't prioritize Anti Air missile just because you want to employ this combo. Anti Air missile is a situational card at best.

However, Jetpack is an extremely useful card, and you might elect to pick it on the card's own merit, not because you want to use it for a combo.

As you go through your picks, you notice an anti-air missile pop up, and you already have 2 jetpacks in your deck that you picked because jetpack in and of itself is a potent card. You may NOW pick up an anti-air missile if you have no better choice, since you already have the cards to support the combo.

You can think of combos in draft as being dependent and independent parts. You always want to try and pick up the independent, or individually efficient, part of the combo before you pick up the dependent, or individually situational, part.

As a rule, I always take 1 less of the situational piece than the amount of efficient pieces in my deck. For example, if I were using 3 jetpacks, I would include no more than 2 missiles. If I were using 2 jetpacks, I would include no more than 1 missile. If I only drafted 1 jetpack, I would probably not opt to take any missiles.

Fundamental Faction Strategies and Combos by Faction and Purity


In draft (and in general), regardless of purity, FD excels at two things: rush and stumbling.

Stumble, Exhaust, Intimidating Rally, Flagbearer, Harbinger of Light, Flashbang, and so on are going to be your best bets. Early chargers like Fleeting Footman, FD Paladin, FD Hound, etc will serve you well.

I always try to get 1 Timely Strike as well, maybe 2 if I really have a ton of stumbles. These are amazing and unexpected removal options in draft, and can be easily combined with various stumbling options for reliable removal. An extremely reliable way to deal with Zuza as well.

Personal Purity Preference: 1p. You get all essential tools from FD with just 1p. The further you delve into FD purity, the more fixated it becomes around the central rush strategy of FD, which I really haven't had much success with in draft. This doesn't mean that 2p FD is bad per se, only that I don't do great with it in draft.

Potent + Reasonably Attainable Faction Combos:
 - FD + SoA: Fear + Ferocity, Fear + Call the Crusade
 - FD + OoS: Access to Ferocious Flyer, Mysterious Box + Sacullas
 - FD: Zuza + Timely Strike (the fork of legends)

Cult of Verore

In draft, CoV shines due to its control-oriented capabilities.

Lightning blast, Death Ray, Verore Kidnapper, and Overcharged Storms/Mass Deaths are insanely useful cards in pretty much every draft matchup you'll encounter. Word of Command is also a very versatile card that can help you in pretty much any situation.

The Hellmouth is also an extremely useful location that provides a steady stream of flying tokens, and grants tremendous card advantage.

Personal Purity Preference: 1p or 2p. 1p provides excellent control capabilities while allowing for other stronger double purity combinations. 2p provides even greater control, but 2p CoV doesn't really have too many beatsticks or practical win cons in draft in my experience, or at least not as many as other factions.

Potent + Reasonably Attainable Faction Combos:
 - CoV + SoA: Fear + Word of Command, Access to Infest
 - CoV + DoD: Access to Yuanshi's Wrath, Rubble Golem + Balance (+ WoC)

Descendants of the Dragon

I don't love DoD in draft.

Fundamentally, DoD is a defensive faction, and especially when you approach 2p and 3p DoD, you get pigeonholed into very defensive styles of play typically.

There are some great perks to DoD, however.

Balance is extremely versatile and in most cases beneficial to have. Yuanshi's wrath is fantastic removal. Xi, Who Honors the Dead is great token gen. Humble is still amazing. Chefs are nice unit maintenance.
Zunshen and Glorious Warriors are also nice.

Personal Purity Preference: 1p. Everything good in DoD for draft are all 1p, therefore we don't need to go to 2p. 2p is actually detrimental in my opinion because it brings in things like Adorable Monkeys, Masked Warriors, etc which are so inexcusably sad for draft. 1p or nothing.

Potent + Reasonably Attainable Faction Combos:
 - DoD + Exiles: Access to Tibat, Yuanshi's + Spont Combust, Hyper Removal in General
 - DoD + CoV: Access to Heat Wave, Lightning Blast, etc, Rubble Golem + Balance (+ WoC)
 - DoD + OoS: Access to Xi, Ascended
 - DoD: Balance + Rubble Golem


Warpath is phenomenal in draft because of its bulky creatures and reliable resource curve.

Eucalyptus Trees, Pack Leaders, Skraars, Aunis, Hekheem, and so much more. Fight! and Hunted Down are both extremely reliable removal options. BLBPs combined with Wealthy Nobles can ensure a solid resource curve if you are stuck with bulky commanders. WP has so many bulky units that crappy choices you'll be faced with while drafting will end up in something like tusked behemoth at worst, which is still a 12/14 at your disposal. At least it's not a genesis researcher!

Super common creatures, such as one of many, enraged hulker, and so on are actually really potent in draft. 8/9 for 3 is definitely a solid play, especially from such a common card.

Personal Purity Preference: 2p or 3p if you're lucky. Almost everything that makes WP stand out as a monster faction in draft is in 2p or higher. There is really just not that much in 1p WP that makes it worth aiming for.

Potent + Reasonably Attainable Faction Combos:
 - WP + Exiles: Access to Spawn, Splat + Rite of Rage
 - WP + CoV: Black Bind Witch + Fight!
 - WP: Fight! + Rite of Rage

Genesis Industries

GI is great because of easily accessible buffing and universally strong buffing.

Support Drones, Splitter Bots, Upgrade, and so on available from only 1p. CTA, Laser Cannon, Cannon Fire all decent removal.

2p opens up a lot more options and starts to make GI feel much more tribal, and is when you'll really be excited to see your Luccas pop up.

Don't forget the godly Jetpack + Anti Air Missle combo! Especially great if you have already drafted a few jetpacks (as they are universally useful) and are stuck with Anti Air Missle and other crappy cards in a pick.

Personal Purity Preference: 2p or 3p if you're lucky. 1p is definitely not bad, but 2p opens up a more consistent flow of artificials, such as Treasure Hunter, Scouting Mission, etc. This makes any Luccas you draw devastating. 3p is ideal if you are lucky enough to get it.

Potent + Reasonably Attainable Faction Combos:
 - GI + OoS: Access to Lucca Ascended, Mysterious Box + Lucca
 - GI + Exiles: Splat + Reborn
 - GI: Secluded Constructor + Reborn
 - GI: Jetpack + Anti-Air Missle

Sleepers of Avarrach

Sleepers are extremely hit or miss for me, and depend on a few cards to really perform well.

There is a major gap in performance between 1p and 2p sleepers and 3p sleepers.

1p sleepers feels very lackluster. 1p is not enough to take advantage of the mechanics that make sleepers shine.

2p is definitely a major step up from 1p. You gain access to overwhelming dead, Kyrallic, plaguebearers, boomy, and more.

3p is where sleepers go crazy, and you will definitely have fun if you get 3p. Access to Hekheem is tremendously significant, and inevitable dead is also great for solidifying your curve.

Personal Purity Preference: 2p or 3p if you're lucky. 2p opens up access to the tribal stuff that makes sleepers potent, and 3p is what puts it over the top.

Potent + Reasonably Attainable Faction Combos:
- SoA + FD: Fear + Ferocity, Fear + Call the Crusade
- SoA + CoV: Fear + WoC, Access to Infest


I find exiles to be a little inconsistent in draft.

If you can manage to pull some demonborns and then a lot of demons, it can work. Otherwise, a lot of exiles is too random to do well.

Splat, Kidnapped by Demons, Demonize, Chaos in the Ranks, and Descension are some of the best cards you can get from the faction. The rest of it is mostly pretty lackluster.

Personal Purity Preference: 1p or 2p. You can get a lot of good stuff from 1p Exiles, such as Splat, Kidnapped, Chaos, etc, but a lot of the time you'll also end up with crap like waste chucker, scramble, etc. 2p allows you to delve a little further into the demon tribal, which CAN make for a nice deck, but you also run the risk of getting garbage like reckless abandon, demonic presence (in draft without a real game plan this is pretty bad), etc.

Potent + Reasonably Attainable Faction Combos:
 - Exiles + WP: Access to Spawn, Splat + Rite of Rage
 - Exiles + CoV: Demon Tribal / Master of Demons, Kidnapper + Kidnapped for lots of removal
 - Exiles + DoD: Access to Tibat, Hyper Removal

Overseers of Solace

Overseers are a forced to be reckoned with with the right draws.

Mysterious Box, Higher Calling, Banish, Harbinger of Law, and an armada of flyers is the essence of OoS in draft. Flying is incredibly difficult to deal with for some decks, which is a nice perk for OoS.

With the right picks, the champ mechanic can be truly devastating. This requires 2p, however, and you won't always get the stuff you want.

Personal Purity Preference: 2p or 3p if you're lucky. 1p definitely has some great cards, such as higher calling, mysterious box, etc, but they are not too common and can't fully be relied upon in my experience. 2p opens a ton of possibility with tricky champ mechanics, champ's herald, banish, etc. 3p would be even better yet, as the likelihood of getting the stuff you need would increase significantly.

Potent + Reasonably Attainable Faction Combos:
 - OoS + GI: Access to Lucca Ascended, Mysterious Box + Lucca
 - OoS + FD: Mysterious Box + Sacullas


Make no mistake: sometimes, drafting a factionless commander is a tactically desirable play! There have been many times that I got 2p WP, with the choices for a final commander being really unappealing. Sometimes, picking a factionless commander is great to ensure that your draft pool doesn't get muddied up with crappy single purity stuff, and will help to ensure you draw more of the stuff of your 2 other commanders.

Personal Faction Tier List in Draft

1. GI / WP
2. FD
3. OoS
4. CoV
5. Exiles
6. DoD

Faction Combos I've had Success With

2 GI / 1 OoS

With access to Lucca Ascended and access to a ton of artificials, this is a purity combo that I find myself gravitating to a lot. It is extremely safe and has a strong chance, between the 2 luccas and guns of goliath, to provide AoE buffs reliably.

Higher Callings and Boxes are icing on the cake.

2 WP / 1 FD

The concept of this combo is heavy hitters + stumbling. 2 WP is likely the strongest double purity in the game -- rivaled perhaps only by 2p GI -- and will offer access to extremely bulky, yet cost-efficient creatures. Stumbles allow these creatures to push through uninhibited, and is just very difficult to reclaim tempo from once the game plan gets started.

2 CoV / 1 Exiles OR 1 CoV / 2 Exiles

I personally have a great time with the tremendous removal of these factions combined, and also tend to do well with the demon tribal. 2 CoV leans more towards removal heaviness, while 2 Exiles leans more towards demon tribal heaviness. Both can work, but somewhat reliant on decent draws in the 2 CoV version.

Final Word

Fundamentally, no matter what cards you pick, you must have a firm grasp of the mechanics of the game to perform well in rift. A worse player with better cards will lose 9/10 times to a better player with worse cards. Experience goes a long way in this game. If you are new, and you just don't get why you keep losing rift, have no fear -- we were all there at one point. Just keep playing and, as with all things, you will become more and more experienced with the game and continue to improve.

Update: 10/9/2015

Here is a video of me picking cards during a rift run. I do my best to outline my thought process for each pick.

Go git em!


I am looking for a few specific cards and figured it would be best to make a thread.

I realize many of these are extremely difficult to come by. If you bring one to me, I will make it worth your while :3, especially if it's one of the ones in bold.


Premium Legs:

Any Double-Premium Leg

1x Foil Immovable (have an extra Gold Immovable than I can 1:1 or we can figure something else out)

Premium Epics:

1x Foil Calamity (have an extra Gold Calamity than I can 1:1 or we can figure something else out)

1x Gold Undeath Wish

Premium Rares:

1x Gold-Foil Aleta Caretaker

1x Gold-Foil Aleta Tinkerer

1x Gold-Foil Rita, Mistress of Shadow

1x Gold-Foil Mass Death

1x Gold-Foil Paladin of the Flame Dawn

1x Gold-Foil Yuanshi, Sage of Ferocity

1x Gold-Foil Hehkeem, the Corrupted

Premium Uncommons:

1x Plat-Foil Herald of the Flame Dawn

1x Plat-Foil Demonize

2x Gold-Foil Lucca, Combat Mechanic

3x Gold-Foil Sacullas

3x Gold-Foil Splitter Robot

1x Gold-Foil Verore Kidnapper

1x Gold-Foil Death Ray

2x Gold-Foil Chef

2x Plat-Foil Chef

1x Gold-Foil Caltrops

2x Gold-Foil Daode's Protection

2x Gold-Foil Lingbao's Will

2x Gold-Foil Yuanshi's Wrath

2x Gold-Foil Evolving Parasite

2x Gold-Foil Inevitable Dead

1x Gold-Foil Fear

1x Gold-Foil Gather Thoughts

1x Plat-Foil Gather Thoughts

Premium Commons:

4x Gold-Foil Diseased Zombie

3x Gold-Foil Adaptive Construct

3x Gold-Foil Support Drone

3x Gold-Foil Treasure Hunter 3000

2x Gold-Foil Call the Crusade

1x Gold-Foil Intimidating Monk

Thanks! Happy Hunting!

Suggestions / Plan to Revitalize Infinity Wars
« on: August 08, 2015, 04:43:34 PM »
Hi everyone.

What follows is my conception of what needs to happen for this game to survive. And I use the word survive instead of thrive or prosper for the simple fact that this game is most assuredly facing death; the fact that nearly all of our Infinity Council has seemingly abandoned this game for another game in beta is evidence enough of that.

Many of these key points have already been mentioned elsewhere in some shape or form. Here, I will do my best to elaborate on these points and provide specific courses of action that would enable this game to survive.

Problem 1:     Packs take forever to grind

The only consistently exciting part of Infinity Wars right now is the thrill of opening packs. Everyone is excited when they open a pack, because you never know what each pack holds. This applies to EVERYONE, from newbie to veteran.

However, at present, it takes a tremendous amount of time to obtain packs. In other words, the system is rigged such that excitement is being intentionally withheld from players by forcing players to endure mind-numbing, monotonous hours of gameplay to open a single pack. This is a formula for disaster. You can't possible expect players to like Infinity Wars if you the system on which Infinity Wars is grounded upon forces players into a state of boredom to play the game.

Potential Solutions:

1) Reduce the amount of IP required to purchase packs.

- By simply reducing the cost of packs, players are not forced to grind as much, making excitement more easily attainable both by getting new cards faster and not having to endure forced grinding for as long. I would recommend that prices be changed to approximately 3,000 IP per pack. LP prices need not change. This might seem like a drastic change from the current 5,250 IP per pack, but that only further demonstrates how outrageous pack prices are now.

2) Increase the amount of IP earned per game

- Either boost the amount of IP people receive from games or reducing the cost packs -- the goal is the same, which is to make packs more accessible for people. I feel that this change would be even easier to implement than the prior, but both seem very hassle free to implement.

3) FREQUENT IP boost events / Sales.

- Not just 1 double/triple IP weekend before a new set launches. I'm talking about every weekend being some sort of event, or some sort of steal on packs. One weekend could be the typical double IP weekend, while one weekend could be a "Buy 2 Ascension Packs Get 1 Free!" sort of deal. This would really help mix it up a bit and get people more enthusiastic about playing.

Problem 2:     No Incentives (apart from packs)

The fact that there is STILL no incentives system despite poor Adorabear begging for this for over a year is beyond unthinkable. This alone makes me question whether Lightmare actually cares about this damn game. NO ONE acts without incentive, or motive to achieve an end. I work hard to make a good salary and earn a promotion. Children do their homework so they can watch TV. People play Infinity Wars so they they can...get a pack every 5 hours? And once that's over, they keep playing 'cause...because... *sigh* puffy it, let's just play League.

The booster for every level up was cool. Even though it wasn't much, it at least provided some kind of excitement from level to level, and it makes it easier for newer players to build their collections and help supplement the sensory deprivation they acquire from having to grind for packs otherwise. But this is simply insufficient on its own.

Potential Solutions:

1) Make level-up packs NOT soulbound

- It's like a big slap in the face to get nothing you're looking for in a level-up pack as a newer player. Why not just allow players to trade what they receive in these packs? Are you concerned about people making smurfs to keep gaining packs or something? puffy it, at least people will still be playing this game instead of your most loyal players moving on to another game.

2) Allow players to choose from a pool of cards for each level up (these should be soulbound)

- Either let players choose what they want and have them soulbound, or keep it random but allow them the chance to trade. It's that simple. Players wouldn't simply be able to choose anything per level up, however. It would work as follows:

All picks would be in addition to the free level-up pack:

Levels 1-15: Players can select 1 uncommon card of their choice
Levels 16-30: Players can select 1 rare card of their chocie
Levels 31-45: Players can select 1 epic card of their choice
Levels 46-50: Players can select 1 legendary card of their choice

This is a rough spread ranging from Level 1 to Level 50. Of course, incentives shouldn't end after Level 50, but considering how level ups work right now, this could be more easily added instead of revamping everything.

3) Implement ranked ladder incentinves

- This truly does not need to be anything complex. Biweekly or monthly, award a player an amount of pack vouchers in accordance with his ranking on the ladder. This would give vets a fundamental reason to keep playing and maintaining their ranks, while providing newer players something to strive for.

The following is an example of what I mean:

Ranked 75-100: 2 Booster Vouchers
Ranked 50-74: 4 Booster Vouchers
Ranked 30-49: 6 Booster Vouchers
Ranked 20-29: 8 Booster Vouchers

And so on.

The reward certainly does not have to be booster vouchers. The alt art cards that were given at the end of the last two seasons were a great way to incentivize play and bolster competition. However, these rewards need to be given regularly, and need to be substantial enough to motivate people to
actually strive for.

You know there 's a problem when Manchy, Helios, Merlin, Prozac, and more keynote players don't care enough about their ranked placing to even prevent the daily decline of points received after a week of inactivity...and Merlin doesn't mind that ES stole his #1 spot? What kind of world are we living in!?

4) Host a contest for players to come up with a ranked incentives program and reward the Top 3 proposals.

- Players are eager to help, and MANY players have already demonstrated interest in developing this kind of program. Lightmare may be busy, but you guys can EASILY throw this to the crowd and get back some really awesome ideas. Winner gets some packs, or a special avatar, or a special card. Could be anything

Problem 3:     Bugs, bugs, bugs.

All right, I recognize this one is not as easy to fix as the other problems thus far, and to be fair, there is no quick fix for this one.


The fact that we know (I believe?) that endless turn bugs and trading glitches are the result of peer to peer connections and would be resolved from moving over to a separate server hosted by Lightmare indicates to me that Lightmare is skeptical of making this change, probably for financial reasons.

I can't say that I know how much this switch would cost. But, this game will never, ever be even remotely as successful as people want it to be if we remain without a dedicated server. Personally, until the game is hosted on such a server, I will always look at Infinity Wars as a half-assed experimental game, not a full-fledged game to be further worth my time.

Potential Solutions:

1) Make the switch.

Lightmare, if you want this game to be successful, you need to make this switch, and take the financial hit that it will warrant. Obviously, that's very easy for me to say as a third party with no conception of what this will cost, but the fact remains that in order for the game to actually survive and eventually thrive, this is the change that needs to happen. If you don't want to, then don't! But don't expect the game to be successful. No one wants to fight against a buggy client for reasons that shouldn't even exist in the first place.

Problem 4:     No Developer Interaction

Does Poga even have a forum account? Who are all these artists I see on cards? When is the last time Coyle logged into the game or posted in the forum?

God bless Teremus, for without him, I would actually feel like this game is completed unsupported and not in any way paid attention to by developers.

Would it really hurt for Lightmare employees to check in now and again to post on someone's idea or suggestion and say "Hey! Good idea! We'll definitely look into that!" It is NOT sufficient for Teremus (as much as I appreciate you and the work you do) to keep saying "Yes, I told them, we talked about it, now wait."

The fact of the matter is, I feel like the people who design this game don't actually care about the game, and view it solely as a financial prospect. There are devs in plenty of other games who post frequently, and this indicates to me that they are really excited about what they are doing, which is tremendously encouraging to someone wanting to get into the game.

Potential Solutions:

1) Lightmare developers should post on the forums from time to time.

- Teremus is the community manager, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be uplifting to see other important behind-the-scenes people post on the forum from time to time. Coyle, as far as I know, is the game's leader...but I haven't seen him log on in months! The best and most exciting time I ever had in this game is when I encountered him in draft and got to play the man himself.

Of course, he is surely tremendously busy, and I don't expect him to be on all too frequently. But knowing he's around, even just through a post on the forums acknowledging a problem with the game or offering his 2 cents about something, would be really encouraging.

2) More frequent streams featuring artists and developers.

- Again, hearing from the people behind the scenes is important. This is another way it could happen (even though I really think a forum post now and again would be the simplest way).

I truly feel that these are the core issues of this game. Of course, there are plenty of other issues like the infrequency of balance patches, lack of additional tournaments, and overall lack of exposure, but those are things that will exist when the game grows. For the game to even survive, however, these major problems need first be addressed.

I personally find myself on the verge of abandoning this game because of the problems mentioned above. Maybe ya'll don't care about ol' Tuna, but the fact remains that I am not the only one the prevalence of these problems influences.

Please guys, if you care about your product and your player base, consider making these changes. Many of them, with the exception of Problem #3, are really not difficult to implement.

PS: These things also shouldn't take a year to implement. I really can't believe Adorabear has been fighting for an incentives program for so long; it is insulting, especially for a player (as far as I know) has been there since the beginning.

Personally, if I don't see an incentives program for ranked or ANYTHING implemented in the span of two months from now, I will drop any and all ties to this game. There would be nothing left for me here.

Hi everyone!

I have finally decided to put a large majority of my premium collection up for sale!

 While I still intend to keep some of my premium cards, what I have for sale now constitutes the largest collection of premiums (particularly non-plat premiums) for sale currently available, and I'm sure I've got something you've been looking for!

So, come on by and take a look!  ;D

Prices are a function of the following:

- Card/Faction Popularity
- Usability
- Rarity
- General Availability
- Pack Comparison (ie: are you likely to get something better by opening packs for this amount of money)

If you would like to place an order, please either:

- Shoot me an email at with your list of desired cards AND YOUR IN GAME NAME


- Shoot me a PM in game at TheRealTuna with your list of desired cards and we'll get to work on your order right away!

*Note: I am still willing to trade for certain double premiums, so if you see something in my collection that interests you that you would like to trade for and have some double prems, let me know and we'll see what we can do!

Premiums for Sale:

(Coming Soon!)

(Coming Soon!)

(Coming Soon!)

Happy shopping everyone!  ;)

Deck Building / Cyborg Training Facility -- Dojo + GI
« on: June 30, 2015, 10:46:43 PM »
Hi all,

Just wanted to share this deck that I have been using lately. Has shown a lot of positive results.

Credit to mc_doge for identifying the potential power between Dojo and Lucca! Took this idea and supplemented it with Assimilator for even greater buffing potential.

Cyborg Training Facility / DDG


Gao Han, the Stalwart -- Early defense, FD is broken, game sux, etc

Xi, who Honors the Dead -- Extremely important token generation (experimenting with Liand here, but he is absolutely terrible so Xi is better)

Agent Coyle, Assimilator -- Important to have in command as you want to be able to pull out Lucca buff combo consistently. Possible to replace with Splitter as well.


3x Cartographer -- deck revolves around Dojo, another body to buff
3x Support Drone -- Godly card anyway, useful to avoid turn 1 snipe on Xi
1x Coyle Assimilator -- In case your commander dies
2x Unstable Bomb Bot -- Awesome to manipulate with Dojo dropping
2x Lucca, Combat Mech -- Buff goddess
2x Lucca, Ascended -- Buff goddess
3x Intimidating Monk -- Early game god, extremely important counter rush
3x Chef -- Highly efficient early unit
3x Infected Monk -- Fantastic card overall, retains buffs upon death
3x Echo of Battlefield -- Early game defense if Gao falls, body to buff
1x Zunshen -- BE WARNED, this guy only affects units WHEN HE IS DEPLOYED, meaning he will NOT proc on units deployed with Dojo after he is played. Great card, but situational for this deck, hence 1 copy
2x Immovable -- the god


3x CTA -- Broken card, auto include
3x Humble -- Broken card, auto include
3x Jinhai Ambush -- Strong defense, bodies to buff


3x Dojo -- <3


Always suck up creatures for dojo on your own priority, always lay out creatures on enemy priority. Guarantees avoidance of Calamity and Mass Death. BEWARE location destruction -- destroys Dojo and any creatures in it. In this case, use best judgment, as it can sometimes be good to drop stuff in your own priority if you expect location destruction.

Your goal is to amass creatures on the battlefield while dropping assimilator and luccas to buff them to huge values. Xi helps with this in generating flying tokens to suck up these buffs.

This deck definitely requires some practice to get used to, as a lot of the time you will be fumbling about trying to figure out when and what to drag into dojo, when to pop your bomb bot for maximum, effect, etc.

I am at 2k in ranked and have been using this to great success so far.


Suggestions / Constructive Change to Ao Shun, Dragon of Wisdom
« on: June 21, 2015, 11:32:53 AM »
Instead of "at the beginning of your turn, if Ao Shun is deployed, draw 2 cards", change it to "at the end of your turn, if Ao Shun is deployed, draw 2 cards."

How does this help? Well, it actually provides some real and beneficial synergy with Surprise Defense.

Surprise Defense Ao Shun, and, if he survives, you get 2 cards back (to compensate for the two cards you just spent).

Please consider this!

The Overseers / Uses for Equilibrium?
« on: June 18, 2015, 07:04:51 PM »
Hi guys,

I am curious what you all have done with this card. So far, my favorite use of the card is using Heaven's Assistance, and next turn use Equilibrium. This ensures that you a) have enough blockers to match the amount of creatures you opponent can attack with the following turn and b) whenever one of your HA angels blocks, it will ensure the attacking creature dies as he only has 1 hp (assuming no Rakarl, etc).

I am using this combo to great success so far, and I find that it really throws people off.

 Has anyone else found an actually potent use for this card?

Deck Building / DivineDemonic Burn Deck
« on: June 17, 2015, 03:06:04 AM »
Hi guys,

Just a fun application of DivineDemonic I've been using that revolves around Tyra and Infested Abom burn on top of attacking with buffed creatures and using awaken to retrieve multiple Tyras / Last Sleepers. The deck is not polished but I wanted to share the concept.

DivineDemonic Burn (1p OoS / 1p Exiles / 1p SoA)


Last Sleeper


3x Tyra
3x Last Sleeper
3x Infested Abom
2x Cassial
2x Martyr
3x Unstable Demon
3x Suffering Verorian
11x Demonic Disciple (dunno what else to put)

(EDIT: Once renabled, adaptive ritualists would be superb for this deck)
(EDIT: Experimenting with Mortar Cannons! Could be cool, but the card is pretty god damn horrendous sooooo...)


3x Awaken
3x Splat
2x Guns of Goliath
2x Higher Calling

(EDIT: Solace's Peace and Box of Wonder definitely fit nicely here as well)
(EDIT: Oppress is also an excellent stalling tool to let burn keep ticking!)


Discard, discard, discard. Attack with last sleep and any other creatures you managed to get out. Hopefully you've discarded some infested abominations that are burning enemy health bar. Get Tyra into play asap as by the time you have 5 resources you should have near nothing in your hand. Ideally, use awaken to stack Tyras in your support zone to burn along with aboms. Awakening last sleepers is also good.


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