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Trading Post / Selling Gold Alt Arts
« on: January 26, 2017, 08:40:56 PM »
Here we go,

last remaining cards worthing to sell. Id like to sell them in a bundle - but feel free to offer for whatever you like.

You offer - if i dont see a reasonable USD or EUR offer in my postbox, i wont answer :)

3x Pala (Gold Alt Art)
3x Aerial Commando (Gold Alt Art)
2x Death Ray (Gold Alt Art)
1x Bromich (Gold Alt Art)
3x Wealthy Noble (Gold Alt Art)
1x Demon of Fear (Gold Alt Art)
2x Fight! (Gold Alt Art)

Have fun - cheers!

General Game Discussion / Reborn of silence!
« on: July 01, 2016, 09:48:18 AM »

Reborn and 1 week without any reasonable output is just a joke. I expected more, and once again the difference between my expectations and what i received couldnt be more different.

No need to be more specific, cause im tiered of giving output while everyone involved with the game is prefering to stfu.

And im not talking about cards, cause the last 2 months you had your money grab, and now start to deliver something meaningful! Get a grip and release meaningful content while increasing your output to a complete other dimension.

Even my grandpas blog is completly outperforming your output. And he is 92 and with his shaking hands he can only handle a keyboard in this dimension:

Trading Post / Blow-Out Sale - Everything must go!
« on: May 22, 2016, 08:26:46 AM »
Hey Folks,

easy pricing - easy handling:

Legendaries: 3,00 USD (no Rebellion)
Epics: 1,00 USD (no Rebellion)
Rares: 0,10 USD (no Rebellion)
Alt-Arts: 3,50 USD
(Fight, Firebolt, Wealthy Noble, Death Ray, Demon of Fear, FD Pala, Aerial Commando, Taiga)

Plat Legendary: 5 USD (Martyr of Life, Martyr of Death, Xi, Martyr of Peace, Martyr of Chaos, Marina)
Plat Epics: 2 USD (Order, Oppression, Rebellion)
Plat Rares: 0,50 USD (Order, Oppression, Rebellion)

Payment via Paypal. Family&Friends Option prefered!

Cheers :)

Trading Post / Price Estimation: Alt-Art Wealthy Noble
« on: April 05, 2016, 06:17:34 AM »
I want to start that thread, just to get a better knowledge of what some traders and players think, what the trading value of the new card is.

The trading market is at the moment in a huge shift. Premiums are dropping heavily more in rifts than ever seen since out of beta. Penta Packs and Rifts are dropping way more Epics/Legendaries than we knew out of the past as well.

Well, so in such a time we get a new Alt-Art as well. I know some guys rdy to trade them away or in, but somehow... at least i fail in a proper price estimation for myself.

So what do you think the Alt-Art is worthing?

3 possible estimations in terms of:

- Normal Cards
- Premium Cards
- USD Cash value

On Top of that, we have Gold Alt-Arts and i think Foil as well. Never saw a Foil, but if there is Gold there must be Foil as well... maybe, eventually, but im sure there is.

Thanks for sharing your opinions.

Trading Post / Trading Post Update:19.06.2016
« on: April 04, 2016, 09:06:51 AM »
Every card is up for trade, only for the ones im looking for.
In case you want urgently a card, and dont have something to trade - i do take cash!

Still, i would prefer good offers for whole collection, or devided by factions and premium type.

What im looking for?


1x Gold Hermit
1x Gold Martyr


2x Gold Ireul

2x Gold Oblivion

1x Gold Avarrach has Risen
2x Gold Undeath Wish


1x Gold Hellmouth
1x Gold Summoning Stone
3x Gold Ritual of Summoning

1x Gold Quest for Balance

1x Gold Tome of Dead


1x Gold Cloaked Opperative
3x Gold Resilent Slime
1x Gold Overcharged Bolt
1x Gold Initmidating Rally


2x Gold Those who Rampage

What i have to offer?


Legendaries, Epics, Rares - nearly everything!



Gold Primal
Gold Hellkeeper
Gold Mechborn
Gold Tygris
Gold Zomborg
Gold Hinekri
Gold Vasir Prince
Foil Klore
Foil Zomborg
Foil Evellee


Gold+Foil Celestial Dragon

Gold Mega Unit 01
Gold Mega Unit 03
Gold Dragon Project
Gold Dragon of Summerflame
Gold Hilderic
Gold Vis
Gold Hungry Abomination
Gold Nysrugh the Hungry
Gold Nysrugh Insatible
Gold Celestial Dragon
Gold Enyah
Gold Silfurstar

Foil Hunted Dragon
Foil Karckk
Foil AC Assimilator
Foil Mecha Dragon
Foil Mega Unit 02
Foil Mega Unit 03
Foil Dragon Project
Foil Omnitron
Foil Oblivion
Foil Dragon of Summerflame
Foil Hilderic
Foil Ireul
Foil Nix
Foil Vis
Foil Avatar of Yuanshi
Foil Patient Zero
Foil Zombie Abomination
Foil Avarrach has Risen
Foil Undeath Wish
Foil Corrupted Dragon
Foil Hungry Abomination
Foil Nysrugh the Hungry
Foil Nysrugh Insatible
Foil Azael


I only list up the popular Gold ones - if you need some Foils or more specific ones, just ask!

Gold+Foil Subdues the Meek
Gold+Foil Counting the Days
Gold+Foil Devil of Despair
Gold+Foil Volatile Genome
Gold+Foil Jubalia Vailant
Gold+Foil Varyus

Gold Aleta Caretaker
Gold Pala of FD
Gold Aleta Sorceress
Gold Daode Sage
Gold Gao Han
Gold Lingbao Sage
Gold Yuanshi Sage
Gold Tome of Dead
Gold Decrepit Crystal
Gold Devil of Despair
Gold Lilariah
Gold Tyrah
Gold Shikana


i only list up the "interesting" ones - for everything else, just ask.


1x AC Mechborn
1x AC Firestarter
1x Klore
1x Die Another Day


8x Stampede
11x Nix
5x Avatar of Daode
8x Avatar of Yuanshi
12x Last Sleeper
1x Undeath Wish
6x AC Symbiot


3x Granthar
1x Skraar
3x Annihilate
3x Emberstarter
8x Bromich Banner
4x Humble
5x Descension
8x Cassial
4x Lilariah


6x Brings Life by Passing
13x Caretaker of the Young
13x Enraged Hulker
5x Fight
7x Killaroo
2x Dropbear
4x Infested Hulker
12x Mammoth
3x Skraars Young

7x Infected Drone
3x Secluded Constructor
9x Cannon Fire
15x Lucca Ascended
3x Lucca Combat Mechanic
4x Splitter Bot
3x CTA
9x Give him a Jetpack
10x Scouting Mission

6x Aether Acolyte
17x Battlefield Scavenger
7x Hybris of the Strong
7x Lightning Blast
5x Death Ray
6x Demoralize
3x Desolation
3x Heat Wave
3x Infest

8x FD Fanatic
4x Knight of the FD
6x Call the Crusade
1x Exhaust
7x Stumble
3x Infested Knight
2x Purify

8x Glorious Warrior
6x Balance
6x Jinhai Ambush
6x Infested Hero
3x Steadfast Protector
5x Xi Honors Dead
2x Lingbaos Will

7x Bloodthirsty Dead
4x Plaguebearer
9x Overwhelming Dead
2x Boomy
3x Inevitable Dead
3x Eaten By Zombies
5x Infested Abomination

11x Defensive Golem
6x Wealthy Noble
3x Firebolt
2x Cartographer
10x Assassinate
6x Grave Rob
13x Winds of War
15x Contained Paralell Rift

Trading Post / Selling Account
« on: February 17, 2016, 01:46:54 PM »
Hi Folks,

everyone who is interested, please send me a PM.


3x each Card in Plat (including Star Trek)
(Sleeper-Collection sold)
Only a few Plat+Foils
Various Gold Legs, Epics, Rares (like Immovable, Calamity, Mass Death, FD Pala)
Nearly all Gold Common/Uncommon from Core to Oppression
(excluding Sleepers)

3x Alt Art Mass Death
3x Alt Art Secluded Constructor
3x Alt Art Vah Nash
3x Alt Art Bromich
1x Alt Art Gold Bromich
3x Alt Art Harahel
3x Alt Art Noble Protector
3x Alt Art Ex Oppressor

Gold+Foil Karani
Gold+Foil Subdues the Meek
Gold+Foil Varyus
Gold+Foil Counting the Days
Gold+Foil Heavens Bell
Gold+Foil Jubalia Vailant

A lot of Gold+Foil Commons/Uncommons

If you want to have a deeper look into my collection, PM me or hit me up ingame :)


Trading Post / .
« on: October 01, 2015, 12:26:06 PM »

Hi all,

just a simple question, cause it was never important in the past.

Karani grants the 1st card which comes to play a 2 ressource discount. So putting a Skraar from 7 to 5. In this case, the card stays ingame with 5 ressource cost, making the new Monster Hunt impossible to get rid of it!

At the same time, Acolythe of the Altar has the same effect with Ability Cards. But in this case, the reduced card gets into Graveyard with "normal" ressource cost. If i lower a Fear to 0 cost, its still with 2 cost in graveyard.

Doesnt sound consitant - which one is the correct way?
Or in other words, why is there a difference between Battlefield and Graveyard?


General Game Discussion / Any known issues with the forum?
« on: June 04, 2015, 05:34:04 PM »

i recently observe heavy loading times with the IW-forum, while everything else is running normaly.

Are there any known problems, do anyone else have these issues?

Just want to ask, before i try to fix something which i cant even fix on my side :)


Trading Post / LF Plat Hinekri, Plat Mega Unit 1 (Update: 20.06.)
« on: May 24, 2015, 03:38:08 PM »
Hi all,

i want to even out my Plat-Collection and nearly everything else in my collection is rdy to go!

LF Legendaries:

2 x Plat Hinekri


1x Mega Unit 01
2x Call the Warpath


1x Consuming Swarmer
1x Tranquil Swarmer
1x Survival Swarmer

WTT - i have nearly every Normal card. And some premiums, for example:

1x Gold Primal
1x Gold Mechborn
2x Gold Immovable
1x Gold Zomborg
1x Gold Alpha One
1x Gold Evellee
1x Plat Hermit
1x Plat Mechborn
1x Plat Firestarter
1x Plat Yagron
2x Plat Martyr
1x Aleta Gold Set (1 of each)
1x Aleta Foil Set (1 of each)

If you like to take a look into my collection. Let me know!


General Game Discussion / Kidnapper and Apparation Inconsistency
« on: May 01, 2015, 10:00:02 AM »
Hi all,

im pretty much stuck. Both cards act in a different way from time to time. One of their behaviour must be a bug, and i want to figure out which one. I have a clear opinion to that, but maybe im wrong.


So far, it copies 1:1 the deployed card. When i Apparation a Hermit buffed Beast, the copy is 1:1 including the increased stats. While copying a Undisturbed Monk, im ending up with the basic stats of the monk, without his current self-buff.

Im pretty sure, that Apparation should copy the current card with all buffs etc.


Sometimes he resets buffed Chars (even Last Sleeper) - sometimes, again in case of a Undisturbed Monk for example, he didnt. That makes me to believe, that the game has different kind of buffs. Permanent ones, and temporarly.

So again, i think all cards should be resetted to thair basic values after removed from Kidnapper "out of the game".

To close this circle, why im pretty much confused. A long time ago (shortly after Ascension hit the server) i already reported Lanstead for strange behaviour. It creates a 1:1 copy of the buffed stats of a MU2 for example. So a 40:40 for example. But if the MU2 was already damaged, and whould be a 40:32 (40 full health - Lightning Blast), it still creates a 40/40 copy. Never got fixed as i remember from my last matches, so after a couple of patches later, must be intended i think.

So the whole thing rly confuses me. And in such cases, its rly annoying that there is no database for confirmed bugs, but not fixed. No rulebook to refer, while writing reports. And no answers from the bug-testing crew, that they received a report and consider it as a bug or intented. You keep all your beta-testers totaly in the dark - which might lead me to stop reporting stuff.

Hi all,

since i got asked quite a few times now, what kind of deck im playing exactly in "fun-mode", i decided to load it online to the network.

Well, i guess thats quite a good reason to gather some more ideas about tweaking the deck to more FUN. Cause im out of ideas right now, and in the modus its supposed to its quite good working. Well knowing, that the reason is the missing artifact and location hate cards in most opponent decks!

So what is this deck supposed to do, as a 2 CoV 1 SoA?

The starting idea was pretty simple. Combine Ruins of Veroria with Wall of Dead. Why? Ruins kill all attacking monsters, and Wall of Dead is preventing to take DMG at the same time. While needing a lot of low cost creatures to pump up my graveyard, i didnt decide to build a casual 2 CoV deck, so a lot of AoE-DMG Cards are missing. They are boring, and this deck is ment to be played for the sake of playing cards.

So 2nd decission was, to put more than 40 Cards into the deck, cause all this stalling, mind game and so on is usually a game with a lot of turns.

The winning conditions are pretty flexible, cause winning by morale is a option, winning by hiding could be a option, and even with the returning sleepers, apparation, vasir and subjugated dragon its even possible with all the small creatures to win by putting the opponent fortress to 0.

So for those ppl who were interested, the deck can be found here:

And for those, who have some ideas to optimate the deck, feel free to leave a comment.

Cheers =)


after i took a deep look into my collection, i have realized, that i have lost track of my original goal. Getting at least 3 foil and gold of each common and uncommon card ingame, and 1 foil and gold of each existing rare and above card in game.

In some months we will have a block rotating and the sleepers get rotated out. That means, the time is not playing for me. While hearing the clock ticking, im trying to fix the mistakes i did, to rebuild my collection and bring it back on track.

1. For those guys, who are not interested in Premium Cards, but want to trade something, i can trade vs "normal" Cards as well. I have multiple versions of each Epic and below Card... lets say, u want 20 Hidden by Clouds in exchange for something valuable, we can settle the deal ;) I have a large collection of spare Foil or Gold Commons and Uncommons as well. If you want to take a look at these, just let me know. Too painful to list everything up which is tradeable.

2. Im only interested in cards i have listed up. If you have to offer a bunch of cards for a possible trade, i can accept easy to trade cards on top as well. I have no interest in ending up with imaginary dollar values, but impossible to trade for the cards i want and need.

3. Im totaly not interested in any Order and Ascension Plat or any Plat+Foil Card as well as any Alt-Art. If you want to offer a Plat Card from older Sets, i might consider only some Epics as a Add On.

4. I will list up some "special" cards, i will monitor some offers. If i like a offer the most, i will add it as the current offer. Im focusing in this case on my emotional believes, and not any dollar-trading site or whatever. I wont count up thousand of cards to estimate a dollar-price. Im not interested in that. And i will only consider offers containing cards.

What i dont need are offers, containing a lot of commons, uncommons and rares... im focusing on a few hard to get cards in exchange. You will get some kind of rare and hard to find card, so im claiming the same in return ;)

The cards im treating special are:

- Foil Immovable |current offer (not existing):

- Gold+Foil Mega Unit 2 | current offer (DramamonIGN): Foil Mu02+Gold Mu03+Gold Karani+Gold Mu02+foil mechanism+gold pras+gold sinister corruption+1 foil conscripted militia

- Gold+Foil Aleta Tinkerer | current offer (DramamonIGN): Foil Tygris + Plat Tygris + Gold Crystal of Madness + Foil Demonic Disciple

- Gold+Foil Shield Generator | current offer (Hacker): Foil Evellee

- Plat+Foil Celestial Dragon | current offer (not existing):

- Plat+Foil Silfurstar | current offer (Punchinello): Foil Patient Zero

I will only acceppt offers placed in this forum. If you want to place an anonym offer, please PM me with the information, that ur name should kept a secret. If you dont do so, i will add the name into the thread.

All other cards will be traded within a day or so. No need to slow the whole process down.

Enough of rule-talking, here are the links with the cards of interest:

What i have:

What im looking for:

Rdy, Stdy, GO!!!

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