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Deck Building / Interesting Socks Decklists
« on: May 01, 2017, 10:01:43 PM »
As promised, here are the three main decks that I've been running in ranked:



DOD EX - Aggro Version

Thought I'd also include a couple of fun decks that take advantage of some of the latest balance changes:

Token Aggro

The first one uses Irial's new ability to work from command. With Irial you can constantly maintain an army of tokens, which you can take advantage of with a massive variety of token abusing cards. This deck has some very polarizing matchups!

Ju-Lin Pain Train

This deck is all about abusing Evellee's second ability, which now allows you to get characters straight onto the battlefield. Turn 1 you can swap Gao Han for a 15/14 Shizarius. Then if you deploy Ju-Lin on turn 7, then you can constantly use Evellee's second ability on him to draw out characters every turn, as Ju-Lin cannot be removed from the game.

Deck Building / List of popular rebellion decks
« on: February 01, 2017, 08:51:16 PM »
Aggro Decks
FD GI: Robo Hammer: + Pyr Fortress of the flame dawn
FD COV: Deathblast:
Ex COV: Demon Aggro:
FD WP: Extended Aggro:
OS GI: Token Aggro:

Midrange Decks
WP COV: Hermit:
WP: Martyr of Life: +2 Untapped Wilderness
WP OS: Martyr of Life: &
GI OS: Value Bots:
GI COV: Tinkercide:
GI: Logarithmatron: & &

Late Game Decks
DoD Ex: Damage Variant: +2 Dojos +2 Shun Howl Urns
DoD Ex: Moral Variant: &
DoD: +2 Dojos +2 Shun Howl Urns
COV SOA: Malignant Mill: &
COV DOD: Moral:

Thank you to everyone for helping! Special shoutouts to ES, Chalkbot, Largenuggets, Sogeking, Newport5000, Nothingtolose7 & MerliniX for providing deck lists.

If you think you have a better version of any of the decks posted above, or you have a deck which you believe should featured on this list, let me know and I'll update it as soon as possible.

Deck Building / 3WP Ramp
« on: October 28, 2016, 09:41:01 PM »
I recently found out that no one else is running 3 drops in command in ramp WP. So I thought I'd post my version and let people try it out. Ramp is only good if you curve out, otherwise it's a waste of time.

Why I don't like running ramp in command:
  • It's a waste of a commander slot, it does exactly the same thing if you play it from deck. The haste effect of commanders is super strong, no need to waste it on BLBP.
  • Buffing ramp HP is not a good play because paying 3 mana for ramp is not a good play. You're
    playing ramp to gain resources, if you end up committing lots of resources to it, then you're kind of missing the point.
  • Playing multiple ramp cards in 1 game is not good because ramp is all about skipping the early turns, getting to your strong turn 5 plays and out valuing your opponent in the long run. If you've paid 4 resources on turns 2 and 3 (or heaven forbid 6 resources if you buffed HP) then you're going to lose the game, that is a massive tempo sink and the high cost cards are not good enough to make up for this.

Why I run the moose:
  • Having a 3 drop in command makes turn 1 Gift of the passing a hell of a lot better. Turn 2 play an 8/8, turn 3 play a 14/14, turn 4 play a primal hunter etc. there is no way your opponent can match you for power on board
  • Kali: Kali is exceptionally potent against ramp decks because of Flame Strike. A strong play against Ramp is for Kali just to attack alone and trade 1 for 1. Moose makes this play completely nonviable. If you don't draw gift, you can potentially buff moose turn 1, ramp turn 2, buff and play moose turn 3. Moose is an 8/16 on turn 3 and would clear your opponents board. Just being able to threaten this is an incredibly power option. If you've got a FD deck sitting in the support zone on turn 3 you're in a very good spot.
  • Fight: Moose has some synergy with fight because it doesn't take combat damage, this is sometimes useful, also moose is very annoying for AoE decks.
  • Moose lets you win on turn 5. This massively reduce your opponents options when playing against you. This means they can't always do what they want, making their turns weaker. It also makes them more predictable. Reducing peoples options is just good.

The mulligan strategy is pretty simple: Mulligan for Gift of the Passing.

You can consider keeping your hand if it has Ramp, Fight, Primal Hunter stuff like that.

Other stuff:
  • Some people like Calamity, I have moved it to the sideboard it for subdues the meek. Meek allows you to just win games you would otherwise have lost and is one of the best comeback mechanics WP has. You can use Meek in similar situations to Calamity
  • Pit brawler, probably the most controversial card in my deck. I really wanted an option on turn 6 and pitbrawler not only is an option himself turn 6, but he also makes turn 6 Annunsial viable, into turn 7 pitbrawler. Pitbrawler can be strong in some matchups for example against GI. But Granthar, Karani etc. are other viable options. It's important to have a play because ramp is only good if you play on curve, otherwise it's a waste of time.

Suggestions / Weekly Quests
« on: April 13, 2016, 10:18:48 PM »
Just another monthly reminder that weekly quests were good and not having them is bad.

Suggestions / Update the weekly free decks with players decks
« on: March 28, 2016, 07:46:33 PM »
I'd happily submit a load of decks that are vaguely competitive, fun to play and contain the latest card sets.

And I'm sure many other players would happily do this too.

LM could even host a competition and pick their favorite decks. Rewarding entrants with prizes, maybe the winner could get their entire deck with an Infinity Boarder Jokes if you don't play draft, you don't get IBs.

When a new set comes out, the Infinity Council could submit decks. Decks that use a lot of the new cards, new concepts, new synergies. This would let players (not just new players) try out the new cards, play against the new cards and encourage them to buy more packs.

General Game Discussion / When are you going to fix the ladder system?
« on: March 14, 2016, 10:42:45 PM »
People have complained about this before. But my complaint this time is specifically about drawing.

I don't understand why you lose points for drawing, it makes no sense to me.

You shouldn't win points for drawing either. People shouldn't be climbing the ladder if they draw every game.

But the current system is much worse than that. If two high ranked players face each other, they will both lose points for drawing. How does that make any sense?

In some scenarios you can lose more points for drawing, than you can for losing (if you're playing someone with a much lower rating than you). This creates scenarios where if you have drawn game 1, and lost game 2, then the correct play is just to forfeit game 3. It's clearly ridiculous.

This has been a problem for ages. Is anything being done about the ladder ranking system?

General Game Discussion / Is anything being done about sleepers?
« on: February 19, 2016, 07:34:53 PM »
I don't think I need to say much, they are overpowered and one dimensional to play and rotation doesn't look like it's happening anytime soon.

Guides / Predicting in Infinity Wars (When and how to do it)
« on: February 10, 2016, 11:28:18 PM »
Predicting in Infinity Wars

-   Introduction
-   When to predict
-   How to predict
-   Predicting your opponents cards
-   Playing randomly
-   Summary

I’ve made this because the developers asked for more community made guides. I believe I have a very good understanding of how to use prediction in Infinity Wars, but feel free to call me out on anything you disagree with.

When to predict?
Do not just make a prediction play because you think something is likely to happen! You should be considering the whole risk vs reward of the scenario. This means weighing up three things.
1)   The severity of the risk
2)   The strength of the reward
3)   The likelihood of it happening (this is still important)

Example:  It is turn 3, you predict that your opponent will play his 3 cost commander (Kali) and you use ‘Death Ray’ on it.
- Risk: If you are wrong you will waste your whole turn and your death ray spell, meanwhile your opponent will spend his turn doing something else. You will be very far behind.
- Reward: If you are right you will trade 3 resources for 3 resources. You will both be even.

In this example the risk is very severe and the reward is very tame. Unless the odds of this happening are 100%, then this is probably not going to be a good play.

Obviously this isn’t an easy concept to apply, because every scenario is very complex. It’s very hard to work out the true value of the risks and rewards, even with the kali example above. If the Kali has the potential to completely destroy your board and create a game winning position for your opponent, then the risk vs reward is very different. It’s important to remember that while predicting is a risk, not predicting can also be a risk.

You also have to consider playing randomly. It is not correct to always make the same play, more on this below.

How to predict
The best way to improve your predictions is just to play the game more. But each turn you should be asking yourself 3 questions.
1)   What can I do? Looking at the cards you have and the state of the board
2)   What do I think my opponent will do? Based on his purity combinations, number of cards in hand and his resources available
3)   What does my opponent think I will do? Based on your purity combinations etc.

Knowing what your opponent can do is very important. I suggest reading this article:

It will also be useful for knowing what your opponent thinks you’re going to do. It is very useful to know what your opponent is trying to play around because that will help you predict them.

Predicting your opponent’s cards
Before turn 1 has even started, based on your opponent’s commanders you should have a pretty good idea of what is in his deck. Towards the end of a game, you know what cards your opponent probably has left in his deck, the likelihood of him drawing them increases every turn. Sometimes you can even work out exactly what is left in your opponent’s deck.

You can also predict the cards in your opponent’s hand. What has he played over the last two turns, what is he building towards? The easiest example of this is predicting Calamity. If your opponent pays 9 to get to 11 resources, it’s very likely that he has Calamity. But you can also work out the likelihood of your opponent having cards like Intimidating Ralley, based on his previous plays and risks taken.

You should ask yourself, what hasn’t my opponent played? Why didn’t he play Agent Coyle Primal Hunter on turn 5. Can I now assume that he doesn’t have it? If you can cross out loads of cards that would have been better for him to play, then you can work out what he is likely to be holding instead.

Did your opponent mulligan? If he didn’t mulligan, but hasn’t played any good cards yet, then he probably has good cards in his hand. Example: If a ‘Tinkercide’ player doesn’t play a 1 cost card on turn 1 and did not mulligan then they probably have a very good hand (watch out for strong situational cards like chain lightning or zomb-b-gone).

It’s worth noting that there are various glitches that let you see the cost of your opponents cards. I’m not going to tell you what they are, the developers are aware of them.
Playing randomly
It is important to make it difficult for your opponent to read you, if you always make the ‘best play’ then your opponent will start predicting you. I can’t stress the importance of this enough, you will often have many good options to play and you shouldn’t always pick the best one, you should sometimes mix it up, just because.

Playing randomly can also encourage your opponent to make mistakes. A very extreme example of this: If I am using a triple WP deck I will sometimes attack my opponent’s fortress with 0 power ramp cards if I know that they will not defend. This is because, in the future, I want to encourage my opponents to place something in the defence zone when it’s not optimal for them to do so.

Playing randomly also helps you bluff things, this only works if your opponent is paying a lot of attention to you. A very easy example is bluffing calamity by paying 9. This will often encourage your opponent to go all out into the assault zone. Certain cards are very good at punishing your opponent for doing this (Primal Rage, Matry Golem, Cassial, Zushen, Mass Death etc.).

Playing different commanders. If you have two of the same commander, don’t always play the same one first. This is something I notice a lot of people doing, including some of the top players *cough Helios cough*.

Don’t always play your cards from your right. What I mean by this is when you have multiple characters that are the same, people like to move the card on their right into position first. Or if they have a single target buff spell, they’ll pick the card on the far right to buff. If I notice you doing this, I will punish you for it.

Don’t always use Aleta first/last. Different players have different preferences. Both can be punished by the card ‘Redirect’.

-   Don’t just make a play because you think your opponent is likely to do something, weigh up the whole risk vs reward first.
-   Ask yourself:
       o   What can I do?
       o   What do I think my opponent will do?
       o   What does my opponent think I will do?
-   Finally, play randomly.

Warpath / Aunissal - Doesn't work post calamity
« on: February 07, 2016, 10:42:09 PM »
So if I deploy Aunissal and my opponent plays calamity. My units will not have haste next turn.

Is this an intended interaction? It doesn't seem right and doesn't line up with the card text "when you deploy Aunissal all character cards you control have haste next turn".

If it did work it would be a cool way to punish your opponent for using calamity.

General Game Discussion / What is the least useful card in the game?
« on: February 03, 2016, 11:16:51 PM »
What is the least useful card in the game?

I would say misinformation, but I think that might be better than some of the junk in this game >_<

General Game Discussion / I'm back, but not for long
« on: December 20, 2015, 09:07:13 PM »
I've taken a massive break from IWs and I've been playing a lot of Hearthstone :O

This game is so much, unquestionably better than Hearthstone. If it had a better player base, they actually fixed bugs, better offline, more tournaments, then this would be the only game I play (like ever).

But it's not. I really wish this game could be sold to a big developer, someone who has the time and resources to make this game exactly what it needs to be.

I've heard rumors that the servers will be turned off sometime in 2016 and this makes me sad. I've put quite a bit of money into this game, because I believed it could be something and it feels like it was all for nothing.

Anyway, this is me officially signing off. All I can say is thanks for the memories.

So remove from the game affects will remove Monk of Second Moons 2 lives and return it to play with 1 life. But they don't remove multi-strike from Vanguard of the bond, it gets to keep that.

Which one is intended?

General Game Discussion / Is OOS healthy for the game?
« on: August 02, 2015, 12:23:20 AM »
It's all I've seen on ladder today and people are constantly moaning about in chat.

Social Media / JaJa has a youtube channel :O
« on: July 29, 2015, 09:56:08 PM »
So I've uploaded some videos with commentary to my youtube channel, like this one:

Let me know if you like it and I might do some more

General Game Discussion / Give me back my ranked points...
« on: July 20, 2015, 10:22:41 PM »
I literally cannot ladder like this...

I can't stand loosing ranked points because the game has bugged out!

The following game is turn 1 of game 1 of a ranked BO3. Nothing has happened and I've lost points, my Internets working fine because I'm communicating with my opponent. But the game thinks I've DCed because it's retarded. The amount of time for turn 1 hasn't even passed yet and it's counted it as a loss.

I can't play this game without ranked, I need competition and there's not enough tournaments for that to encourage me, while draft bores me to death. But I can't get anywhere in ranked because I keep loosing points for no reason.

Fix the game and give me back my ranked points.

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