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Help Board / Firewall Ports
« on: November 01, 2016, 02:53:28 AM »
Just cause I couldn't find this elsewhere, you need the following ports active to play if you are using a locked down firewall:

Outgoing TCP 4530-4535: Game Data
Outgoing TCP 35022: Game chat

For some reason, games won't connect unless chat port is also operating.

This is for the standalone client - not sure if steam version uses the same ports.

Enjoy  :)

Trading Post / Stuff for sale/packs/trade
« on: October 29, 2016, 08:01:03 AM »
Got the following extra cards I no longer need.

Looking for US$,  (pre-order) packs, or cards on the list in the first comments of this post.

Will also consider trading for plat IW2013/Rise/Infestation/Ascension cards if I don't have them already. Could also be tempted with gold cards, but honestly I prefer plats...

No solid prices - just make an offer via PM on here or try to catch me in game.

1   Agent Coyle, Primal Hunter
1   Aberion, Champion of force
2   Agent Coyle, Firestarter
1   Liand, the fearless
2   Agent Coyle, Zomborg
2   Vasir, The Demon Prince
1   Princess Hinekri
1   Martyr Golem
2   Agent Coyle, Immovable
1   Agent Coyle, Alpha One

1   Dragon of autumn wind        (Plat)
3   Syn, the hope of dawn         (Plat)
3   The strength of unity           (Plat)
5   Peaceful Garden                   (Plat)
3   No more heroes                   (Plat)
2   Stampede                           (Plat)
1   Agent Coyle, Assimilator       (Plat)
1   Ruins of Veroria                   (Plat)
3   Nix, the justicar of dawn       (Plat)
2   Nysrugh, the insatiable         (Plat)
3   Silfurstar, the fallen crusader (Plat)

3   Prophet Karani
4   Titan of the new world   
1   Mega Unit 02
2   Mega Unit 03
2   The Dragon Project
1   Subjugated Dragon
2   Vasir, The Chained Prince
3   Dark Wish
2   Aberion, the hammer of dawn
2   Ireul, Vanguard of Ruin
2   Nix, the justicar of dawn
2   Vis, the furious
2   Bloodbath
2   Ao Shun, dragon of wisdom   
2   Ju-Lin, who rewrites history
1   Shrine to the heavens
1   The last sleeper
3   Zombie Abomination
1   Undeath Wish
2   The Virus of Avarrach
4   Agent Coyle, Superior Symbiote
3   Hungry Abomination
1   Nysrugh, the hungery
1   Nysrugh, the insatiable
4   Tygrugh, the insane
1   Azael
1   Celestial Dragon
1   Bird of Prey
1   Silfurstar, the fallen crusader
1   The Calamity
1   No more heroes

3   Aunissial                          (Plat)
1   Caretaker of the swarm     (Plat)
4   Force against the law        (Plat)
3   Spawn, fierce companion   (Plat)
3   Subdues the meek           (Plat)
5   Shockwave giant              (Plat)
10  Nature's wish                  (Plat)

3   Aleta, Immortal caretaker
7   Aleta, Immortal Survivor
3   Aunissial
1   Granthar, the elder ape
3   Skraar
2   Spawn, fierce companion
1   Sydern
1   Never forget the fallen
5   Untapped Wilderness
3   Ancient Aether
5   Acient Egg
1   Shockwave giant

17  Lucca, rebellion leader           (Plat)
14  Taiga, combat reconstructor  (Plat)
9   Dragon collar                        (Plat)
2   Cottontail, VX 1600               (Plat)
1   Logrithmatron                       (Plat)
5   Disruption Sphere                 (Plat)
4   Omnimind                             (Plat)
3   Orion's Grave                        (Plat)

5   Aleta, Immortal Searcher
4   Aleta, Immortal Tinkerer
2   Cottontail, VX 1600
2   Logrithmatron
2   Orion, master architect
2   Orion, Master Engineer
2   Angelify
10  Junkyard
1   Disruption Sphere
1   Omnimind
2   Orion's Grave
2   Shield Generator

2   Demon of dark bargain     (Plat)
6   Rita, mistress of shadow  (Plat)
5   Dark Vision                     (Plat)
3   Ritual of Summoning        (Plat)
7   Struggle for Power           (Plat)
12  Alearem, the fate twister  (Plat)
9   Death blast                     (Plat)

4   Aleta, Immortal Sorceress
3   Apparition
6   Demon of fear
2   Grotesque Brute
5   Rita, mistress of shadow
2   Annihilate
2   Dark Vision
5   Mass Death
5   Sinister Corruption
6   The Hellmouth
3   Misery Stone
8   Summoning Stone
4   Ritual of Summoning
1   Struggle for power
2   Death blast

Flame Dawn   
5   Cavalry Paladin       (Plat)
4   Decimator              (Plat)
5   Proctul, the sniper  (Plat)
1   Proctul, the sniper  (Foil)
3   Terror Moose         (Plat)
5   Fiery Wish             (Plat)
6   Tactical Retreat      (Plat)
11  Tullio, the duelist   (Plat)
9   Fiery Ascension      (Plat)

4   Bromich, Field Commander
2   Cavalry Paladin
2   Decimator
6   Emberstarter
2   Kali, Ascended
3   Kali, the flaming blade
1   Kali, the purifier
3   Paladin of the flame dawn
1   Proctul, the sniper
3   Terror Moose
1   Fiery Wish
5   Pyr, Fortress of the flamedawn
1   Aberion's Banner
2   Brimstone
7   Bromich's Banner
1   Tactical Retreat

4   Jinhai Dojo                             (Plat)
3   The Great Fortress of Xia Han  (Plat)
8   Counting the days                  (Plat)
3   Quest for balance                   (Plat)
7   The impervious                       (Plat)

5   Daode, Sage of Strength
4   Eagle-eye
1   Gao Han, the stalwart
6   Linbao, sage of discipline
3   Yuanshi, Sage of Ferocity
8   Humble
5   Great Wall of Jinhai
2   The Great Fortress of Xia Han
3   Heaven's Bell
4   Shifting Stone
1   Counting the days
4   Quest for balance
1   The impervious

1   Cyber Infested Dragon    (Foil)
1   Engine of Reincarnation   (Plat)
4   Super infectious zombie  (Plat)

4   Cyber Infested Dragon
1   Hehkeem, the corrupted
2   Recurring Nightmare
1   Raise Dead
9   Rampant Virus
3   Kyrallic, Origin of the Virus
4   Undisturbed Necropolis
2   Decrepit Crystal
9   Engine of Reincarnation
13  Tome of the Dead
4   Super infectious zombie

3   Xac                        (Plat)
3   Volatile Genome      (Plat)
1   Crystal of Madness  (Foil)
4   Ixxi, the annoying   (Plat)

5   Cresill the mad
5   Devil of Despair
2   Xac
4   Dehumanize
2   Descension
2   The Demon Wastes
3   Chalice of Madness
1   Ixxi, the annoying

5   Ex, the opperessor                  (Plat)
7   Jubalia, the valiant                   (Plat)
5   Melosia, Champion of despair    (Plat)
8   Tyra, the burden of war            (Plat)
6   Heavenly Wish                         (Plat)
1   Precautionary Measures            (Plat)
6   Purge the  unworthy                (Plat)
8   Gabrielle, the torch in the dark  (Plat)
10  Lilariah, the rebel                    (Plat)
10  Daclerius's edict                      (Plat)
3   Lilariah, the rebel                     (Plat, Alt art)

1   Ex, the opperessor
7   Cassial, the selfless
5   Iral, Champion of resolve
1   Junalia, the valiant
10  Lilariah, Champion of grace
2   Tyra, the burden of war
1   Heavenly Wish
8   Precautionary Measures
3   Purge the unworthy
1   Gabrielle, the torch in the dark

10  Timestopper           (Plat)
1   Swarmer Broodlord  (Plat)
3   Zuza, Angelic Siren  (Plat)

2   Aleta, Immortal Traveler
1   Cheryl, the forward Scout
7   Shikana, who demands tribute
2   Swarmer Broodlord
2   Varyus, master of choice
2   Zuza, Angelic Siren
4   Deflect

Foil Uncommon/Common
Foil Protector of the dead
Foil Unstoppable
Foil Shrapnel Launcher
Foil Fortress Golem
Foil Fleeting Footman
Foil Infested Knight
Foil Exhaust
Foil Warcry
Foil Intimidating Monk
Foil Jinhai Militia
Foil Spirit of Vengeance
Foil Rally
Foil Bloodthirsty Dead
Foil Poison x2
Foil Alpha Demon
Foil Demonborn
Foil Demonic Mercenary
Foil Frenzied Monstrosity
Foil Demonic Corruption
Foil Denial of Reason
Foil Scramble
Foil Vandalize

Plats Uncommon/Common
Very Limited Infestation cards
Very Limited Ascension cards
Lots of Oppression cards
Lots of Order cards
Lots of Rebellion cards

Non-plat uncommon/common
If you are a new player, send me what you are looking for & what your budget is and I'll let you know if I can help.

Disclaimer - The above list may be inaccurate - I will confirm card availability before proceeding with the trade

Noticed that I was missing a bunch of cards from Rise set so went looking to buy the set Penta-Pack.

Unfortunately I cannot as it is not available in store (but the other 5 sets are).

Is this intentional, or a bug?

Suggestions / IP Rewards for Campaign and other new player challenges
« on: September 19, 2014, 12:11:14 AM »
I've noticed while playing all the campaigns levels and new player training/challenges that the XP gained is a set number (350 per win), but the IP gained appears to based on how long it took you to completed that mission/challenge (capping out at a reasonable 75 maximum but sometimes as low as 40 for a few of the "point and click" 2-4 turn challenges).

It would be nice to have the IP payment at a set number for all the one off new player training stuff, so that all new players finishing these challenges/levels/training/etc are at the same point by the end (being able to afford either 1 or 2 basic boosters, so either 5250 or 10500 IP total).

Sorry if this has been discussed previously. I just found it a weird game mechanic as a new player...

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