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Suggestions / Rift Run - An alternative game mode
« on: October 14, 2014, 03:59:39 PM »
For starters, I like Rift Runs as they are. Just feel that there could be some alternate game modes.

One I've been pondering for a while is the Excluded Drafted Deck. This is where you go into a Rift Run, having crafted the deck your opponent is going to play, and you play whatever deck your matched opponent constructed.
Am I crazy? Most probably, but I still think it'd be a fun setup.

The other obvious variant game is the Merged Deck, which should be pretty self-explanatory.

Whaddya think?

Are there any other game options you'd like to see?

The Overseers / Losing to the Overseers
« on: October 03, 2014, 09:02:41 AM »
I have at least one deck for every faction and a few combo decks as well.
My normal methodology of play is to play a deck until I've suffered three losses (ala Rift Run), then move on to the next one on my list. This way I rotate through all decks and get a broad level of playing experience. As new cards are acquired, I adapt the existing decks or create new ones.

Last night I lost my third Genesis Industries game so it was on to the Overseers. I played 5 Overseers games. Won 2, lost 3.
Received a GG for two I lost.
Received very abusive hate for the two I won.
Every other deck I play, I get at least GG or, at worse, nothing at game end where I am the victor.
I have beaten an Overseers deck at least once with every faction and combo deck I've constructed. I've also lost. When I do, I do not feel the need to send an abusive message.
Admittedly, during a bad evening after the seventh consecutive loss (against any faction), I do get a little grumpy. Even then, I do not consider it appropriate, to question my opponent's parentage, request them to expire with expediency or tell them to perform biological impossibilities on themselves. At my worst, I will click on the little X by my opponent's name so I can't message them (though will begrudgingly GG them back if they GG me).
From my limited experience, I don't consider the Overseers any easier to win with than any other faction. Actually, my Sleepers deck currently has the longest run before 3 losses.

This is a game where we come to unwind after a day of whatever. We're all supposedly playing to enjoy ourselves. Yes, it's nice to win, but, please, please, remember that there's a person playing at the other end who might have actually won the only game they're going to win that evening. If you can't be civil, keep quiet.

Suggestion: (although I refer to the Overseers here, this could be any faction - it's just that the Overseer tend to get people's blood boiling for some reason)

At game end where you lost miserably to Overseers write: Nothing. GG would be a barefaced lie as it clearly wasn't a GG. If they GG you, either ignore it or at least write THX.

At game end where you completely destroyed them with the Overseers. Nothing. As above, a one-sided game regardless of outcome isn't very GG. Getting GG'd when defeated so badly is like having salt rubbed into a wound.

At game end where, after an epic struggle, the game eventually finishes and regardless of your personal result: GG WP (well played - I'm often asked what that means).

Any extra banter is entirely up to you, but please, keep it civil.

Factionless / Uncontrolled Rift - Got anything interesting?
« on: September 25, 2014, 09:53:19 AM »
I do enjoy playing this card - the results can sometimes make, or break your game.
Sometimes it throws you something cool - even if you can't use it.
Last night it rewarded me with the Christmas Special version of the Secluded Constructor. I was playing a Sleeper Deck, so it was not all that useful, but it was a nice surprise.
My most successful draw was Agent Coyle, Firstarter. Did me very nicely that game as i was already at 10 resources...
So, have you any good stories about what this card has produced for you?

Suggestions / Faction Medals That Mean Something
« on: September 19, 2014, 02:23:40 PM »
As much as I enjoy getting the Faction medals (and I do) for playing at least 2 commanders as that particular faction (Overseers medals please), it seems a bit daft to get a medal for so many plays. Okay, I get that it's to encourage players to embrace and try out all factions, but it doesn't really reflect success rate. So I've played 50+ games as successful were those 50+ games? I don't know.
Could we please have a second medal system for wins as a faction? There could be Deck Backs, Avatars and even Battlegrounds awarded at milestone achievements (and separate from the existing choices available from the store).
As the current medals don't mean anything the existing Faction-based achievements could theoretically be reset, with little outcry, when this is implemented so you can keep track of your success rate regardless if you've just started or been playing since the Calamity. I am aware that experienced players would naturally have a better success rate than new players with few cards, but if you've already got the Infinity medal, the success rate is impossible to calculate.

Suggestions / Abandon Rift Run = P2W
« on: September 19, 2014, 09:51:51 AM »
Okay, so I've saved up my 1,000 points and hey-ho off I go on a Rift Run.
Deck built, I feel reasonably confident I've got something workable.
3 games and 3 losses later I'm awarded with 170 points and the offer of buying my deck for 37,000 points. No thanks.
My point? Oh yes, there was a point here somewhere...
Okay so maybe I'm rubbish at rift runs (PB is at 7). However I've played enough of them now to suspect that when I'm up against a player who has Patient Zero, Caretaker Aleta or Tinkerer Aleta in their Command Zone (or a particularly good combo) there's a good chance that that player has repeatedly abandoned their draft deck until they get the commanders they want. Or were just plain lucky - it happens and I'm not denying that.
Now stop me here if I'm wrong. I've never clicked on the Abandon Run button myself in fear that I would have to save up another 1,000 points to try again. Am I right in this or am I being an ignorant NOOB?
If I'm right, then those who can afford the 1000/50 IP/LP hit each time, can afford to do so until they have the resulting deck they want.
Now, players are free to spend their money and their points as they see fit and I don't want to change that, but in order to make the Rift Runs the fair play it's supposed to be, (finally he gets to the point!) how about:-
Add a little checkbox or game type option right at the start where players can choose to either:-
play without the Abandon Run button where they know that their opponent has a deck as fresh as theirs and have to see the run through to its conclusion, or:-
with the Abandon Run button and maybe face-off against players of have Drafted several times beforehand.
I would suggest that the 2 game types should be exclusive so that both Run types can be played simultaneously, so that if you've constructed a god-awful deck in the Limited Run, you can blow off steam in the Unlimited Run (the current version) in between guaranteed loses. With the Monday reset, any Limited Run still ongoing is lost (not sure if that happens anyway - always made sure my rift runs were over before then, just in case).
Undecided as to whether there should be 2 leader boards or 1 combined leader board.

Suggestions / Card Collection Showcasing
« on: September 18, 2014, 03:02:08 PM »
Apologies if this has already been brought up.

As with other card games I've played, a lot of the enjoyment I get is from just collecting and looking at the cards themselves. IW is great to play and I'm totally hooked, but unlike my shoeboxes of Star Wars CCG cards, I can't just peruse them on a whim. I need access to the family computer, log in to Steam, log in to IW, and then, having got this far, go on a rift run or something.
It would be great if there was a separate App or even a domain on the Infinity Wars website where you can simply log into your account and not only peruse your card collection, but also get to see the related tokens or alternate art that comes with a particular card. Agent Coyle, Zomborg or Hunted Dragon's Hunt The Dragon comes to mind. I've only had the barest glimpse of the Exiles' Demon Dragon from the Descension card a couple of times.
I'm not even talking deck building or anything like that (though it could be a feature).
I know the focus is more on bug fixing and getting the Order set in the pipline, which are admittedly higher priorities, but there are over 500 gorgeous cards (not counting tokens, evolved artwork or alternate artwork) and it be great to be able to see them. Aleta's Archive and the Wiki are great but many of the cards there are already out of date - Veroria, The Lone Keep for example still shows the old version. A live App of web account will help players keep appraised of the changes.

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