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News and Developer Talk / Why No Announcement on the Fear Change?
« on: November 22, 2016, 08:01:46 AM »
It's a pretty commonly played card across all formats. Why isn't there a message anywhere about it? I get that it was mentioned in global chat, but that hardly helps when people log on AFTER someone mentioned it. Changes to cards that directly impact the major meta of this game (and this is one such change) should be much easier to see for everyone who plays the game.

Non-IW Discussion / Wizard Post Number 10
« on: November 02, 2016, 01:19:10 AM »
Under construction, mind the dust.

Non-IW Discussion / Wizard Post Number 9
« on: October 25, 2016, 09:17:14 PM »
I'm not doing a Wizard Post this week. Unfortunately my health is fine, so I cannot blame it for my lack of post. I have not been hospitalized, nor have I suffered any sort of mental breakdown, my doctors inform me that physically I seem to be doing okie dokie, and that all of my personalities seem to be improving markedly since I was last examined. Thus, I regret, I cannot blame my health in the slightest for not making this week's Wizard Post.

I cannot blame IRL either, which has always served as an excellent excuse for me in the past. This week has been particularly monotonous, with the everyday humdrum culminating in today, a day in which I have done absolutely nothing productive whatsoever, not even taking the time to write up a simple Wizard Post.

My family is fine. All of them are healthy, out of jail, and, as far as I am aware, safely squirreled away from law enforcement for the upcoming holidays. So I have nothing to worry about or distract me there.

I ate today, and drank some water, and had a proper bowel movement, I even brushed my teeth, so I cannot blame any of those things for my lack of Wizard Post, and I will not attempt to, as I respect all of my regular readers too much to try and simply pass the blame off on something that clearly hasn't impacted my Wizard Posts (or lack thereof) in any fashion thus far.

No, the sad and simple truth is, I just didn't feel like it this week. So, I have chosen to not make a Wizard Post at all, and instead I will recline lazily on my couch and watch the fluffy October clouds go by.


Non-IW Discussion / Wizard Post Number 8
« on: October 19, 2016, 12:48:07 AM »
And thus shall it be, that the mighty Wizard shall rise once more from his slumber, and from his mouth will issue forth a stream of words. The scribes, and the scholars, and all the learned men of the world will hear those words, and few will know their import, but all shall tremble at the voice, and quake in fear, and know that the end is near.

The End is Nigh!

Listen close, yee with ears to hear and eyes to see, listen and be made wise. For my prognostication resonates with truth as yet glimpsed by mortal men, or indeed, even those who would call themselves 'immortal'. Truths, too terrible once to contemplate, these I will tell you, and tell you true. The future I will reveal, though your minds are not ready.

Nigh, draws the time, when the eternal fires of the dawn grow cold, and fade to smoking embers. Nigh, is the time when in the mystical land of Jinhai a wall, once thought impregnable, shall begin to crumble. Nigh, is the time, when in a world of jungle, unspoiled by the tainted touch of civilization, a darkness begins to slowly spread. Nigh is the time that in the mighty towers of Lanstead, the lights shall go dark, as the power fails, and men and women will emerge from their factories, for the first time in their lives, as the blackness spreads across the sky. Nigh, is the time, when on the cold, dead world of Avarach, a solitary drone will look up at the sky, and watch as it's world fades to nothing. Nigh is the time that the cultists of the plains will be consumed by a terrible darkness, they will turn to each other, as it comes for them, and they will say 'it is the demons', but they will be mistaken. Nigh, is the time, when the fires of Torment will grow cold, and darkness will cloud the skies of chaos. The demons will at first rejoice, knowing their time has come, but then they, too, will fall silent in horror as the truth dawns upon them. Nigh is the time, which in Solace, for the first time in memory, shadow will touch the glimmering city of light. Shadow, and silence, and nothing else. 'Impossible', the angels will say, yet it will happen still, and all of their power, all of their might, and all of their wisdom, will not suffice to turn back the tide.

On the battlefields of the Infinite War, soldiers will look across the battle lines, to where the enemy forces stand arrayed. Enemies will scream together in agony, as they are engulfed, and extinguished, plucked from the light all at once, and plunged together into the darkness. They will gnash their teeth there, together, and tear out their hair, and cry out together in misery. Angel, and Demon, Aspirant, and Monk, Cultist, and Drone, Undead, and Beast. In that darkness even the ones known as the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, will writhe and twist in agony. They will know only agony, and they will not know the cause.

In the towers of Lanstead, as the blackness crawls across the sky, a solitary woman who has lived in that place for millennia will look out as it comes crashing down. She will look at it, and she alone will know what it is that comes for her, what it is that comes for them all. And, though immortal she may be, she knows too that this thing, this one thing that comes for her now, this thing will be her undoing. Her unmaking. It is a Calamity, of a sort she has never witnessed before, though she alone had bore  witness to the Calamities of the past.

As it comes for her she will watch, patient. A few thousand years is more than enough time, she knows, and she has long since grown wearied of her timeless existence. Still, fear gnaws at the corners of her brain like a rat at a scrap of rotting bone. She knows what this is, but knows not how dangerous it truly is for her, for everyone.

And as the darkness finally covers her, extinguishing her, and sending her to a realm of eternal shadow, she whispers but a single word, that echoes across all of the infinite planes. The Monks hear that single word as they perish, and the warriors of the once glorious dawn, and the cultists of death herself, and the demons, and the angels, and the dead, and the living, and cold truth dawns on all of them as that single word pierces through their minds.

"Server," she whispered, and in that solitary moment, through all the rifts, and across all the planes they understood. The server had been shut down.

Non-IW Discussion / Wizard Post Number 7
« on: October 12, 2016, 01:47:25 AM »
Hey guys, girls, others, denizens of the internet and random purveyors of the IW forums. I bring to you, today, a Wizard Post to amaze and astonish even the most cynical and jaded amongst you. The announcement that I will make today (more on this below) will change the way you see the world, and indeed, perhaps, the way the world sees you as well. Do not lightly tread, here, amongst the footprints of giants, for the paths are dark and treacherous and will seek to lead you astray. For you, though, noble traveler, who dares to journey where even the gods fear to go, rejoice, because today you will find within these words a map that will lead you to destinations hitherto undreamt of.

The Wizard's Grand Announcement!

For those who read the warnings of the previous paragraph and chose to dismiss them out of hand, let me say again the truths I am about to impart are not to be taken lightly. Do not shrug this off as some mad fancy of a foolish charlatan, but consider well the note of caution in my tone. Not all secrets are meant for the eyes of the masses. Sometimes the greatest wisdom is the wisdom to know when one is not ready. For the intrepid, and the courageous, and the foolish, by all means, read on. But when all is said and done do not say I did not warn you, for you were warned, do not curse my name as doom falls upon you from the heavens, but rather look inward and know who is truly to blame for your fate. The spider merely weaves her web, it is the fly that chooses to alight upon it.

Without further ado, my announcement, forthwith.

Today. I announce to you, the people of the Infinity Wars forums, that next week, at more or less this same time, I will be posting a Wizard Post that may or may not contain relevant information, that may or may not be important to you. In other words, I am announcing, that at a later date I will have an actual announcement.

Oh, what's that you say? Disappointing? Not what you were expecting? Hmm. I see.

Well that brings us to our next segment.

Merlin Draws Inspiration once more from Drew on how to do a Weekly Post!

That is to say, I made a post with an announcement about nothing and no actual other information in it other than meaningless words that droned on (forbiddingly!) about nothing. Next week I might draw even more inspiration, and simply not post a Wizard Post at all.

Then again, I did announce this week that I would have an announcement of some flavor or other next week, so maybe I should go ahead and stick to that since I did say that I would, didn't I?

Then, on the other hand, it really is so very hard not to be inspired by our beloved CM, and, great as he is, it is difficult for me to choose not to follow in his pioneering footprints. Who am I to question the minds of geniuses? If his posts are not to be weekly, well then, I ask you, who am I to upset the natural order of non information? 'T would be almost a sacrilege to post again next week, when one considers it thusly, and if anyone knows my character they know that I, certainly, am no blasphemer.

Well, with that said, I have to take my leave. Questions, perhaps, remain. Will I post next week? Will I not? Perhaps we will never know the answers to these deep and unresolved philosophical dilemmas.

Or, more terrifying still, perhaps we shall.

Non-IW Discussion / Wizard Post Number 6
« on: October 04, 2016, 11:40:42 PM »
osay, itway isway atthay imetay ofway eekway againway, ethay imetay otay ullpay upway away eatsay andway istenlay otay ethay esidentray izardway ontificatepay onway omesay opictay orway anotherway. odaytay isway otnay osay uchmay anway updateway ayday, asway itway isway away ayday otay opstay andway eflectray onway erewhay eway avehay eenbay andway owhay eway otgay erehay odaytay. osay, inway atthay einvay ofway eflectionray andway ontemplationcay Iway ave-hay akentay ethay atrualnay epstay ofway itingwray isthay ostpay inway igpay atinlay. Enjoyway.

Ethay Onglay Awaitedway Igpay Atinlay Ostpay Isway Erehay! 

Asway Iway entionedmay eforebay isthay ostpay illway ebay entirelyway inway igpay atinlay. Iway onestlyhay don't avehay uchmay ofway anythingway elseway otay aysay isthay eekway, osay Iway iguredfay ifway Iway avehay othingnay otay aysay Iway ightmay asway ellway aysay itway inway asway eativecray away asway ossiblepay. Osay erehay eway areway. Anywayway, inway otherway ewsnay Iway avehay eenbay ayingplay away idgensmay ofway ivinityday Originalway insay Enhancedway Editionway. It's away ettypray oolcay amegay, overallway, oughthay itway oesday avehay away ewfay issuesway. Iway amway ookinglay orwardfay away eatgray ealday otay ethay equelsay, ichwhay Iway ieflybray emoedday earlierway isthay earyay atway axpay Eastway. Ivinityday Originalway insay otway illway ebay avinghay away pvpay ultiplayermay odemay, ichwhay ookslay oolcay asway allway ellhay, andway asway ethay artpay ofway ethay amegay Iway ayedplay atway axPay. Ethay amegay isway urrentlycay inway earlyway accessway, utbay Iway amway aitingway otay opdray oneymay onway itway untilway itway isway ompletecay (or erhapspay ustjay oremay ompletecay anthay itway isway ownay).   

May 18th, 2016, Weekly Post #14:
Greetings, everyone. You were probably expecting someone else to be writing this, and not me. I am here to inform you that I am standing in for RikkiTikki as Community Manager for Infinity Wars

First Weekly Post from our esteemed CM after accepting a position at Yodomare. Some stuff happened, some weekly posts were late.

This was posted on Weekly Post #18:
The weekly post was never designed to be every 7 exact days, but you were given a promise of 1 every week with the most rare exception, and I haven't lived up to that yet - I am sorry for that. The general consistency of weekly posts is up to me to vastly improve.  I'll make sure I have extra subjects ready in advance so there is virtually no need for a bottleneck (game design bottlenecks do suck).

You have no one to blame on the team for this except me, frankly. I apologized, and have made sure this won't happen again barring a given emergency, in which case the turnaround time will be a lot faster and with delegation.

Weekly post #18 was made on July 3rd. There have been 13 calendar weeks between July 3rd and now. There have been a total of 7 weekly posts (as of this writing we are on number 25).

Following are the numbers and post dates of all 'Weekly' Posts, since our current CM took this responsibility on.

May 18, 2016, Post #14
May 30, 2016, Post #15
June 8, 2016, Post #16
June 22, 2016, Post #17
July 3, 2016, Post #18
July 26, 2016, Post #19
August 4, 2016, Post #20
August 15, 2016, Post #21
August 23, 2016, Post #22
September 1, 2016, Post #23
September 8, 2016, Post #24
September 22, 2016, Post #25
September 30, 2016, Post #26
October 21, 2016, Post #27

No one needs to respond to this post. It's just to keep track.

Non-IW Discussion / Wizard Post Number 5
« on: September 27, 2016, 11:19:48 PM »
Yes, it's that time of year again, when the nights start getting longer and you start seeing adds for pumpkin flavored everything popping up left and right. Halloween is just around the corner, and the US presidential season is in full swing. Winter is coming.

Alarashade Campaigns for Twitch Partnership

So, for those of you who don't know Alarashade is my significant other. She streams games on twitch, and back in the day she actually used to stream Infinity Wars fairly regularly. This week she has applied for partnership status with, something which is often very difficult to obtain. If you people out there reading this wouldn't mind doing her and me both a huge favor if you could swing over here and like and retweet this post it would actually help her out quite a bit.

Also - it's the least you can do to thank me for saving you from Dmitri Yolonov.

What Else is Going on Anyway?

I'm glad to be able to say I checked in with the forces responsible for the maintenance of the universe, and they report that dev time overall has been quite productive this week. They are putting the finishing touches on some new art assets for a series of nebulae and a galaxy they plan on debuting in the coming weeks. Bug fixing, overall, has been pretty solid, and they plan on patching Earth soon to get rid of some of the horrible glitches we have been experiencing recently. In addition the patch will contain nerfs to police brutality and idiotic politicians, something the community has been asking about for a while now, and the devs have finally listened.

Now, that being said, the powers that be would appreciate everyone logging into the reality beta server this week to preview their latest patch. Any balance concerns or complaints will be addressed then, before the patch hits live. In particular they are looking for feedback on the political and policing changes they have designed, and want to know your thoughts on how it will shape the overall meta in the coming months.

The devs are also aware of a recent bug that has been popping up that causes users to experience horrible depression upon waking up in the morning. Unfortunately they do not yet have a fix for this, but are hoping some of their other changes can help lessen the impact of this particular bug, until they can allocate the dev time needed to come up with a fix.

This is a Pointless Headline That Means Nothing

Alright, that's it for this week.


Non-IW Discussion / Wizard Post Number 4
« on: September 20, 2016, 07:01:01 PM »
Okay so first off, I want to apologize for being late on this Wizard Post. When they first started I told everyone that you could hold me to this time frame, and, regrettably, I have let you all down this week. Over the past several days I have had several prominent members of the community approach me and express their dissatisfaction with the state of my posts, and the fact that this one in particular has been so egregiously late. It is no one's fault but my own, for failing to meet this deadline, and I do want to say how deeply sorry I am that I have disappointed my legions of fans.

Well now that is out of the way let's dig into the meat of the post itself.

The Wizard Discovers a Time Reversal Spell!

Yes! that's right! I have discovered the magical technology needed to reverse the flow of time itself! This discovery was, of course, necessitated by how late this week's Wizard Post originally was. With my new magical knowledge, however, I was able to travel back in time and preempt my error, allowing me to escape the scathing rebuttal from the community that I had already endured in the previous timeline.

I am also willing to sell this spell to the current CM of these boards, as he seems to be in dire need of it, but clearly lacks the magical prerequisites to make the discovery himself.

The Wizard goes Back in Time and Kills Dmitri Yolonov Before the Genocide

Yes, that is correct. One of the most reviled human beings to ever live has been successfully removed from the timeline. The nuclear genocide he committed against the world has long been one of the darkest chapters in the history of humanity. Fortunately, with my newest discovery, I was able to travel back in time and kill him as an infant, undoing all of his repugnant actions before he could even consider performing them.

First off, I want to say that you're welcome, world. I truly am the greatest wizard ever to walk the earth, and if any of you were capable of remembering the atrocities of Dmitri Yolonov, you would, doubtless, agree with me wholeheartedly, and pay me the respect and homage that is my due. As it is though, with your painfully limited ability to comprehend the intricacies of the space time continuum, and your inability to comprehend the ugly fate from which I have saved you all, I am willing to accept a mere 'thank you', as I  am after all a very humble wizard who has no need to inflate his ego through trite and empty platitudes.

Also, like I mentioned prior, I am willing to sell this spell to our venerable and esteemed CM. I think one billion dollars would be a more than fair price.

The Wizard Sits on his Couch and Contemplates the Meaning of Life

Yes, this week I engaged in an hours long session of sit and ponder, upon my favorite couch. It was quite relaxing, and I emerged from it feeling both refreshed, and relieved to know that I was correct the first time I deduced the meaning of life. A quick check of the universe and all of its systems and functions demonstrated that not only was I unequivocally correct in my earlier deductions, but also that I was truly the most brilliant wizard to ever walk the earth. Both conclusions were clear to me as I read the data in the ashes of a dying star, and gazed upon the mind warping emptiness of singularity. Such breath taking marvels, proclaiming the greatness of myself.

Oh, also I saw Suicide Squad this week. It was kind of disappointing. Would not pay to see it again.

See you all next week, and yes, you can hold me to that time frame.

Non-IW Discussion / Wizard Post Number 3
« on: September 13, 2016, 11:37:23 PM »
Hello again, my spellbound audience. Are you ready to be entertained? Are you ready to be enthralled? Are you ready to have the most exciting time of your life?!

If so you likely should stop reading here, because the rest of this post is just going to go downhill .

The Wizard Returns to IW

So I've played some IW recently, in ranked. I wanted to see what sort of state the game was in, I was feeling nostalgic, and I was drunk. At any rate I've queued up for more than a few games of IW recently. Game is meh, imo, more bland than I remember, though the queue times have noticeably shortened (though this may simply be because of a combination of the ranked reset and my current low rating). The only game that felt remotely challenging was vs Adorabear, the rest have left me feeling like the game has gotten entirely too predictable and simple.

So in other words - all y'all need to step your game up.

The Wizard Launches a GoFundMe to Support His Magical Endeavors!

I have not shared this anywhere yet, so consider yourselves the chosen few, handpicked by the wizard himself to witness the birth of true glory. Brace yourselves, and feast your eyes.

With any luck I can raise the full amount in a few weeks and begin the process of complete and utter global destruction. Afterward I will take everyone who donated out for a picnic in the park - you guys deserve it after all.

The Wizard Throws a Smoke Bomb and then Vanishes Like a Ninja!




Hey, I left already, why are you guys still here?


Well since you haven't left yet I guess I'll let you guys know the novel is coming along well, everything is currently on schedule. Alarashade (found here: ) my signifigant other has been invited to participate in a talk show that debuts it's first episode on Thursday, 9-15 at 7pm est. The name of the show is Stream Theory, and it sounds interesting. I advise anyone who is not otherwise engaged on that day/time to swing by and check it out. You might be disappointed, but let's be honest you were just going to be sitting on your fat ass doing nothing if you weren't watching, so there's really no reason for you not to spend half a calorie clicking on the link and watching for five minutes. If you find yourself entertained feel free to stick around longer.

Anyway that's it for this week's wizard post. For real this time.


Non-IW Discussion / Wizard Post Number 2
« on: September 06, 2016, 11:13:47 PM »
Well I said you could hold me to that time frame and tada! Here I am, with post in hand.

A Little Snippet of my Novel

So last we spoke there was some small interest expressed in seeing an excerpt from the book I am working on. Keep in mind that the below is a passage from a work in progress - it may not make it into the final draft, and if it does there will likely be heavy revisions. But without further delay here it is.

          The man with the scar across his eye grabbed me and forced me down into the dirt of the alleyway. “Ho, ho ho,” he chuckled to himself as his tongue lolled out like a dog’s, “ho, ho ho.”
          “I don’t have any money,” I protested, feeling the knife pressed against my ribs. I remained very still. The knife felt very sharp.
          “Ho, ho, ho,” said the man, his breath a wall of acid stench in my nostrils, “don’t want your money.”
          “What then?” I asked, feeling the knife once more and knowing in a moment I would end.
          “I want,” he licked his lips and looked down to where he held the weapon against my belly, “I want you to listen.” Rotten teeth on full display with the smile that followed that pronouncement.
          “Listen to what?” I asked, trying to keep him talking. My eyes flicked to the entrance of the alleyway, hoping desperately some passer by would see me, knowing in my gut it was futile.
          “Listen,” he said and brought his finger to his lips.
          For a moment I lay very still and very quiet. Then I heard the bells, calling for assembly in the cities center. The man puffyed his head and looked me in the eye. “Do you know what those are for? Who those are for? Ho, ho ho,” he giggled.
          “No,” I lied. I had seen the gallows not an hour before.
          The man gasped and sprang backward, off of me. “You mean you have not heard of the legendary Brandon Blackvein?” He said, clearly surprised, and clearly insane.
          “No,” I lied again as I rose, slowly so as not to alarm him, to my feet. He kept the knife pointed at me, but did not move closer. I took a deep breath of air without the reek of him.
          “Well then I shall tell you,” said the man.
          I shook my head and glanced down the alley. “No, I don’t want to know,” I wondered if I ran if I would make it before the knife could catch me. I decided the odds were not good.
          The man’s one good eye took on a curious slant. A dangerous slant. I watched the knife as he took a step toward me. In a moment I will run, I thought to myself. In just another moment.
          “You don’t understand,” he said to me then, in a voice that was new and different from the voice he had used before. “I have to tell you. I have no choice.” And when the magic hit me I knew I no longer had one either.
          So I sat down in the dust and the dirt of the alley, and the man with the scar across his eye sat down in front of me, knife still held in white knuckles. It twitched this way and that as he spoke, like an ant, feeling at the air.
          “It began at the edge of the world, before Brandon got the Black in his veins, back when the empire was still whole, and the Gods were still dead.”
          I listened as the story began. A part of me is listening still.

Other Things that have Happened

So in other news, since I was last here, I attended the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire over the weekend. For those interested their website is here

I also took a trip to Longwood Gardens and Shady Maples ( and respectively). All in all it was a very pleasant weekend, which I enjoyed thoroughly. All three locations are excellent if you are ever in southern PA and looking for something to do/somewhere to go, and I cannot recommend them enough.

Anyway it is going to be a relatively short post from me today - though the story excerpt more than makes up the word count. Tune in next week for more Wizard Posts - same bat time, same bat place.

Non-IW Discussion / Wizard Post Number One
« on: August 30, 2016, 10:49:50 PM »
Introducing The Wizard Posts!

So I was thinking to myself, a post on the forums once a week can't be that hard to do, right? I could make a post about everything I have done for that past week, or everything I am working on, thinking of doing, thinking of not doing, or just random words and promises of varying degrees of action or inaction on any given topic. As long as I can stick to once a week (7 days for 500 words? should be super easy amirite?) I figure it will be a fun little addition to the forums.

So here is me, committing to a weekly post every seven days about something related to probably nothing.

And yes, you can hold me to that timeframe.

So Whatever Is Going On With Merlin These Days, Anyway?

I'm glad you asked that question. I will tell you. This past week I downloaded the new Star Ocean game for the PS4, and have been playing a bit of that. It seems a little clunky compared to past Star Oceans, and some parts of the voice acting have made me cringe. The combat overall seems less streamlined and more chaotic than past versions of the same game (or titles within the Star Ocean franchise).

All that being said, I am enjoying the game so far. The quest system seems fun, and the graphics are good. It is not an overly complex game, so it takes very little mental energy to play and so is a great game to just relax and destress with.

Merlin is Writing a Novel!

And last but not least I am currently working on a novel. Yes, that's right, a novel. Most of you probably did not know I write at all, on account of I've not written anything IW related (and I won't, the story lines in this game honestly do not interest me enough for me to try and craft anything within their world). This will be my second novel, and I am committing to 5000 words a day while I work on it. I have a goodly portion finished already and should have the second draft complete by the end of September.

More progress on this will follow in future installments of the Wizard post, probably. (Possibly not, it very much depends on which direction my fancy takes me in regard to these). It is more than likely future Wizard posts will be written entirely in Latin, or composed primarily of gibberish. There is a non zero chance that both of these things will occur at some point in the future.

Anywho that is going to be it for now. No Art sneak peaks in this Wizard Post, unfortunately, but possibly in next weeks. But don't get your hopes up.

General Game Discussion / Five Simple Changes That Would Fix IW
« on: August 16, 2016, 10:46:36 PM »
Alright I'm not going to mince words here. IW is currently in a poor state, both balance wise, player wise, marketing wise, and etc. I am not remotely qualified to comment on things like bugs, programming, marketing plans, and etc, but what I am qualified to do is offer some invaluable advice on game balance.

So without further ado I am going to hop directly in to five simple balance fixes Yodomare could make tomorrow that could potentially save IW.

1). Overcharged Storm - currently 2p CoV is in a poor state in Rift. They are a spell based faction and struggle to compete in the Creature based Stat stick contest that is Rift. I propose a minor change to Overcharged Storm, namely removing the zone lock, that would allow CoV players to play more aggressively and help offset the inherent weakness of the faction in the Rift format.

2). Wholesale Slaughter - as everyone knows who has played this game for any length of time, Exiles has always been something of an underdog. One of the primary reasons is that their premium removal spell (Wholesale Slaughter) just doesn't work well within the design of the faction as a whole. I think a very simple remedy to this problem would be to give Wholesale Slaughter Exile. A reasonable cost would be 0 imo (after all you have to pay to discard it and you also have to sacrifice 2 characters, making it any more that 0 would likely leave it in the horribly undertuned and unplayable state in which it currently resides).

3). Shikana - Shikana has a fun and interesting ability, but the ability fails to be coherent in the larger context of the game. Every other character with start of turn abilities (in particular Unstable Bomb Bot) has their ability resolve at the same time. I would recommend moving Shikana's ability resolution to the start of the turn phase to bring it more in line with all other similar abilities in the game. It will also help to cut down on all the new players complaining about how useless she is both here on the forums and in general chat in game. Basically every day I see either a new thread created about Shikana or see the card mentions in general chat.

While we are making changes to this card I would suggest making her a 'he' in the flavor text to make it more consistent with the very masculine demon portrayed in the artwork.

4). Warped Swarmer - CoV has long suffered from a dearth of commander choices. While currently they do have Rita and Aether Acolyte, the limitation of the faction to these two cards has seriously hurt both its viability and its appeal to innovation that helps to attract and retain new players to the game.

I would humbly suggest giving Warped Swarmer an ability that reads 'All Swarmers have 'when this character dies deal 1 damage to all enemy Characters'. 1 damage is not enough to be terribly consequential, but does aid CoV with cards like Heat Wave and Desolation, that open up new avenues for deck building that have hitherto been unexplored.

This change also has the added benefit of bringing Swarmers as a tribal faction into playability, where we will begin to see actual Swarmer decks take a place within the meta.

5). Precautionary Measures - OoS is currently bad. There. I said it. GI does almost everything OoS can do, and they do it better. Precautionary Measures is a great example of a card that could use a simple rework that would bring it to a great spot within the meta, and bring the faction as a whole up to the next level.

A simple change such as 'remove all characters from your graveyard, for each character removed this way give all your characters +1/+1 until the end of the turn' would bring this card into the game in a big way and really help the faction compete. Obviously the cost could not remain at 3 for such a potent effect, so it should be raised to a reasonable level, such as 6, in order to make the ability costed properly and prevent the faction from becoming OP.

Anyway, I hope that the devs take the time to read this and implement all of these changes so IW can become the game we all hope it will one day be.

General Game Discussion / Infinity Council Forum Tags
« on: August 10, 2016, 10:46:08 PM »
Can we get them removed please? None of us are on the Council - the Council has ripperoni'd in pepperoni ravioli's - so can we please get the tags removed? You guys over at Yodomare are seriously only hurting yourselves by letting me run around on here with a semi official looking title.

Trading Post / Selling My Account
« on: August 04, 2016, 09:00:39 PM »
I am selling my account. Notable things it includes;

3x Gold Foil Klore
1x Gold Foil Alt Art Bromich (one of only 5 in the game!)
5x Infinite Aether Acolyte
3x Gold Alt Art Mass Death
8x Foil Alt Art Bromich
1x Infinite Splitter Bot
Over 70 Legendaries.
Multiple highly optimized decks.
Champion title.
Undefeatable title.
Flame Dawn Cathedral Battlefield.
The ability to troll general chat under the username 'MerliniX'.

Any interested parties please pm me.

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