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Hey up,

Never play the game now, so better someone else puts the account to use. I spent a lot of money on cards so I have shed load of plats from the order release. I was on the leader board a few years back at ranked in a competition and won 3 limited edition alt art mass deaths.

My account has the "Platinum Rank" border, for reaching above 2000 rank in ranked game mode, and some nice avatars and what not.

I have shed loads of trade fodder, and a fair amount of premiums. I am starting at around $400, (depending on interest) for the entire account, but open to offers.

Some of what's in the collection... (I have screenshots if you want them)

Alternate Art Mass Deaths (Earnt from winning at ranked one time only for winners only, by Shiraz Domingo) 3

Martyr Golem 2
defiant hermit 2
Tygris 1
Agent Coyle Soulseller 1
Aberion CHampion of Force 3
Agent Coyle Firestarter 2
Agent Coyle Immovable 1
Liand The Fearless 3 platinum
Princess Hinekri 1
Vasir, The Unchained 1
Yagron 1 platinum
Sol Champion of vengeance 1
Die Another Day 1
Agent Coyle Alpha One 1

Prophet Karani 2
Titan of the New World 1
Stampede 1 plat 2 normal
Call the Warpath 1
Agent Coyle Assimilator 1
Mecha Dragon 5
Mega Unit 01 1
Mega Unit 02 1
Mega Unit 03 1
Ultra Unit 1
The Dragon Project 4
Flux Capacitor 1 plat
Omnitron 1
Demon of Gluttony 4
Subjugated Dragon 1
Voracious Goliath 2 plat
Oblivion 2
Dark Wish 2
Ruins of Veroria 1
Aberion The Hammer of Dawn 4
Hilderic, the Fist of Dawn 2
Ireul, Vanguard of Ruin 1
Vis, the Furious 4 plat
Bloodbath 1
Ao Shun Dragon of Wisdom 3
Avatar of Daode 1 plat, 1 normal
Avatar of Ling Bao 1 plat, 3 normal
Avatar of Yuanshi 2 plat
Ju-Lin Who Re-writes History 1
Surprise Defense 4
Shrine to the Heavens 3
Patient Zero 2
The Last Sleeper 2
Avarach Has Risen 1
The VIrus of Avarach 1
Corrupted Celestial Dragon 1 plat 1 normal
Hungry Abomination 2
Nysrugh The Hungry 2
Azael 3
Celestial Dragon 1 plat
Equilibrium 2 plat
Enyah of Endless Possibilities 4
Silfurstar the Fallen Crusader 2
The Calamity 4
Aleta Immortal Caretaker Alt Art plat 3
Aleta Imortal Caretaker 4
ALeta Immortal Survivor 2
Aunissial 3 plat 2 normal
Caretaker of the Swarm 1
Force Against the Law 6
Granthar, Elder Ape 1
Matriarch 2
Skraar 4
Spawn Fierce Companion 1
Subdues the Meek 2 plat 1 gold
Sydern 2
Never Forget the Fallen 2
Untapped Wilderness 4
Ancient Aether 3
Ancient Egg 3
Aleta Immortal Searcher 6
Aleta Immortal Tinkerer 2
Aleta Immortal Tinkerer Alt Art 3 plat
Cottontail VX 1600 1 plat 2 normal
Interdemensional Phase Bot 1
Logrithmatron 4 plat
Orion Master Architect 1
Orion Master Engineer 3
Angelify 6
Angelify Alt Art 1 Plat
Lanstead 2
Disruption Sphere 4
Junkyard 3
Omnimind 1 plat
Orion's Grave 1 plat 5 normal
Shield Generator 2
Aleta Immortal Sorceress 4
Apparition 3
Demon of Dark Bargain 1 Plat
Demon of Fear 8
Grotesque Brute 2
Rita Mistress of Shadow 1 plat 5 Normal
Rita Shadow Priestess 2
Annihilate 3
Dark Vision 3 plat 3 normal
Mass Death 2
Sinister Corruption 4
The Hellmouth 2
Misery Stone 1
Summoning Stone 1 gold 2 normal
Ritual of Summoning 1 plat 2 normal
Struggle for Power 1 plat
Bromich Field Commander 2
Decimator 1 plat 1 normal
Emberstarter 4
Kali Ascended 4
Kali The Flaming Blade 2
Kali, The Purifier 6
Mark 1 Brimstone Battle Tank 4
Paladin of Flame Dawn 3
Pras, The Traitor of Dawn 4
Proctul, the Sniper 3 plat
Protector of the Dawn 1
Terror Moose 3
Fiery Wish 2 plat 4 normal
Pyr, Fortress of the Flame Dawn 2
Aberion's Banner 5
Brimstone 4
Bromich's Banner 4
Tactical Retreat 1 plat 3 normal
Daode. Sage of Strength 5
Eagle-eye 4
Go Han, The Stalwart 3
Jialan, Guardian of Life 4
Lingbao, Sage of Discipline 4
Phalanx Commander 1 Plat 4 normal
Yuanshi, Sage of Ferocity 3
Humble 2 plat 3 normal
Great Wall 2
Jinhai Dojo 3 plat 1 normal
The Great Fortess of Xia Han 5
Heaven's Bell 3
Shifting Stones 2
Counting the Days 5 plat 1 normal
Quest for Balance 1 plat, 2 normal
ALeta Immortal Sufferer 2
Cyber Infected Dragon 4
Hehkeem the Corrupted 1
Recurring Nightmare 3
Raise Dead 2
Rampant VIrus 3
Kyrallic, Origin of the Virus 2
Undisturbed Necropolis 6
Decrepit Crystal 3
Engine of Reincarnation 5
Tome of the Dead 2
Cressill the Mad 4
Devil of Despair 1
Xac 2
Dehuminize 4
Descension 5
Volatile Genome 2 plat 1 normal
The Demon Wastes 1
Chalice of Madness 4
Crystal of Madness 2
Cassial, the Selfless 5
Ex, the Oppressor 3 plat, 3 normal
Ex. the Oppressor Alt Art 1 plat
Irial, Champion of Resolve 7
Jubalia, The Valiant 2 plat 3 normal
Lilariah, Chmapion of Grace 3
Melosia, CHampion of Despair 3 plat
Tyra, the Burden of War 2 plat
Heavenly Wish 2
Precautionary Measures 11
Purge the Unworthy 1 foil, 1 plat, 5 normal
Aleta Immortal Traveller 3
CHeryl, the Forward Scout 2
Dugg 4
Jubalia, the Messenger 6
Navi 4
Raa 4
Radariah the Untouchable 3
Radariah the Untouchable Alt Art 1 Plat
Shikana, Who Demands Tribute 4
Shizarius the Cruel 6
Swarmer Broodlord Gold Foil 1
Varyus, Master of Choice 3
Zuza, Angelic SIren 2
Deflect 3

Some of the premiums are mentioned above.

PM me if you are interested, or want to make an offer. :)


I just wanted to add my 2 pennies regarding the latest update.

I have been an avid player for quite a while now, and spent a fair amount of cash and time trading to get working decks that I love.

The recent updates heavily smashed both of my favourite decks. One a flame and verore combo, and the other a triple verore.

Now I am totally about balancing the game, I understand that is the nature of beta. However, with the recent update, the time and money I've spent to build the decks I wanted is now rendered pretty pointless, and I have to start pretty much from scratch and get back to the basics.

This is quite frustrating. What I would suggest is instead of messing with working factions, is to improve the factions that don't work. Like the Decendants of Dragons for instance. Which are far from balanced as a deck to deal with nearly any other faction apart from pure flame dawn.

Personally I think if more work was done on improving these factions so everything balanced in a positive direction. Then it will be a much more fun experience for everyone, because then instead of a persons decks being invalidated in one hit via being nerfed... Instead suddenly the strategies that are currently being used will start to become less effective against other factions, and lead to those decks being adapted organically to deal with the new challenges.

Thoughts guys?

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