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Sellings plats, platfoils, golds, foils and goldfoils. Message me here or ingame (ign: Dramamon)

1. Selling premiums & regulars. (paypal, friends & family option)
2. Trading for Dota 2 items or any other steam items (tf2, cs etc)
3. Trading for Steam Wallet Cards
4. Trading for certain Gold+Foil & Plat+Foil cards (and a Gold Bromich)
5. Trading for steam games

Plat+Foil Vasir, the Demon Prince

Gold+Foil Evelle, Mage Guild Recruiter

Gold Primal Hunter
Gold Defiant Hermit
Gold Agent Coyle, Firestarter
Gold Klore
Gold Agent Coyle, Immovable x2
Gold Agent Coyle, Hellbringer
Gold Agent Coyle, Zomborg
Gold Agent Coyle, Ascended
Gold Agent Coyle, Divine Demonic
Gold Sol, Angel of Vengeance
Gold Martyr Golem

Plat Princess Hinekri

Gold+Foil Demon of Gluttony
Gold+Foil Celestial Dragon

Plat+Foil Stampede x2
Plat+Foil Regicide
Plat+Foil Syn, the Hope of Dawn
Plat+Foil Avatar of Daode
Plat+Foil Surprise Defense
Plat+Foil Corrupted Celestial Dragon
Plat+Foil Celestial Dragon
Plat+Foil Daclerius
Plat+Foil Equilibrium
Plat+Foil Silfurstar

Gold Dragon of Autumn Wind
Gold Hidden By Clouds x3
Gold Hunted Dragon
Gold Prophet Karani x2
Gold Titan of the New World x2
Gold Call the Warpath
Gold Stampede
Gold The Humans are Dead
Gold Mega Unit 01
Gold Mega Unit 02 x2
Gold Mega Unit 03
Gold Subjugated Dragon
Gold Hilderic
Gold Azael
Gold Tygrugh x2
Gold Nysrugh, the Hungry x3
Gold Nysrugh, the Insasiable
Gold Hungry Abomination x2
Gold Undeath Wish x2
Gold Zombie Abomination
Gold Avatar of Lingbao
Gold Ao Shun, Dragon of Wisdom
Gold Ireul, Vanguard of Ruin
Gold Calamity x2

Foil Voracious Goliath
Foil No More Heroes
Foil Azael

Trading Post / Selling premiums
« on: January 19, 2017, 03:54:46 PM »
Sellings plats, platfoils, golds, foils and goldfoils. Message me here or ingame
I have almost all platinums of the game, a lot of golds and double premiums, many regular cards too.

updated (22/1/2017)

Sol, Champion of vengeance 4$
Martyr Golem 6$
Agent Coyle, Immovable 4$
Agent Coyle, Primal Hunter 4$

plat sol, angel of vengeance 17$

Dark Wish 2$ each (5$ for a playset) I only have 3 left for sale.

[work in progress]

Bug Reporting / Madness
« on: December 06, 2016, 02:23:01 PM »
I had 3-4 cards with exile X in my hand. I played madness and no question if i want to play any of the cards during my next turn.

Trading Post / Looking for
« on: November 08, 2016, 02:05:40 PM »
Looking for

Platfoils, Goldfoils, Golds, core platinums
dota 2 items

Willing to trade well for certain platfoils!

goldfoil splitter lyte
goldfoil taiga

platfoil defiant herald
platfoil strength of leadership

Want to trade:

I have many normals & premiums to trade (golds, plats, goldfoils, platfoils, foils, alt arts etc), just send me a message here and i can show you my collection. I want to to know how much and what u can offer for specific cards.


Plat Harahel (alt art)
Gold Bromich (alt art)
Mass Death (alt art)

Plat Sol, Angel of Vengeance

Gold+Foil Demon of Gluttony
Plat+Foil Silfurstar

Plat Prophet Karani
Plat Karckk 
Plat Agent Coyle, Assimilator
Plat Titan of the New World
Plat Mecha Dragon
Plat Omnitron x2
Plat Oblivion
Plat Zombie Abomination x2
Plat Surpsise Defense
Plat Avatar of Lingbao
Plat Nix x2
Plat Ruins of Veroria

Foil Voracious Goliath
Foil Azael

Platfoil Fiery Wish
Platfoil Cavalry Paladin

Gold Hungry Abomination
Gold Ireul
Gold Hilderic
Plat Aunissial x3
Plat Caretaker of the Swarm x3 
Plat Granthar
Plat Spawn x3
Plat Subdues the Meek x3  (1 pack for each)
Plat Cottontail  (1 pack for each)
Plat Orion, Master Architect 
Plat Disruption Sphere x3  (1 pack for each)
Plat Rita, Mistress of Shadow  (1 pack for each)
Plat Struggle for Power x2  (1 pack for each)
Plat Cavalry Paladin x3  (1 pack for each)
Plat Decimator x3  (1 pack for each)
Plat Emberstarter x3  (2 pack for each)
Plat Kali, the Purifier  (2 pack for each)
Plat Proctul, the Sniper  (1 pack for each)
Plat Terror Moose  (1 pack for each)
Plat Fiery Wish  (1 pack for each)
Plat Tactical Retreat x3  (1 pack for each)
Plat Humble x3  (2 packs for each)
Plat Jinhai Dojo x3  (1 pack for each)
Plat Heaven's Bell
Plat Counting the Days (1 pack for each)
Plat Quest for Balance x3 (1 pack each)
Plat Tome of the Dead
Plat Zuza
Plat Cheryl
Plat Aleta, Immortal Traveler
Plat Heavenly WIsh x3
Plat Purge the Unworthy x3
Plat Tyra x3
Plat Eagle-EYe

Gold Aleta, Immortal Sufferer
Gold Eagle-Eye
Gold Aleta, Immortal Sorceress
Gold Apparition
Gold Never Forget the Fallen
Gold Ancient Aether x2
Gold Aleta, Immortal Tinkerer
Gold Matriarch
Gold Mark 1
Gold Pras
Gold Irial
GOld Eagle-Eye
Gold Varyus
Gold Phalanx Commander

Foil Aleta, Immortal Survivor
Foil Terror Moose
Foil Shifting Stone
Foil Cyber Infested Dragon
FOil hehkeem the corrupted
Foil Rampant Virus
Foil Decrepit Crystal
Foil Cresil
Foil Devil of Despair
Foil Xac
Foil Dehumanize
Foil Daode

Plat Descension (2 packs for each)
Plat Volatile Genome (1 pack for each)
Plat Cassial (1 pack for each)
Plat Ex (1 pack for each)
Plat Jubalia x2 (1 pack for each)
Plat Great Fortress x2

Goldfoil Trickster Monkey
Goldfoil Honor Hill
Goldfoil Vah'nash, Ritual Master
Goldfoil Agent Cheryl
Goldfoil Kraos

Platfoil Symbiote Prototype x2
Platfoil Overclock
Platfoil Agent Cheryl
Platfoil Consecration
Platfoil Solace's Gate
Platfoil Filling Cabinet x3

Gold Guns of Goliath x2
Gold Controlled Temporal ANomaly
Gold Growth
Gold Siphon Structure
Gold Infected Purifier x3
Gold Kung Ji
Gold Xi, Ascended
Gold Xi, who honors the dead
Gold ZUnshen x2
Gold Rally
Gold Demonic Corruption
Gold Demonic Pressence
Gold Solace's Gate
Gold Yobo

Plat Infiltration
Plat Intervention x3
Plat Spontaneous Combustion x3
Plat Agent Cheryl
Plat Solace's Gate
Plat Defensive Perimeter
PLat Luftkrieg x3
Plat Overcharged Bolt x3
Plat Guard x3
Plat Void Split x3
Plat Altar of Binding x3
Plat Rite of Rage x3
Plat Consecration x3
Plat Lucca, Ascended x2
Plat Skraar's Young
Plat Filling Cabinet x3
Plat Overclock x3
Plat Undisturbed Monk x3
Plat Xi, Ascended x3
Pl;at Honor Hill
Plat Tusked Behemoth, Exhumed x3
Plat Mindbender x3
Plat Kraos x3

Foil Controlled Temporal ANomaly x3
Foil Siphon Structure x3
Foil Kung Ji
Foil Kraos
Foil Solace's Gate x2
[...more to come in the following days...]

Trading Post / Plat+Foil Sol, Angel of Vengeance
« on: September 25, 2016, 07:55:46 PM »
Plat+Foil Sol, Angel of Vengance for sale. PM me. serious offers plz.

Trading Post / Gold+Foil Tome of the Dead for sale
« on: May 19, 2016, 01:43:56 PM »
Selling my Gold+Foil Tome of the Dead. I don't use the specific card and i already have an offer for it. Currently looking for the best offer.

Trading Post / Selling some of my extra regulars
« on: April 08, 2016, 09:15:52 AM »

min price for one rare: 1,20$
max price for one rare: 2$

Paladin of flame Dawn
Aleta Caretaker
Aleta Tinkerer
Aleta, Immortal Sorceress
Ancient Aether
Caretaker of the Swarm x2
Cavalry Paladin x3
Demon of Fear x3
Emberstarter x3
Inter-Dimentional Bot
Rita, Shadow Priestess
Kali, Ascended
Kali, the Purifier
Orion, Master Engineer
Force Against the Law
Protector of the Dawn
Skraar x3
Ritual of Summoning x3
Misery Stone
Tactical Retreat
Gao Han
Humble x3
Precautionary Measures
Jubalia, the Valiant
Irial, Champion of Resolve
Cassial, the Selfless
Volatile Genome
Devil of Despair
Tome of the Dead x2
Engine of Reicarnation
Hehkeem, the Corrupted
Shifting Stone
Quest for Balance


Dark Wish x3
Mega Unit 02
Mecha Dragon
Vasir, the Chained Prince
Dragon Project
Ruins of Veroria
Nix x2
Celestial Dragon
Tygrugh, the Insane x2
Undeath Wish x3
Zombie Abomination x2
Avarrach has risen
Avatar of Lingbao

Trading Post / Selling gold commons, foil commons, gold uncommons etc
« on: April 07, 2016, 03:38:26 PM »
I also have a LOT more gold commons (and a few gold uncommons!) that i haven't added in the list yet (feel free to ask me!). Here I only list my extra one.

Pm ingame: Dramamon

Gold Caretaker of the Young 1,40$
Gold Secluded Constructor 2$
Gold Wreckful Walrus 1,20$
Gold Brutal Swarmerx2 1,10$
Goldfoil Brown  Bearx3 1,10$
Gold Brings life by Passing 2$
Gold Fight 1,70$
Gold Recycle x3 1,80$
Gold Wealthy Noble 2$
Gold Bounty Hunter x3 1$
Gold Zealous Protector x3 1,40$
Gold Cornicen 1,50$
Gold Reckless Abandon x3 1$
Gold Banish x2 1,40$
Gold Grounded Angel 1,40$
Gold Consecrating Angel 1,40$
Gold Firebolt 1,50
Gold Striker of Solace 1,30$
Gold Mind Splinter x2 1,40$
Gold Gather the Weak x3 1,40$
Gold Waste Chucker 1,30$
Gold Hungry Devil 1,50$
Gold Dirty Devil x4 1,40$
Gold Demon of Solitude 1,40$
Gold Consuming Swarmer x2 1,30$
Gold Undending Swarmer x3 1,30$
Gold Risen of Avarrach 1,20$
Gold Plaguebearer 2$
Gold Unified Protector x4 1$
Gold Tranquil Swarmer x3 1$
Gold Spirit of the Serpent 1,50$
Gold Masked Warrior x2 1,30$
Gold Infected Monk x3 1,5,0$
Gold Defender of the Realm 1$
Gold Intimidating Monk x2 1,40$
Gold Warcry 1,40$
Gold Vanguard Knight x3 1$
Gold Greedy Ransacker 1$
Gold Tech Knight x7 1,20$
Goldfoil Tech Knight x3 3$
Gold Balanced Warrior 1,20$
Gold Aberion's Apprentice 1,20$
Gold Blazing Swarmer x3 0,80$
Gold Flame Dawn Fanatic x3 1,20$
Gold Flame Dawn Footman x3 0,90$
Gold Flame Dawn Purifier x2 0,80$
Gold Legionnaire of Dawn x3 0,80$
Gold Beast of Burden x3 0,80$
Gold Masked Initiate x3 0,40$
Gold Summoner of the Deep x2 1,20$
Gold Tormented Thrall x2 1$
Gold Warped Swarmer x3 1,20$
Gold Artificial Swarmer x2 1,20$
Gold Cannon Fodder 1,30$
Gold Genesis Battlesuit x2 1,50$
Gold Genesis Researcher 1,40$
Gold Infected Drone 1,30$
Gold Aleta's Discovery x3 1,40$
Gold Aether Acolyte x2 1,40$
Gold Emp Grenade x2 1-40
Gold Flashbang 1,40$
GOld Power of the Underdog 1$
Gold Strength in numbers x2 1,30$
Gold Mountain Giant x3 1,20$
Gold Inspire 1,20$
Gold Hulking Sniper 1,30$
Gold Killaroo 1,40$
Gold Rampaging Stag 1,30$
Gold Master of Demons 1,40$
Gold Infected Pack Leader 1,40$
Gold Kinetically Overloaded Drone 1,10$
Gold Disciple of Mian Monastery 1,30$
Gold Brutality 1$
Gold Infectious Transfusion 1,20$
Gold Overwhelming Dead 1,50$
Gold Unstable Demon x3 1,20$
Gold Demonborn 1,5$
Gold Demonic Mercenary 1,10$
Gold Splat 1,50$
Gold Frenzied Monstrosity 1,10$
Gold Mark of the Demon x2 1,30$
Gold Jinhai Ambush 1,40$
Gold Drone 1,20$
Gold Swift Hunter x3 1,20$

Trading Post / Selling/Trading Premiums
« on: February 29, 2016, 01:13:26 PM »

Goldfoil Evelle, Mage Recruiter

Plat Hinekri
Plat Tygris
Plat Evelle

Gold Agent Coyle, Ascended


Platfoil Avatar of Daode
Platfoil Surprise Defense
Platfoil Corrupted Celestial Dragon
Platfoil Equilibrium
Platfoil Celestial Dragon
Platfoil Silfurstar
Platfoil Stampede x2

Goldfoil Celestial Dragon
Goldfoil Mega Unit 02

Gold Titan of the New World
Gold Call the Warpath
Gold Stampede
Gold Mega Unit 03
Gold Hilderic
Gold Ireul x2
Gold Suprise Defense
Gold Zombie Abomination
Gold Hungry Abomination
Gold Nysrugh (both)
Gold Enyah

Foil Voracious Goliath


Platfoil Omnimind
Platfoil Granthar
Platfoil Spawn, Fierce Companion
Platfoil Aleta, Immortal Traveler
Platfoil Tactical Retreat
Platfoil Bromich's Banner
Platfoil Brimstone
Platfoil Aberion's Banner
Platfoil Fiery Wish x3
Platfoil Terror Moose
Platfoil Melosia, Champion of Despair
Platfoil Cottontail
Platfoil Disruption Sphere
Platfoil Dark Vision
Platfoil Precautionary Measures
Platfoil Kali, the Purifier
Platfoil Counting the Days
Platfoil Great Fortress of Xia Han
Platfoil Caretaker of the Swarm
Platfoil Jinhai Dojo x2
Platfoil Force Against the Law
Platfoil Brimstone

Gold-foil Hellmouth
Goldfoil Great Wall of Jinhai
Goldfoil Unstable Bomb-Bot
Goldfoil Precautionary Measures
Goldfoil Granthar
Goldfoil Ritual of Summoning
Goldfoil Sydern
Goldfoil Sinister Corruption
Goldfoil Pras

Gold Aleta Tinkerer
Gold Yuanshi
Gold Phalanx Commander
Gold Recurring Nightmare x3
Gold Engine of Reicarnation x3
Gold Xac
Gold Crystal of Madness
Gold Chalice of Madness
Gold Lilariah
Gold Irial
Gold Purge the Unworthy
Gold Apparition
Gold Dark Vision
Gold Ancient Aether
Gold Cottontail
Gold Ancient Egg x3
Gold Sinister Corruption
Gold Misery Stone

Foil Bromich
Foil Shifting Stone
Foil Hehkeem the corrupted
Foil Cyber Infested Dragon
Foil Rampant Virus
Foil Ex, the Oppresor
Foil Aleta, Immortal Tinkerer
Foil Inter-dimensional PhaseBot
Foil Junkyard
Foil Eagle-Eye
Foil Heaven's Bell
Foil Granthar
Foil Xac


Platfoil Infested Hulker
Platfoil Kills By Leaping
Platfoil Shamba, the Ferocious x3
Platfoil Hunted Down x3
Platfoil Corrupted Forest
Platfoil Ancient Aggresion Emblem
Platfoil Genesis Spy x4
Platfoil Docile Panda
Platfoil Scouting Mission x2
Platfoil Shattered Veil x2
Platfoil Brute Spawn x3
Platfoil Fortress Golem x2
Platfoil Thunder Apprentice x2
Platfoil Blood Arrow
Platfoil Solace's Gate
Platfoil Genetic Splicing x3
Platfoil Ethereal Fusion x3
Platfoil Boyo x3

Goldfoil Solace's Gate
Goldfoil Extended Operation
Goldfoil Overclock
Goldfoil Rite of Rage
Goldfoil Skraar's Young
Goldfoil Rakarl
Goldfoil Luftkrieg


Platfoil Hulking Sniper
Platfoil Pit Brawler
Platfoil Docile Moose
Platfoil Lumbering Goliath
Platfoil Strikes When Struck
Platfoil Swift Hunter x3
Platfoil Wreckful Walrus
Platfoil Guard x3
Platfoil Pack Hunt x2
Platfoil Track
Platfoil Adaptive Construct
Platfoil Assimilation Bot
Platfoil Drone x4
Platfoil Genesis Researcher x2
Platfoil Infected Drone x3
Platfoil Scouting Drone
Platfoil Aleta's Discovery
Platfoil Emp Grenade x3
Platfoil Burden of Command x2
Platfoil Verore Channeler x3
Platfoil Summoner of the Deep x2
Platfoil Tormented Thrall
Platfoil Neophyte Summoner x2
Platfoil Black Bind Witch x2
Platfoil Aether Acolyte
Platfoil Adaptive Brute x3
Platfoil Acolyte of the Crypt x3
Platfoil Mechanize x3
Platfoil Denial of Surprise x2
Platfoil Devil's Bargain
Platfoil Void Split x2
Platfoil Aberion's Apprentice
Platfoil Blazing Swarmer x3
Platfoil Distraction Drone x3
Platfoil Denial of Strength x2
Platfoil Flashbang x2
Platfoil Power of the Underdog x2
Platfoil Strength in numbers
Platfoil Timely Strike x2
Platfoil Warcry x2
Platfoil Disciple of Mian Monastery
Platfoil Solace's Peace x2
Platfoil Dive x2
Platfoil Consecration
Platfoil Striker of Solace x2
Platfoil Serennia x2
Platfoil Mind Splinter
Platfoil Grounded Angel
Platfoil Champion's Companion
Platfoil Splat x2
Platfoil Reckless Abandon
Platfoil Dirty Devil x11
Platfoil Poison x2
Platfoil Sleeper of Avarrach
Platfoil Bloodthirsty Dead
Platfoil Vigil
Platfoil Spirit Armor x3
Platfoil Lance of Jinhai
Platfoil Jinhai Ambush
Platfoil Honorable Farewell x2
Platfoil Disarm
Platfoil Denial of Force x3
Platfoil Xi, who honors the many
Platfoil Spirit of the Serpent
Platfoil Masked Warrior
Platfoil Inspiring Soldier x3
Platfoil Infected Monk

Goldfoil Undending Swarmer x3
Goldfoil Call the Crusade
Goldfoil Tithe Collector
Goldfoil Flame Dawn Purifier
Goldfoil Cannon fire x2
Goldfoil Brutal Swarmer
Goldfoil Tech Knight x3
Goldfoil Splat x3
Goldfoil Klingon Warrior
Goldfoil Splinter Abandon

Gold Brings life By Passing x1
Gold Fight x3
Gold Brutal Swarmer
Gold Secluded Constructor
Gold Recycle x2
Gold Klingon Warrior x2
Gold Gather the Weak x3

Foil Waster Chucker x3
Foil Anti Air Missile
Foil Wholesale Slaughter x2

Bromich Alt art (gold)

Harahel alt art (plat)
Noble Protector alt art (plat)
Ex, the Oppreson alt art (plat)

Plaguebearer alt art

Plus many more that are not in the list (PM me. Ign: Dramamon)
I prefer to sell singles or a group of cards.. I am not selling collection as a whole.
I am also interested in Dota 2 items and IW golds, goldfoils, platfoils, core/rise plats

Trading Post / Looking for Dota 2 items (all ratities) + steam games
« on: February 27, 2016, 10:11:45 AM »
Looking for Dota 2 items (anything, all rarities, even commons!)

I have IW cards for trade: regulars, golds, plats, goldfoils, platfoils, foils

Message me ingame (Dramamon)

Trading Post / Dramamon's Pokemart (Looking for Dota 2 Stuff)
« on: June 13, 2015, 06:04:36 PM »
   Looking for:

                                                       Core+Rise platinums

                                                       gold+foil cards
                                                                            (any rarity, any set)

                                                       plat+foil cards
                                                                            (any rarity, any set)     

                                                                                    Especially...      plat+foil                

                                  Tempus, Tyra

                                  Resilient Slime

                                  Weaponize, Reborn
                                  Intimidating Rally

                                  Kidnapped By Demons,

                                  Mysterious Box of Wonder


                  gold+foil Sacullas

                  gold+foil Untapped Wilderness

                  gold+foil Undeath Wish, Angelify

                  gold+foil Martyr Golem

Also looking for: and other goldfoil cards.

in game name: Dramamon

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