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Trading Post / Massive Collection Sale - Good trade value
« on: April 13, 2017, 01:08:21 PM »
Long time trader looking to sell collection (not account)
Previous reference/trade thread:

More than 22k+ cards.
(EDIT: 1300+ PLAT rares, 5800+ PLAT uncommons, 10000+ PLAT Commons)

List of most notable, tradeable cards:

Normal Legendaries:

-7x Mechborn coyle
-2x Tygris
-2x Zomborg coyle
-1x Divine demonic coyle
-1x Sol
-1x Picard
-2x Evelee
-1x Martyr golem

PLAT legendaries:
-1x Hermit
-4x Soulseller coyle
-3x Champion of force Aberion
-5x Klore
-5x Gao Han
-5x Liandt
-4x Zomborg coyle
-5x Hellbringer coyle
-1x vasir
-6x Yagron
-2x Divine Demonic coyle
-1x Sol
-5x Die Another Day
-4x Picard
-2x USS enterprise
-2x Alpha coyle
-1x Martyr golem

-2x Hidden by clouds
-4x Hunted dragon + 4x PLAT Hunted dragon
-7x Prophet karani + 5x PLAT Karani
-3x PLAT Titan of the new world
-1x Call of the wild
-5x PLAT Stampede
-13x PLAT assimilator coyle
-9x PLAT Mecha dragon
-6x MEGA unit 1
-1x Mega unit 2 + 4x PLAT Mega unit 2
-1x Mega unit 3 + 8x Mega unit 3
-3x The humans are dead
-7x PLAT Ultra unit
-2x Dragon project
-11x PLAT Flux capacitors
-2x PLAT Omnitron
-3x Demon of gluttony
-7x Subju dragon +2x PLAT Subju dragon
-7x Vasir chained
-11x PLAT Voracious goliath
-6x Dark Wish + 5x PLAT Dark wish
-4x PLAT Ruins of veroria
-2x PLAT Summer flame dragon
-6x PLAT hilderic
-3x PLAT Ireul
-17x PLAT Vis
-1x Bloodbath
-1x Daode avatar + 9x PLAT daode avatar
-1x Lingbao avatar+1x PLAT lingbao avatar
-12x PLAT Yuanshi avatar
-1x PLAT Ju-lin
-1x Shrine to the heavens
-6x PLAT The last sleeper
-6x PLAT Zombie abom
-2x Avvarrach has risen +3x PLAT avvarrach has risen
-7x PLAT The virus of avvarrach
-6x PLAT Undeath wish
-11x PLAT Symbiote coyle
-9x PLAT Corrupted celestial drake
-11x Hungry abomination
-8x PLAT Insatiable nysrugh
-9x PLAT Tygrugh
-5x Azael, +4x PLAT azael
-3x PLAT Celestial dragon
-15x PLAT Equilibrium
-4x PLAT William T Riker
-5x PLAT Word
-5x PLAT Bird of prey
-2x Enyah+2x PLAT Enyah
-6x PLAT Silfurstar

Rares: Immense number of tradeable rares (roughly 2000)

EDIT: Forgot these: ALT ART Plaguebearer, 6x PLAT ALT ART Noble Protector

PM me to arrange if you want to have a look in game.
Serious offers only. You can contact me via pms or the email address listed on my profile. (


Trading Post / Zip's Trading \o/ - Singles and trading
« on: April 15, 2014, 05:27:19 PM »

Current thread for my collection:

Any questions, offers, contact me in-game, or via email.

Notices (if any) = [ Trading lower rarity cards for legends, msg me ]

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