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Fan Websites/Pages / Infinity Wars Fan Group on DeviantArt
« on: August 27, 2014, 03:38:09 AM »
Hello players, IW enthusiasts, fanfiction writers, and fan artists. With gold release in just about a week I thought it was about time that we spread our influence beyond the forums. For any users or potential-users of the art site DeviantArt, I've created a group for people to share they Infinity Wars related work. We already have a couple of pieces from original Infinity Wars artists that you can take a look at. And of course, if you don't want to make an account, you can always just stop by from time to time to see what people have come up with!

General Game Discussion / 27 Win Draft Deck Analysis Video
« on: July 14, 2014, 04:41:11 PM »
Hello all :)

It's Cthulhu Girl, back with another video about a draft deck I ran. I've incorporated your feedback and included the drafting process as well as videos of wins and losses.

Not my best deck or best run, but I think it gets some important points out there and hopefully it will help curious players draft better decks.

Hope you enjoy!

General Game Discussion / Cthulhu Girl Thanks You For Your Help!
« on: June 22, 2014, 04:47:41 AM »
Whew! It’s been a few days since Ascension’s release and the preorder data has finally quit coming in. I would like to give everyone that participated a big round of applause. It was a lot of work, but in the end we gathered information from 2,660 packs for a total of 39,900 cards! But before I give you the rundown on all the numbers, I’d like to put forth a few disclaimers.

This information is based off player experience and ONLY includes self-reported information from Ascension preorders opened between June 14th and June 18th of 2014. This is not official Lightmare data. Card drop rates are subject to change without notification.

This data is for curiosity purposes only. It is not intended to be used to predict future card drop rates. Please read all information regarding the statistics in order to understand them thoroughly. If you do not completely understand this information (or want help on your statistics homework), please contact me.

: By viewing the below information, you certify that you have read, understand, and will follow the above disclaimers.

Hopefully this information has been interesting and thank you once again to everyone who contributed! Remember that this information is very limited in scope and based only on player collected data and nothing from Lightmare. Use it wisely. Good luck and have fun!


Now includes Ascension and Star Trek cards!

Before people ask there's still no news on when I'll be able get it automatically syncing. Lightmare still does not allow 3rd party access to their servers, but I feel your pain.

Full details on Infinity Wars Card Tracker and this update can be found on its website:

General Discussion / Card Flavor Text List (Ascension)
« on: June 15, 2014, 08:10:43 PM »
Parent post:


Acolyte of the Altar: Without sacrifice, there is no progress.
Agent Coyle, Hellbringer: Once brought over to the Sleepers, AlphaOne did what any self respecting evil hero would do, add a demon into the mix.
Agent Coyle, Soulseller: Desperate to regain the power to redeem his now infected past self, this Agent infiltrated the verore and made a deal with Rita.
Banish: You have been deemed... Unworthy.
Best Fiends: Best friends in life, Best fiends in death.
Champion of Ruin: You can not spell "ruin" without I.
Corrupted Forest:
Aleta could not believe the destruction wrought by the virus upon the very land itself.
However the destruction of their forest had driven the creatures into even greater rampage
Aleta believed the land would never recover from this horror
But while walking through one of the decayed landscapes she gasped
There hidden beneath the black roots and the dead leaves was but a single tree sprouting anew
Drag Down: Get on my level bro.
Intimidating Monk: Underneath the calm demeanor stirs a fearless warrior.
Lilarish: My brothers and sisters, come fly with me!
'Reaching *Bzzzt* maximum... power... meltdown imminent..'
'It's gonna blow!'

General Game Discussion / Infinite Network, a community resource
« on: June 14, 2014, 08:20:46 AM »

Go to to check it out yourself!

General Game Discussion / Cthulhu Girl Needs Your Help!
« on: June 13, 2014, 05:54:32 AM »
Greetings Infinity Warriors! Ascension is nearly upon us and I have been waiting nearly as long for it as to make this request of you.

One thing I guess asked a lot is this: What are the probabilities of getting each level of rarity in a pack? I do my best to answer this question based on my own luck, but as a community we have the power to do much better.

If we had this information, people could make better decisions about buying draft decks, making trades, and purchasing packs. It's hard for one person to get a good sample to figure these numbers out, but the release of Ascension gives us a unique opportunity to gather a lot of this information all at once when a lot of packs will be opened at once.

I therefore request that anyone willing set aside a few packs at the beginning or end of their opening spee to record the below information and post it here or send me a message. I will be compiling all of it, doing some math, and posting it in a new thread for all to see. The more of it we can get, the more accurate our information will be!

Number of...
Packs recorded:

Thank you very much for anyone willing to do this! Good luck with your packs and have fun with Ascension!  ;D

*Edit: I'll also accept videos of pack openings if you don't want to tally the cards yourself. Or recordings of you speaking the cards or information out loud as you open them. Whatever gets me enough to calculate the stats works, provided it's in a format I can decipher.

Suggestions / Speed Mode?
« on: June 11, 2014, 09:49:38 AM »
I know adding new modes is a ways off down the road, but I think it would be awesome to have a speed mode where players have a very limited time to play their turn and can't extend their turn. I honestly wouldn't really care of people just played mindless simple decks in it (probably a lot of Flame Dawn), I just want to go go go! :D

Deck Building / 33 Win Draft Deck Analysis
« on: May 18, 2014, 08:24:08 PM »
Hello Infinity Wars community! I'm trying something a little different than my usual card analysis videos and have just published a 4 part series doing a draft deck analysis. The first video goes over the deck list and card synergies while videos 2 through 4 are full gameplay videos with commentary against a variety of decks. I'm interested to know what you guys think, if it's interesting, and if it's helpful.

Deck Introduction:

Game #18:

Game #28:

Game #35:

Suggestions / Card(s) that cost morale/health to play?
« on: May 13, 2014, 07:47:12 AM »
Currently the main card that costs its owner morale is Veroria, The Lone Keep and there are cards like Assassinate which have special cost conditions. I think it would be interesting if there were cards that cost morale or fortress health to play or perhaps when they we destroyed. There could also be other special costs like sacrificing something to play or having a particular card(s) on the field before it can come into play, but I think having cards that cost health/morale to play would be a simple yet interesting mechanic.

General Game Discussion / Deck Analysis YouTube Series Interest?
« on: May 01, 2014, 07:57:05 PM »
So the response to my pilot for my Card Analysis Series ( was very positive and I wanted to thank everyone for their support and feedback.

There has been some interest by a few people in showing deck builds and full gameplay. I'm curious as to the general interest level in this. They would not be nearly so frequent as my current videos as it would take a lot longer to build, test, and perfect the decks in addition to the extra time needed for a longer video, perhaps 1 every week or two.

I also want to know "how long is too long" in terms of video length. If I can show you a whole deck and how to play it in 5 minutes, I imagine a lot of people would watch. But I can't really do that. So how long of a video would be too long for you to watch it? How long would be long enough you'd watch, but maybe just the beginning? Is there anything you'd want to see besides the full deck build and the gameplay? What particular information about the deck would be interesting to you?

Thank you for your thoughts! If there's enough interest, I'll try my hand at one and see what you think.

General Game Discussion / Card Analysis YouTube Series
« on: April 24, 2014, 07:54:44 AM »
Hello all, I'm starting a short YouTube series doing card and deck information and analysis. The pilot episode is up if you're interested. The first topic is the card Verore Magic Siphoner. The first few videos are going to be in slightly different styles so if you could let me know which one you like best, that'd be much appreciated!

Reddit Asks did an interview with Infinity Wars' Founder Elphie Coyle, with questions asked by Infinity Wars players about the game, design, and future of Infinity Wars. The interview is about 20 minutes long :)


Existing users will be happy to know that Infinity Wars Card Tracker has gotten a slight update! If you don't know what that is, you can check out the original announcement post:

The new improvements include updates to card images and information through patch 0.95.5, text is now resizable, +/- on the number pad with now increment or decrement the value of a selected cell by 1, and saving your database with generate an additional file called stats.txt with some basic numeric information about your collection in case you're curious.

To upgrade to the new version, simply download the new executable / .jar file as suggested for your system on the Downloads page ( and replace your existing version with it. DO NOT move, delete, or modify your existing IWCT_DATA file. The new version with use your old data files and keep your collection intacted :)

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