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Trading Post / Looking to trade away my entire collection
« on: March 27, 2014, 02:20:05 PM »
Yup, you read that right.

There's a collection of around 20k cards waiting to be given away.

I've played IW since Rise, but around now I just don't have the time working extra shifts on a full-time job and I wouldn't want to let my collection go to waste.

Monetary trades, Game trades, anything that's outside of IW and of value will be accepted.

I've spent around AU$ 1000-1200 on the account, it has a huge heap of Infestation Pre-Order cards and of course multiple versions of each legendary in the game.

Rough Estimate on that (Don't have the card list handy at work)

List of Legendaries

5+ Defiant Hermit (Plat)
3+ Alpha Coyle (Plat)
5+ Zomborg (Plat)
5+ Martyr Golems
2 Evellees
2 Hinekris
2 Tygris
4+ Primal Hunter
5+ Immovable
3+ Firestarter
3 Mechborn

I think that's about it.

Let Alone the legendaries have a value far above 200 bucks, if someone has a serious offer go ahead and answer inside this thread, this is what I look at for offers~

If anyone is seriously interested, I'll throw together a list of all rare+ cards and their amounts, just ping me a message or a reply in here.

Deck Building / You call this infestation? (2SoA/1GI)
« on: January 17, 2014, 12:06:11 PM »
I wondered if this kind of deck would work anywhere near reliably:

The idea behind this deck would be the following:

• You get the Undead Corruption / Zombgone Combo
• You have a good 3 and 4 drop in command for early mid-game pressure / blocking
• You have Shikana for Boardwipes
• You can buff up the Zambies and infect everything
• You build up a huge mass of infecteds by surprise-throwing out a 40/40 buffed up patient zero

That's literally it. It has no such thing as early game, hence would suck against FD probably, but everything else should be alright. It has extremely strong lategame stalling / scaling and it has a surprise factor, which nobody would possibly expect seeing this deck for the first time.

Thoughts on the deck? By the way, I didn't double check if LOIC is still 2 purity, hence threw it in there for lulz.
Alternatively, you could possibly put some more mech units in, or even eaten by zambies.

Not at home, just bored at work (Hence no purity check)

Suggestions / Ideas/Suggestions towards the IW API
« on: January 17, 2014, 08:54:04 AM »
Hey everyone,

since teremus has posted / stated  that there will possibly be an API for developers somewhen in the future, I thought we'd make a thread considering various options this API could include, specifically which info there should be for people to query for.

If you don't know what an API is: Basically, an API is an interface for users to safely query for system-internal information, given that they have said API implemented to request such information

As an example, there'd be an API for card information, you query a web-based API saying, where card 194 could be a flamedawn aspirant, yielding an xml file that could contain

statline_ap = 4,
statline_def = 2,
statline_special = "charge",
card_name = "Flamedawn Aspirant",
card_description = "Arrayed Across the horizon, naught but Victory lay in their path",
card_image = "fd_char_aspirant.png"

So for this info, I'd like to discuss what you would like to see there in the future, given that this info would be solely used for feedback on such upcoming features, where there is no knowing when or if that might be implemented (but hell, it'd be a really huge and cool thing for website-devs that want to make a fanproject work)

As for me:

• Of course, card stats / queryable cards to gather all needed information
• Maybe match stats for a certain player, showing recent matches, W:D:L ratio, etc.
• Decks that said player has stored on their account
• A list of card that the player owns (given that's not already a privacy issue)
• A login API where you can log-in with your IW account data (For the 2 queries mentioned above maybe)

Rock on,

Deck Building / Let's discuss strategy: How to get better in TCGs?
« on: January 02, 2014, 06:03:29 PM »
Hey guys, this is something I've wondered on how to progress in this game. I've had several people matching me that I just couldn't win to, no matter the deck. There goes my question: How to get better in such a game other than playing a lot? There's got to be some sort of to-do list for the aspiring TCG player to get better quicker than just throwing in random cards and learning from mistakes.

I feel very content with building decks, given that I have a rather big collection and the freedom to choose from every card, so throwing together decks and giving them test runs isn't a big issue for me.

What I've always felt to do however, is that after a certain time of getting to know deck mechanics, which is like the steepest of learning curves, there would be a cap, where I don't feel like I improve a lot anymore. I try tweaking decks here and there, but progression of getting better seems to come to a halt, where I would think that a person mirror matching me with the exact same deck, given the fact he's the better TCGer, would outperform me by a mile.

So how to become better in TCGs? How can you get that extra tad of skill that you need to be one of the best players? Is it years of experience or just something I'm missing (And obviously, what other people have)

Thanks a lot for your input everyone in advance.

Suggestions / Concerns about drafting economy
« on: December 17, 2013, 12:33:50 PM »
Hey everyone.

I'm sure this topic has been brought up, but I would like to share my personal experience,
as I've spent a crazy insane amount of bucks on this game.

So, what I've come up with is this entire example of how drafting has already killed the past economy, which is kind of saddening, considering that there are people around that have spent nearly as much or even more than I did on this game.

So currently, what I've roughly come up with is that I've spent somewhere around the lines of $300-500 on this game. After trading, I've came up with 3 Primal Hunters, 2 immovables, 2 Evellees, 1 Hinekri, 2 Martyr Golems, 3 Firestarters (as far as only legendaries are concerned) So you could say I came up with 1 Legendary about every 20-ish packs (Which equals about 6000 LP)

So after hearing endless braggings about people literally siphoning legendaries out of drafts, I've started to break the system. I'd draft with the rather affordable option to opt in for a rift run, see what legendaries I've got, what epics I've got and so on.

For now, I've spent about $50 and came up with 5 Primal Hunters, 1 Immovable, 2 Martyr Golems, Lots of high value epics and rares, such as Hidden, Skraars, Demons of Fear, etc.

If we put that into relation, I've spent $50 and about 3 hours of my free time to gain 8! Legendaries along with very decent rare+ cards, compared to $500 for 10 non-guaranteed (excluding firestarter) legendaries, and I've spent a puffyload of time trading legendaries and epics just to get the set complete.

Keep in mind, that the same RNG that you may consider being in charge of me "only" getting 10 legendaries for $500 worth of packs has allowed me to draft 8 legendaries for the $50.

Or to put this in numbers:

Right now, I've paid $6,25 for a legendary on draft, whereas I've spend roughly $50 per legendary using booster packs.

Also, I am free to influence the legendaries I'm getting when using draft, since I can simply choose to pick 3-purity of whatever faction I might want my legendaries off, booting out the other faction legendaries, whereas for boosters, I can only choose from which set the legendaries might be.

So yeah, I hope it gets changed rather quickly. I'd hate to see another person paying a puffyton of money into the game where all the drafters just point fingers and laugh at them with their 3-primal draft deck.

Deck Building / FD/Sleeper with a twist of Lategame?
« on: November 18, 2013, 03:26:39 PM »
Hey guys, I'm sure this idea has been around for some time, but I would like to hear your opinions on how strong it is in the current meta.

The idea is similiar to the Gi/Sleeper MU02 deck, but with a better early game by replacing GI with FD

The Dragon of the Summer Flame seemed like a potent idea by me, since it is flying and even if it dies it leaves a DoT on everyone in the combat zone.

So what we're using here is a combination of 3 Dragons + 3 Awaken to increase the chance for drawing it.
On top of the 1 + 2 Purity low-cost FD units you have awesome Early game on top of having a decent Lategame with the Dragon and Fiery Resolve / Deflect, basically rendering him immune to instadeaths if you're lucky with draws.

You basically have lots of control with the fd/factionless spells (Exhaust, Stumble, Fiery Resolve, Ferocity, Deflect) and you have some extra units that you can rise from the grave with say an immortal sufferer on top of the cheap fd units.

Any thoughts on this deck? Strong or weak in the current meta?

Would like to hear your feedback.

Trading Post / Hjorvir's Viking Shop
« on: November 18, 2013, 10:22:19 AM »
→ Have for trade ←


Can be worked out, I have plenty of them, but I'd rather keep them if possible.


Lots of each, just ask away on how many I have!


Lots of each, just ask away on how many I have!

→ Want to have ←

Mostly Platinum Bordered Core/Rise Cards

Including, but not limited to (Subject to Change)

• Harbringer of Light
• Sacculas
• Kali, the Flaming Blade
• Paladin of the Flamedawn
• Protector of the Dawn
• Firestarter
• Aberions Banner
• Stumble
• Exhaust

• Brutality
• Hidden By Clouds
• Call the Warpath
• Never Forget the Fallen
• Brings Life by Passing

• Demon Of Fear
• Demon Of Gluttony
• Mass Death

• Martyrs
• Deflect
• Evellee
• Recycle

So I was thinking Exiles, because there's gotta be a really good deck revolving around them.

I came up with the following Strat:

Discarding + Discarding every turn + Drawing right from your deck = ♥

So what we're using for this is Cresill, the Mad / Chalice of Madness / Evellee, Mage Guild Recruiter.

Basically what you do is once you can resource-wise, you play Cresill, the Mad;
Then once Cresill is on the Field (Might want him in Command) you play Chalice of Madness *before*
you discard all your cards (obviously) and leave your opponent with no cards for each turn (unless they draw one for 5)

This is where Evellee comes into play: You pay Cost + 1, whereas your opponent pays cost + 5, so you're mainly limiting your opponent to play cards worth 5 or less, unless he expands resources.

Given that you have good amounts of 3 cost units (either unstable demons or 3 unlimiteds) you're great to go and bash the crap out of your opponent once the strat fulfills itself

Thoughts on the deck?

Comments appreciated :3

Deck Building / How does one Mega Unit 02?
« on: November 14, 2013, 12:26:50 PM »
Hey guys,

I've been seeing the deck on someone's stream (I think it was Prozac's) and I'm wondering, since I didn't pay much attention:

How does one Mega Unit 02?

In terms of: How do you sacrifice it so you can Awaken it?

The deck consists of 1 Sleeper, 2 GI commanders, whereas one of them is the Mega-Unit 02
I have been thinking Shikana, since he can sacrifice prior to 7 resources (6 to play + 1 for sac)

Are there any other Units that can sacrifice from the command zone?
Obviously Ritual Master and stuff is obvious, but then, you can't play them in a 2 GI / 1 Sleeper deck :-)

So.. Is there another way than to bank on Shikana draws?

Thanks everyone for feedback.

Suggestions / Balancing Idea regarding Pack Leaders
« on: November 08, 2013, 01:31:25 PM »
Hey everyone :-)

I've been fiddling around with Warpath a little. Everyone seems to think the bulky, strong creatures are strong as heck, specifically, from what it seems, because of the pack leader.

What makes them Strong?

Pack leaders are 10/10, 5 Resource Units that buff each other unit on the field by 3/3. They're incredibly cost efficient. I think everyone can imagine why..

What could put them back in Line?

I thought of a very subtle change that would still make pack-leaders feel strong, but would not allow players to throw in 3 pack leaders as a 16/16 mega death unit PLUS buffing every non-packleader unit by +9/+9

So what is the Shenanigans about?

Give packleaders some sort of diminishing returns for throwing in multiple of them. If you think of it logically, a pack leader is pretty much the alpha wolf, which, at its own, stands at the pinnacle of every rank order and commands other beasts from its pack. Other pack leaders should therefor lower its efficiency.

Let's throw this a step further and come up with something like this:

"For every other Pack leader that is in the combat zone, the bonus to other creatures diminishes by +1/+1"


1 Pack leader + 3 One of Many Results in: 10/10 + 11/12 + 11/12 + 11/12
2 Pack leaders + 3 One of Many Results in: 12/12 + 12/12 + 12/13 + 12/13 + 12/13
3 Pack leaders + 3 One of Many Results in: 11/11 + 11/11 + 11/11 + 11/12 + 11/12 + 11/12

Meaning that you still have additional strength by putting in another Pack Leader, but you'd still lower the overall
stomping power that you could potentially throw out with 3 Pack leaders as they stand right now.

Feel free to discuss and give feedback! :)

Hey guys,

I've been fiddling about with DoD and Sleepers, some heavy sleepers, some DoD exclusive decks,
but so far I've only found one "Real" token factory which I find even more powerful than breeders.

They need a lot more wind-up, since you can't potentially Monkey-breed round 1, but it's worth it!
So let's get started, shall we?

1. Purity:

I've chosen 2 DoD for Xi, 1 Sleeper for Immortal Sufferer, Tome and Necropolis

2. Core Cards:

Basically Immortal Sufferer (Sleepers, 1 purity) + Daode (DoD, 1 purity) + Xi (DoD, 2 purity) as Commanders,
Core Cards in your deck will be 3x Tome of the Dead, 3x Recycle, 3x Explore, 1x Undisturbed Necropolis, 3x Zombie Scavenger

This is mainly a derivation of the heavy sleeper deck without Hekheem, but including the flying token generation
of Xi, who honors the dead.

The aim of this deck is to create as many tokens as possible by losing as little morale as possible as you sacrifice them
to feed your Scavengers.

As you go, you will notice that (and this might be a bug..? not even sure if it is one) you can create 2 tokens from Xi and Aleta per dead character on the grave. If you also use awaken/raise dead (also, not confirmed, but guessing here) you can potentially do the following with 9 Resources: Create one 3/3 flying, create one 4/4 zombie, create the character in your graveyard (Let's assume this will be a Martyr Golem with 12 Health) and buff them up with Daode for +0/+3 each.

Literally, you can build up 12+3, 3+3, 4+3 with 9 resources, that's a total of 28 Health just from the freshly summoned units, not to mention the units that you will already have on the field, or in other words, assuming you have 0 units on the field, excluding commanders, you'll pay 1 resource for about 3,1 Health, which is only the theoretical health. You can practically block everything with these units, increasing the potential effective health to a massive bunch!

Will try to re-create a deck as I would build it from a deck builder asap, but tell me what you think!

Hey guys,

I found it interesting to watch the development of the community, but considering the fact that people want to get themselfes out there and running kind of disturbs me a little (not that I'm excluding myself and that I don't to it at times)

So what I mean here is the repeated onslaught of messages containing links to twitch and/or paysites to buy cards.
I really appreciate your common sense, allowing those things to bloom, but they should have another way of announcing themselfes to the entire playerhood without having to spam chat every 2-5 minutes, depending on who does it.

On top of that, you'd have the possibility to feature and/or spotlight streams, sites and whatnot, giving the community more room to grow (Meaning more viewers getting attracted from ingame-client -> Higher Ranking on twitch streams -> More of a possibility to put the game out there) and even give new players a way of getting a tutorial for the game from various streamers (Because literally, most of them do what they do with a pinch of explaining on what the deck they use does and so forth)

So yeah, I'd appreciate it if there's either another way of announcing oneself as a community member or a spotlight within the client that'd allow the community and/or the people who manage the community to put someone out there. That'd keep the chat nice and clean and us streamers/sellers/traders going and blooming.

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