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Suggestions / New factions (down the line)
« on: June 15, 2015, 06:05:47 PM »
First and foremost I'm not quite sure if this is the best spot to post this, and the idea isn't fully fleshed out but I wanted to post my thoughts thus far.
To some of you, this plane (term i'll be using for the different iw worlds) will seem a bit cliche but eh.

The plane of Cericia (random named plucked from a generator) is home to two warring factions, and at first it may seem black and white as to who are the good guys and who are the bad, but as with all things they are made of shades of grey...(50 to be exact, badumtiss)

(edit: cericia is also a land of mythical beasts, although most are extinct now, a few like the unicorn have survived to this day due to conservation efforts of the holy shield)
The knights of the Holy shield are the dominant force of the land, often depicted as pure, valiant, and powerful.

On the other hand The order of the ebon hand, also known to many as the bloody hand is the source of dissent in the land, atleast that's what holy shield claims.

Below the surface you'll find in reality that the nobles of the holy shield oppress their people and use propaganda, speaches, and acts of charity to keep them docile, and on the front lines. The Ebon hand on the other hand tends to use savage and brutish attacks to demoralize the enemy to minimize the loss of lives. (ironic isn't it?)

Agent coyle, the valiant is a noble knight in the faction of the holy shield, and Aleta, immortal Bloodwitch is a key character in the ebon hand.

Lore Pt 2

As the war increases in ferocity the rifts open, armies surround the giant cities of Cericia and an uneasy alliance begins to form between the two factions, led by Coyle and Aleta (Coyle is now known as Coyle of the Bloodpact)

Haven't thought of much more for the lore in act 2 yet...

Lore pt 3

Tensions are still rising in between the two factions, the uneasy alliance has been broken and coyle has suffered for it (now known as agent coyle, oathbreaker) both factions are on unsteady ground and need to be able to survive the ongoing conflict between them and their enemies. They both begin to look outward for help.

New mechanics that could be introduced.

Afflicted/Affliction: A character with afflicted x adds affliction x to any character it deals combat damage to. Characters that have affliction take x additional damage from all sources and have their morale cost raised by x, where x is the affliction value. Afflictions don't stack, when a character has multiple copies of afflicted/affliction it only uses the highest one.

Rampage: When the character takes damage it attacks this turn (not including combat damage when in the defense zone) Think of decimator from the new set, but can be triggered from support. it's a double edged blade as an opponent can use lightning bolt etc. to force a char with this to attack.

Reckless/cautious (new names for ingame mechanics w/o names) Reckless characters can't be put into the defense (they can be forced to still) cautious characters can't be put into the attack zone

Damage Reduction x (dr for short), another already existing mechanic, but would be more widespread in this set

Dodge/Parry X, avoid the first x combat damage that would be dealt to this card each turn.

Construct (character type) essentially the magical version of artificial...can always be replaced with artificial...if you really want to.

Ebon hand: The rebellion, full of witches, disgraced knights, blackguards and the like, not the most savory faction. They've embraced the darker side of the world and think the end justifies the means, Birth means nothing to them, your actions mean far more.
 focuses on morale damage via attacking characters, and character damage spells.

Holyshield, The most influential (and powerful) members of this faction come from the noble houses, these knights rose to power my using magick to preserve the memories and abilities of the previous generation onto the next. The longer your ancestry and more noble your house the better you'll do here.

Some example cards:

Kamikaze Rebel:
(2purity ebon hand)
 frenzy, deals 5 damage to all characters in thesame zone as it when it dies

Aleta, immortal Bloodwitch: 6resources
Pay 4, deal 1 combat damage to target character, and the same amount (non combat) to each character with the same name. (essentially it'd rise in power with affliction, decrease with damage reduction)
If Aleta, Immortal Bloodwitch is in the graveyard for 6 consecutive turns she raises to your support zone at the end of the 6th turn.
6/16   P.S. The point of aleta's ability is not just to use on your opponents characters, you can also use em on your characters for a surprise attack (say a mass death on opponents intiative, you can then attack with all your unlimited rampage knights.)

Agent coyle, Of the Bloodpact: (1purity holyshield, 1 purity ebon hand) 5Resources
rampage, Reckless, Dr 3, +2+2 each time he attacks (sounds op, but remember if he doesn't take any damage he doesn't attack again, and rampage doesn't work from command)

WWKnight: (Woo name references) 1purity holyshield, unlimited. 2resources
dr 2

Savage Knight, 1purity Ebonhand, unlimited 3resources
Rampage, Dr1 (not quite sure if dr is the best choice 'ere...might make it too op)

Unnamed Construct: (an example of a group of cards called constructs, used by both factions but the holy shield has more advanced ones since they developed the magic, when they die they give buffs to adjacent characters) When This character dies, Adjacent characters get +0+3 and Parry 1

Dak, the Bloodyhanded: 3purity ebonhand. 6cost
Affliction 3, rampage, heals 6hp with every kill

Bloody rain 2purity ebonhand
All characters on the battlefield take 2 damage, and gain afflicted 2

Deck Building / Sleeping Demons (my deck, advice would be great!)
« on: June 15, 2015, 04:08:17 PM »
Eyo! Just wanted to post the deck I made when oppression released and was hoping for some tips

[Infested Abomination] (sleeper)
[Hungry Abomination]


Characters: 22

[Defense golem] x1
[sleeper of avarrach] x2
[the last sleeper] x2 (might put in a 3rd if i get one
[infected devil] x2
[Infested Abomination] x3
[Tusked Behemonth, Exhumed] x3
[One of many, Exhumed] x3
[Vah'Nash, The rutual master] x1
[Agent coyle, Superior Symbiote] x1

Abilities: 30 (might need to trim this down)
[fear] x3
[bury] x1
[dehumanize] x2 (works as both removal and fodder!)
[Fill The Graves] x3
[undead corruption] x2 (works well with dehumanize]
[Demonic Reflection] x3
[Awaken] x3, you never know when this can change a game...
[chaos in the ranks] x3
[Decension] x2
[Demonize] x3 (another great removal!)
[Scramble] x2 (good for ruining carefully thought out plans)
[Feast on the dead] x1, in case you need it...
[Volatile Genome] x3 works great with fear.


[Tome of the dead] x1
[Chalice of madness] x1



[Defense golem] x2


[Decension] x1
[Undead Corruption] x1
[Drag down] x3
[Dehumanize] x1


[wall of the dead] x2
[Tome of the dead] x1

Suggestions / Possible chat bug fix
« on: August 19, 2013, 11:33:13 PM »
Hello, I'm new here and I already encountered the dreaded chat bug; however it seems I may have found a fix.
I decided to buy some more lightmare points and upon logging in afterwards the chat system started working again!
So my suggestion here is this; would it be possible to apply this to fixing chat?

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