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Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Equal Opportunity
« on: March 04, 2018, 09:49:34 AM »
Name: Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD)
Faction/Purity: Factionless
Type: Ability
Rarity: Epic
Cost: 4
Rules Text:
Choose one: Destroy Target Character -or- Your opponent discards a card -or- Do Nothing.

Unless you choose "Do Nothing"; Your opponent plays a copy of this Ability.

Flavor text: "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind."

Does this work for the challenge? It destroys, but effects both equally; and, they can always choose to not destroy. If this doesn't meet the rules: IGNORE THIS POST

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Rig the deck
« on: January 17, 2018, 11:15:13 PM »
What if you made this "target player", it hink that could be pretty cool

yeah you're right, i think that would be a cool card too. 

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Rig the deck
« on: January 17, 2018, 02:46:53 AM »
Name:  Alearem's Crystal Ball
Faction/Purity: 2p Verore
Type: Unique Artifact
Rarity: Epic
Cost: 3

Rules Text:
Pay 3, Exhaust: Reveal the top card of your opponent's deck. You may choose to put that card on the top or on the bottom of your opponent's deck.   

Flavor Text: "Even a FOOL can make simple predictions with smalls amounts of information. What i do is twist the very nature of FATE itself." -Alearem

General Game Discussion / Re: Player of the Year 2017 Nominations
« on: January 05, 2018, 08:45:10 PM »
i apologize for my lateness...

Again, if it's ok with everyone i would like to make a nomination.

over the last year i hosted about 50 tournaments. If i  deserve a nomination for that, then i would like to nominate P4lm3 who played in 17 of those tournaments.


General Game Discussion / Re: Player of the Year 2017 Nominations
« on: January 05, 2018, 07:07:38 AM »
Hey everyone! Sorry i've been incommunicado recently, i hope to be back again in this coming year...

To me, 'POTY' is about who is the 'best' POTY....

i am definitely not the "(best) player of the year" currently i am a silver skrub.

i humbly accept my nomination. However; If it's alright with everyone, i would like to make a late nomination of my own...  i know this will extend the nom/ vote date; but please bear with me, i want to nominate the player who played  the most tournaments. (im working on these stats but tonight im too drunk....

This nomination process sucks in the fact that 'best' player of the year isn't acknowledged.

 i know there's only one nom allowed per player but i feel that the top of rank (averaged yearly), the top of draft (averaged yearly), and, the most wins in tournaments should  be an 'auto include' for poty considerations(ty auto correct :P ). 

i nominate the player who played in  the most tournaments.


I love IW!!!!!!!!

All praise Aberion!


Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Lords of the Sky
« on: November 15, 2017, 12:22:31 AM »
Name: Oroboros, The Dragon
Faction/Purity: 1FD 1GI 1WP 1OoS 1EX 1SoA 1CoV
Type: Unique Dragon
Rarity: Legendary
Cost: 12
Morale: 20
Attack/Health: 25/25
Rules Text: Flying, Untouchable, Unstoppable.
CARDNAME may not be placed in the command zone.
At any time, if you have a card from every faction in your graveyard, move CARDNAME from the library to your hand.
Sacrifice a deployed Enyah you control: Shuffle your graveyard into your library. 
If CARDNAME would be placed into a graveyard from anywhere remove it from the game instead.
Flavor Text: "[Insert new lore here]"
"get it? ancient mythological dragon? Enyah? an Enyah dragon? no? me neither."

First draft.. redundant. subject to change.

Special Events & Tournaments / Re: Weekly Rumble 10/22-10/29-11/4
« on: November 11, 2017, 01:09:46 AM »
Sorry about that rift warriors...I had some hardware troubles of my own as the forums swapped over... (my monitor broke)

Here are the late results for our last tournament:
Weekly Rumble 10/22-10/29-11/4

Congratulations to our tournament winners! 1st: Benioin 2nd: FearinFaith  3rd: Shamanexile!
Please PM me with your IB picks!

(on the new forums please!!!  ;) )

Special Events & Tournaments / Re: Weekly Rumble 10/22-10/29
« on: October 29, 2017, 07:20:27 AM »
Ok folks, im sick of low play numbers; So... im going to extend this 'Weekly Rumble' for one week. 

Play on! 

This tournament will end on: 11/4

Let's get some more games played!


Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Gods Among Us
« on: October 26, 2017, 07:41:41 AM »
Name: Uncalamity
Faction/Purity: factionless
Type: ability
Rarity: epic
Cost: 11

Rules Text:
All cards removed from game are returned to play.

Flavor Text:

Special Events & Tournaments / Re: Weekly Rumble 10/22-10/29
« on: October 25, 2017, 10:43:25 AM »
got 'em. 

score update.

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Unfettered
« on: October 25, 2017, 10:32:09 AM »

i'd be remiss if i didn't 'say' this aloud.

Damn it mew; your idea is soo good. Simple; yet, workable and also a more needed element of IW, mixed with my personal favorite. (the Cow subtype) hahaha........ and the memes!

Great design. I love/hate you and your design.


Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Unfettered
« on: October 24, 2017, 06:19:06 PM »
prize list sent.

Cool cards all!

Next challenge time :)

Special Events & Tournaments / Re: Weekly Rumble 10/22-10/29
« on: October 22, 2017, 04:01:42 AM »
 ;DAlright folks, GAME ON! ;D

Tournament started.

You all have one week to complete one best of three match against every other player.
The tournament will end on 10/28 at 4amIWT 

This is a Round Robin so by the end you will have played against everyone, therefore the order you play your opponents doesn't matter. It is up to you and your opponent to figure out when you play these matches since the tournament will go on all week long.

After each match has ended please post the scores here. 
i will update Challonge as the results come in. i will be checking this forum thread daily.

The winner is whoever has the most points after all the matches are finished.
1 win = 1 point so a tied round (scored 1W-1L-1D) means both players will receive one point for that match. (draw = 0 points for both)

Any matches left unplayed or unreported after 10/28 at 4amIWT will result in a score of zero.

If you have any questions please post them here or PM me.

And as always,
Good Luck and Have Fun!

Challonge link:

Registered players:

If your Challonge name is different from your "in game name"(IGN)  please post your IGN here.


Toon310----------(IGN? please confirm)




Special Events & Tournaments / Weekly Rumble 10/22-10/29-11/4
« on: October 18, 2017, 07:21:09 PM »
Welcome to...
!!The Weekly Rumble!!

 A week long Round Robin RAINBOW tournament. If you wish to participate, sign up on Challonge HERE and join the dedicated forum thread below.

The sign up period will be a week long (from 10/15-10/21-11/4) and Check-In will be opened for one day (10/21) before we start PLEASE REMEMBER TO CHECK IN.

The tournament will begin On 10/22 at 4amIWT and will end on 11/4 at 3:59amIWT Unplayed matches at weeks end will count as 0 points.

You will be scored by the number of games you win so even if you lose 2-1 you still get one point for that match! The winner will be whoever has the most points overall at the end of the tournament.
The goal is to play with decks of 3 different purities, this means all cards in the deck can at most be 1 purity. So if you choose a mixed/hybrid commander, make sure it counts as a different faction than the rest of your commanders. NO 2P CARDS IN THE DECK.*

Ban list: Omni and Star Trek sets.
Commanders banned: Enyah
*Recommended Ban: Taiga, Acquire, Overcharged Storm, Martyr of Life
*Known bugged cards; It is recommended that you do not use these cards until they have been fixed.

 Good Luck And Have Fun!


Door prize: 2 rift token, and 4 Collection Penta-Packs

1st Place:
20 Collection Penta-Packs
Choice of Gold (Epic or lower)
Choice of Infinity Border: 
1 Epic, 1 Rare, 1 Uncommon, 1 Common:

2nd Place:
15 Collection Penta-Packs
Choice of Gold (Epic or lower)
Choice of Infinity Border:
1 Rare, 1 Uncommon, 1 Common

3rd Place:
10 Collection Penta-Packs
Choice of Gold (Epic or lower)
Choice of Infinity Border:
1 Uncommon, 1 Common:

Special Events & Tournaments / Re: Weekly Rumble 10/8-10/14
« on: October 15, 2017, 04:02:02 AM »
Congratulations to our tournament winners! 1st: Redblade, 2nd: Benionin, 3rd: Iacobvs

Please PM me with your IB and Gold picks so i can send the prize list in!

Thanks to all who participated ;D... There will be more events each week so keep an eye on the forums for more tournament action!

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