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News and Developer Talk / Re: Weekly Legit Post #25: Rebellion Wave 3 & more
« on: September 23, 2016, 02:22:28 PM »
Is it possible to play Truth keeper see the opponents hand and undo the action or its like the "Deny Cards"?

Lost Knight should be Human and Demon, not being a demon in Exiles is a huge disadvantage.

In a FD/EX deck its not a big deal, you are probably not playing tribal in those purities.

I dont want to play him in a FD/EX I want to play him in a Triple Purity Exiles, he is the Exiles 5 cost character with the best stats. I want to play him like a vanilla card and buff him with Alpha Demon. Is it ask for too much?

News and Developer Talk / Re: Hotfix Update: September 20th, 2016
« on: September 23, 2016, 12:44:11 AM »
Drew, What about the bug of "Xi Who Honnors the Dead" losing flying that we talk earlier? Is it really a bug or is it intended?

News and Developer Talk / Re: Weekly Legit Post #25: Rebellion Wave 3 & more
« on: September 23, 2016, 12:22:24 AM »
Is it possible to play Truth keeper see the opponents hand and undo the action or its like the "Deny Cards"?

Lost Knight should be Human and Demon, not being a demon in Exiles is a huge disadvantage.

News and Developer Talk / Re: The New Balance Team
« on: September 18, 2016, 08:55:43 PM »
Do people really think that players join the balance team to buff their favorite factions? Trust me guys most of our work involves trying to stop cards that will ruin the game from going live. ::)

No no you got it backwards man. If you release enough broken cards then they'll balance each other and no cards will be broken.

Magic The Gathering works pretty much like this

News and Developer Talk / Re: The New Balance Team
« on: September 14, 2016, 08:40:44 PM »
@avc Umm there are actually 2 DoD cards with similar abilities. Resolve of the Dragon and Prayer of the Dragon. Plus with your version of Surprise Defence I'll be able to summon ANY Character for only 5 cost as long as they die right? Seems OP since I can use it on Ao Shun or the Avatars turn 5.

Sleepers have 3 cards with ressurect effect, the only difference between them is the purity and the rarity, being the epic triple purity the strongest card, I dont see a problem on DOD having similar cards with different rarities and buffed up effects .

If you use Surprise Defense on a Avatar you will pay 5 resources and they will remains exausted for 3 turns, its not OP, since you can play them paying their normal cost on turn 7. You will have a 2 resource discount, but the opponet wil have 3 turns knowing that you will have a Avatar.

About Ao Shun, we can make him a exception, because normally he never dies, since his inate passive would make him become exausted instead of dying.  On the end of the turn Surprise Defense would consider him alive, so he will have to be puted back to his owner deck.

News and Developer Talk / Re: The New Balance Team
« on: September 14, 2016, 04:51:04 PM »
Just to be clear, that effect buff on Surprise Defense would only happens once, if you play the character using Suprise Defense and he remains alive at the end of the turn, he comes back to your deck. If he dies, instead of going to graveyard he becomes exaust for 3 turns, remaining on the battlefield, but if he dies again he goes to graveyard normally. The exaust for three effect only prevents death one time.

Aboutut how those changes would break the game, right know the game is "balanced" because 70% of the cards are completly useless trash (yes, the 70% percetage is a pun with Calamities Posts, but most of the cards are indeed pretty bad and useless). With these changes the game would be balanced not because almost anything is weak and underpowered, but because most of things are usefull and strong, this would make decisions about what to put and what to remove from deck making more significant.

Right now each faction has only 1 or 2 really cost effective cards per card cost (ie: 1 really good 5 cost card that pretty makes every other 5 cost card dispensable), making everything usefull in some way would force the players to giveaway some card with strong power to focus on other powerfull card which have the same cost but have more sinergy with the rest of the deck.

If everything is OP nothing is OP. If everything is UP, 2 or 3 cards on each faction sustain the burden of the entire faction on their backs.

The majority of useless trash card can became great and playable cards simply reducing their 1 resource on their cost or giving a +1/+1 buff.

Maybe some of the changes that I am suggesting was too much, but right know the game has lots of stronger almost cheater cards wihch have a colossal cost efficience and the games is still playable, not optimal playable but with some balance.

These changes will mostly correct problems with some specially underpowered factions that lack high cost eficcient cards and only relies on a few OP cards (i.e. DOD), at the same time other factions are extremely meta dominant because they have some of the best cost efficient cards on the game (i.e. Flame Dawn and G.I., almost every meta deck I see use one of those two factions as a core).

News and Developer Talk / Re: The New Balance Team
« on: September 13, 2016, 10:11:09 PM »
Ok, I am far away to be some expert or anything similar, but here my 2 cents about balance changes:


Defiant Hunter -> Make it 6/6

Docile Panda -. Make it 5/16

Granthar -> Make it kill character in command too.

Rabbid Rabbit -> Make it transform in a 4/4 Bloodthirst 2 Beat Zombie.

Ancient Agression Emblem -> Increase the deploy cost and the ability cost 3, but make it being able to target your own characters

                                                      GENESIS INDUSTRIES

Cottontail -> Reduce the ability cost to 2, if it this make him too cost effective change his stats to 20/20 and cost to 10, this way he will be a late game card and this mitigate the cost efficience agains rush and agro.

Genesis Spy-> Increse the number of "Misinformation" placed on the deck to 4, or maybe 5 at max, but make it has the followoing effect "Pay 4, draw a card".

Kinectly Overload Drone -> make it 1/1 OR reduce its cost to 0.

Mechanics Overseer-> Increase the cost to 5, reduce the stats to 5/5, but make the buff +2/+2

Angelify -> Increase the buff to +5/+5 or reduce the cost to 4.

Tinker -> Make it triple purit, but increase the buff to +2/+2

Dragon Project-> Make it has the following effect "Pay X, exaust, for each 1 resource spent, Dragon project becomes 10% complete, when it is 100% complete, it creates a 30/30 Flying Unstopabble machine Dragon.  If the card would become too strong you can reduce the dragon´s stats to 20/20.

Orion Grave -> Make the reduce cost buff being able to play characters with 0 cost.

Imolation Drone -> Reduce the cost to 2, make it 1/1 with Flying and Imolate and keep the 1 damage effect.


Aleta Imortal Sorceres -> Reduce teh ability cost to 3.

Apparition -> Reduce the cost to 5.

Brute Spawn -> Reduce the stats to 1/1, increase the cost to 5 and make the bonus be +1/+1

Groteske brute -> Make it only be forbiden to block if the ability was activated and reduce the ability cost to 3, or 4 at max.

Verore Death Workship -> Increase the initial stats to 3/3.

Veorian hidra -> Make the buff be +1/+2.

Death Blast -> Dont remove any character from the graveyard, but for each CARD in your graveyard deal 1 damage to your opponent fortress.

Heat Wave -> Increase the damage to 3.

                                                                 FLAME DAWN

Aberion, The hammer of Dawn-> make he cost X and its stats be X/X

Duelist -> Make it 5/4, or 4/4 at least.

Frontline Warrior -> Make the buff be +1/+1. If this makes it be too strong change the buff to only activated while deployed to while is ob the battlefield or the Defese Zone

Kali Ascended -> make it 10/10.

klore -> Reduce the initial stats to 1/1.

Mark 1 Brimstone Battletank -> Reduce the ability cost to 4. if this is too strong make the ability only be playable while deployed.

Tithe Collector-> Reduce the status to 0/1 and the cost to 3.

Vicious Ranseker -> make it 6/6

BloodBath -> Reduce the cost to 5.

Call the Cruze -> Remove the assault zone lock, reduce the cost to 3, but create three 3/3 characters, if this would make the card too strong, still reduce the cost to 3 and remove the lock, but create three 1/1 characters.

Exaust -> Reduce the cost to 2.

Bromich banner -> Reduce the cost to 3.

Brimstone -> Reduce the cost to 2.

                                                   DESCENDENTS OF THE DRAGONS

Chef -> Increase the cost to 3, but make it buff itself.

Avatar of Lingao-> Attack a enemy fortreess deal damage as morale AND as health. If he becomes too strong reduce the stats to 12/12 or even 10/10.

Echo of the Batlefield -> Increase the stats to 7/7, or at least 6/6.

Soldier of the Wall -> Make it 6/7.

Disarm -> increase the csot to 3, or even 4, but make the effect be forever.

Humble -> Dont heal the enemy character when used, damage will not count as a "debuff".

Jinhai Ambush -> Reduce teh csot to 3, if this would make the card to effective just make it create three 1/1 characters.

Suprise Deffense -> Increase the cost to 5, and would die, instead it goes to the support zone and be exausted for 3 turns.

Heavens Bell -> Make you be able to choose the position of the card in the Defense Zone.

Shift Stone-> Increase the csot to 3, or even 4, but the effect lasts forever.

Counting the Days-> Make a complete rework, I suggest making it Triple Purit the following effect "On the first turn if Counting the Days is on your hand or deck its automatically played for free, at the end of each turn its become 4% more complete, at the end of teh turn, if Counting The Days is 100% complete, you win the game"

                                                        SLEEPERS OF AVARRACH

Cyber Infested Dragon -> Increase its stats to 20/20, but remove the Endless Hord effect and the auto exile effect. Add teh folowwing effect "If Cyber Infested Dragon comes to the battlefield from the graveyard its stats are 15/15 (or 12/12)"

Zombie Scavengeer -> Reduce its stats to 1/1.

Overwhelming Dead -> Increase the cost to 5.

Endless Horde -. increase its stats to 6/6.

Undeath Wish -> Make you be able to ressurect a enemy character too.


Demonborn -> Makes its initial status 1/1, but remove his ability and give him Flyingas a passive OR Remove his abiliyy, give him Flying as a passive, increase the stats to 5/5 and the cost to 3.

Demon Gambler -> Reworkteh card, make the initial status 4/4 and give it the folowing effect "Demon Gambler enters the field with one "Coin Counter", while he has a "Coin Counter" he receives a +3/+3 buff (initial stats + coin buff= 7/7 character). Remove a "Coin Counter", Demon Gambler has 50% of chance to reveive a adittional +3/+3 buff and 50% of chance to receive a -3/-3 debuff (initial stats + the loss of the passive coin buff + the loss of the gamble= 1/1 character).

Gravedredge Demon -. Make it 12/12 and reduce the cost to 5.

Hungry Devil -> make it 9/9.

Infected Devil -> make it 7/7

Gatherer the Weak-> Increase the cost to 3, give it exile 0.

Demonize -> Remove the "Consume 2" effect.


Rework the "Champion Rule" to make you be able to have any number of champions deployed, but only ONE COPY of each champion on your deck.


Gathering Thoughts-. Remove the auto exile effect.

The Calamity -> I have two suggestions for this polemic card 1) Make it only activated at the end of the turn its played, in other word, a soft nerf.  2) Reduce the cost to 10, but you can only have ONE Calamity in you deck and Calamity auto exile after used, in other words it becomes a one use per game card, no more recicles Calamities, this will be a total rework.

General Game Discussion / Re: Fan translation
« on: February 22, 2016, 08:57:30 PM »
Symphony, SuicideMaster I would love to help with a extra pair of hands on the Portuguese Translation. I would love to see the brazilian IW community growing bigger and bigger. I am busy on the week because of college ans work, but can really help on thw weekends specially at night.
Also I have some ideas from the translation of some cards:

Flame Dawn= Alvorada da Chama

Demonborn= Cria de Demónio ou Nascido do Dêmonio

Mechborn is a tough one but if we really need/want to translate this I suggest. Nascido das Máquinas,  Mecatrônico ou Mecanascido.

General Game Discussion / Re: Changes to Daily Rewards
« on: February 11, 2016, 05:04:30 AM »
Readind this thread and the coments give some ideias a little (a lot, actually) crazy, but I think its worth the discussion:

IDEIA NUMBER 1: What about all commons and uncommons are unlocked (x4 of the same card) as a reward to reach lvl 20?

That wouldnt hurt the economy because no one gives a puffy about commons and uncommons, if someone ask for a commons/uncommons right now more than a few nice veteran players give them for free. So, why not give to newbies a big incentive to play the game and reach lvl 20?

Imagine the scene with me: You just created your account, you start playing, finish the tutorial and a pop up appears

"Welcome noble Adventurer/Wizard/Planeswalker/Cowmando/Yobo/Etc, you now will start your journey on infiniwy Wars, a universe when exists more worlds to desbrave than grains of sand in a desert, a place with hidden dangers and unthinkfull rewards.

The legends says that the adventure/etc who transcend reaching the max level will discover mighty powers capable of changing the the existense itself, the power to unlock hundreds of cards and fulyl domine all commons and uncommons artifacts, creatures/characters and magics/abilities of any and every world.

Will you be the chosen to be this living legend? To surpass all those who came before you? Welcome to Infinity Wars, and Good Luck on your journey!"

Look at my eyes and tell me if you would not be motivated as hell to start playing the game and reach the max level.

IDEIA NUMBER 2: Logically if all commons and uncommons would be given for free we would need reform at te boosters and the blisters, I sugest that one booster gives you 1 rare+ and 50% to get a bônus reward taht would be another rare+ (25%) or a parcial IP refund (25% of chance, and something like 1000IP to 2500 IP).

About Blister Packs I would suggest that it costs 2500 IP with a 75% to gain a free ticket to play a Rift Run match or 25% of chance to get a Rare+. Or simply abolish Blisters, blisters are only a noob trap, no one buys them because they didnt have and never a had a worthy cost/benefict relation. But if tou really want to maintain the Blisters Packs this ideia would preserve it nature of high risk (right now to pay a lot for just a uncommon or like my ideia pay a lot for just a run at Rift Run) high gain (win a Rare or better card paying little)


The ideia is all cards you win for FREE (level up, daily rewards etc) are SOULBOUND. All cards BOUGHT WITH  LP are UNLOCKED, you can trade it how many times you want. And all cards BOUGHT WITH IP are SEMI-SOULBOUND, you can trade it only once, after that it becomes a soulbound card.

IDEIA NUMBER 4: No more premiums in regular packs, only in special packs.

You didnt earn premiuns in regular packs, but you can pay 10000IP to buy a PREMIUM PACK with a 100% chance of a Rare+ Premium, 3 Uncommons Premiums and 5 Commons Premiums. You can also pay 300 LP to a Regular Pack would will always give a Rare+ Premium 1000/2500 IP, and a extra Rare+ (this one 100% of chance be regular) or pay 450 A Premium LP Pack, would will give 5 Commons Premium, 3 Uncommons Premium, 2 Rare+ Premium and 1000/2500IP. All Premiums earned in any of these ways will have 90% of chance to be Single Premiums (Gold OR Foil) and 5%/10% double Foil (Gold AND Foil)

Thats all of my crazy/bullpuffy ideias (actually I made a post before with lots of other crazy ideias in some other thread of the forum, but those one some new ideias I thought now)

I have a routine to check IW forum almost (but really almost, like 99% of time) every day, and just today I notice a Locked Thread about the HUGE Patch 1.4.11.

Why that? because Locked Threads for long time showed only things older than fire and at the age of polished stone and unlocked threads changes almost every day with new coments or posts, and even Locked Trades used to stay a few days at the unlocked selection. To make this new (and important) Patch 1.4.11 even more dificult to notice few days ago there was another Locked Thread named Patch 1.4.1.

I mean come on! You guys have the work to make a huge patch with a puffyload of new and exciting stuff but make two threads  completely differents but with almost identical title. That showed me the forum layout is bad to keep important things in fisrt plan giving them the attention it deserves.

The solution would be really simple: when a thread is locked make a little "NEW" write on black and yellow appears on it for some time BE YOUR LOGGED OR NOT. Right now it only occurs if you are logged, if you just check the forums without be logged the "NEW" doesnt appears. And I doenst know about you guys, but in  my forum account when I am looged EVERY thread, locked or not, appears with a new, regardless how many time it has, since that I havent clicked on it before. Dont know you, but if I didnt check a thread 6 months ago, I problably wont check it now, so why there should be a "NEW" on it? Come on I just clicked on page 120 and every thread is with a new just because I didnt clicked on it while I was logged, PAGE 120.

Another solution make the entire title of the recently locked thread green for one or two weeks instead of the old, discret and boring white letter on blue background. I mean the standard blue/white makes sense on regular threads to avoid visual polution, but when a thread is suffciently important to be locked, its also suffciently important to be written in a different and brightfull color for one or two weeks to people actually see it.

General Game Discussion / Show soulbound cards in Trade Interface
« on: February 08, 2016, 01:27:34 AM »
It always annoys me the fact that you cant see how many soulbound cards you have in the trade interface. I.E. you have a unsoulbound card, but you only want to trade it if you have a soulbound version of it in your collection, but right now to check it you have to cancel the trade, open your collection check it and send another invite to the person you want to trade to finally make the deal. Its too much work, would be much better if the trade interface show how many soulbound and unsoulbound cards you have.

General Game Discussion / Xi Who Honors the Dead Bug
« on: January 19, 2016, 11:22:39 PM »
So, since Mysterious Publisher Team started to find and correct lots of bugs, I thought they can correct this annoying bug too.
Few months ago Lightmare changed the way you select cards in your graveward to activate effects (i.e. Xi Who Honors the Dead effect), before that you could select lots of cards and after that confirm the action to activate the effect. Now you have to select just one card, confirm the action, select another card, confirm the action...
This would be fine if there isnt a bug that after the first activation Xi Who Honnors the Dead becoomes unselectable, you cant click on Xi to use her ability, you have to click in your hand to correct the bug and after that click on Xi to use her effect, and you have to do that EVERYTIME you want to select a graveward card to use her effect.
This bug doenst make the game unplayable, since you can just click on your hand to correct it, but its really annoying. Chappie and RickieTickie, if you guys take a look on that I would be thankfull.

News and Developer Talk / Re: Taking Infinity Wars to the Next Level
« on: January 06, 2016, 03:30:58 AM »
Rawonal, I not naive enought to think that all trade partners would be punished and that no one else would trade cards for real life money. But right now is almost like Lightmare Team want trade partneers do that, its like they are beggin to trade partners steal their money. And if you say that third partners buy packs from IW store to re-sell them this would be naive, they buy cards (especially legendaries) for a price and sell them for twice the price (i.e.they pay 5 dollars to a Leg and keep them for one or two weeks until someone buys it for 10 dollars) or trade with newbies for lots of Epic or lower cards.

Wayfinder1026, of course Orisolve was being sarcastic, this is pretty much obvious. But I really think that with simply measures its possibel to cut down at least 70% or 80% of the actual third parties card sales. Thats why I make a quote about his sarcastic reply, to say that I think is not a impossible task.

But oh well, I always think third partners was a cancer in IW, but it seems like I am minority here, if everyone thinks third partners are ok who am I to say he opposite. The voice of people is the voice of God.

News and Developer Talk / Re: Taking Infinity Wars to the Next Level
« on: January 06, 2016, 03:01:56 AM »
First of All sorry for the double post, but I HAVE TOO make a point here, please COYLE, CANNONFODDER and CREST take a look on this comment.

Fact Number 1: The new publisher is a mobile games focused company.

Fact NUmber 2: IW is a PC game.

Fact Number 3: The new publisher wants to make a mobile version of IW.


If Infinity Wars has a signature, would be over populated Support Zone, how to make a mobile version of the game if some cards/combos/decks make the Support Zone easily reaches 50+ creatures?

Just imagine cards like Zombie Abomination, Call of the Warpath, Heavenly Assistance and Overhelming Death. Now imagine using those cards in a mobile game.  So there is 2 options:

1-drop the ideia of Mobile Version.

2- Make a change on the game design that when you click on your Support Zone a list of cards appears (like when you click on your graveyard)

Lets be otimist and imagine that the game will have a mobile version, so the option number two happened. How make light mobile version of a heavy game like IW? The Harddisk and RAM space would be huge, my bet is that mid-tier phones will not support this game, this will be a problem.

I know I am not a expert and that I am just a random dude saying silly things to a bunch of coders, programers and game designers. Maybe I am saying lots, and lots, and lots of bullpuffy. But if I would make a bet, my wild guest would be that create a mobile version would be so hard and so costly that will simple being inviable.  The players are tired to hear impossible promisses, and I think that a mobile version would be one of them, I think this is a wrong choice and you could use the time and money in new content and more frequently sets.

News and Developer Talk / Re: Taking Infinity Wars to the Next Level
« on: January 06, 2016, 02:44:06 AM »
I volunteer to enforce Rule #15.  8)

I require suitable payment, preferably in Legendaries.
These Legendaries will be used to bribe players into seeking out third party sellers and acquiring evidence for me to ban them.
I would require all the game's chat logs in real time. A search function for non-real time logs would help too.
I would require the ability to instantly ban players for 1 day whom are suspects of an on-going investigation.
I would require access to Steam and Infinity Wars Forum chat logs.
I would require access to Trade Transaction history as well.

Or you can just keep a eye on the Trade Topic on IW Forums and on Ebay. I fyou are a third partner your clients have to know you to buy cards from you, and if players know who sell cards IW can easily know too. I mean how much time it takes to type Infinity Wars on Ebay, to take a look on the Trade Topic on the Forums and check  the game global chat to see if anyone is spaming adds about selling cards?

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