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General Game Discussion / Re: New player inside !
« on: September 19, 2014, 11:48:40 AM »
Welcome Ackril! As a relatively new player I can understand some of your problems. Don't get discouraged and, like others said, check Infinite Network and other useful user-made guides that may help you.

When you play Pauper, in first few games,  you have no chances to win.
That's not true. Trust me, every time I play Pauper for a while, I manage to win ~50% of my matches (unless I'm very unlucky with matchmaking), and my card pool is not big at all. You can still outsmart people who run stronger decks, if they play with poor strategy.

Cards i never saw, never had, much better combos(than basics cards i've got from campaign) = loose ...
First of all, you should become familiar with core-mechanics of factions, combos, synergies, etc. I'm not a veteran but I suggest you to stick with Pauper mode for a while, even if you'll have to wait longer, in order to know a good amount of main cards. Stay away from Rift Runs for now, and spend your IP on Boosters (personally, I'm sticking with Collection Boosters, purchasing one everytime I save up to 5k IP).

General Game Discussion / Re: Sideboard - the end of the current meta?
« on: September 19, 2014, 03:09:22 AM »
sideboards in most TCGs with mana/shard cards are 10-15 cards (for 60 card decks), then I would say we will see a sideboard with most likely up to 10 cards. You won't be able to change the deck completly, the Arche-type will remain same.
Let us assume sideboard is 10 cards and commanders cannot be changed for a moment.

If I may throw in my two cents, I think that a 10 card sideboard is ok for a 60 card deck, but if you're running a 40 card deck having the possibility to switch out one out of four (25%) cards, is too much. I must say I almost totally agree with what Clearbeard said. Let's instead suppose a sideboard of 6-7 cards: you can swap two entire sets of characters/abilities (assuming that the deck contains 3 of each) and an additional unique one, thus striking a better balance in my opinion. With a limited sideboard, decks will keep their archetypes/strategies and the element of surprise would not be lost (and, of course, variety of decks would not be compromised).

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