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Fan-Art & Fan-Fiction / Re: Just for fun - Create your own faction
« on: August 09, 2013, 09:01:09 PM »
Sorry for double posting, but I started thinking 'Wouldn't Aleta get tired of living for so long amongst such destruction?' and this grew out of it. Guess I still miss my old R&D job.

Order of Trancendance

The faction is themed around spirits and familliar faces of the game, with names such as Radariah, Agent Coyal and Bromich, working together for the common good of the plains.

If this was to be made it would have to made in a couple of years time, when the lore of the game is much more fleshed out. Aleta has finally had enough of living and now seeks to bring about The End Cataclysm to destroy existence itself. Her only daughter, Ahneria, seeks to stop Aleta's plan and calls upon the many great warriors and minds of ages past to form The Order of Trancendance.

The playstyle of this faction is direct damage and damage prevention to maintain board pressence. Using the new keyword Resistance: when a character with this keyword would be damaged, they prevent 1 point of it. Resistance does not stack.

Aleta, The Immortal Curse
cost 6, purity 1, 3/8 Unique Character - Human
If Aleta is in the graveyard for 10 consecutive turns, you win the game.
Pay 5 and Exhaust: Deal 8 damage to target character.
Having lived many lives over countless millenia, Aleta began to curse her Immortality. Convinced that the only way to finally know peace, was to end all existence.

The New Wave
cost 2, purity 2, Unlimited Ability
Choose one: - Put a 1/2 Spirit into play.
- Deal 2 damage to target character in a combat zone.
- Deal 2 damage to target oponent's fortress.
- Prevent the next 2 damage dealt to target character.

Yourself as a character
Ahneria, Daughter of Aleta
cost 4, purity 3, 5/5 Unique Character - Human
Resistance (If Ahneria would be dealt damage, prevent 1 of it.)
Pay 3 and Exhaust: This turn, prevent all damage target character would take and it can not be killed this turn.
Burdened with the expectation of being the Immortal's only living flesh and blood, Ahneriah set out to gather the greatest warriors and minds of the many plains.
Together they founded the new Order of Trancendance and began to fight back against Aleta's twisted plan.
Everyone knew of the prophecy of The End Cataclysm, and her prominence in the fortelling, but no one knew if she would be it's savior or it's cause...
Only time would tell.

Fan-Art & Fan-Fiction / Re: Just for fun - Create your own faction
« on: August 09, 2013, 04:53:08 AM »
I really like the idea of the Temporal Masters faction. Definatley some good plays and combos that could come out of that set.
Anyways, thought I'd put my experience to use:

Nobles of Astasia

The nobles and royalty in this faction don't like getting their hands dirty, so the theme is focused around generating token creatures and manipulating and using the lower class to do their bidding.

Once a peaceful world, until the calamity came and with it technology and power. Those who had wealth continued to acumulate more of it, driving a wegde between the upper and lower classes. Now the poor have little choice, work for their nobles and their twisted, power hungry schemes or be doomed to a life of begging.

The faction is split into two broard categories, the upper class and the lower class. The latter acts as the foot soldiers and meat shields to the upper class who mostly act through thier abilities and prefer to stay in the support zone.

Aleta, The Immortal Queen
cost 6, Purity 2, 3/8 Unique Character - Human
If Aleta is in the graveyard for 5 consecutive turns, she returns to play.
Pay 1 and Exhaust a character you control: put a 1/3 Royal Servant into play.
'Aleta never really saw herself as a monarch, but she was hardly going to say no.'

Lower Class Pesant
cost 2, purity 1, 1/1 Unlimited Character - Human
You do not lose morale when this character dies. When Lower Class Masses dies, search your deck for another Lower Class Pesant and and you may pay 1. If you do, put in into play, otherwise put it into your hand.
"The hired work is cheap and abundant, what matter if we lose a few along the way?"

Yourself as a character
Mr. Torren Tails
cost 5, purity 1, 0/8 Unique Character - Human
If Mr. Torren Tails is in a combat zone, pay 3: Characters you control get +1/+1 this turn.
If Mr. Torren Tails is in the support or command zone, pay 6 and Exhaust: Kill target character.
"I don't really know much about Mr. Tails, but I do know that he is one of the most powerful men to live and he scares the hell out of me." -Aleta, The Immortal Queen

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