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Deck Building / Re: Zombie Drones deck
« on: April 22, 2014, 05:49:16 AM »
okay, thanks for the input! I realized after a few tests games I needed the scavenger in the command zone because I was often forced to trade my opening hand if I didn't pull at least one.
And yeah, I do only have 1 reoccurring nightmare but I'll definitely try to hunt harder for at least one more now as using him to buff dead feaster and giving him a jet pack has proven to be the main
win condition so far, even though that wasn't quite how I planned the deck to work. Once choosing a purity for hybrid commanders is implemented and I can have the reoccurring nightmares in the deck as well, I should be able to pump out large buffs fairly quickly.

Deck Building / Zombie Drones deck
« on: April 21, 2014, 01:46:04 AM »
Hey everybody! :D I just started a new deck, but I'm more of a sleepers player and not a GI player so a little input would be helpful.
and yes I know some decrepit crystals would help but I'm still on the hunt for some atm.

Recurring Nightmare
Secluded Constructor
Dead Feaster

Wealthy Noble x2
Infected Drone x2
Infested Scavenger x2
Lucca, Combat Mechanic
Mechanics Overseer
Secluded Constructor
Splitter robot
Unending Drone x15
Dead Feaster x2
Risen of Avarrach x2

Called Shot x2
Anti Air Missile
Cannon Fire x2
Give Him A Jetpack! x2
Avarrach Has Risen
Bury x2

As a side note, I'm still kind of confused as to how many removal cards a non-control competitive deck should have. Is this too little or too many?
Also, Are the buries even worth it? I used to be a pretty heavy Yu-Gi-Oh player and "deck thinning = good" has kind of been ingrained into my brain. :-[

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