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You got sacullas wrong.  He is very brash and arrogant.  Bromich is the quiet wise type. Basically got them mixed around.  He is Kali's only true connection within the FD. She looked up to him like a wise mentor, and was frustrated in his devotion to the dawn, who she feels is irredeemably evil. His death in the campaign is a turning point for her character.

Ah, right - that actually makes more sense. I suppose I got it into my head of Sacullus as the sort that does the whole slaughter with the same contemptuous expression, but, yeah, okay. And that's certainly increased my opinion of Bromich - sorry for going straight for the stereotype, there, I see I was disingenuous - but at least I got the bones of the relationship right for the context of the discussion :P

Sydern is a wandering loner, from the Lupix tribe. He isnt the type to get tied down, and he is VERY unique among the lifeforms on the Untamed World. I dont think its common knowledge, but it should be by now.  The Vulpani Tribe (Hehkeem, Pack Leader and other similar looking types) were wiped out in the Rise expansion. So, any shipping there would likely be horribly illegal and for the extreme fetishists only. Ill keep quiet on the rest of the warpath for reasons.

Yeah, I realised the fact that I was going at this with a limited acknowledgement of the Warpath's history would be problematic after I started. Fair enough; I just wanted to continue exploring characters, really. And I get that, in terms of actual 'shipping', touching this with a ten foot pole is the trickiest thing to do in a normal with-friends conversation, never mind the internet, and I would like to make clear that I don't intend this discussion to come across as a Furies Fetish because it isn't: it's 'what are the humanoid characters'. And that it is no longer relevant in the lore since they currently have the more important point of, as you say, being wiped out.

Actually, I like the idea of Sydern being (before the Warpath got massacred, at least) a loner more than him finding someone, either in random thought tangents or in the lore, because it feeds into his enigma which, as I said before, I do like.

But still, it isn't exactly something that could exit the most strictly theoretical discussion of character direction and I'm not seriously asking for this to appear in the writing. Just that I like Warpath art and wonder about the more human-like characters.

now youve gone and sold me on Tygris

Brilliant! I honestly feared I'd got the wrong end of the stick knowing nowt about established background, but - yay! :D

Okay firstly: I am seriously not a fan of romance for romances' sakes. But (and this is the reason I'm here) I do like a good one. So here's the thing: romances between characters because the characters are like that = good. Friendships/comradery/platonic love = good. Characters having no interest in romance whatsoever = good. Everyone happy slapping couples = bad. Clear enough?

Also, a character orientated rather than event orientated storyline doesn't quite fit since this is a TCG - not a soapopera on telly - so any relationships really need to be in the context of massive other storyline stuff happening. Still, it's possible, just needs to be IN FITTING WITH CHARACTER. So, without further ado, here are my thoughts.


With Aleta, her character is an interesting one to make inferences about due to the Calamity, but obviously being thousands of years old has a massive say in it on multiple worlds. Character: wise, unaffected for the most part (but not to the point of being inhuman, simply that she is stoic) disillusioned in many cases, clever, and, as in the case of the Warpath, driven. Her tragic (and established) romance with the man henceforth Patient Zero is very moving point to Aleta the Immortal Sufferer. But the others, I feel, would have a certain disinterest in romantic notions. Pursuing an Aleta and Agent Coyle relationship, for example, I feel is not quite right. A nice way to integrate Agent Coyle into the lore, but not for Aleta. Even Aleta Immortal Sorceress, the only one with (perhaps) a clause for seeking pleasure, there is a massive problem in that, as with extremist feminists, the Sorceress would probably dismiss him off-bat because he's a dude seeking an actual equal (or even exploititive) 'relationship'. So no, I don't think Aleta and Coyle (or actually anyone else other than Zero).

Excepting if Agent Coyle likes bondage in Veroria, but that's going places I don't really want to.

[Honestly, Aleta averages out True Neutral]{yes I will be classifying by the traditional D&D character analysis}

Agent Coyle:

Reckless, enigmatic, genius, chaotic; unknown motives. I love the idea of him as a villain in the wings, I really do, and thus I am actually against his having a romance because it would potentially interfere with that slowly developing thing. Yes, he is hot. I'm not denying that. But in terms of character, his has not yet revealed all of itself, thus pairing at this point (or any) is fallacious. [Chaotic Neutral - subject to revision]


Okay - I'll say it now - it seems convention in fanfiction to chose convenient pairings just to play romance. These include slash, incest and complete non-interest relationships (sometimes all three). Not that I'm objecting to suggestion of homosexual parings, but rather the implication that two people cannot be close friends or another meaningful relationship that is not romantic or sexual at all. And...yeah, incest is incest. Good subject for psychological dramas; not so good for suggesting ships. JUST. NO.
   Anyway, what I was going to suggest was that human characters in the same faction appear convenient for pairings, but are not necessarily valid just because they appear in the same context. So I will look at some of the characters in the same factions.

Flame Dawn:

Kali: disillusioned to Flame Dawn, strong, ruthless, clever, glorious in battle, brutally stubborn, but with remarkable integrity and loyalty to those under her command or whom she has strong ties to [Chaotic Good]

Bromich: epitome of the fanatical soldier - blindly loyal to Flame Dawn, utterly belligerent in the pursuit of victory, aggressive, but with considerable skill in command, still, and an appreciation of tactics. Very Klingon, really. [from his point of view, Neutral Good]

Sacullas: less obsessive than Bromich (or Kali for that matter) but still with an iron will and a fanaticism for Flame Dawn. More stoic than hyper-aggressive, but possibly this makes him a bit more vicious/ ruthless. (Obeys orders?) [Lawful Neutral?]

Aberion: leader of the Flame Dawn, utterly unaffected (and dedicated) to his desire to conquer the known world. [True Neutral, I think. Just because getting a handle on how he sees his own operation in terms of his own people vs the conquered is a little tricky in context]

Ireul: faceless, compassionless, takes pleasure from the prospect of battle; the blood thirst of the hunt; the glory of conquest [Neutral evil]

The last three are not charismatic, particularly. Not that they wouldn't be brilliant to write for, but not in this context. And Bromich is not good substitute, I'm sorry, but he is THE SOLDIER. His opinion of courting and his opinion of battle wouldn't be different in any key respect, thus any romantic relationship would be in the lines of the old 'consort of the warlord' type thing, something that I do not fancy since it is a simplification of both characters, not an extension. In that same vein, Kali would definitely not fit the profile - she is strongly independent and not the sort of romantic interest Bromich would have and vice versa.

Further more, and bringing back to the point earlier, their relationship is of a commander and his next-in-command. It might be to suggest that Kali cares for him as a comrade, even as a mentor, and that Bromich appreciates her as a skilled warrior and compadre, but THAT IS THE EXTENT OF IT. IT IS PERFECTLY VALID FOR KALI AND BROMICH TO BE BROTHERS IN ARMS AND NOTHING MORE. I do not ship this, frankly, unrealistic assumption that just because they are relatively close in the same context that they must be shagging when THEIR CHARACTERS DO NOT POINT TOWARDS IT IN THE LEAST.

As to the others, it would be, as implied above, inappropriate.


Constructer: insulated for the most part, caring, not particularly brave, but enthusiastic in solving puzzles; curious [Lawful Good]

Lucca: brilliant, 'bubbly', adventurous, caring, bit 'head-in-the-clouds' but knows what she'd doing and keeps a level-head in the moment (hence, combat mechanic), lively - I see her personality as similar to Kaylee from Firefly [Neutral Good - would be lawful good, but rules can be suspended for certain circumstances or for a laugh]

Scavenger: slightly mad, cares, but a more than a little detached; likes to work in his own time; works humming to jazz as he picks through for spare parts. Perceptive, solves puzzles, curious, maintains happiness with the little things in life. [Neutral Good]

Overseer: I'm sorry, but the moustache and the cigar say it all :P [Neutral Good]

Orion: blase, unaffected, calculating - not quite sociopathic, but getting there, very clever, a bit ruthless, but not particularly driven to be, if that makes sense? As in he'd do 'what was necessary' but doesn't have any fanaticism of vindictiveness behind it. Charismatic, certainly, but the kind that leaves you just slightly worried. Also, considered in the context of his alliance to Aberion and previous tactics, not squeamish about alternative tactics or 'integrity' [Lawful Neutral]

Tygris: understated genius. Utterly remarkable, but shy. The quintessential quiet nerd, but at the same time unashamed and in command when completely in his element. Likes being around the robots more than other people for the most part. Curious, meticulous (slightly aspie?) loyal, puzzle solver (sees patterns in things) caring, endearing in his own way [Lawful Good]
   PLEASE NOTE: this is my own interpretation/ mental construction from my reaction to the card artistry (which gets me every time; he is devilishly handsome). If it is not the lore, I would be happy to be corrected.

I have not talked about the robots because their characters are enigmatic and varied and a lot of it would be conjecture on my part. Still, I would like to start off with humans/robots. I don't have any particular objections to this - I actually support the Constructor/Bad-Bot pairing. Perhaps it's  a throwback of my crush on Data, but if the entity is sentient, there are possibilities. However, in the main, I would think it would be in character for most robots to be asexual in this setting.

I'm dubious about Orion. Not that I don't think him having a romance with Tygris or Lucca or Constructor would be out of the question, it would just seem that, due to his position, any relationship would seem slewed towards pathological. Actually, now it's entered my head, Constructor and Orion would be an interesting ship to build in terms of story and building an affection and a dynamic based on two completely different states of life. But the other two would imply too much of a power play, and I'm not comfortable supporting Orion going for either of them in terms of their characters.

Tygris and Lucca - now there's a ship. The quiet genius and the perpetually happy genius. I suddenly realise I've re-created Simon and Kaylee, really, but it counts! And it fits with both characters :)

NOTE, I DIDN'T SPECIFY THE GENDER OF THE CONSTRUCTOR. I like to think its a bit closer to intersex (or asex) than actually entering into the gender politics. In that way, I suppose the pairing I suggested before would fall more organically into the context of platonic love, but still possibly a ship.



Now, I know it's sliding into the realms not for the faint heart, but my policy for sentient animals is the same for sentient robots in principle. Just...well, the fury thing. So this is what I propose: equality for all non-humans (including demons, yes, but demons have characters that prohibit being put into this category at all anyway) when comes to the *possibility* of cross romance. HOWEVER, suspension of the assumption of sex. Like the Last Unicorn; focus on the character and not issues in morphology, implied bestiality and so forth. Whilst in-faction, think of it like the Lion King.

Brings Life: caring, ethereal, compassionate, sensitive; spite-like. Possible candidate for romance, but hopelessly impractical and more than a bit whimsy. [Neutral Good]

Hehkeem: stoic, driven, loyal to his fellows, ruthless in defense of that which he loves, unyielding, decisive, commanding [Chaotic Good]

Pack Leader: sharp, quick, vicious, fiercely loyal, but lacking compassion in the heat of the hunt and the smell of blood [Lawful Neutral]

Protector of the Dead: monk-like; intensely focused, yet such that it provides comfort and confidence to the rest [Neutral Good]

Rakarl: utterly ruthless, hyper-aggressive, fanatical, loyal - the Bromich of Warpath, in his own way. [Neutral Good]

Matriarch: caring (obviously); I like to think that she has the stubborn elements of being a 'mother' as well as the obvious compassion and delicacy and dignity of the healer. [Lawful Good]

Sydern: I freely admit, I know nothing of his character, but he seems a bit enigmatic from the art. A beast of few words? Strategist, aggressive but calculating at the same time; not without compassion, but a parallel sense of justice. Given to thoughts on theoretical possibilities and not just simply what is in the world before him [Chaotic Good]

Granthar: veteran; wise, authoritative, belligerent, ruthless, listens to advice, but decisive at the same time [Chaotic Good]

Karani: stoic, hugely compassionate, gentle; but at the same time fiercely protective and unyielding. Self-sacrificing (not sure what the back-story is; would love clarification/ suggestions, but I gather it's something like the martyr in any case). [Lawful Good]

Out of this handful, I can only really see Rakarl / Matriarch (possibly) Sydern / Hehkeem, or Hehkeem (or) Matriarch / unrequieted love for Karani. The reason I exclude Karani from active romance, is because the character is devoted to her people rather than a single lover and I feel better shipping a 'love from afar' with her. There would certainly be platonic love, in any case. The first pairing, I going for character dichotomy, obviously, and could work given Matriarch fits where Kali doesn't, but it's still going for gender/character stereotyping-simplifying for the most part and I don't like that at all. It is a possible ship to build, but not one I would support. Sydern's enigma and (I think at least, could be wrong, don't judge my imagination) self-awareness would make him the only real possibility for in-keeping-with-character cross romance, but also as a strategist, it would make him a nice companion to Hehkeem, either platonically or romantically, because of their equality together.

Right, enough for now. Might explain why I ship Kali/Xi later on - and the issue of why cross-faction romances are more irrelevant and impractical to the main story than the in-faction ones - or I might forget about it completely and do real work (I'm bad at this).

But I do want to make a point of saying, again, that whilst all of these are POSSIBLE relationships, the lore in the game is not character orientated particularly. It has some very interesting and well developed characters, but character interrelationships are not as important as telling the unfolding events - like a comic (and I would LOVE to see that. One like Team Fortress 2, but not so completely comedic)

I would support the absence of further romances as well if it meant more interesting lore on everything else.

But, as a writer of fanfiction and a character-orientated writer, I do appreciate the possibilities offered by such lavishly painted and richly integrated characters and being allowed to look at it and have one's imagination go off on a tangent. Thus, without further ado, my actual favourites:

Tygris / Lucca, Aleta / Zero, Kali / Xi

Sydern (as a character with romantic possibilities - oi don't judge me! I like enigmatic characters)

Agent Coyle as a supervillain :D

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Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Now that I have the fuel to conduct a legitimate intellectual conversation, I agree in full with getting the title 'Redshirt' if, at the end of the title givaway stage, one still has no title. Make it so! :D

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