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Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Genesis Mission Card
« on: August 11, 2016, 11:38:45 AM »
Hey guys.
I apologize for going over the deadline.
I wanted to throw everything into one post but it will be better if I announce the winners now and add a second post once I finish up writing the rest.

1st Place: Benionin - Efficient Use of Resources Task Force
2nd Place: Drewmb10 - Espionage
3rd Place: Number11 - Genesis Research

These are great cards that I would really like to try out in-game.

1st Place - Benionin
Efficient Use of Resources Task Force
2p GI
0 Cost
CARDNAME becomes 10% more complete for each unused resource. At the start of the turn, if CARDNAME is 100% complete, sacrifice it. This turn, you gain an additional 5 resources. Draw two cards.
These scraps have been requisitioned by the EURTF pursuant to Form 167, Subsection VII, Line 17. Filing paperwork in panic is advised.


Boosting resources is a Warpath thing but in this case, considering how the ability works I think it fits the faction very well. A mega corporation should be proficient at investing and managing its resources.
For saving up 10 resources you get 5 back and get to draw 2 cards. Normally you get to draw one for 5 resources, while Research gives you 2 for 3, Candit gives you 2 for 4 (+8 morale that you will surely lose) and Dark Wish gives you 3 for 5. Overall I think this is very well balanced, the player needs to plan well if he wants the ability to fire exactly when he wants to.

2nd Place – Drewmb10
Cost: 1
Purity: 3 GI
Type: Unique Mission
 If you dealt damage to the enemy's fortress this turn, Espionage becomes 20% more complete. When Espionage reaches 100%, reveal each card from your opponent's hand at the end of the turn.
When they finally shot our drone out of the sky, it was too late... We already knew everything.
Most of GI cards are related to their technological advancements: huge robots, buffed up even bigger robots and vaporizing orbital death cannons. This card shows a different side of the faction. Genesis is a mega-corporation and as such should be no stranger to corporate espionage, back-stabbing and subterfuge.
You knowing what the opponent has in hand and the opponent knowing that "you know" could add another layer to the mind games.

3rd Place – Number11
Genesis Research
3 purity GI - Epic or Legendary
0 cost
Unique Mission
At the start of turn 2 you can Overcharge to get card X to your hand.
At the start of turn 4 you can Overcharge to get card Y to your hand.
At the start of turn 6 you can Overcharge to get card Z to your hand.
At the end of turn 6 remove Genesis Research from play.
Interesting concept that utilizes the digital aspect of the game. Reminds of the time when you could have a sneak peak at not released cards using Uncontrolled Rift.
Fits the Genesis very well – if they can move characters out of reality via CTA or Mass Reality Shift why couldn’t they pull in some cards from another reality?
The only bit I wasn't sure about is the cost you pay to get the cards- GR on the designated turns acts as a free, non-random trade post, although, due to the fact it’s unique and has “opening” you get to have only one copy of the X,Y,Z cards. Also, its power can be balanced by choosing appropriate cards from the next set and the opponent does know what sort of cards the Genesis player can pull which gives him some time to prepare.

I would like to remind that the winner should contact Drew before posting a new challenge.

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] Genesis Mission Card
« on: August 08, 2016, 12:52:40 AM »
CDC has ended about an hour and 20 minutes ago.
Contest closed.

Already went through some of the entries.
Will go through the rest later when I wake up.

Community Events & Contests / [CDC] Genesis Mission Card
« on: August 01, 2016, 01:27:04 AM »
Welcome to the next Card Design Challenge!

For this challenge contestants are to design a Genesis Industries mission card.
GI has no mission cards whatsoever and we need to rectify this ASAP!

Allowed purities: single, double or triple (NO dual or hybrid cards!)
Faction: Genesis Industries
Card Type: Mission

This edition of the contest ends on 7th of August 23:30 IWT (same as UTC).
For EDT: 7th of August 7:30 p.m.
For CEST: 8th of August 1:30 a.m.

Helpful link containing the time zones:,305,312&h=100&date=2016-8-7&sln=23.5-24
Or you can go directly to and add your own timezones to calculate the appropriate time.

Judgement results will be given 48 hours later - by the end of 9th of August, 23:30 IWT
The winner should post their new challenge by 11th of August 23:30, but speak with Drew first as we're sorting out a more solid ruleset for the CDC

Big thanks to Yodo1 and Lightmare for providing the prizes for this challenge:
1st place: 1 Faction Pack + 2 Collection Packs
2nd place: 2 Collection Packs
3rd place: 1 Collection Pack

Special thanks to DrewUniverse for providing help and maintaining the contest.

--- Card Design Challenge Rules ---
1) The Judge appoints a challenge, it can be anything, making new card, redesigning an old one or whatever you wish.
2) All that wish to participate submit their card design. No double posting allowed, you may however edit your post ONCE till the deadline.
3) If you edit your post you should make an additional post in this thread informing of the edit to make sure that the updated version of the card will be judged. The post should contain the full updated card details as well as a brief summary of what changed from your original submission.
4) After an announced deadline the Judge decides a winner. The winner then becomes The Judge for the next round.

I liked that cost reduction idea as well. It's something I would really like to see implemented in the game.

Big thanks to ToxicShadow and Benionin for a job well done! Going through all those entries was hard work.

Here is mine (IGN: OnyxT):

Didn't check any answer because they don't reflect my situation.

The only crash I experienced was on PBE.
Using standalone client with no crashes whatsoever.
The only issue so far happened once and it was the art not loading on cards on the upper bar.
Art (animated) for selected cards and for cards in the deck displayed itself properly.

The issue happened after moving a few times between deck builder and other screens (matches/store).

Lore / Shockwave Giant
« on: July 20, 2016, 06:53:20 AM »
So, how does he tie in with WP lore considering he isn't an oversized anthropomorphic animal but more like an oversized troll or orc?

Or am I the only one who doesn't think the character fits in with the rest?

Suggestions / Re: Analysis of IWs Superficial Mechanics
« on: July 17, 2016, 06:11:34 PM »
Thanks for the quote Benionin.
(I thought it was a more recent info... 3 months
also, inserted in the middle of a thread? why wasn't the OP modified at least...
oh well)

Community Events & Contests / Re: [CDC] The Promised Land
« on: July 17, 2016, 12:55:12 AM »
Garlocc, the Ever Hungry Maw
3p Exiles
Cost: 10

Exile 8

Satiation Counters: 0

Sacrifice a deployed non-artificial character, overcharge, exhaust: Garlocc gains X satiation counters, where X is the sacrificed character's health.

At the end of the turn opponent's fortress is dealt damage equal to Garlocc's number of satiation counters. The number of Garlocc's satiation counters becomes halved.

"On the surface Garlocc is just a gaping maw but underground his body spans for miles."

Suggestions / Re: Analysis of IWs Superficial Mechanics
« on: July 16, 2016, 11:12:36 PM »
Well, it's not decisive information.
It may mean they've scrapped rotation or that they've just changed the rules of how it will happen.
They may have decided that eight factions is the number they want to maintain and we will see a few cards from the new faction in the Rebellion set and a few less from the one to be rotated out.
They could have also decided that instead of changing the number of cards for rotating factions they will give each faction an equal number of cards and the rotation will be more sudden with one faction being thrown out in the set after rebellion and another being introduced in its place. The new faction would have very few cards compared to others. YM might prefer for the new faction to grow relevant with time or perhaps it will see some additional cards in a foundation set (or perhaps the foundation set would be a special set to supplement only the new faction).
I would really like to read some official information on this.

Suggestions / Re: Analysis of IWs Superficial Mechanics
« on: July 15, 2016, 10:08:15 AM »
How do we know rotation was scrapped?
Is there some reliable info?

According to his profile he was last active ~6 hrs ago.

Lore / Re: A Matter of Linguistics
« on: July 11, 2016, 09:12:01 PM »
Another issue is Coyle. If there's a linguistic difference between all of these realities, how does he translate?


A simpler (and somewhat cliche) solution:
It seems Coyle is not from Talich, Reich, Avarrach or The Old World.
Perhaps there is a reality in which people managed to discover rifts way before Genesis and Flame Dawn did. They are sending "watchers" that gather information about culture and language and once they decipher those they send "agents" that infiltrate those (researched) realities to gather knowledge, skills, technologies.
Perhaps it is to help said people in conquering the realities or perhaps they just want to further their development.

Bug Reporting / Re: Balance & Eagle-eye
« on: July 05, 2016, 01:20:55 PM »
The thing is, according to Eagle's text he gains +2/+0 for every character. The way he works is as if he had written on him: "Eagle Eye's power is equal to 2X, where X is the number of characters you control," basically overriding any buffs to power (but not health) he would receive (secluded, upgrade, balance etc.).

They should either change the code or the description of the card.

Considering that Orbital Ion Cannon still hasn't been corrected I think it might take a little longer than 2-3 years.

General Game Discussion / Re: Album of the new cards - discuss here
« on: July 03, 2016, 11:34:08 PM »
Some of those were on the PBE but without pictures and when clicked upon no card would be displayed (so basically you could only know their names).

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