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Regarding these 2 rules:

"** If you buy a bundle, you must purchase with 100% LP or 100% IP - you cannot split the currency per purchase.
** We will support pack bundle merging. For example, if you bought a 5-pack bundle because it's all you could afford at the time but then you end up being able to buy another 5-pack, you can contact us. We can swap out the individual bundles for one larger bundle if the amount of packs you have is sufficient. The contact method is being decided on in today's meeting (Tuesday). "

Are we allowed to buy, say, a 25 pack with IP, and a 25 pack with LP, then ask for them to be combined to form a 50 pack?

Yes you can. Lightmare likes to be as inefficient as humanly possible... so instead of letting you purchase with 2 types of currency they let you purchase with two types of currency and then get you to email back and forwards with them and then pay staff members to manually remove the small purchases you purchased with different currencies and then add the larger purchase as though you combined it with different currencies.

Luckily they aren't busy releasing a new set so they have plenty of time around the office to do all this.


Honestly, I doubt it would take much time at all to implement this.
You could outsource it for a few bucks, and have it come in on it's own time, find an open source version of it and implement it, etc.
You don't even need to write the code yourself, just change a few variables and directories and that's something even I can do.

General Game Discussion / Re: Evaluation of DrewUniverse as CM
« on: November 02, 2016, 07:48:00 AM »
This is a card game, not a social simulator. I've played this game on and off for 3 years and I've never had any problems with Drew, if anything Drew is the most CM interaction I'm currently getting a side from getting matched against ES in ranked.

I assume that Community manager would imply a work regarding community, not programming, I wouldn't be surprised if he has no access to source code at all, and people keep bugging him about bugs directly instead of posting them on forum.

I've noticed a lot of hate directed to Drew about the lack of weekly posts. Almost like there would be a new massive content patch coming out very soon, maybe even under NDA. How weird would it be that LM teams current effort is going to the new content and not much else. So I dont know why people keep crying about the lack of weekly posts if there is nothing Drew could write about in them.

But then again I'm here for the gameplay, not the chat box. I do not see any immediate or noticeable change in my daily experience with IW even if Drew would get fired or not, assuming that someone else can perform Drews tasks to the same extent or better.
For a multiplayer game, such as iw, the community and social aspect is a huge part in making the game successful.
Take for example a look at wow, definitely the most concrete example. Now imagine playing wow solo....Would you play it for months on end, for $20 a month?
If that doesn't sell you, look at magic the gathering, or yugioh. They spread by word of mouth, and by other people playing it. The social aspect is what keeps a game alive, and in a game dependent on multiplayer w/o it that game will slowly die.

Then again, we're already past that point with iw unless a miracle happens.

General Game Discussion / Re: An Idea
« on: November 02, 2016, 07:18:46 AM »
how about instead of a live counter, we get an actual lobby function?
-le gasp-

and the alt-art has a male face :/

Did you just assume it's gender?!?!
Lilariah identifies as an apache attack helicopter, TYVM, you genderist pig.

News and Developer Talk / Re: Game Discussion - Is Rita Toxic?
« on: October 31, 2016, 12:59:18 AM »
I think rita is a little toxic.

Her whole concept is based on chump blocking, chump blocking is never going to lead to a scenario where you out value your opponent. It's only going to be used so you can stall for some sort of win condition. This, as a concept, doesn't sound fun to play against. People like to interact with their opponent, being unable to attack and losing to a win condition you can't prevent is not something people like playing against.

Then there's the problem of the synergy with the tokens, activating things like Wall of the dead, Shrine and Death blast etc. People don't like playing against these cards.

So on paper, there is nothing fun about Rita and in reality she has been in some of the most toxic decks in IWs being Shrine and Virus (and due to all the recent complaints, I'll include 2COV, 1 FD death blast).

There's nothing massively wrong with her, but I don't like the concept of her or the decks she's used in.
I think one of iw's biggest priorities should be revamping unfun cards...such as zuza, rita, mysterious box etc.
Heck, at this point I can't even get my friends to play iw, either because it's too frustrating as a new player, or they end up against a mill deck early on.
Add in long que times...the extremely heavy handed tutorial wonder there's no new players in iw

News and Developer Talk / Re: Game Discussion - Is Rita Toxic?
« on: October 30, 2016, 04:03:37 PM »
From the looks of the no more heroes art, it seemed like that was meant to be a card to wipe out tokens.
I'm not sure why they would change this though.

News and Developer Talk / Re: Game Discussion - Is Rita Toxic?
« on: October 30, 2016, 03:20:38 PM »
Anyone who thinks IW's balance is in a bad state right now has clearly not played during older metas where everything was far more overpowered or toxic. This game is more skill based than any digital card game right now regardless of whatever deck happens to be viable right now.
Well...seeing how i'm from before rise, I kinda know how it was.
The meta was bad back then, but the game was still fun. Decks were more overpowered than toxic; well...besides dod, god I hated dod.
The game is still very skill based, but some decks take that equation out, in addition we'll be slowly drifting further and further away from that over time.

Let's take Hunted dragon as an example, argueably one of the most skillbased decks out there.
It's not even close to being meta these days. Heck, Bionic pally is the closest thing to it and you just blitzkrieg through removal.
What is meta right now, is tinkercide. Tinkercide of all things.
On top of that you have decks that don't even try to be competitive, but who's sole purpose is to get your opponent to rage quit. ex. Mill
we never had that in old IW, the closest thing was dod, and yeah that was toxic af because it felt like the game wasn't going anywhere. everything else required atleast some skill to play effectively.

News and Developer Talk / Re: Game Discussion - Is Rita Toxic?
« on: October 30, 2016, 01:27:35 PM »
Stall is not fine, in any shape or form.
It may be fun for the person playing it; But it's hardly ever fun for the receiving end.
For an extreme exampple, play against a pillow fort deck in Mtg

That sounds like more spells once again. Characters need to be more emphasized, character based stall should be allowed as it is more interactive if it can be pulled off right it should be fine as all characters can generally be countered. Spell stall appears to be more guessing and uninteractive.
I disagree, while I do enjoy character based fights more, I believe having a skillbased game is more important than a stall based game.
For ex. Mass death is fine, big draw back that makes it predictable.
A mass death would not be fine if there's an opposite of it, for ex hitting support zone instead of the battlefield.
This is where power creep comes in and plays havoc as new sets are released. As time goes on, will become harder and harder to balance each set. Every card has the potential to become a combo in such away that ruins the intended effects.

All of this leads up to me advocating for rotation of sets, re-releases of old cards etc. not only would it help long term balance, but would also cut down on future development time
That is...if the devs are interested in the long-term future of the game.

Iw is very up in the air right now, on one hand the devs are working on the game again, on the other a lot of their actions lead me to believe this is more or less of a cashgrab until they run out of funds...
Edit; Forums getting on my nerves. FFS I didn't multipost, let me post without having to do a god damn runaround.

News and Developer Talk / Re: Game Discussion - Is Rita Toxic?
« on: October 30, 2016, 12:56:23 PM »
Stall is not fine, in any shape or form.
It may be fun for the person playing it; But it's hardly ever fun for the receiving end.
For an extreme exampple, play against a pillow fort deck in Mtg

News and Developer Talk / Re: Game Discussion - Is Rita Toxic?
« on: October 30, 2016, 12:22:22 PM »
While I feel she isn't op, I do feel she is toxic,
I've noticed a lot of toxic gameplay styles in IW lately; Mill the most toxic of them all.
I've always thought that, since we're an online Tcg, we should be able to make balance updates easily, and on the fly to promote not only the most skillful, but most fun playstyles while limiting one-sided or out of nowhere plays. (think karckk or deathblast)

Iw is in a bad state right now, and it'll only get worse as more sets are released, that is if we don't start rotating sets out, or doing continuous balance patches.
Just look at MTG if you want any evidence.

Tldr, it's not rita that's toxic, or imbalanced, it's the entirety of IW right now, rita is just a symptom of a much bigger problem.


I would like to point out because you guys make the packs have one third the cards you would need to at least triple the drop rate to break even. So well you could substantially increase the drop rate of legendary however if it is less then 3* they are still rarer per a pack.

Nope. Simply by making the packs smaller with the guaranteed rare+ still in each pack, the penta-packs already have a higher concentration of legendaries compared to the booster packs. Add the increased drop rate on top of that, too. It's much easier now to get good cards.

Mew is actually correct here. A legendary card has a chance to replace any one card in a pack. Since there are fewer cards per pack that a legendary can replace the odds need to be significantly higher to have an actual increase in the legendary drop rate. The only rarity that is intrinsically guaranteed to have a higher drop rate by the new pack structure is rare cards. Epics and legendaries would need to have an appropriate increase in their drop rates structured into the code (which may or may not have happened I truly have no idea, but if LM says the rate is up then short of someone opening 1000 packs and recording data we pretty much have to go with it).
This would be true if the drop rate was based on the cards.
But that's not how it works. It's based on the packs, you'll have a much higher chance per pack these days to get epics+ or an additional rare.
In other words, we're getting more rares/epics/legendaries and fewer commons/uncommons.
Nothing more, nothing less.

I'd like to see either frequent game updates, and/OR some livestreams of the devs working, occassionally asking questions etc. It's the appearance that matters, if the devs are silent and don't update frequently people will think the game is dieing.
Look at warframe, the updates don't always go the way people want. Sometimes it's a mess, and it's not my favorite game; But everyone knows the devs are constantly working on it. There's always a new livestream, giving out codes for exclusive stuff etc.
No matter how much I hate stream exclusive rewards, it gets people excited about the game, Heck even brawlhalla was able to do it to much success. Their game has stayed pretty much the same, but with small cosmetic updates and live streams with rewards They've kept their community following them, the hype just building with each update.

I don't get that feeling with IW; I'm really enjoying the set so far but there's not a lot of hype. Everyone's just so pessimistic, Everyone feels like the game's going to die, and honestly sometimes I feel that way too.
I don't know if the devs care, or if they're working on some big project, or even if they're planning this as a cash grab.
What I do know is that I don't get nearly as excited prior to launch as I should be.
The previews should grab my attention, I should be floored with the progress.
I'd lie if I said I didn't enjoy it, but this is just how I feel. I feel like there's something that can be done to increase my interest in the game. Something to grab ahold of that hype train.
I'm up for anything.
Edit; And the less barriers, the better. If I can watch a stream of the devs, or a twitch stream from ingame, I'll have more of a reason to be ingame rather than tabbing out, getting distracted etc.
The more functionality the game browser has, the more I'm going to stick with it, the more I'll be drawn into the game, and, atleast for me, the more I'd be willing to spend on it.

Throw some 5o'clock shadow on the lilariah alt art and I'll get it fo sho.
Honestly though, her face looks a bit manly is IW finally accepting cross dressers!?
That said Dressers are cool, you can throw clothes, books, and junk into them and they just spit out priceless relics from your childhood years later. Magic.

Game Rules / Re: Sacrifice inconsistency
« on: September 20, 2016, 05:33:09 AM »
i posted this earlier, but sacrifice should always get past indestructable. Take for example magic the gathering. if you sacrifice a darksteel colossus it dies, regardless of being indestructable.
if you made indestructable negate sacrifice certain deck types such as bionic pally might become overpowered, or not function altogether.

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