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Title: Wizard Post Number 6
Post by: MerliniX on October 04, 2016, 11:40:42 PM
osay, itway isway atthay imetay ofway eekway againway, ethay imetay otay ullpay upway away eatsay andway istenlay otay ethay esidentray izardway ontificatepay onway omesay opictay orway anotherway. odaytay isway otnay osay uchmay anway updateway ayday, asway itway isway away ayday otay opstay andway eflectray onway erewhay eway avehay eenbay andway owhay eway otgay erehay odaytay. osay, inway atthay einvay ofway eflectionray andway ontemplationcay Iway ave-hay akentay ethay atrualnay epstay ofway itingwray isthay ostpay inway igpay atinlay. Enjoyway.

Ethay Onglay Awaitedway Igpay Atinlay Ostpay Isway Erehay! 

Asway Iway entionedmay eforebay isthay ostpay illway ebay entirelyway inway igpay atinlay. Iway onestlyhay don't avehay uchmay ofway anythingway elseway otay aysay isthay eekway, osay Iway iguredfay ifway Iway avehay othingnay otay aysay Iway ightmay asway ellway aysay itway inway asway eativecray away asway ossiblepay. Osay erehay eway areway. Anywayway, inway otherway ewsnay Iway avehay eenbay ayingplay away idgensmay ofway ivinityday Originalway insay Enhancedway Editionway. It's away ettypray oolcay amegay, overallway, oughthay itway oesday avehay away ewfay issuesway. Iway amway ookinglay orwardfay away eatgray ealday otay ethay equelsay, ichwhay Iway ieflybray emoedday earlierway isthay earyay atway axpay Eastway. Ivinityday Originalway insay otway illway ebay avinghay away pvpay ultiplayermay odemay, ichwhay ookslay oolcay asway allway ellhay, andway asway ethay artpay ofway ethay amegay Iway ayedplay atway axPay. Ethay amegay isway urrentlycay inway earlyway accessway, utbay Iway amway aitingway otay opdray oneymay onway itway untilway itway isway ompletecay (or erhapspay ustjay oremay ompletecay anthay itway isway ownay).   
Title: Re: Wizard Post Number 6
Post by: MerliniX on October 04, 2016, 11:41:10 PM
Also apologies for the short post, but that was way harder than you might think it was.
Title: Re: Wizard Post Number 6
Post by: HeliosAFlame on October 04, 2016, 11:59:56 PM
Merlin why :(

so it is that time of week again, the time to pull up a seat and listen to the resident wizard pontificate on some topic or another. today is not so much an update day, as it is a day to stop and reflect on where we have been and how we got here today. so in that vein of reflection and contemplation I have taken the natural(?) step of writing this post in pig latin. enjoy.

the long awaited pig latin post is here!

Aaand people can work the rest out themselves or find a translator online.
Title: Re: Wizard Post Number 6
Post by: Adorabear on October 05, 2016, 12:33:25 AM
The weird thing is I can actually read this... and I have to say probably the main reason i can read this is because it got posted.
Title: Re: Wizard Post Number 6
Post by: Benionin on October 05, 2016, 04:25:55 AM
The pain! My eyes!