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Title: List of submitted Fan-Fiction
Post by: DrewUniverse on August 12, 2016, 11:25:24 AM
The following items are assorted Fan-Fiction works by our community. It is by no means a fully exhaustive list (yet), though it will act as a solid starting point for your reading pleasure. If your work is posted in the forums but not listed here, contact me (DrewUniverse) and I'll append your submission.

By Author

Benionin:  The Art of Defense (, Into The Fray (, Horribly Awry (, To Rule With Greatness (, Flame Dawn Poetry (, The Phony Overseer (, Song of the Field Commander (, The Genesis of an Industry (, Aberion Just Can't Wait to be King (

CallMeXan: (new) Hundun's Story of Confinement and Release (, Gigonoth series (, Orbian Faction (, Aleta, Immortal Waitress (

Vefomet: Shadows Shall Burn: Exiled (

Grinnin_Gin: One More Step (, Destiny (

RighteousDevil: The House on the Hill (

WWKnight: The Overseer (

JSlayerXero: The Strongest Fish in the Sea (

Rickashay: The Siege (

WarHawk: Kali the Flaming Blade (

Inkidu: The Bad Company (

Bowtastic: Untitled (

Ecliptix: Light Unseen (